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Dear Fellow American...

I am writing this letter to you not as a liberal, not as a conservative; not as a lefty, not as a righty; not as a Democrat, not as a Republican, not as a Tea Party populist; not as a Christian, not as a Buddist, not as a Moslem, not as an atheist; not as a socialist, a communist and certainly not as a bailout capitalist.

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These People Are All CRAZY ... (Aren't They?)

You are NOT authorized to view this unauthorized, crazy video ... DON'T look ...

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HP: Grow UP, Already

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D.C. is Like a Separate Country ... One Which Couldn't Care Less About The American People

The only place where slop is being dished in abundance ...

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Wash, Rinse, and Repeat

It is a bear market.  Is that already priced in?

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Are You Ready For a Crash?

I warned that the rally of the last week was nothing more than a snapback move from oversold conditions.

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TGIF - Are We There Yet?

Where is the bottom?

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ViSual CoMBaT DaiLY (8.19.11)


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Europe is Following the 2008 Pattern to a “T”… Guess What’s Next?

  The Fed has reopened FX swap lines to Switzerland. The Fed ONLY does this when things are on RED ALERT. It’s now only a matter of time before a big bank goes down and takes the European banking system with it. Forget al the headlines, the ECB and regulators over there have lost control.  

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Flight to Treasurys Has Little to Do With Quality

The news media will eventually figure out the truth — that stocks got pulped yesterday simply because they are in a bear market. The Mother of All Bears, quite possibly.  The Dow finished the day down 419 points after trading more than a hundred points lower than that intraday.  The selloff was attributed to the usual suspects: “fears” over Europe’s shaky financial condition, and America’s apparent relapse into recession. Although both concerns have been with us in spades for more than a little while, they seem, suddenly, to have become overwhelming and unmanageable now that the...

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News That Matters

Relevant News

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Want to Smack Down the Criminal Global Banking Cartel? Here’s How to Use Gold & Silver to Do It

If you have ever wondered how we can fight back against the financial insanity that Central Bankers are attempting to impose upon us, implement these three steps, and we’ll be off to a solid start.

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The Fed bombed the market - I ask, "Why?"

The WSJ article last night was the kiss of death for all markets today. Was that deliberate? I think so.

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