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Middle aged amicable couple seeking investment partners to open BnB or cash flow positive survival community somewhere that has pleasant weather and close to ocean with Mtns available. 4 property locations up for consideration currently. Must have $500k investable funds, a skill, positive attitude and ability to work or contribute to the resort via time, money, or expertise. Primary focus on watersports resort business based around our own catamaran charter vessel. Eco/organo farm to table self sustainability (garden, fish, fruits) and energy Independence is the goal.
In Short: join a few other select skilled and intelligent friends and live off the grid in a financially positive paradise resort and enjoy your health while "we" watch the upcoming collapse from afar. When it's time to come back we can sell the resort for profit or continue with additional locations. Business plan available and specific to each identified property location thus far. (Panama, Honduras, Bahamas, Costa Rica). Currently researching Ecuador. Have stateside Marina Business partnership available as well. Email for more info. Offer ends 2017 as 2018 may be too late. 4 partner-family positions immediately available for Honduras dive and sail resort.
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