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CIA Urged Rebels to Assassinate Their Own In Order to Create “Martyrs”

Unrelated?  Russian Opposition Says Putin Did NOT Assassinate Opposition Leader

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Bondholders “Bailed In” In Austria - EU Bondholders Today, U.S. Depositors Tomorrow?

Australia Bad Bank Barclays Central Banks Commodity Futures Trading Commission Department of Justice Deutsche Bank Global Economy PIMCO Precious Metals recovery Reuters Wall Street Journal - “Bail-in is now the rule” - EU Finance Minister Noonan  - Austrian bondholders today … international depositors tomorrow ... We urge readers to diversify deposit holdings and acquire allocated gold to protect their wealth during the next phase of the banking crisis.

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Gold and Debt: Astonishing Comparisons

McKinsey National Debt Debt and budgets in the trillions of dollars and euros are difficult to comprehend. The US budget is nearly $4 Trillion per year while the US official national debt exceeds $18 Trillion. A single large bank may hold contracts for more than $50 Trillion in derivative contracts. Global debt is approximately $200 Trillion.

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BiBi GoeS To ViCHY...

Tell a big lie...

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Gold Demand in Greece, Italy, Spain, Russia, Germany, UK and U.S.

Bond China Germany Greece India Ireland Italy Monetary Policy Non Farm Payrolls Quantitative Easing Reuters Sovereigns Swiss Franc Ukraine Zurich Reuters Interview GoldCore. How has demand compared in different regions of Europe so far this year? p.s. Dislike term silver bug and gold bug. Pejorative and we don't call people stock roaches or paper bugs or dollar bugs   : )

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Debt-To-GDP Ratios Demand Debt Jubilee

B+ Crude default Global Economy Greece National Debt None Reality Clearly if Western governments were ‘merely’ drowning in debt-to-GDP ratios of roughly 100%, then theycould still argue that attempting to manage these debt-loads was legitimate rather than treasonous. However, Germany’s government (debt-to-GDP of 188%) can no longer make that claim. Nor can: 

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Reality A short tribute to a decent human being...

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The $100 Trillion Reason the Fed is Terrified of Deflation

Bond Fail Too Big To Fail DEBT DEFLATION is a nightmare for the Fed because it would almost immediately bankrupt both the US and the Too Big To Fail Wall Street Banks.

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Housing Industry Frets About the Next Brick to Drop

Beazer China Fitch Free Money Real estate RealtyTrac RealtyTrac recovery Vacant Homes Cashing out of the “Bet on America” might get messy.

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Bloomberg News We do!

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Gorbachev: Murder of Opposition Leader Was a False Flag

Belgium national security Reuters Ukraine Like the Ukrainian Sniper Murders

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Don’t Be Fooled By The Gold Price

Canadian Dollar Greece Reality Testimony Twitter Twitter Yen American investors might be extremely disappointed with the recent performance of the gold price as the yellow metal is once again trading below $1200/oz. This causes a lot of people to frown, but the reality is that the gold price is actually showing signs of a break-out.

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Did the Dollar Get its Groove Back?

Aussie Australia Australian Dollar BOE Bond Crude Crude Oil Eurozone Futures market Germany Swiss Franc Technical Indicators Testimony Yen The US dollar firmed at the end of last week.  Does this mean the bull market has resumed after the consolidatig its gains in February?  

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