Is This The Start Of India's Gold Confiscation

On April 5, 1933, FDR signed Executive order 6102 which made illegal "the Hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates within the continental United States" in the process criminalizing the possession of monetary gold by any individual or corporation.  Fast forward 82 years to a time when the barbarous relic continues to be seen as the safest store of value among India's vast population (roughly 20% of the world's total), not to mention the main source of financial headaches for local authorities, one of the biggest importers of gold due to its "traditional" values , that the Indian government may be preparing to pull a page right out of the FDR playbook.

Austrian Central Bank Warns Fed, "Rate Hikes Will Slow Global Growth"

Market participants, be they lenders or borrowers, know that “easy money” has an expiry date. If The FOMC raises rates, "we foresee negative effects on world GDP in the medium term, not only for emerging markets but also for industrialized economies." In other words, though emerging markets – through their dependence on capital inflows – will be at risk when America’s monetary policy eventually returns to “normal,” the same will be true for advanced economies.


Unequivocally apologetic...

Elderly Americans' Confidence Collapses To 11-Month Lows (As Middle-Aged Hope Surges)

Amid the turmoil of the markets, it appears that older Americans (those over 65 years old) are the most negatively affected as their "comfort" has collapsed to 11-month lows. Oddly, perhaps thanks to lower gas prices or simple Schdenfreude for not being as neck-deep invested in stocks as the older-generations, middle-aged Americans (from 35-44) have seen a resurgence in confidence (now at 4-month highs).

Avon Rips Higher, Halted Twice As Another LBO Rumor Squeezes Shorts

Just 4 short months ago, Avon stock soared after a fake private equity offer from a fake entity appeared. With a 20% short base, the stock exploded higher. Today, with 17.4% of the stocks' float short, The Wall Street Journal sparks some panic-buying...


Avon has now been halted twice and is trading up 12% (before re-opening). It appears our observation that AVP has a Debt-to-Ebitda of a stunning 3.7x that has blown away hope/hype of the LBO copming to fruition... AVP is fading fast.

Hungarian Convicts Build 100-Mile, Anti-Migrant Fence Out Of Razor Wire

"The fence, in part being built by prisoners along the 175-km (109-mile) border, would be completed sooner than planned, by the beginning rather than the end of October. 'This 3.5-4-metre tall fence can be adequate to protect the country, especially if policemen are patrolling on the other side,"' Minister Viktor Orban's chief of staff Janos Lazar told a weekly news conference."

US Imports Biggest "Disinflationary Impulse" In 6 Years At Worst Possible Time

August's import prices dropped a stunning 11.4% YoY, the biggest drop since September 2009. This faster-than-expected deceleration suggests "another leg lower" according to TD's Millan Mulraine, as USD strength and renewed energy declines feed through the price channel and reverses a hope-filled mid-year drift higher. This is the 13th month of YoY drops (and 111th of last 12 MoM drops) flashing a recessionary warning. As Mulraine conculdes ominously, "coming at a time when the Fed is contemplating a lift-off in rates, the weak tone of this report should come as a key reminder that the dis-inflationary impulse is re- emerging."

Fortress Europe Under Threat

The lack of leadership to tackle this clear and present danger to Europe's future is truly concerning. Both the migrants and the Europeans might be worse off as a result.

Blistering Treasury Auction: Record Foreign Central Bank Demand For 30 Year Paper

We had to triple check the Indirect print in today's 30Y auction, because at first it seemed the US Treasury had made a huge mistake, but the number showing that the Indirect take down in today's auction was a whopping 66% - this was the highest take down on record, and may have put an end to any concerns that foreign central banks have no interest in US paper, if only in the primary market.

Abu Dhabi Can't Find $1.4 Billion It Supposedly Received From Malaysia PM's Slush Fund

Late last month, tens of thousands of Malaysians donning banned yellow attire took to the streets in Kuala Lumpur to call for the ouster of Prime Minister Najib Razak whose government has been accused of obstructing an investigation into how some $700 million from a Goldman-backed development bank mysteriously ended up in Najib’s personal bank account. As it turns out, the story goes well beyond Goldman and Najib. As WSJ reports, the 1MDB debacle takes us deep into the shadowy world of sovereign wealth funds where it appears as though someone told a $1.4 billion lie...

Cultish Fervor - Japan Is In QE10 And Is Going Nowhere

Since the “impossible” global panic in 2008, there have been 10 QE’s in Japan but using the numerical standard which has been applied to the Federal Reserve there may have been as many as 22 or more. What none of those have amounted to is an actual and sustainable economic advance; NONE, no matter how you count them. In very simple fact, the idea that central banks “need” to keep doing them in continuous fashion is quite convincing that at the very least they don’t mean what central bankers think they mean, and perhaps worse that the more they are done and to greater extents the more harm that eventually befalls.

How Europe Will Pay For The Refugee Crisis: Higher Taxes For The Rich

Europe's handling of its refugee crisis has led to much criticism and left even more to be desired, but until now Europe's general population was largely on the side of the misplaced migrants who are trying to reestablish their lives away from the daily horrors of the middle east, all in the name of a Qatari gas pipeline. That may soon change as Europe realizes the influx of tens of thousands of refugees will result in a dramatic surge in public costs, costs which have to be footed by someone. That someone will be the general population (with the wealthy targeted at first) courtesy of even higher taxes.

The City Of London Has Turned Britain Into A "Civilized Mafia State"

"Public services, infrastructure, the very fabric of the nation: these too are being converted into risk-free investments. Social cleansing is transforming central London into an exclusive economic zone for property speculation. From a dozen directions, government policy converges on this objective. Property in this country is a haven for the proceeds of international crime. Sometimes the UK looks to me like an ever so civilised mafia state."

Why Stocks Are Ramping

S&P correlation algos: just tracking whatever is going up, tick for tick.