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Why Price Analysis Is Meaningless

B+ None Technical Analysis his commentary will undoubtedly antagonize the entire mainstream media, many/most traders in the rigged casinos we call markets, and even many members of the Alternative Media. As the saying goes; “the truth hurts.”   The purpose of this analysis is not to accumulate (more) enemies, however. Rather, there is simply no way to properly explain why all of this pseudo-analysis is fatally flawed without explicitly making clear one, central point: all price-analysis is meaningless. Since “price analysis” accounts for roughly 95% of all the drivel which the mainstream media...

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Another 8 Million Barrels Added to Oil Storage

Bear Market Central Banks Crude Crude Oil Global Economy Iran Market Crash Middle East Oklahoma Saudi Arabia Twitter Twitter Forget about Rig Counts, we need to see Producer Counts go down considerably, until that happens the oil market hasn`t bottomed.

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And how it works...

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The Markets Are Primed for a Collapse

Reality The markets are primed for a very serious correction… possibly even a Crash.  

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Global Risks To Irish Economy Being Ignored Again

B+ Budget Deficit Central Banks China Consumer Credit European Central Bank Eurozone Global Economy Greece Investor Sentiment Iran Ireland Israel Japan Lehman Lehman Brothers Middle East Monetary Policy Recession recovery Sovereign Debt Ukraine Unemployment Volatility Ignoring the considerable risks in the mid 2000s led to the global financial crisis. Irish politicians, bankers and financial experts, like their international counterparts, are slow learners ... 

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The Two Tracks of Debt Slavery

Bond China Corruption Crude Greece India National Debt As has been noted in recent commentaries, the current Debtor’s Tango taking place between Greece and the lackey governments of the EU is the most surreal of political theater. In one corner, we have the new honest/legitimate government of Greece, which is seeking to negotiate a reduction in its absolutely unsustainable debt-load. In seeking this conservative and responsible approach to its fiscal management, we have the propagandists of the Corporate media relentlessly labeling it a “radical, left-wing government.”

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“All the Eurozone Is Capable of Is ‘Stealing’ Growth from Others”

Bond Brazil China Eurozone Germany Japan Monetary Policy Nominal GDP OPEC Quantitative Easing recovery Unemployment Very unwelcome clarity on the Eurozone recovery, from investment bank Natixis.

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Out Of Tricks?

China Crude Crude Oil Precious Metals Trading Rules Volatility Washington D.C. Basically, investing in the gold/silver shares has been a waste of time and money for the last 17 years. If you had told me that when The Café opened for business in September of 1998, I would have said, "No Way!" … especially since gold went from below $300 back then to $1900+ and silver was below $4, and would rise to $49+..

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THe DoLLaR SCReaM...

Holy Hegemoney!

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HSBC Not Closing Gold Vaults – Safety Deposit Boxes of Clients Being Closed

Australia France Greece Ireland John Williams None NYMEX Precious Metals Reuters San Francisco Fed Ukraine Banks and insolvent governments desperate for cash likely also dislike safety deposit boxes as they are a means for people to protect and grow wealth and protect themselves from bail-ins and deposit confiscation. A percentage of box holders also store cash and bullion.

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Market Anticipates FED Rate Hike, Despite Collapse in Housing Starts

Crude Housing Market Housing Starts Janet Yellen Musical Chairs recovery Stocks are pulling back ahead of a greatly anticipated FED meeting. Investors are holding their breath as they wait for news from Janet Yellen on whether or not the FED will give more indication of future interest rates.

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Thoughts on The Current Oil Market

Bear Market Crude Crude Oil Ford Global Economy Market Share Mexico NASDAQ Reuters Saudi Arabia Twitter Twitter Whiting Petroleum Our views on some of the popular oil-market related topics including Saudi, 'Fracklog', E&P Funding Crisis, Dividend Cut by XOM? and final thought on Merit of the Integrated Model

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Benchmarking $666M of Venture Capital Investments In the Crypto-currency Space

Apple Bitcoin default ETC Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Google OTC Private Equity The $665 Million Evolution in a Space Nobody Respected a Year Ago - Already Outpacing the Internet Circa 1994

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