Hillary Clinton: "The Right Is Afraid Of Me Because I Don't Die"

"...these guys on the other side are not just interested in my losing, they want to keep coming after me. What are they so afraid of? Me, to some extent. Because I don’t die, despite their best efforts. But what [really drives them] is what I represent..."

Why Bother?

"The best strategy for dealing with crazies is to keep your distance."

On Gold, Dollars, & Bitcoin

Given the highly leveraged state of the current monetary regime, the most dominant variable for future wealth maintenance and creation, in our view, may not be asset selection but rather money selection. Something to think about...

Western Washington University Hosts Workshop On How To "Reduce The Impact Of White Privilege"

As part of its Campus Equity and Inclusion Forums, the enlightened faculty of Western Washington University have decided to host a workshop that aims to "reduce the impact of white privilege on social and academic relations"...because the best way to address racial barriers (real or imagined) is to host a workshop that targets individuals based purely on their race.

"Secret" Russian Doc Influenced Comey's Hillary Probe Even Though He Knew It Was Fake: CNN

CNN aruges that it wasn't Attorney General Loretta Lynch's meeting with Bill Clinton on that tarmac in Phoenix that caused Comey to lose confidence in the DOJ and host a rogue press conference 6 days later in which he called Hillary Clinton "extemely careless"...no, it was a fake Russian memo that Comey knew was fake but feared would be leaked to the public that undermined the DOJ's credibility.  See, Russia did influence the election.