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GANG STALKING VICTIM ( Lucky me! I guess that means I'm beating the establishment! Thanks for the honor! )

The government has been using all of our resources to keep us on oil, $20 trillion and counting. The first electric car was invented in 1832. Thomas Edison invented 3 electric cars and Henry Ford was an electric car, truck and bus enthusiast who believed that all cars and trucks would soon be electric. He purchased the Niagra hydro-electric plant. The Rockefellers have done everything possible to prevent electric car production. The first plane that Lockheed ever developed for the military was a hydrogen plane. The military requested that they develope one using jet fuel.
A first electric car 1832:

GM and Ford are listed as defense contractors. Are they receiving payments not to produce electric cars that were invented 185 years ago? It seems obvious that has transpired.


" In an investment bank of today you have the left side, where nothing is right, and the right side, where nothing is left." - anonymous investment banker

Thomas Jefferson on banking
" Bold and bankrupt adventurers pretending to have money"

Quotation: "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.... I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.... The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

Our financial system and economy are broken because in excess of $50 trillion has been sucked out of our economy and invested in foreign countries dwarfing investment in the US by 3 times. Reducing taxes in the top bracket will result in further capital outflows to our competitors without addressing foreign financing laws. This outflow of American capital has continued increasing in percentages regardless of tax and regulatory laws. Please see for yourself in the World Bank link below. If there are to be tax cuts at the top, and corporate tax cuts, the money must stay in America.
This is the deal, the debt to GDP ratio is the wrong measure.
US GNI is in the vicinity of $70 trillion. I apologize for the vague number but the chart is terrible and is from 2015. That was the most current at the world bank. The deal is that the ultra wealthy elite took the money and ran. We now have in excess of 3 times invested outside of the country, as we have invested inside of our country. Next time they start bitching, tell them to join their money, or bring it back!

Read more: Gross National Income (GNI) Definition | Investopedia
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GNI definition:
"The sum of a nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) plus net income received from overseas. Gross national income (GNI) is defined as the sum of value added by all producers who are residents in a nation, plus any product taxes (minus subsidies) not included in output, plus income received from abroad such as employee compensation and property income. GNI measures income received by a country both domestically and from overseas. In this respect, GNI is quite similar to Gross National Product (GNP), which measures output from the citizens and companies of a particular nation, regardless of whether they are located within its boundaries or overseas."

Max Keiser " Goldman Sachs are scum." " They are stealing $100 million dollars a day." "They are financial terrorists. That is treason. They should be at The Hague!"

Where there is light; there is truth. Where there is truth; there is honesty. Where there is honesty; there is righteousness. Where there is righteousness; there is God.

To citizens all over the world:
Cold Bread:
There's No Way Out of Here:
You Can't Bring Me Down:

Dedicated to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama:
a Gen Xers advice to millenials:
Vampire banking system sucks the blood out of Main Street while government prepares for zombie apocalypse:

My favorite section from the full Evonomics article where pub owners replaced bankers by creating their own currency, checks or IOUs during the six month Irish bank strike:
"And then something odd happened. Or more accurately, nothing much happened at all.

In July, the The Times of England reported that the “figures and trends which are available indicate that the dispute has not had an adverse effect on the economy so far.” A few months later, the Central Bank of Ireland drew up the final balance. “The Irish economy continued to function for a reasonably long period of time with its main clearing banks closed for business,” it concluded. Not only that, the economy had continued to grow."

My world view:
We do not have a capitalistic economy. We have a corporate communist economy. There are 190,000 incompetent corporations on the dole in the military industrial complex. Most of them are paid by you, to spy on you, gang stalk, electronically harass, and gas light well-connected, activist political establishment dissidents in a desperate attempt to prevent the truth from getting out. Among these corporate communist companies are AT&T, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, ADT Security, and all technology companies.

The lifeblood of the economy is oil. We've all heard it. Yes it is. It is also based on the pure exploitative nature of the lard assed ruling establishment psychopathic globalists. It allows them to sit on their yachts sipping Chardonnay while people are being murdered. It's all worth it to them. Millions of deaths, total destruction of the environment, and a $20 trillion national debt is a small price to pay so that the ruling globalist, criminal establishment can live in lavished luxury. Is it not?

If someone were to say to you, I have this idea about developing an economy that is based on fossil fuels. We don't need fossil fuels, but renewable energy is not finite and limited in capacity, whereas fossil fuels are. So back to the plan, we will start wars with other countries to defend our national interest in these fuels which will kill millions and destroy the environment, but it will employ a lot of people. It will employ people creating weapons, selling the fuels, soldiers fighting for it, environmentalists cleaning up after the eco disasters, of course banks will have to lend money to support these wars, so that's where we come in. We will lend them money that isn't worth anything so we can sit on our lard asses and Lear jet around the world.

What a marvelous idea! Where do I sign up?!
The United States has 698 permanent military bases in foreign countries and 400 temporary military bases in foreign countries. It is an enormous expense to the tax payers and future generations and serves no purpose in our national security.


If Trump is a visionary, and seeks to truly cause a revolution, he will embrace renewable energy. There is nothing even remotely revolutionary about coal, oil, LNG, NG, or nuclear energy. They are about as revolutionary in this era as moving pictures. Why support an industry that pollutes the land, sea,and air? Nixon instituted the EPA because our air , land, and water were - to put it in not so scientific terms - down right disgusting! The pollution was so horrendous that it was completely visible to the naked eye, now we have much cleaner air, land and water. That is something that Nixon definitely deserves credit for. TR was an environmentalist and Barry Goldwater was also ardent environmentalists who fought for clean air and water and lauded the Nixon administration for instituting the EPA. After that, the party went off the deep end. There are 3 things that the neocons absolutely will not tolerate, clean air, clean water, and world peace! Stepping back into toxic sludge is not revolutionary in any context. It's stupid.
It's time for people to realize when to call it quits. New technology replaces old technology and has done so throughout history. The coal industry is living in the ice ages. They have been replaced and they don't want to admit it. In the 1800's the Tudor brothers made a fortune in the ice business by shipping ice. There were ice booms throughout America similar to the tulip craze to a lesser degree. Electricity was invented and the business now nets $2 billion annually. It's time for the coal industry to realize that they have been replaced. Burlington Vermont has a power plant owned by the residents that operates on 100% renewable energy. What is it with Burlington? Are their residents smarter than the rest of Americans or are their politicians more honest and less beholden to the fossil fuel industry?!

15 cities committed to 100% renewable energy:


Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars:

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses:

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Semis:

Hydrogen Powered Aircraft:

Businesses can reduce costs with their own renewable energy!!!

The fossil fuel industry lies moe than MSM and USG!! Get the facts! They want to run the pipeline under the Cannonball River. There have been 220 pipeline leaks in the US this year. They are a regular occurrence- NOT AN ANOMALY!!! More real news from Russia!


The CIA has been demonstratively corrupt since its inception! They have always been this way at least since 1953 when they overthrew the popularly elected President Mosadegh for removing Iranian oil from control of British Petroleum under the direction of Kermit Roosevelt, at the request of Winston Churchill. The model of creating civilian incited coup d'et tas that Kermit Roosevelt developed has been the modus operandi ever since 1953. For more on this read Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins. Nelson Rockefeller used the excuse of fighting the spread of communism in Central and South America for his own personal enrichment!

The USG, both elected and deep state were terrified of socialism particularly in Central and South America. Kermit Roosevelt and Nelson Rockefeller were determined to make sure that socialism failed in every country barring USSR and China because they were too big to take on. It has been ongoing in Venezuela, throughout my lifetime.In Central and South America alone, the CIA has fought communism and or socialism in Central and South America initiated by Nelson Rockefeller. America needs a higher Standard!
CIA wars and coups in Central and South America:
Guatemala 1954 Operation PBSuccess
Haiti 1959
Brazil 1964
Uruguay 1969
Bolivia 1971
Chile 1973
Argentina 1976
ElSalvador 1980
Panama 1989 Operation Just Cause
Peru 1990
That is just one region!!!

From Wikipedia:
A 2011 study by the consulting firm Management Information Services, Inc. (MISI)[30] estimated the total historical federal subsidies for various energy sources over the years 1950–2010. The study found that oil, natural gas, and coal received $369 billion, $121 billion, and $104 billion (2010 dollars), respectively, or 70% of total energy subsidies over that period. Oil, natural gas, and coal benefited most from percentage depletion allowances and other tax-based subsidies, but oil also benefited heavily from regulatory subsidies such as exemptions from price controls and higher-than-average rates of return allowed on oil pipelines. The MISI report found that non-hydro renewable energy (primarily wind and solar) benefited from $74 billion in federal subsidies, or 9% of the total, largely in the form of tax policy and direct federal expenditures on research and development (R&D). Nuclear power benefited from $73 billion in federal subsidies, 9% of the total, largely in the form of R&D, while hydro power received $90 billion in federal subsidies, 12% of the total.
A 2009 study by the Environmental Law Institute[31] assessed the size and structure of U.S. energy subsidies in 2002–08. The study estimated that subsidies to fossil fuel-based sources totaled about $72 billion over this period and subsidies to renewable fuel sources totaled $29 billion. The study did not assess subsidies supporting nuclear energy. Add $5.1 trillion as an indirect subsidy to the fossil fuel industry over the last 8 years for wars in the Middle East and add the lost lives of hundreds of thousands of people.
 Are you
A. Evil

B stupid

C crazy

D all of the above
From Wikipedia:
This is an incomplete list of notable mining accidents and disasters:19th century Main category: 19th-century mining disasters 1872: Pelsall Hall Colliery disaster in Pelsall, West Midlands. 23 people died. 1885: Mardy Colliery in Rhondda Cynon Taf. 85 men and boys killed June 17, 1890: Dunbar Furnace Company Hill Farm Mine in Connellsville, PA. 30 Miners died[6] 1892: Krebs Mine explosion in Krebs, Oklahoma. Nearly 100 died.[7]* 1892: St. Mary ore mine fire. P?íbram, now Czech Republic, then Austria-Hungary, 319 died. July 4, 1893: Combs Colliery disaster in Thornhill, England, 139 men & boys died.[8]* 1899: Sumitomo Besshi bronze mine area, landslide with debris flow disaster, Niihama, Shikoku, Japan, 512 died.20th century Main category: 20th-century mining disasters March 10, 1906: Courrières mine disaster in Courrières, France. 1,099 workers died in the worst mine accident in European history. December 1, 1907: Naomi Mine Explosion in Fayette City, PA. 34 workers died. December 6, 1907: Monongah Mining Disaster in Monongah, WV. Official death toll is 362, but due to inadequate record keeping, the true death toll could be around 500.[9] Victims were mostly Italian immigrants, including children. Considered the worst coal mining accident in American history.m December 19, 1907: Darr Mine Disaster in Rostraver Township, PA. 239 workers died, including children. November 13, 1909: Cherry Mine Disaster in Cherry, IL. 259 workers, some as young as eleven, died. The worst mine fire by deaths in America. October 14, 1913: Senghenydd Colliery Disaster, the worst Mining accident in the United Kingdom, 439 workers died October 22, 1913: Dawson Stag Canon Number 2 Mine Disaster, near Dawson, New Mexico,[10] where 263 workers were killed due to illegal use of dynamite. February 8, 1923 Dawson Stag Canon #1 Mine Explosion killed 123, many children of those killed in the explosion at the same mine in 1913. The explosion was due to a derailed mine car that caused sparks and ignited coal dust.* 1927–1932: Hawks Nest Tunnel Disaster, near Gauley Bridge, West Virginia, United States. Over several years, 476 workers died from silicosis.* April 26, 1942: Benxihu Colliery disaster in Benxi, Liaoning, China. 1,549 workers died, in the worst coal mine accident ever in the world.* February 20, 1946: Monopol Grimberg III/IVdisaster in Bergkamen, Ruhr Coalfield, Germany. 405 died.* December 21, 1951: Orient 2 coal mine explosion in West Frankfort, Illinois. 119 workers died.* December 10, 1954: Newton Chikli Colliery disaster, Chhindwara (M.P.), India. Flooding of the mine was caused by inrush of water from old workings of the same mine. There were 112 persons inside the mine when it was inundated. 49 persons managed to effect their escape through the incline; the remaining 63 persons were entrapped and drowned. August 8, 1956: Bois du Cazier disaster in Marcinelle, Belgium. A fire in the mines resulted in 262 casualties; of the 274 people working in Bois du Cazier on that morning, only twelve survived. 138 of the victims were Italian migrant workers. Jan 22, 1959: River Slope Mine, Port Griffith Luzerne County, Pennsylvania -mining under a riverbed caused the mine to be flooded-12 miners died[11]* 1960: Coalbrook, South Africa, 437 died.* 9 May 1960: Laobaidong colliery coal dust explosion Datong, China, 682 died. 9 November 1963: Mitsui Miike Coal Mine disaster Mitsui Miike, ?muta, Fukuoka, Japan, 458 died.[12]n May 28, 1965: Dhanbad coal mine disastertook place in Jharkhand, India, killing over 300 miners.* May 17, 1965: Cambrian Colliery in South Wales, 31 died. THIS WAS THE LAST MAJOR MINING DISASTER IN THE UK* October 21, 1966: Aberfan disaster was a catastrophic collapse of a colliery spoil-tip that occurred in the Welsh village of Aberfan, killing 116 children and 28 adults.* November 20, 1968: Farmington Mine Disaster in Farmington, WV. 78 workers died. As a result of the disaster, the U.S. Congresspassed the Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1969. 1972: Wankie coal mine disaster Wankie, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, 426 fatalities.* 21 March 1973: Lofthouse Colliery disaster, West Yorkshire, England, seven fatalities.n 27 December 1975: Chasnala mining disaster, Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India, 372 miners died and another 130 contract workers are claimed to have died when water from adjacent mine gusted after the wall in between collapsed.* September 12, 1983: Mohd.Darabi Coal mine disaster took place near Shemiranat, Tehran, 14 people died.* July 19, 1985: Val di Stava dam collapse took place in the village of Stava, near Tesero, Italy, when two tailings dams used for sedimenting the mud from the nearby Prestavel mine, failed. It resulted in one of Italy's worst disasters, killing 268 people, destroying 63 buildings and demolishing eight bridges.* 16 September 1986 Kinross Mining disaster. In South Africa an underground fire killed 177 people. 2 June 1988 Borken, Hessen, Germany A lignite mine devastated by an explosion, 57 fatalities.* May 9, 1992: Westray Mine, Pictou County, Nova Scotia. 26 killed in a methane and coal dust explosion. May 9, 1993: Nambija mine disaster, Nambija, Ecuador. Approximately 300 people were killed in a landslide?* August 28, 1994: Rajpura Dariba Mine VRM disaster, Dariba, Udaipur, India: This incident occurred due to flooding of the slurry from a mined VRM Underground mining (hard rock)# Mining methods stop where cemented fill could not settle and its plug failed. This slurry accumulated in the plugged shaft which could not take the load and subsequently failed. This created a sudden fall of the all of the material in the shaft, which resulted in the 63 people working below drowning.[13][14] 10 May 1995 Vaal Reefs, South Africa a locomotive fell down a lift shaft and landed on a cage causing the deaths of 104 people. 21st century Main category: 21st-century mining disasters?* January 30, 2000: Baia Mare cyanide spilltook place in Baia Mare, Romania. The accident, called the worst environmental disaster in Europe since Chernobyl, was a release of 100,000 tons of cyanide contaminated water by an Aurul mining company due to reservoir broke into the rivers Some Tisza and Danube. Although no human fatalities were reported, the leak killed up to 80% of aquatic life of some of the affected rivers. April 5, 2010: Upper Big Branch Mine disaster, West Virginia, United States. An explosion occurred in Massey Energy's Upper Big Branch coal. Twenty-nine out of thirty-one miners at the site were killed.[15] November 19, 2010: Pike River Mine disasterin New Zealand. At 3:45pm, the coal mine exploded. Twenty-nine men underground died immediately, or shortly afterwards, from the blast or from the toxic atmosphere. Two men in the stone drift, some distance from the mine workings, managed to escape. (Extract from Royal Commission of Enquiry Report on Pike River.)* May 13, 2014: Soma mine disaster took place in Soma, Turkey. The accident, called the worst mining accident ever in Turkey, and it is the worst mining accident in the 21st century so far. 301 people died.A total of 8382 deaths are listed above.

Black lung from coal mining:
From Wikipedia: Coal workers' pneumoconiosis (CWP), also known as black lung disease or black lung, is caused by long exposure to coal dust. It is common in coal miners and others who work with coal. It is similar to both silicosis from inhaling silica dust and to the long-term effects of tobacco smoking.[citation needed] Inhaled coal dust progressively builds up in the lungs and cannot be removed by the body; this leads to inflammation, fibrosis, and in worse cases, necrosis.
Coal workers' pneumoconiosis, severe state, develops after the initial, milder form of the disease known as anthracosis (anthrac — coal, carbon). This is often asymptomatic and is found to at least some extent in all urban dwellers[1] due to air pollution. Prolonged exposure to large amounts of coal dust can result in more serious forms of the disease, simple coal workers' pneumoconiosis and complicated coal workers' pneumoconiosis (or progressive massive fibrosis, or PMF). More commonly, workers exposed to coal dust develop industrial bronchitis,[2] clinically defined as chronic bronchitis (i.e. productive cough for 3 months per year for at least 2 years) associated with workplace dust exposure. The incidence of industrial bronchitis varies with age, job, exposure, and smoking. In nonsmokers (who are less prone to develop bronchitis than smokers), studies of coal miners have shown a 16%[3] to 17%[4] incidence of industrial bronchitis.
In 2013 CWP resulted in 25,000 deaths down from 29,000 deaths in 1990.[5]
Mountain top removal mining destroying purple mountains majesty photos:

10 oil railway explosions in 2 years:

I do not believe for a nanosecond that Russian hacking has anything to do proposterous campaign against Russia! The politicians claiming that look completely ridiculous, they have absolutely no case, and everyone knows it! The few at the CIA who claim that it is true are lying and so are these ridiculous politicians! The FBI, ONID, Retired Intelligence Veterans for Sanity, and British intelligence officers, and Julian Assange have also confirmed it! I believe that it has everything to do with China's presence in Africa, which by the way the Africans are by and large dissatisfied with. I believe that they are using Russian hacking as an excuse to draw China into a war over African resources .

I believe that the globalists want African natural resources and cheap labor. It is spelled out in Agenda 21 published by the UN in which the globalists planned to institute Private/public partnerships in developing nations using the financial resources of developed nations, and the corporate experience of corporations whereby the developing nations would sign the rights of their resources over to the corporations.

The usual leeches have shown up in advance. The Clinton Foundation, Gates Foundation, Warren Buffet and his son, Mark Zuckerberg, Leapfrog Investments, Goldman Sachs, and a slew of multinational corporations. It comes as no surprise that these are large donors of the Clinton Foundation! AND THEY ARE ALL DOING SUCH A MARVELOUS JOB THAT THERE IS AN AFRICAN MIGRANT CRISIS IN EUROPE!!!! GREAT JOB ON HUMANITARIAN PHILANTHROPY!!!!
The elite establishment took $4.1 trillion in QE compliments of the U.S. tax payer and ran all the way to Africa with a large percentage of it.
The 5 Ws of the European African migrant crisis:
WHO: Clinton Foundation, George Sorros, LeapFrog Investment, Too Corrupt To Succeed U.S. Banks including JPM and Goldman Sachs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, the Chinese Government, the U.S. Military

What: gold, oil, diamonds, uranium, just about every other natural resource known to man and cheap labor

When: it's all ready started

Where: all of Africa

Why: money

"Part of the reason I’m here is that this is where a lot of the future is going to get built." Mark Zuckerberg on Africa

Agenda 21 of the UN

MSM propaganda agents of the Chinese government? They claim that President-Elect Trump has violated the US one China policy stance by accepting a congratulatory phone call from the Taiwanese president, but the US has never had a one China policy. That is China's policy.
China / Taiwan = not my swamp, but I recall a time in America where it was the prevailing sentiment that the people of Taiwan should be free from CCP. It was a personal crusade of George Herbert Walker Bush, as well as many prominent American businessmen since they opened businesses there.

Jimmy Carter China policy:
Ronald Reagan and the Taiwan Relations Act:
"President Reagan's last sentence set out what became the U.S. position. The U.S. will take no position on the ultimate goal, whether independence, unification with China, or some other status. That will be up to the parties themselves to determine. But the U.S. will maintain a keen interest in the process: It must be peaceful; it must not involve coercion of any kind, economic, political or military; and it must have the consent of the parties on both sides of the Taiwan Strait."

Further reading on Taiwan Relations Act:
"An administration could argue that, whatever the law says about Taiwan being a state--and it is definitely treated as a state in American domestic law[12]--the President, exercising his authority in foreign affairs, has decided that it is not in the overall U.S. interest to support Taiwan's membership in international organizations that make statehood a requirement for joining. But even this is different from the current policy of actually opposing such membership."
Taiwan Relations Act. Section 4(d) of the Act reads, "Nothing in this Act may be construed as a basis for supporting the exclusion or expulsion of Taiwan from continued membership in any international financial institution or any other international organization." For Congress to have made this part of American law must mean that Taiwan is qualified to join international organizations which make statehood a requirement for membership.
President Reagan's last sentence set out what became the U.S. position.

George Bush Sr. on China
1971: "Argued for dual UN representation for China & Taiwan
"In Oct. 1971, the UN voted to recognize Red China and give the People's Republic of China the seat occupied by Taiwan, or Nationalist China. George vowed in his Senate campaigns if that were to happen, he would advocate US withdrawal from the UN. Now, as Nixon's Ambassador, he had to argue for "dual representation" and plead for 2 seats: one in the Security Council for Communist China, and one in the General Assembly for Taiwan. He had lobbied hard among the 129 missions for support and had thought he had enough delegates committed to the US policy. But on the final count, he lost 59-55, with 15 countries abstaining. He took the defeat as a personal rebuke and said he was disgusted by the anti-American sentiments. "For some delegates--who literally danced in the aisles when the vote was announced--Taiwan wasn't really the issue," George said. "Kicking Uncle Sam was." "
Bill Clinton three noes China policy:"
I had a chance to reiterate our Taiwan policy, which is that we don't support independence for Taiwan, or "two China" or "one China, one Taiwan." And we don't believe that Taiwan should be a member of any organization for which statehood is a requirement.17"
"2001 secret China meeting: backed off from defending Taiwan
George W Bush Taiwan policy:
"On April 25, 2001, ABC television asked Bush whether the US had an obligation to defend Taiwan.
"Yes, we do. And the Chinese must understand that," Bush replied.
"And you would..."
"Yes, I would."
"With the full force of the American military?"
"Whatever it took to help Taiwan defend herself."
It was one of the strongest statements the US had made about the delicate issue of Taiwan. The Chinese were very upset.
How do I get out of this? Bush essentially asked. After listening to [adviser Brent] Scowcroft, Bush asked him to go on a secret mission to China to meet with President Jiang Zemin and explain US policy. Scowcroft told the Chinese leader that Bush's policy was to defend Taiwan if the island was attacked unprovoked, but if the Taiwanese took action to change the status quo on their own, the US would not defend them. Jiang and Bush seemed satisfied, and Scowcroft's secret mission never became public.
Source: State of Denial, by Bob Woodward, p. 33 , Oct 1, 2006" "
Obama on Taiwan:
"Taiwan has accepted a $286.6 million arms deal involving 13 sets of Phalanx close-in weapons systems (CIWS) and other equipment from the United States, according to local media reports. The new weapons systems will be used for the defense of Republic of China Navy (ROCN) surface warships and Republic of China Armed Forces (RCAF) missile bases in Taiwan’s mountainous regions." "

The World’s Most Famous WAR MEMORIAL POEM
By Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place: and in the sky
The larks still bravely singing fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the dead: Short days ago,
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved: and now we lie
In Flanders fields!

Take up our quarrel with the foe
To you, from failing hands, we throw
The torch: be yours to hold it high
If ye break faith with us who die,
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields

We are in Afghanistan for the heroin!

" I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13
"What is absolutely true is always correct, everywhere, all the time, under any condition. An entity's ability to discern these things is irrelevant to that state of truth." —Steven Robiner
"Chaos is a ladder."
"Be the change you wish to see in this world. ""Disrupt the status quo or become a part of it."
"If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem."
"Extremism in the name of virtue is no vice, and moderation in the face of corruption is no virtue."
" The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in time of moral crisis maintain their neutrality."
"Resist the beginnings, consider the end."
" Two things are infinite, the universe, and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the universe."


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