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Took 'Em Long Enough

Barron's just now, some 5 years after Zero Hedge first called it out, presented with no further comment

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This Time Around, Entire Countries Will be Going Bust

Bond Central Banks fixed France Italy Janet Yellen Lehman Lehman Brothers None Switzerland You do not start confiscating deposits at banks until the government itself is bankrupt and cannot foot the bill for a bailout.

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Bail-Ins Of "Big Deposits" In Greece Would Be "Extraordinarily Counter-Productive"

Greece The Economist Twitter Twitter Unemployment The risk that bail-ins pose to companies, trade, commerce, employment and entire economies is something at which we have looked frequently in recent months. Indeed, we think we are largely alone in focussing in detail on the risk that bail-ins pose not just to individual savers but also to millions of small and medium size enterprises throughout the world.

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I WaS A PRiMaRY DeaLeR...

Starring Linda Green

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Gold “Capitulation” As Down 8% In July - Smart Money Buying Dip

Bank of America Bank of America Copper Greece Merrill Merrill Lynch Precious Metals Reuters Smart Money Twitter Twitter Zurich Investors are dumping billions of dollars worth of gold, commodities and emerging market assets in a wave of "capitulation" selling, Bank of America Merrill Lynch said today as reported by Reuters.

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Smithsonian Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Restore Neil Armstrong’s Spacesuit

On Monday, the 46th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the Smithsonian launched its first crowdfunding campaign they’re calling “Reboot the Suit” to conserve, digitize, and display Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit that he wore on the moon. The museum has raised over 86 percent of its $500,000 goal since the launch of the campaign. 

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Gold Smash Leads to Surge in Demand For Coins, Bars Around World

Australia China Global Economy Hong Kong India Reuters SWIFT Twitter Twitter Wall Street Journal Zurich The manipulative smash on the gold price on Sunday night has once again led to a surge of buying of gold coins and bars across the globe. Both the Wall Street Journal and Reuters report on how bullion dealers are seeing a spike in demand for gold coins and bars in  India and China and indeed Europe, Australia and the U.S.

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What Do Greece and Louisiana Have in Common? The War on Cash

Bond Central Banks Commercial Paper France Greece Italy None Reality Switzerland The Centralized Powers have declared a War on Cash... and it is spreading throughout the globe.

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And Now We Begin

Bear Market ETC A major bear market truly has started, and we're going to see the fraud from the past six years unwind in a glorious, albeit inconsistent, fashion.

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Russians Buy Gold Again In June – Another 25 Tonnes

Australia China France Germany Italy Twitter Twitter World Gold Council Zurich Clearly, Russia puts great strategic importance on its gold reserves. Both President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev have been photographed on  numerous occasions holding gold bars and coins as a display of economic stability and strength. Since early 2007 Russia has sold gold only twice, in 2012, in small amounts.

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