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JPM Cuts Q3 GDP Forecast From 3% To 2%

"We are taking Q3 growth from 3.0% to 2.0%, with much of the downward revision accounted for by an expectation that the pace of export growth will slow."

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Santelli And Kaminsky On Broken Rules, Unpredictability, and Deleveraging

In one of the best clips we can remember, Rick Santelli and Gary Kaminsky show just what happens when the kool-aid-drinkers are allowed to speak frankly about our predicament. Instead of constant silver-lining-seeking or trotting out failed truism after failed truism, the two men (who notably have been actual market participants as opposed to mere observers) take on the uncertainty and unpredictability that weighs heavy on our global economies as governments break the rules time and time again - and took advantage of crisis "getting away with anything". Focusing back on what could happen if the market were allowed to think for itself, Kamintelli deface the edifice of central banker largesse and blame it for the actual demise we face  - noting that it is now clear that whether it is QE or actual rate easing, using jobs as the argument for excessive intervention is a failed concept. On a Friday that seems to have devolved into a low volume sideways nudge in equities, this is six minutes well spent as they ask and answer the question: "Have rates been too low for too long?" and how those who played by the 'rules' continue to be the ones who are penalized. There is hope for recovery if the market is allowed to find its own level - "it will get better, but the deleveraging pain still has to be taken all over the world."

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Obama Discusses The Economy, Jobs, And Other Stuff - Live Webcast

Today's "do a shot" keywords of choice: "jobs", "congress", "economy", "fair", "speculators", "pass this bill", "cash for clunkers", "Stuxnet", "Solyndra" and "sugar drinks". Obviously, if we have any readers left alive after this sermon, it will be a victory for the bulls.

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Top Mitt Romney Donors: Update

As Mitt Romney speaks on TV, we thought it may be prudent to present an update of the key donors to the Romney presidential campaign.

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Friday Humor: Nomura's Shareholder Proposals, Or #Winning By Squatting

Perhaps the only thing more spectacular than being punk'd by a rogue shareholder who uses the proxy statement of one of the world's biggest financial firms as a public venue for some quite disturbing humor, is that nobody in the US has decided to do this to the hated US financials firms. Yet.

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RANsquawk Weekly Wrap - 01/06/12

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Euro VIX Jumps As ECB Pumps

Depending on whether you look at broad liquid risk markets or narrow manipulated 'repressed' illiquid markets, your take on today's European action will be different. Equity markets were crushed. Corporate and Financial credit spreads blew wider. Volatility (Europe's VIX) exploded over 36%. So far so good? But Italian and Spanish bonds rallied. It seems EUR96 was the line in the sand that the ECB (or their proxy banks) decided was enough for Spanish 10Y bonds and that was where they were defended to (though we are suspicious why ECB would step in now after 4 months absence). There was eventually some notable divergence between underperforming Spain and outperforming Italy by the close (+40bps on the week vs +27bps). We suspect that much of the sovereign outperformance was a combination of Sovereign CDS-Bond basis traders (buying bonds and buying protection in Spain to lock in that wide spread) and a replay of the short financial credit, long domestic sovereign credit trade (as in banks will underperform the sovereign if things hit the fan/wall). That is the flow that was evident when looked at across markets. All in all, a terrible end to an awful week and hopefully we have helped explain why sovereigns outperformed (technicals) as CDS remain at wides and stocks at lows.

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Payroll Postmortem

In perhaps the under-statement of the year, BofA's Economics group note that "May's unemployment report was a disappointment" with evidence of a weather reversal and weakness concentrated in construction, leisure, and temporary help. Pointing out that "This is the recovery of fits and starts", BofA believes we are entering a slow patch in the second half of the year. They do not see this report as sufficient to prompt Fed action in June, but it makes August QE increasingly likely. The weakness in the US data is overlapping with an intensifying crisis in Europe, which means the risk-off trade continues.

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ISM Miss Add To Economic Collapse Woes: 5 ISM Sub-Indices In Contraction Territory

Just in case someone did not get the earlier BLS-doctored message, the final two economic indicators of the day just printed and were... drumroll... misses. Because remember: not only the 1%ers but the 99ers have to be begging Bernanke to print. And so he will: ISM Manufacturing prints at 53.5, down from 54.8, and expectations of 53.8. Prices Paid plunge by 13.5, but the kicker: 5 out of the ISM's 10 sub indices are now in contraction territory.. And the cherry on top: Construction Spending unchanged from an upward revised 0.3 to 0.3, obviously, missing expectations of a jump to 0.4. Looking forward to the Tim Geithner Op-Ed: "Welcome to the recession."

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Bill Gross Channels 1972 Rock

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Dow Jones Now Red For 2012

The Dow Jones Industrial Index just joined its Transports cousin in the the red for the year.

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Gold Explodes, Spam Unchanged

Gold has jumped over $50 post-NFP, now back over $1600. Maybe, just maybe, as we have been saying since January 1, 2012 is a carbon copy of 2011, and the NEW QE is coming now that only central planning can sustain an epic economic collapse (for a few months at least)?

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Teleportation To Swiss Safety Pushes Record Negative 2 Year Yield

The best news of the day is that the world just can't wait to pay off Swiss government debt by "buying" Swiss government debt with its -30 bps yields.

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US Tremor Now Hitting Europe Where Germany Is In Freefall

Europe was leaking on slower growth expectations and ongoing pain in Spain but the US NFP print hit it while it was down and stumbled the already-underperforming German DAX - now down almost 4% on the day. Interestingly the Italian and Spanish yields and yield spreads are compressing modestly (doesn't seem at all clear why unless desperation has brought the rest of LTRO money off the table among Spanish banks - though Bund relative weakness may explain it - though rumors of ECB buying are out - after 4 months off). Bunds are underperforming notably as 10Y TSY - 10Y Bunds drops 7-8bps from this morning's highs - did another safe-haven just get dissed?

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Gold's Surge, Stocks Purge, And Treasury Yield Records Emerge

The market was anxious going in to the NFP print but once the dismal data point hit, things deteriorated rapidly.

Pre-NFP ->EUR 1.2322, ES 1292, WTI $84, 10Y 1.51%, 30Y 2.59%, gold $1554

Post-NFP -> EUR -10pips 1.2312, ES  -10 1282, WTI -$1.2 $82.8, 10Y -5bps 1.46%, 30Y -7bps 2.52%, gold +$18 $1572

Treasury yields at record lows (10Y well below and 30Y right at Dec08 lows) as Gold pops (QE hope?) but stocks don't for now (reality of QE's inability to really help?). Oil down on global growth markdowns and EUR modestly weaker (choppy but practically unch now) - though looks like its all relative printing expectations now.

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