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I must be a profound thinker, because I am never allowed more than one comment before I have to apply for a new password at the site. I do not give up though, because i respect the commenters if not the editorial staff.

Zero Hedge obviously has an "agenda" and doesn't like any opinions that threaten it. I am not sure what the agenda may be, but it is irrational, because I am "rational" and am denied service continuously, from one comment to the next.

Makes me proud to say I must be thinking "straight".

In my latest bio I am recorded as a member for just 23 days. In fact I have been here commenting here much longer. But it pleases the liars to deny that.

They have a good format to present NEWS. I hope someone with integrity and a willingness to use the htpps// format (secure) will copy that format and execute their web new site with integrity. I will switch then, and perhaps Zerohedge will die then for lack of support.

LOG of Application for New Password, I shall endeavor to record here":


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