Will Macron Serve The Interests Of The American Deep State?

The accrued momentum in colossal sums of money flowing this way and that way has allowed unreality to reign in international finance for a while. But that is now flying apart. The ultimate reality, politicians and economists will soon discover, is that you can’t create your own reality.

Marine Le Pen Temporarily Steps Down As Head Of National Front Party

In a headline that spooked headline-scanning algos, moments ago French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen announced that she is stepping down as head of her National Front party. What the headline ignored to add is that her leadership departure is only "temporary", and as AP notes is merely a PR attempt to build her broader base unburdened by the legacy stigma of her party.

June Rate Hike Odds Soar To 69% As Debt Ceiling Looms

It appears the hope that a centrist candidate will win the French election is enough to trump tumbling macro-economic data, disappointing earnings, and flailing inflation in the US economy. June rate hike odds have spiked to 69% overnight (even as debt ceiling risks begin to price in... and the dollar drops)...

Unilever Sustainability Platform Is Unsustainable

At some point near the end of the last century the leaders of major U.S. manufacturing firms began to ponder the idea they had a social responsibility to the world at least as important as the need to increase value for shareholders. It’s not exactly clear when it started but what began as a way to curry favor with a customer base newly empowered to care about bigger things has today become something of a religion in executive suites from New York to Los Angeles.

What The Wage Equality Crusaders Don't Understand

Asserting that today’s working women make only 78 cents for every dollar earned by a man, high profile personalities have perpetuated this myth and used it to further their own agenda: more government control over wages. Unfortunately for these wage crusaders, when the data is examined more closely what we find is not necessarily a wage gap, but what could more accurately be described as a “preference” gap that exists because of personal choice rather than gender.

US Sanctions 271 Syrians, Freezes Their US Assets

Two weeks after launching missile strikes on Syria, the U.S. Treasury announced it has sanctioned 271 employees of Syria's Scientific Studies and Research Center in response to the alleged sarin attack conducted by the Assad regime on Kahn Sheikhoun.

Watch Live: Obama's First Public Speech Since Leaving The White House

Ex-President Obama will speak at the University of Chicago at noon in his first public speech since leaving office in January. Obama will address community organizers, activists and students at the university, which will be the site of his presidential library.