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    10/10/2015 - 11:38
    My favorite sector to short  is (once again) energy, as giants like Exxon are exhibiting topping patterns that strike me as once-a-generation opportunities.

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Treasury "Out" Of GM For $10.5 Billion Loss (Claims 768% ROI)

The spin does not get any better than this... As they reported they would,


That is a $10.5 Billion loss! But, The Center for Automotive Research, a Michigan nonprofit organization that analyzes auto industry issues, those funds saved or avoided the loss of $105.3 billion in transfer payments and the loss of personal and social insurance tax collections -- or 768% of the net investment.” We can't wait to hear how much Bill Ackman made or saved on his Herbalife investment...

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Caption Contest: If Gold Is Broken, They "Fix" It

Much has been written recently about the rigged London "gold fixing" process, during which, as even Bloomberg recently covered, the price of gold is blatantly manipulated. One thing was, however, missing: a photo of the fixers in practice. Today, courtesy of German WiWo, we show just what said "fixing" looks like in real life every single day.

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WTF Chart Of The Day: VIX Slamdown Edition

WTF was this!!??

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PMs Surge As Stocks Slumber On Dow's Lowest Range In 16 Months

Following Friday's exuberance, US equity markets traded in an extraordinarily narrow range today (Dow's 41 points is lowest in 16 months) as S&P futures had the lowest non-holiday volume day of the year - despite plethora of Fed talking heads. Treasuries were no less un-vibrant with a 2bp range ending with the short-end very modestly higher in yield and long-end -1bps. The USD closed lower with its only sizable move driven by Bullard's dovish comments on inflation credibility; most notably US equities ignored JPY crosses efforts to ignite momentum. VIX was smashed lower at the close (back to inverted). The big movers on the day were in commodity-land. WTI dipped but Brent was slammed as the spread dropped notably to 6-week lows. Gold (and even more so Silver) were the big winners (relatively speaking) ending the day +1 and +2.2% respectively. Oh and TWTR went bull retard...

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Fed's Fisher Blasts "Flaccid" Monetary Policy, Says More CapEx Needed

We warned here (and here most recently), the most insidious way in which the Fed's ZIRP policy is now bleeding not only the middle class dry, but is forcing companies to reallocate cash in ways that benefit corporate shareholders at the present, at the expense of investing prudently for growth 2 or 3 years down the road. It seems the message is being heard loud and very clear among 'some' of the FOMC members; most notably Richard Fisher:

"Without fiscal policy that incentivizes rather than discourages U.S. capex (capital expenditure), this accommodative monetary policy aimed at reducing unemployment (especially structural unemployment) or improving the quality of jobs is rendered flaccid and less than optimally effective... I would feel more comfortable were we to remove ourselves as soon as possible from interfering with the normal price-setting functioning of financial markets."

Perhaps Yellen (and others) will listen this time?

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Chart Of The Day: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

The number of employees across the firms of the broad-based Russell 2000 equity index has collapsed by more than half from its peak. The price of that index, in the same period, has risen 137%. Can you spot when the index 'price' disconnected from economic reality?

Of course, we are sure the chart will be dismissed as meaningless for some "demographic" or "cyclical" reason and we should not worry, just BTFATH, of course.

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El-Erian Blasts America's Partisan Peril

The United States’ reputation for sound economic policymaking took a beating in 2013. Some of this was warranted; some of it was not. And now a related distorted narrative – one that in 2014 could needlessly undermine policies that are key to improving America’s economic recovery – is gaining traction... to the danger of "government failure."

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US Gets Involved In Another Foreign Conflict, Will Support French Troops In Central African Republic

One of the underreported stories from last week, noted here previously, was that quietly, on the day in which French unemployment soared to a new 16 year high, French president Hollande did what every true Keynesian in his position would do and dispatched troops to the Central African Republic due to a "duty to intervene" and stop the "alarming, frightening massacres" taking place there. There were no YouTube clips available to justify said massacres yet: we assume they are being produced currently. A few days later the fighting has begun with Reuters reporting that French troops fought gunmen in Bangui, the capital of Central African Republic, on Monday as they searched for weapons in an operation to disarm rival Muslim and Christian fighters responsible for hundreds of killings since last week. Shooting erupted near the airport in the morning after gunmen refused to hand over their weapons, and French forces later came under attack by former rebels in the city centre. France said it was prepared to use force if fighters rejected calls to disarm or return to barracks. Paris boosted its military presence to 1,600 troops at the weekend as waves of religious violence swept its former colony.


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Quote Of The Day: UK Housing Market "Warp Speed" Edition

A month ago, the Bank of England's Cunliffe dismissed UK realtors' fears of a central bank-driven bubble in housing, by stating confidently that "it is not a boom or a bubble. It is a market correction, albeit a fairly quick one." But now, the man really in charge of the liquidity pedal, the BoE head Mark Carney has proclaimed:


In the speech at the New York Economic Club, Carney went on note that this BoE-created bubble could be popped by raising capital requirements against the housing sector if need be; but we suspect the faster way to pop the momentum-chasing hot-money frenzy will be to pass the foreign homebuyers' capital gains tax.

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In The Third Quarter, The Rich Got Richer By $1.9 Trillion

The quarterly Flow of Funds report by the Fed has been released and the latest household net worth numbers are out. While not nearly quite as dramatic as last quarter's wholesale dataset revision, which saw all of America suddenly worth $3 trillion more primarily due to a change of how "pension entitlements" (formerly "pension reserves") are calculated (more more in the full breakdown from September), with the resulting total net worth rising to a total of $74.8 trillion, according to the just released data, in the third quarter, US housholds, or rather a very tiny subset of them, saw their net worth rise once again, this time to $77.3 trillion from a revised $75.3 trillion.

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Riots Break Out In Singapore; Think Your Country Is Immune?

Yesterday, a 33-year old Indian man got hit by the proverbial bus in Singapore’s Little India neighborhood. That was the catalyst. What transpired for the next several hours was a full blown riot... the first of its kind since 1969. Singapore has had years of tensions building. These issues are commonplace. Ideological differences. The wealth gap and economic uncertainty. Immigration challenges. They’re the same issues, for example, that have plunged much of Europe into turmoil, including the rise of a blatantly fascist political party in Greece. And these same issues exist, in abundance, in the Land of the Free… where a number of serious ideological divides are becoming obvious social chasms. And if it can happen in Singapore - one of the safest, most stable countries on the planet, it can happen anywhere. Even in a sterile American suburb.

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Greece Tumbles Into The Deflationary Abyss, While Its Primary Surplus Sounds The "Grexit" Alarm

While the second-derivative hopers and primary budget surplus believers cling to the faith that Stournaras talking about recovery is enough to bring the depressing Greek nation out of its slumber, the fact is that Greek deflation has never been worse. However, it gets worse... as a recent study by CFR finds that countries are most at risk of defaulting the year they turn a positive primary budget - meaning they are no longer reliant on their creditors. Simply put, the Greek government has far less incentive to pay, and far more negotiating leverage with, its creditors once it no longer needs to borrow from them to keep the country running - this makes it more likely, rather than less, that Greece will default sometime next year. Beggars, once again, become choosers.

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"No Way To Tell How Many People Who Have Signed Up For Obamacare Actually Have"

The Obamacare enrollment portal is the gift that keeps on giving endless examples of government incompetence. The latest comes from Bloomberg which informs us that "there’s no way to tell how many people who think they’ve signed up for health insurance through the U.S. exchange actually have, after about 1 in 4 enrollments sent to insurers from the federal website had garbled included incomplete information." Still that particular glitch was not enough to prevent Obama from taking full credit for a "fixed" website after somehow the White House managed to calculate that sign ups soared to 100,000 people, and have taken off since the "fix."

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Ukraine Risk Soars To 4 Year High As Opposition Offices Raided, Protests Continue - Live Feed

As the country's leaders search the world for funding, and in spite of the seemingly acquiescent removal of barriers from the government buildings by the police, the situation in Ukraine appears to growing more out of control:


As we warned previously, the nation's funding situation remains "precarious" and headlines will crow of consiliatory discussions, this action appears to be anything but - as perhaps the Ukrainian elite fear the same kind of "success" that the people's coup in Thailand appears to be having. Ukraine's CDS has reached its highest in 4 years.

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