• 12/23/2014 - 13:41
    The system itself is completely corrupt and thoroughly rigged folks. What started as the totalitarian tiptoe has now turned into an extremely dangerous crony capitalist state.

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This Factor Could Propel Gold Mining Stocks Much Higher In 2015

Copper Precious Metals Twitter Twitter And it's not only a higher gold price we are looking for...

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The New Boremal

B+ Central Banks Debt Ceiling Elliott Wave Federal Reserve Moving Averages Reality Slope of Hope SPY The five remaining equity bears on Earth are all saying the same thing: "We'll get 'em in 2015." To which I ask: why? What's going to change?

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SPY Missile Christmas To You!

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Dollar Bulls Regain Upper Hand

Australian Dollar Canadian Dollar Capital Markets Commitment of Traders Crude Crude Oil Equity Markets Futures market Germany MACD Swiss Franc Technical Indicators Yen When the dollar falls, we are told it is logical.  The empire is crashing and burning.  When the dollar rises, the markets, we are told are manipulated.    Well, the dollar is back, and the technical correction ended, near we told you it would.  

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There never was much hope. Just fool's hope.--Gandalf

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The Fed NEEDS Inflation Otherwise the Bond Bubble Will Burst

Bond Fail Janet Yellen Too Big To Fail Yellen doesn’t care about the economy. She cares about the US’s massive debt load AKA the BOND BUBBLE.

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North Korea The bubble continuing to blow itself up?

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Fog of War

Greece Japan Swiss Franc Swiss National Bank Switzerland Yen Zurich   The one thing that Jordan can't do in this war is appear to be weak.

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The Implications of "Red Monday"

Bond BRICs China Crude Crude Oil Global Economy Ikea Italy Kalashnikov Recession Reserve Currency Sovereign Debt Switzerland Ukraine Vladimir Putin Volatility Yuan The oil price drop is a big problem - not just for Russia, or for the other over-levered emerging market currencies that stand to be traumatized by a rising dollar, but ultimately even for the US itself

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Will Yellen Learn from Greenspan?

Housing Bubble Monetary Policy Twitter Twitter Unemployment Greenspan was criticized by some for keeping the loose monetary policy far too long leading to the housing bubble.  Chairwoman Yellen would be prudent to learn from history and not to repeat the similar missteps.    

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Is Russia Being Driven Into the Arms of China?

Central Banks China Federal Reserve Janet Yellen Natural Gas Reality Reserve Currency Reuters Ukraine Yuan Russia supplies China with hi-tech military hardware. Russia has negotiated two major natural gas deals with China in the last year. China expects to double its gas usage by 2030. From a Chinese point of view, it is certainly expedient to keep Russia on its side.

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5 SCaRY WoRST CaSe SCeNaRioS...

KIM national security Some scary shite...

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ObamaCar: Automobile Insurance Subsidized Hope Act

Afghanistan AIG Congressional Budget Office Fail Florida Illinois Insurance Companies Iraq John McCain Medicare Nancy Pelosi Obamacare Post Office Prudential White House Zurich "My name is Jasmine and I support President Obama's move to give affordable auto insurance for everyone."

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Outlook 2015: Deflation Remains the Dominant Theme

Bond Brian Wesbury Central Banks China Copper Crude Federal Reserve Global Economy International Energy Agency Natural Gas Rating Agency recovery Wall Street Journal Deflation and the attendant risks caused by a sudden revelation about hidden debts will remain the chief concern for investors and policy makers in 2015

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