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    07/02/2015 - 11:09
    This process has already begun in Europe. It will be spreading elsewhere in the months to come. Smart investors are preparing now BEFORE it hits so they are in a position to profit from it...

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What's Up With Inflation?

If we analyze inflation by these two metrics (purchasing power - which declines as real income stagnates and prices rise - and by exposure to real costs), we find the middle class is increasingly exposed to skyrocketing real-world prices. Pundits in the top 5% have the luxury of pontificating on the accuracy of the CPI while those protected by government subsidies and coverage have the luxury of wondering what all the fuss is about. Only those 100% exposed to the real costs experience the full fury of actual inflation.

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Cyprus Deposits Plunge At Fastest Rate In History

With capital controls like these who needs bank runs.

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Cohen Caption Contest

Following the criminal indictment, Stevie Cohen suddenly finds himself surrounded by all of his newfound friends at Cummings Point Road 72...

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DR Horton On The Real Impact Of Soaring Rates: "Shocked Homebuyers"

Homebuilder stocks are down 4% on the week (and -6.3% from the FOMC) as D.R.Horton's CEO dares to utter some ugly truths on his earnings call. Despite any and every talking-heads reassurance that rising mortgage rates won't impact the awesomeness of the housing recovery, it seems the actual homebuilders have a different view:


What? No? Un-Possible. With home prices collapsing (despite headlines trying their best to proclaim victory), it seems the fragile 'recovery' in an inventory-less housing market is about to pop once again (as we note, mortgage rates have not tracked lower as Treasuries un-Tapered).

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Who Will Be The Next Bernanke: This Is What The 'Market' Thinks

With the posturing in full swing - and Hilsenrath's pontifications making front-pages - we thought we would look at who the 'market' believes is most likely to become the next Chair(wo)man of the Federal Reserve. While the headlines proclaim two front-runners, there is a clear leader at the moment...

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So It Begins: SAC Indicted By Federal Grand Jury In New York - Full Indictment

Goodbye sweet blue-eyed prince. It's been bittersweet. Just out from Bloomberg and Reuters:


Perhaps now is a good time to retreat to the hockey rink behind 9 feet of electrified fence, before the TV newsvans arrive at 72 Cummings Point road. As for what happens to the 5-10% of daily NYSE volume traditionally associated with the SAC, we will find out soon enough.

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About That US Recession...

Whenever the annual change in core capex, also known as Non-Defense Capital Goods excluding Aircraft shipments goes negative, the US has traditionally entered a recession. Where is this number now: +0.8%, and declining fast. Feeling lucky?

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Ugly Durable Goods Number Masked By Second Monthly Surge In Boeing Orders

One look at the June headline Durable Goods number today would have been enough to send algos into a buying spasm: printing at 4.2% it was three times greater than the forecast 1.4%, and followed an upward revised 5.2% (previously 3.6%). However, as always, there was a footnote: the entire Durable goods number was due to one thing: Boeing aircraft orders and other transportation equipment which have risen by a whopping $20 billion in the past two months, from $67 to $87 billion, or growth rates of 14.8% and 12.8%. Put another way, of the $21 billion increase in overall Durable Goods since April (from $223 billion to $244 billion), $20 billion is due to transportation equipment (from $67 billion to $87 billion). Sure enough, the June Durable Goods order ex-transports missed expectations of a 0.5% increase and was flat compared to May.

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Jobless Claims Rise Modestly, Improving Trend Stalls

Another week, another prior revision down and rise week-over-week in the initial claims data but the print was a modest beat. The smoother 4-week average has now hovered around 345k for 9 weeks as the down-trend of the year-to-date appears to have stalled (for now). Continuing claims dropped back from its July 4th aberration. We worry that with top-line revenues missing significantly in the most recent earnings season, firms will be left once again with only one option to meet Wall Street's EPS demands and wonder if the flat trend in claims for over 2 months now reflects that wait-and-see mode for layoffs (or hirings).

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How Spain Just Made Mario Draghi's Nightmare Worse

Yesterday, ahead of the monthly update from the ECB, we posted "What Keeps Mario Draghi Up At Night, And Why The European Depression Has A Ways To Go" in which we showed that not only has M3 in Europe terminally broken apart from bank lending to the Euroarea private sector, but that lending to European banks was growing at the slowest annual pace on record. Today, the ECB showed that Draghi's unpleasant dream is becoming a full-blown nightmare with M3 sliding from a 2.9% growth rate in May to just 2.3% in June, suggesting that whatever the ECB is (not) doing is not working and yet another stimulus round is imminent. However, putting into question whether even such a stimulus would do anything, is the fact that actual private sector lending contracted even more, and in June declined from a previous record pace of -1.1% to a new record low of -1.6%. In other words, not only is Europe's Keynesian debt trap getting bigger by the month, but the European monetary plumbing system is completely and perhaps permanently fractured.


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Instant Of Tragic Spanish Train Crash Caught By CCTV Camera

When we first reported about the tragic Spanish train crash the tally of casualties was 35. It has since doubled to 78 and will likely keep rising. However, judging by the severity of the crash, which can be seen on the just released CCTV video below, it is probably a miracle that orders of magnitude more were not killed.

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Frontrunning: July 25

  • The Department of Justice has opened an initial probe into the metals warehousing industry (WSJ)
  • Obama Says Budget Debate a Battle for Middle Class Future (BBG)
  • Death Toll From Spanish Train Crash Hits 77 (WSJ)
  • ‘Fabulous Fab’ takes to witness stand (FT)
  • Banks Said to Weigh Suspending Dealings With SAC as Charges Loom (BBG) - what about Anthony Scaramucci?
  • How the Muslim Brotherhood lost Egypt (Reuters)
  • German Business Confidence Rises for a Third Month (BBG)
  • Fraternities Lobby for Tax Break Without Hazing Penalties (BBG)
  • China charges Bo Xilai with corruption, paves way for trial (Reuters)
  • Airbus Pushes Higher-Density A380 to Counter Luxury Image (BBG)

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Ugly Start As Sentiment Crunched On Cracked Credit Creation In Europe

At precisely 4 am Eastern two opposite things happened: the German IFO Business Climate for July printed at a better than expected 106.2 vs 105.9 in June and higher than the 106.1 consensus: news which would have been EURUSD positive. And yet the EUR tumbled. Why? Because at the same time the ECB provided an update to the chart that "keeps Mario Draghi up at night" as we reminded readers yesterday - the ECB's all important credit creation update in the form of the M3, which not only missed expectations (of +3%) but declined from 2.9% to 2.3%. But more importantly, ECB lending to private sector shrank for the 14th consecutive month in June, and slid to a new record low 1.6% in June, down from a 1.1% in May.

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2013 Bitcoin Mid-Year Review And Outlook

To understand Bitcoin’s role in the first half of 2013, one must understand the macro trends driving its recent more widespread adoption. From Capital Controls to Currency Wars and Monetary Easing, the 'freedom' offered by Bitcoin has garnered a great deal of attention as these topics have recently re-emerged to the forefront of global attention. The following in-depth review (and outlook) of the Bitcoin environment covers trading, exchanges, venture capital, mining, and regulatory developments of the crypto-currency. The past six months may one day prove to be among the most important in bitcoin’s history. As global events sparked increasing need for frictionless wealth transfers, Bitcoin’s popularity ballooned and ignited a conversation that will likely continue to flourish in the years to come.

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At KFC In China The Ice Cubes Are "Dirtier Than Toilet Water"

We've covered food fraud, stealth inflation and related topics rather consistently for the past couple of years. As one might expect, China has been a hot spot for such activity, including the classic example of rat meat being served as lamb on the streets of Shanghai. Well here’s the latest controversy, ice cubes at KFC that are not just dirtier than toilet water, but 13x dirtier. YUM!

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