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    10/21/2014 - 18:16
    Want to live near the 0.1% and their problems? May I present to you 258 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, California, which is located within walking distance from my house and is a mere $1,800,000 (well...

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HaZMaT BuDDieS...

Obola soulmates for a few propaganda cycles...

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The Safe Haven Bid is Bogus

10 Year Treasury Creditors Flight to Safety Precious Metals Real Interest Rates It’s not about the current Dollar & Treasury market safe haven bid, it’s about tomorrow’s confidence in our monetary system.  

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Thoughts about the Price Action

Australian Dollar Canadian Dollar Commitment of Traders CRB CRB Index Crude Crude Oil Federal Reserve Futures market Initial Jobless Claims Price Action Technical Indicators Yen No heavy ideological axe to griind or conspiracy theories to propound, just a simple look at the price action in the capital markets.

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The Folks Who Know the Most About Their Firms… and the Economy… Are Selling the Farm

BLS Bond Real estate Reality Put another way, those individuals responsible for running the largest companies in the US, who know more about their companies’ growth prospects and the economy have used the Fed’s policies to cash out.

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Obama Appoints Lobbyist/PR Flack As Ebola Czar

Fannie Mae Housing Bubble Joe Biden Washington D.C. What’s He Going To Do … Lobby To Convince Us that Ebola Is Not That Big A Risk?

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Democracy In Action

Florida This is a riot: watch the gubernatorial debate in Florida as the two candidates have a pissing match over.............a fan.

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HaZMaT SeX, EBoLa CZaR, HaZMaT WooKie, GoLF EBoLa, GRiM FaRTeR...

We got it all covered here...

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“Save Our Swiss Gold ” - Game Changer For Gold?

Bank of England Central Banks China Counterparties Credit Suisse European Central Bank Eurozone Federal Reserve fixed Global Economy Google Monetary Policy Reuters Swiss Franc Swiss National Bank Switzerland Transparency Zurich We believe that the “Save Our Swiss Gold” campaign has the potential to be a game changer in the gold market - both in terms of the ramifications for the current global monetary system and in terms of higher gold prices.  There has been a lack of coverage of this important story and there is therefore a lack of awareness about the possible implications for the gold market. Thus, in the weeks prior to the referendum on November 30th, we are going to analyse the referendum, the important context to the referendum and the ramifications of a yes or a no vote.

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THiS PiCTuRe NeeDS No CaPTioN...

Google: Hunter Biden/cocaine...

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How is Crowdfunding Changing Finance

Main Street Reuters ...and what opportunities does this create?

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Crash 2014?

Bear Market Black Swan CDO CDS Collateralized Debt Obligations Credit Default Swaps default ETC Market Share notional value OPEC ratings Recession Volatility Is It Fair to compare this sell off to the Great Recession of 2008 and 2009?

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Politicians Try to Make Ebola a Partisan Issue for the Upcoming Election … But BOTH Parties Dropped the Ball

ETC Playboy Mansion Reality White House Update: CDC Says Nurse Might Have Been SYMPTOMATIC While Flying ... And Study Says 21 Day Quarantine TOO SHORT

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CHeeSe SuB KiM

KIM So that is where he has been...

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The Great Rig of the Last Five Years is Ending

fixed France Greece Nationalism recovery Unemployment This is all only the beginning. When the smoke clears, stocks could be 30% lower than where they are now, if not more.  

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Flight To Safety - Gold Rises As Stocks, European Bonds Again See Sharp Falls

Bond Eurozone Federal Reserve Flight to Safety France Global Economy Market Crash Reuters Switzerland Volatility Yen Global stocks plummeted yesterday and again today, on investor concern that U.S. and Chinese inflation data are signalling a global slowdown in economic activity.  U.S. retail sales fell in September and producer prices declined for the first time in a year.

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