• Gold Money
    05/26/2016 - 14:27
    Here’s a question that might have you pondering: Is gold a commodity? More importantly, are we doing a disservice to the gold industry by calling gold a commodity? These may sound like silly...


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I am an entrepreneur, investor, consultant and husband to my beautiful wife, Leah. If I lived in NY, I would work on Wall Street and if I lived in La La Land, I would sell real estate. I have two extreme passions: movies & all things investing!

My love of the financial services industry and markets is what inspired me to start this site. With over 10 years devoting my time and energy to educating investors and learning about investments, I have been fortunate to spend time doing exactly what inspires me. It is my hope to share my knowledge and experiences to help anyone looking for insight into the world of investing.


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