• dazzak
    02/11/2016 - 10:54
    Because so much is riding on what so few decide,once the faith in the Central Banks fail, the chances of us getting out of this diminish every second...

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Gold Up 12%, Silver Up 11% YTD As Stocks Crash ... Again

Global Economy Institutional Investors NASDAQ Volatility After surging over 5% last week, gold and silver continue to move higher as concerns about the U.S. and global economy saw more sharp stock market falls and reduced expectations of the Fed increasing interest rates.

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They Broke the Silver Fix

fixed Gold Bugs Insider Trading LIBOR Market Conditions Price Action Volatility On Jan 28, the price of silver flash crashed. This irregularity occurred around the silver fix. The spot price was $14.40 but the fix was $13.58.

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Edge vs Risk Management (Video)

Risk Management Twitter Twitter Some traders think having good risk management in place is an edge, but there is a distinction to be made here.

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Overwhelming Majority of Americans Believe Both Parties Are Too Corrupt to Change Anything ... "This, In Fact, Is A Revolution"

Corruption Why Americans Are Backing Trump, Sanders Or ANYONE Over the Candidates Backed By the Political Machines

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The Truth About Gold As an Investment (What Bubblevision "Experts" Conveniently Overlook)

Central Banks Market Crash Read this is you want to know the truth about Gold as an investment.

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Possible Silver U-Turn Report, 7 Feb, 2016

Crude Crude Oil default Precious Metals Technical Analysis Volatility Yuan Wow, did the dollar move down this week! It dropped more than it has in quite a while. It fell 1.3mg gold, or 0.1g silver, but what happened to the fundamentals?

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HaiL To THe DouCHe...

Welcome to Big Recovery!

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Inflation is the Monster Hiding in the Closet (Video)

Bond Twitter Twitter A real conundrum for bond investors

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Apple's Trek to the Ordinary

Apple Pepsi Slope of Hope Steve Jobs The bottom line is that Apple lost its founder, its leader, its passion, and its way. Get used to a double-digit stock. It's got much lower to go.

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Is Deutsche Bank Signaling A New Banking Crisis?

CDS Citibank default Deutsche Bank Eurozone Fail Germany Meltdown Too Big To Fail Twitter Twitter Meltdown-Mode: European banking stocks are imploding, CDS spreads are exploding.

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PBOC Hedge Fund Battle (Video)

China Twitter Twitter A rapid depreciation in the Chinese currency could lead to an Asian currency market crisis.

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Why the Current System is Doomed

Fail Market Crash Moral Hazard 2008 was caused by derivatives based on consumer-focused assets (houses). The next crisis will be driven by derivatives on government-focused assets (bonds).

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