Overstock.com CEO Exploring Sale To Fund Blockchain-Backed Global Property Venture

The combination of Patrick Byrne and Hernando de Soto Polar could be a powerful force for good, exploiting blockchain technology in a positive way for free market capitalism. However, they will undoubdedly have to contend with central planners who and central bankers who will attempt to hijack the technology for collectivist purposes.

How GDP Became A Joke, In One Chart

Q1 2015 growth was first reported very weak and barely moving. Then the data was revised to show the US economy was shrinking a lot. Then it was revised to show the economy was shrinking a bit. The growth number was then revised to be basically in line with trend growth. Now, US growth at the start of 2015 is thought to be 3.2%.

Cyberattacks: The Biggest Threat To OPEC

OPEC is no exception in this digitalization drive, but unlike its non-OPEC counterparts, the cartel has emerged as much more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.

A Question For Every Investor

"If a correction in the stock or bond markets comes, the Central Banks will buy stocks with printed money, like the Japanese Central Bank, etc. Will there ever be a shakeout of the garbage and junk in the system? I am losing all confidence."

WTI/RBOB Steady Despite Huge Gasoline Build, New Crude Production Record

Despite last night's surprisingly large API-reported crude draw, WTI/RBOB prices were sliding in early trading but as the DOE data printed prices stabilized despite a smaller crude draw than API and a much bigger gasoline builds than expected. Production surged on the week to a new record high.

"You're Fired... Again": Omarosa Is Leaving The White House

One of Trump's oldest familiars, Senior White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman who is much more famous for being the former star of the initial season of "The Apprentice" - as well as a longtime supporter of President Trump - is leaving the White House next month. Her resignation will be effective Jan. 20.

Could Central Banks Dump Gold In Favor Of Bitcoin?

"The acquisition of decentralized cryptocurrencies as reserves may sound crazy now, but as central banks destroy the purchasing power of their fiat currencies, all sorts of ideas that seem crazy now will start looking practical once the death spiral of the current unstable monetary regime begins."

Italian Bonds, Stocks Tumble On March Election Report

Italy's political parties have reached an agreement on when next year's election will be held, according to Italian media reports, with the news prompting a selloff across Italian assets. President Sergio Mattarella will dissolve parliament this month and set a March 4 election date.

Yellen's Big Goodbye (And What She's Leaving Behind)

"The past three Fed Chairs before Yellen all had their own crisis to deal with. But Yellen? Nothing. Nada... Yet the lack of a market crisis under her watch might play an important influence on the last meeting she chairs. Think about what she is leaving for Jerome Powell. It is quite clear that the ‘animal spirits’ have been ignited."


The Running Of The Japan Bears

Renowned investor and manager of the Yale endowment, David Swensen, recently highlighted his newfound enthusiasm for Japanese markets: “There are some very interesting things going in Japan, one of the places I’m most optimistic about. It seems like capitalism might actually be taking root, making progress there.”