Quote Of The Day: Bill Clinton Edition

During an interview with Bloomberg TV, Bill Clinton uttered the following:


Which made us wonder, does the Clinton Foundation also have a strict "no murder policy", or a strict "no punching small babies policy"? It seems a 'given' that any trusthworthy organization would implicitly have a "no corruption policy."

Meet The Participants Of This Year's Bilderberg Conference

From Greek lobbyists to Silicon Valley VCs and from Goldman BSDs to FT reporters, The Bilderberg Group will meet later this week in Tirol to discuss what happens next to the rest of the world... here are the participants...

Could This Be OPEC's Long-Term Goal?

OPEC's next task is to convince those making new investments in oil that rather than catching a bottom in oil prices, they have caught a falling knife. The cartel must dampen enthusiasm for investment for the long term if the organization's members are going to benefit. A crippled U.S. oil industry without friends in the investment world is the only way to assure that rising prices won't simply lead to a stampede back into U.S. shale deposits.

Another Short Squeeze Results In Strong 10 Year Auction, Highest Bid To Cover Of 2015

Just like yesterday, when the 3Y auction issued $24 billion in paper on substantially better terms than many feared, so today's 10 year auction was even stronger, pricing at 2.461%, 1.3 bps through the When Issued of 2.474%, at a 2.461 Bid to Cover, far better than last month's 2.2370 and the highest since December 2014. Why the strong auction? Same reason why yesterday's 3Y was also strong. Same reason why every other auction coming on days when there is a substantial short overhang into the auction is strong: shorts were squeezed.

Germany Talks Back Latest Greek "Fix" Rumor, Futures Refuse To Drop

Surprise! Germany has begun to talk back their exuberant headlines over a Greek compromise. As Reuters reports, Germany will only accept a cash-for-reform deal between Greece and its international creditors that has the approval of all three lending instutions, a government spokesman said in response to reports that Berlin was considering easier terms, "all else is pure invention."   EURUSD has faded back all of the headline gains... but for now US equity futures remain convinced.

Bank of England Head Carney Says Market Rigging Bankers Should Go To Jail

Mark Carney: "Real markets are essential to guarantee prosperity. Not markets that collapse when there is a shock from abroad. Not markets where transactions occur in chat rooms. Not markets where no one appears accountable for anything."  So... not markets which are artificially rigged by $22 trillion in central bank liquidity and which collapse every time the "threat" that any of this preciously liquidity may be taken away?

How Do You Spell "Irony" In Japanese?

Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda has managed to do it again. In his now daily missives on "deflation mindset being over", "economy is on the right track", "QQE is working", and his best yet "BoJ has no plan to finance government debt", Kuroda unleashed the ultimate idiocy last night when he proclaimed "it is desirable for FX to move in a stable manner." USDJPY has fallen over 2 handles for the biggest surge in JPY strength in 6 months... to which Amari noted "Kuroda didn't intend to move market with his remarks." Irony indeed.

VIX ETF Nears Record Low (85% Of Float Short)

While we are well aware of the decay-ridden denigration of VXX (the VIX ETF), today's plunge (on heavy volume) nears a new record low for the NYFed's best friend. With 51.695 million shares short (and just 60.5 million shares oustanding) according to Bloomberg data, one can only imagine what happens if we get a true 'event' that is allowed to happen.

Euro & Stocks Surge On Report Of German Compromise Over Greece Deal

After all the sound and fury from Schaeuble, we are now to believe he is ready to back down...


Stocks and the Euro have resurged on the news. We await Germany's denial within the next 30 minutes (and the subsequent FBI investigation)

Greek Economy In "Doomsday" Tailspin: 59 Businesses, 613 Jobs Lost Each Day, Suppliers Demand Cash Up Front

While the Greek government has wasted the past 4 months experiment with game (and hope) theory-based negotiations with the Troika, debating what reforms it should implement, what the budget surplus should be, and how much of a pension and wage haircut the local workforce should undergo just to keep the trickle of European money flowing and "allow" the IMF to repay Greek IMF obligations and the ESM to repay the ECB, the Greek economy has slammed into a brick wall because according to Greece's retailers association, about 59 businesses close down and some 613 jobs are being lost each day.

Crude Pops (On The Biggest Inventory Draw In 11 Months) & Drops (On Production Rise)

Following API's considerably larger than expeted inventory draw last night, DOE reported a huge 6.81 million barrel draw (against expectations of a 3.46mm barrel draw). This is the biggest inventory draw in 11 months. In addition production rose once again (up 0.25%) to new record highs at 9.61mm bbl/day. Crude prices are holding gains after this.

Spot The Bigger Bubble

One of these is an irrational bubble created by millions of uneducated investors piling into markets because they are convinced there is just one more greater fool.. and the other is Chinese Stocks...

Russian Warships Approach Canadian Frigate Carrying Prime Minister After Meeting In Poland

Just a day after Canadian Prime Minister Harper confirmed his nation's desire for stronger economic ties to Poland, two Russian warships came within 7 miles of the Frigate carrying the Prime Minister across The Baltic Sea. The Frigate's captain said the Russian ships "posed no threat," but the coincidence is unmistakable just hours after Harper slammed Putin (and Russia), demanding further sanctions.