What The Charts Say: "Things Are Far From Well"

One can choose to ignore all these charts. However, many of them suggest eery similarity to 2007/2008 in structure. And if this structure plays out the so called "Santa" rally may not be all that it's cracked up to be. The cumulative message of all these charts: Things are far from well.

Crude Pops As API Reports Surprise Inventory Draw After 10 Weeks Of Builds

After 10 weeks of inventory builds, API reports a 1.9mm barrel draw (hugely missing DOE expectations of a 1.3mm build). The initial reaction was a knee-jerk higher by 25c, but we note that Cushing saw a 614k barrel build (5th week in a row) and is perhaps the more crucial storage level to montori. As one trader noted, "OPEC wants to produce as much as they want," and as global land (and sea) storage fills, so "$35 is clearly a level of interest."

GOP Panic? Republican 'Operatives' Unleash "Anti-Trump" Super-PAC

It appears Donald Trump's latest outburst has pushed the GOP to hit the panic button (just as we warned was probable). Just four months after Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus said that Donald Trump is offering his party’s voters a breath of fresh air, WSJ reports that Republican 'operative' Liz Mair is launching "Trump Card LLC" - a SuperPAC aimed at torpedo-ing The Donald's campaign.

When Not Even "Terrorism" Can Boost The Price Of Oil...

There was a time, not so long ago, when "terrorism" was great news for the oil complex (and thus energy stocks). Since The Fed enabled the unleashing of expensive American shale oil, that appears not to be the case anymore... (until the radical ideologs start attacking Oklahoma and Texas?)

Your Brain Is Killing Your Returns

In the end, we are just human. Despite the best of our intentions, it is nearly impossible for an individual to be devoid of the emotional biases that inevitably lead to poor investment decision making over time. This is why all great investors have strict investment disciplines that they follow to reduce the impact of human emotions. Take a step back from the media and Wall Street commentary for a moment and make an honest assessment of the financial markets today. Does the current extension of the financial markets appear to be rational? Are individuals current assessing the "possibilities" or the "probabilities" in the markets?

Trannies Trounced - Plunge Most Since Black Monday

Dow Transports are in reverse. Down over 3% today, the biggest drop since the Black Monday collapse, Trannies are now below the lows of the Bullard bounce from October 2014 and down a shocking 16% in 2015. This would be the first four-quarters-in-a-row drop in Transports since 1994 and the worst year since 2008...

These Are The Biggest Hedge Fund Casualties From The ECB's "Shocking" Disappointment

Man Group, which runs $76.8 billion in assets, said on its website that its $4.4 billion AHL Diversified fund lost 5.1% on Thursday. Among other funds to have been running bets, to a greater or lesser extent, against the euro were Brevan Howard Asset Management, which oversees about $25 billion in assets; Tudor Investment Corp.; Moore Capital Management; and Caxton Associates, said investors. "Pretty much everyone was short the euro. The view was very clear for everyone."

The Fallacy that Weakening Your Currency Generates Prosperity

Of the many economic policies that are accepted as true yet are absolute nonsense, perhaps none is more achingly nonsensical than the notion that weakening a nation's currency will magically make that nation prosperous. No empire has ever prospered by weakening its currency. Reducing the purchasing power of one's money is the road to ruin, not prosperity.

Chipotle Tumbles: Will Demand Customers Pay More For Food That Won't Make Them Sick

From Ecoli to Norovirus and from average-joes to college athletes, the success of CMG has become its down fall as something ugly is growing in the healthy fast food restaurant. The latest headline is a little intriguing, as amid all the carnage, Chitptle says it will have to raise prices... as new supplier standards will hurt margins, and require "significant cost" adjustment, according to CFO Jack Hartung. We will see if poeple wil pay more not to get siuck and lose 15lbs (or prefer to pay less).

Deja-Vu Eh? Canadian Stocks Plunge To 2-Year Lows

Canadian stocks are down 15% from their highs in 2008 (and down 18% from the 2014 highs) as the blowback from a collapsing energy market ripples across the entire "not unequivocally good" economy. However, perhaps more worrying is the 2008-esque dynamic playing out almost perfectly for America's northern neighbor...