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Here, take all our wallets while you are at it...

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The Minimum Price for Gold, Part 1

Chicken Little Dennis Gartman Goldman Sachs goldman sachs None Nouriel Nouriel Roubini Precious Metals Having written for several years about precious metals, the massive threat to our financial security (from our own financial institutions), and why gold and silver represent our best protection from that threat; it’s easy to forget that there are readers who are new to this sector. For those readers; it is necessary to review the fundamentals of supply and demand.  

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Negative Interest

After Hours Jim Cramer Slope of Hope The past six years have transformed my disposition toward the markets from excitement to frustration to despair to disillusionment to sheer tedium.

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CoYoTe SPoTTeD IN MaNHaTTan...

Which is no big deal considering that financial hyenas have been operating there freely for decades.

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The Enormous Differences Between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton

Florida Iraq Lehman Lehman Brothers Medicare New York Times Real estate One Is a NeoCon Warmongering Crook ... The Other Is a NeoLib Warmongering Crook. See?? Totally Different!!!

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Stanley Druckenmiller Bullish Chinese Equities And Oil And Doesn’t Expect Rate Cut Anytime Soon

Bond China Crude European Central Bank Federal Reserve Global Economy Greece Japan Quantitative Easing recovery Warsh Yen Stanley Druckenmiller, the man who achieved the impossible 30%+ annualized returns during more than 30-years period active trading career just gave an interview and shared his market views.

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Fed’s Dudley Warns about Wave of Municipal Bankruptcies

Bond Creditors default Detroit Illinois New York Fed Puerto Rico ratings Ratings Agencies Reality Treasury Department At the New York Fed’s evocatively named workshop, “Chapter 9 and Alternatives for Distressed Municipalities and States.”

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Jim Rogers On Why You Must Understand China and What After North and South Korea Unite

China Japan Jim Rogers Mandarin North Korea Price Action Reality Unification Jim Rogers: China is The Future, Whether We Like it or Not. What China Means for the World. If North and South Korea Unite Japan will suffer much. Ideas for investment in Myanmar and North Korea.

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HoW To SKuNK a CeNTRaL BaNKeR...

Next time...

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Bonds Yields Are Trading At Levels Associated with the Black Plague… or WWII!

Bank of Japan Bond Central Banks ETC Japan Recession recovery Treasury Department Unemployment True, the world faces issues today… so it’s not odd for bond yields to be lower… but are those issues on par with a disease that wiped out 25%+ of Europe’s population… or the single largest military conflict in history?

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Martin Armstrong - Gold Bullion To “Max Out At $5,000 Per Ounce”

Bond China Corruption Creditors default Federal Reserve Greece Hyperinflation Martin Armstrong Precious Metals Real estate Stagflation Yen Yuan * Fall 2015 turning point - civil unrest and riots globally says forecaster Armstrong* European banks will collapse and “blood in the streets”* Advocates diversification and holding bullion coins familiar to public such as $20 gold coins* “Your portfolio has got to include everything … including bullion”

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Inventor of Antivirus Sofware: The Government Is Planting Malicious Software On Your Phone So It Can See What You're Doing

Apple B+ Bank of America Bank of America Google Reality SPY Verizon McAfee:  “Encryption Doesn’t Matter In a World Where Anyone Can Plant Software On Your Phone and See What You’re Seeing”

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The one chart that proves Obamacare really is working (for the fascists)

Google Insurance Companies Medicare Obama Administration Obamacare The only surefire way to dramatically reduce healthcare costs is to remove the middlemen and allow market forces to return to healthcare.

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"Fu$k the Fundamentals!": Negative Rates In EU Will Absolutely Wreck the Very System the ECB Sought to Save

Bond Counterparties default European Central Bank Eurozone fixed LIBOR Mexico Sovereign Debt Swiss Franc Switzerland Wall Street Journal Yield Curve The dude that called the Pan-European Sovereign Debt Crisis in 2010 is making it clear that the ECB is playing with fire, but will never admit it's getting burned.

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