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Goldman "Proves" That "Good News Is Good For Equities, And Bad News Is Good For Equities"

While anecdotally we see again and again that equities rally on bad news (The Fed will save us) and good news (see The Fed saved us), none of that matters until it gets the Goldman Sachs stamp of approval. Sure enough, in a detailed study over the weekend, designed to defend their bullish equity view (specifically financials) and expectations for QE3 to continue to Q3 2014, the bank that does God's work offered up these pearls of statistically sound wisdom: "while equity prices respond more to dovish surprises than hawkish surprises, the results suggest that equity prices typically go up regardless of whether the Fed policy surprise is positive or negative (“good news is good for equities, and bad news is good for equities”). But it is not at all clear why the equity market should systematically buy into this pattern." So rest assured, buying wins; of course, that is, until it doesn't.

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Ron Paul: "The IRS’s Job Is To Violate Our Liberties"

The IRS routinely obtains information about how we earn a living, what investments we make, what we spend on ourselves and our families, and even what charitable and religious organizations we support. Starting next year, the IRS will be collecting personally identifiable health insurance information in order to ensure we are complying with Obamacare’s mandates. The current tax laws even give the IRS power to marginalize any educational, political, or even religious organizations whose goals, beliefs, and values are not favored by the current regime by denying those organizations “tax-free” status. This is the root of the latest scandal involving the IRS....  Considering the type of power the IRS excises over the American people, and the propensity of those who hold power to violate liberty, it is surprising we do not hear about more cases of politically-motivated IRS harassment. As the first US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall said, “The power to tax is the power to destroy” — and who better to destroy than one’s political enemies? The very purpose of the IRS is to transfer wealth from one group to another while violating our liberties in the process, thus the only way Congress can protect our freedoms is to repeal the income tax and shutter the doors of the IRS once and for all.

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Silver Halted 4 Times Overnight Amid Flash Crash

While we have become used to the almost daily trading-halts in Japanese government bonds, when the CME reports that Silver trading was halted four times overnight, it is increasingly clear that this market is anything but 'normal':


Yet somehow, amid all this 'extreme' volatility in 'safe' collateral assets, we still do not hear of funds blowing up (yet). While central bankers would seem to disagree, there really is no stability without volatility and the more that vol is suppressed, the more extreme the inevitable 'event'.

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India Finance Minister Begs His People To Stop Buying Gold

While the overnight collapse in precious metals has been notably retraced, the media is unable to take its eyes off the ball that the status quo is shaking focusing on the demise and what that must mean for the future. Well, it seems, the Indian finance minister is very clear. Speaking in New Delhi P. Chidambaram explained his lack of surprise at the increase in gold imports in April (as physical demand exploded amid falling paper prices) adding:


So China/Hong Kong is importing near record amounts of the precious metal into reserves and India is not only seeing demand but enough to warrant further government intervention... makes perfect sense that (paper) prices should be falling - or are the planners plans backfiring once again? As we noted here, as long as the price suppression of paper gold prices continues, don't expect any notable changes to these demand trends.

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Portugal Banks Warn European Leaders: "You Can't Keep Playing With Fire"

While we are told day after day that not only is Europe 'fixed' but that Cyprus was not a template, it seems the bankers in the peripheral nations are a little less confident (never mind their record amount of reach-around-based domestic bond buying). European "leaders need to moderate their language," warned one bank CEO, and as the FT reports, another feared a "Cyprus virus," adding that "you can't keep playing with fire." The comments come in the wake of the depositor haircuts in Cyprus as a rush of clients wanted to move cash from deposit accounts to vaults: "most clients in Portugal don't trust deposit guarantees... they choose vaults instead." Fixed indeed... and why would these bankers worry about the 'precedent' if it were not a 'template' for future bail-ins?

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Global Dash For Trash Hits An African Wall

Do not panic, but it seems the flood of liquidity and central bank largesse can only do so much. The much-discussed issuance of 10 year Rwanda debt at a 7% yield earlier in the month made more than a few of even the most die-hard momo junkies look up from their 'Buy' keyboards for a brief second. In the past few days, something rather disturbing has occurred in this ultimate arbiter of risk-on demand... Rwanda bonds are selling off... now up 15bps in yield since issuance. Have no fear though as we are sure Abe, Bernanke, or Draghi will be along shortly with a plan to help SME lending in Rwanda... or will promise to do 'whatever it takes' to ensure Rwanda yields are not manipulated by speculators...

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Judd Gregg Redefines "Revolving Door" - From US Senator, To Goldman Sachs Advisor, To Head Of SIFMA

Behold the definition of a "revolving door" - Judd Gregg: from US Senator, to Goldman Sachs advisor, to SIFMA head, all in under two years.

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Gold Retraces Japan Liquidation Losses

We commented as it happened that last night's jawbone-inspired flash-smash in USDJPY which triggered what was evidently a major liquidation in gold and silver at the margin was a buying opportunity for the precious metals and sure enough, gold has recovered all of its losses and silver is close.

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The Most Dangerous Country In Europe

"Preservation of Capital," has reached epic seriousness in a world with interest rates at unsustainable lows and underlying economic fundamentals that cannot support today's yields. The irrational game goes on based upon one thing and one thing only which is the creation of capital by all of the world's central banks. The money must go somewhere and so it does but the disconnect between the equity markets and bond yields from the real world is frightening. Nowhere on the planet is it scarier than in Europe.

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It's Official: Yahoo Acquires Tumblr For $1.1 Billion, Promises Hipsters "Not To Screw It Up"

As has been rumored for months, and known for days, the official purchase of Tumblr by Yahoo is now in the books. For $1.1 billion, Yahoo is the proud owner of a whole lot of user-generated porn sites if not that much (read any) revenue. We cant wait to see how it monetizes them. And in a press release, apparently aimed squarely at hipsters, Yahoo promises "not to screw it up." It's cool to be hip and edgy: surely it's worth at least 15% in stock premium. As for profits... ah, it's an Amazon world after all.

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Key Events And Market Issues In The Coming Week

In the absence of major data releases, the focal point of the week for markets becomes the release of the minutes of the May FOMC meeting. The most notable change in the statement was the inclusion of the new language: “the Committee is prepared to increase or reduce the pace of its purchases to maintain appropriate policy accommodation as the outlook for the labor market or inflation changes.” In the May meeting minutes, the market will be looking for any clarification of the motivation behind this change as well as any evidence that the committee members may be becoming less comfortable with the unemployment rate threshold or more specific about tapering timelines and dates.

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Frontrunning: May 20

  • Obama's Counsel Was Told of IRS Audit Findings Weeks Ago (WSJ)
  • North Korea fires sixth missile in three days (Reuters)
  • Enron No Lesson to Traders as EU Probes Oil-Price Manipulation (BBG)
  • Don't cry for me, Eurozone: Thinking the Unthinkable - Quitting a Currency (WSJ)
  • H-1B Models Strut Into U.S. as Programmers Pray for Help (BBG)
  • Gold Bear Bets Reach Record as Soros Cuts Holdings (BBG)
  • Yahoo has agreed to pay $1.1 billion for Tumblr (WSJ)
  • JPMorgan Holders Led by Chairmen-CEOs to Vote on Dimon (BBG)
  • Apple faces grilling over US tax rate (FT)
  • Nissan to Sell First Joint Minicar to Expand in Japan Market (BBG)
  • Fierce battle for corporate loans sparks US bank risk concerns (FT)
  • Microsoft Updates Xbox as Apple to Facebook Gain in Games (BBG)

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Steve Cohen's SAC May Face Criminal Charges

The longest ongoing government "sting" operation against a hedge fund, possibly in all of history, that which absolutely everyone has known about for years now i.e., against Steve Cohen's SAC and its Bernie Madoff-esque series of profitable years (at least until recently that is, when "expert networks" no longer accept any calls originating out of Connecticut or New York), may be coming to an end, following what the WSJ reports may be an imminent filing of criminal charges against the hedge fund. "U.S. prosecutors are considering possible criminal charges against SAC Capital Advisors LP as a result of the government's insider-trading investigation of the hedge-fund firm, according to people familiar with the matter.  It isn't clear what led prosecutors to warn the Stamford, Conn., hedge-fund operator that it could be charged criminally. But the move is the strongest sign yet that prosecutors and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are trying to ratchet up the pressure as a five-year deadline looms to file the most serious charges related to trading that allegedly involved Mr. Cohen."

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Lack Of Overnight Euphoria Follows Japan Yen Jawboning In Light Trading Session

A quiet day unfolding with just Chicago Fed permadove on the wires today at 1pm, following some early pre-Japan market fireworks in the USDJPY and the silver complex, where a cascade of USDJPY margin calls, sent silver to its lowest in years as someone got carted out feet first following a forced liquidation. This however did not stop the Friday ramp higher in the USDJPY from sending the Nikkei225, in a delayed response, to a level surpassing the Dow Jones Industrial Average for the first time in years. Quiet, however, may be just how the traders at 72 Cummings Point Road like it just in case they can hear the paddy wagons approach, following news that things between the government and SAC Capital are turning from bad to worse and that Stevie Cohen, responsible for up to 10-15% of daily NYSE volume, may be testifying before a grand jury soon. The news itself sent S&P futures briefly lower when it hit last night, showing just how influential the CT hedge fund is for overall market liquidity in a world in which the bulk of market "volume" is algos collecting liquidity rebates and churning liquid stocks back and forth to one another.

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