• Marc To Market
    12/20/2014 - 12:21
    When the dollar falls, we are told it is logical.  The empire is crashing and burning.  When the dollar rises, the markets, we are told are manipulated.    Well, the dollar is...

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Plan for a Plan Needed in Europe by 12/9

It isn't going to happen

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Euro Bond: Europe's Only Way Out For Now

Bond Italy, Spain, France and Belgium will each go to market this week to auction bonds worth billions of euros...GASP!  

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Turkey Week

Turkey A bullish argument? In three words: Print More Money. 

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New World Disorder - Watch the Stock Market

If the mid-summer sell signal of 2011 plays out similarly to the one in 2008, there may be a long, dramatic decline straight ahead. 

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Italy next week

Italy Something big has to happen soon, or else...

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For Republicans Newt Gingrich is the Only Choice

If you really listen to his whining socialist diatribes, Paul Krugman is the enemy of every man and woman who works in the global financial markets. Many of my colleagues on the Street are very liberal, yet Krugman would take all of their money via higher taxes in a nanosecond. How is it that nobody sees that Krugman’s commentaries in The New York Times are almost perfectly predicted by George Orwell in Animal Farm – and Hayek in the The Road to Serfdom?

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Congress to Vote Next Week on EXPLICITLY Creating a Police State

Don't worry about it, Comrade ... our Great Leaders in the Politburo would never pass a law unless it was good for us.

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Ho, ho, ho...no turkey leftovers near this post please...

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Are MF Global Customer Funds Being Looted to This Day Through the Same Risky Trading That Sunk the Firm?

MF Global Jon Corzine's last great act might have been the institutionalization of customer account pilfering.  Indictments anyone?

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NY Fed Issues Mea Culpa That Nobody Saw at 6PM on Black Friday

Black Friday It's good to be nobody or not so good, because even though nobody took precautions, nobody ultimately took the hit.

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The Consequences When Three Elements Collided

Alabama immigration law, a Mercedes-Benz executive from Germany, and Republican bifurcation on illegal immigrants: the outcome was ... flip-flopping.

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You can't blame me, I certainly didn't make this shit up...

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Netflix: When It Rains, It Pours

Will this drama ever end?

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Richard Koo - Europe in a Balance Sheet Recession - Time for QE

Balance Sheet Recession Recession Richard Koo Richard Koo thinks Europe needs to announce QE

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