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One Hour Later: Stop Hunt Over - Reality Reasserts

Whipsaws everywhere. Gold and Silver soared back up to unchanged on the day and S&P 500 e-mini futures roared over 15pts higher off spike lows to take out the stops at the high of the day-session. EURUSD also dipped and ripped swiping aside everyone's stops (long and short). 60 minutes after the announcement of disappointment but hope to come, it appears the over-reaction to the knee-jerk reaction is being faded now as Stocks, Gold, Treasury Yields, and EURUSD are all falling now. The realization that Merkel's comments were simply fact and nothing new and the stop-hunt is complete provides some food for thought for all those buying this dip ahead of Bernanke's press conference. Beware now. Gold remains notably above its pre-FOMC levels as stocks have retraced to unch as have Treasuries and the USD.

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LCH Hikes Italian Bond Margins

And just like yesterday, when LCH hiked Spanish bond margins in the whole Guardian disinformation fiasco, so LCH tries to sneak one in today again, this time hiking margins on Italian bonds with a 2-15 year maturity.

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And Now We Ramp On This Latest Non-News

This is just getting ridiculous:


Uhm... that whole point of the bailout fund (ESM/EFSF) is to BUY BONDS. Basically Merkel just confirmed that the whole point of the ESM, which by the way still does not exist, and whose sole purpose is to buy bonds... is to buy bonds. You can't make this up. Yes they will subordinate existing bondholders in the case of ESM, and in the case of EFSF Finland and soon Germany will demand collateral via negative pledges (as in the case of Spain - or did the market forget all about that already), but apparently that is now merely an irrelevant detail. And the EURUSD ramps on this, once again proving that nobody has any idea what is going on in the market but flashing red healines = usually good.

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QE-Off, Reality-On But Merkel/Van Rompuy Save The Day (For Now)

UPDATE: ES at day's highs - alone in its exuberance relative to risk assets.

We watched, we dipped, and then we ripped. Disappointment at no new QE drove Silver down first, then Oil and then the rest of the risk basket tumbled notably. EURUSD dumped 60pips, ES dropped 7-8pts to Monday's close, Treasury Yields dropped 6-7bps, Commodities (Gold, Silver, Oil, Copper) all fell 1-2% (with Silver worst). But then we ripped as Van Rompuy and Merkel started chatting about some progress in Europe. This pulled EURUSD up to unch, Gold and Silver retraced half of their spike down, stocks recovered all of their drop and reached up to VWAP (rather conveniently) where selling volume re-appeared. Notably, only Treasuries remained near their spike levels. As we post, the recovery spike back up in risk assets is now fading. Now get your popcorn ready for Bernanke's presser. Finally, the issue with the European stick save, where Gollum mentioned Eurobond lite again, is that it is merely a regurgitation of news from Sunday, which Germany has already said Nein to: In The Case Of The World Vs Merkel, The Broke Prosecution Proposes Eurobonds Lite.

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Fed Extends Twist Through End Of 2012, Prepared To Take Further Action, Market Unhappy

As always, Goldman Corzined anyone who listened to its call that an epic QE is coming. Fed did the worst possible outcome for risk- merely extended Twist, just as the credit market predicted it would 3 weeks ago:


This means that soon Primary Dealers' entire balance sheets will be filled with the entire inventory of Fed 1-3 year bonds. Market not happy. Full June statement here.

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3 Minutes Ahead Of The FOMC, Equities Remain QE-Prone As Commodities And Treasuries Lose Faith

After QE-based disconnects last week (Gold rallying with stocks and USD weakness as Treasury yields drop), the last day or so has seen these relationships fading fast. Gold and Treasuries have resynced at a much less sanguine on QE level and the USD is gaining modestly leaving stocks by far the most 'hope-full' asset class for now. WTI crude is back below $82 also - hardly a NEW QE indication of conviction. The major financials continue to push higher though the sector overall just limped back to unch on the day. With ES dropping back to overnight lows, we suspect the realization is gradually reaching the smart, sexy stock traders that their exuberance has removed the punchbowl once again.

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Europe's New, New Math

The focus of the markets these days is driven by the headlines that are pumped out by the European Union. Hope is promised, the next big summit to fix all issues is touted, Germany is going to come around any day is offered up as Ms. Merkel denies any such thing and “muddling through” holds up prices as the by-word of belief  as the blinders of the great propaganda machine direct everyone’s attention away from what is most important. As one example of this is some firewall, no matter what size, that does not do one thing to address the core issues of Italy and Spain which both have too much debt and too many other liabilities in a time of recession where contingent liabilities become outright liabilities and hidden in a vast variety of ways. These firewalls accomplish nothing except to dissuade investors from being involved and their capitalization weakens the finances of the countries providing the capital, whether counted or not, and ends up weakening the balance sheets of the core countries of Europe as we roll from promises and guarantees to moments when real money must be put up. If you stand far enough back you can visualize what is going on; “look at our firewall and do not pay attention to the countries which are having severe economic declines” and so the head fake continues until it cannot any longer as the bills overcome the ability of a nation to pay them.

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'Just The Facts' On The JPM 'Whale' Unwind Rumor

Believing 'people familiar with the matter', extending rumors of large trades, and extrapolating DTCC (the CDS data repository) data has apparently caused a number of mainstream media reporters to believe that the JPMorgan 'Whale Trade' has been 60-75% unwound. The assertion appears to be based on two things: 1) a rumor from a Credit Suisse desk of heavy volumes in the last few days; and 2) DTCC data showing open trades falling. While we restate that no-one knows what the trade was, we offer three retorts to these assertions: 1) there is nothing in DTCC data that suggests any recent change in trend (or dramatic shift in net or gross notionals); 2) the aggregate nature of DTCC data offers little insight into the actual changes (whether they be unwinds or opposing positions); and 3) today is single-name CDS and index credit option expiration which means the few days leading up to this will ALWAYS have heavy volume - especially at the end of a very dramatic quarter such as the one we have just witnessed. The bottom-line is that the 'price' changes in IG9, HY9, and IG18 do not suggest any 'recent' change in the unwind scale and while we would expect that JPM has been unwinding (at least the hedge of the hedge), no-one knows how much and given the market's awareness of the position, IG9 would dramatically underperform its whale-driven rally move (which it has not yet). Anything else is speculation - though it is clear that IG9 tranche notionals suggest the original tail-risk position remains on the books.

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Farage On Barroso: "He's A Deluded Communist Idiot"

Commenting on the incredible circle-jerk that Europe (sovereign-to-banking-system) has become, the outspoken UKIP MEP Nigel Farage exclaimed to FOX Business in this best-ever-rant clip that "The whole thing is a giant Ponzi scheme, isn't it?" Goaded somewhat by the interviewer's questions citing Barroso's intimation that the US is to blame for Europe's problems, Farage opines that "Barroso is a deluded idiot" and a communist who supported Chairman Mao. The contagion effect from the US financial crisis did have impacts on Europe, there is no doubt, but as the frustrated Farage notes: the reason the Euro is in the state it is in is that they put together a completely artificial currency with countries that never fitted together on top of which was added a regulatory cost burden through excess regulation on the environment and employment legislation that is driving parts of Europe towards being a third world country; "America, you are not to blame". The clip goes on to discuss the circular bailout fantasy, the taxpayer burden leading to a democratic revolution, and at the end of the day "this whole thing is going bust" as the likable libertarian notes that European leaders believe that "well-educated bureaucrats know better than we the poor peasants how best our lives should be led" which is the same path that led to the economic and social crash-and-burn in the Soviet Union.

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Finland Throw A Wrench In Europe's Rumormill

Because if left unchecked Europe will likely talk the algos trading the market with flashing read headlines to 36,000, here comes Findland to put some things in order


Yes, the same Finland who ten days ago made it perfectly clear that the EFSF is also subordinating, when they demanded collateral from Spanish banks courtesy of negative pledge language.

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China's Sinopec Looking To Buy Billions In Chesapeake Assets

Remember "What Is The Upside In Chesapeake?" from 3 weeks ago, where we said, "one thing is certain: the company has lots of good assets, as well as quite a few legacy liabilities, combined with an industry environment that is as bad as it has ever been. And sure enough, in betting that the environment might actually improve for a change, there are quite a few big firms which may be happy to onboard the assets and the liabilities, knowing they wouldn't impair the right side of their balance sheet, while acquiring some good real estate and substantial reserves on the left, at a valuation that is the cheapest in the industry. Because in finance, once central planning is (finally) stripped away, valuation is all that matters." Today we read in the FT: "Sinopec, the Chinese oil and gas group, is considering bidding for billions of dollars worth of assets owned by Chesapeake Energy, the US gas producer. Fu Chengyu, head of Sinopec, was in Oklahoma in the US this week in connection with the company’s due diligence on the Chesapeake assets, according to people familiar with the move."

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Obama Asserts Executive Privilege Over Fast And Furious Fiasco

If there was any confusion whether Obama is in fact Bush, or maybe even Nixon, this has now been squashed. From Fox:

President Obama has granted an 11th-hour request by Attorney General Eric Holder to exert executive privilege over Fast and Furious documents, a last-minute maneuver that appears unlikely to head off a contempt vote against Holder by Republicans in the House. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is expected to forge ahead with its meeting on the contempt resolution anyway.

Holder, whose guilt is implicitly proven by this action, is now likely absolved of everything as the TOTUS has effectively onboarded all of his "balance sheet risk." And why not. The Fed does it for everyone else every day.

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Greece Has A Prime Minister

Congrats Greece: you are no longer Belgium, even if the new leader is the same as the old leader


Now: we eagerly await the list of Greek bailout renegotiation "conditions" to Germany.

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RANsquawk FOMC Preview - 20th June 2012

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Art Cashin's No Frills Preview Of The FOMC

The always pragmatic Art Cashin summarizes today's 12:30pm FOMC announcement. In summary: "look for the Fed to dangle a big carrot - some semi-specific course of action that would be put in place if the labor markets continue to worsen. Net/net, he needs to keep the door wide open and maybe outline certain milestone “triggers” that will allow the Fed to act later in an election year without being accused of being overtly political." Said otherwise, the happy ending will likely be deferred one more time. The market may not be very happy.

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