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A Different Buffett Rule - One That Would Work

Fat Cats It would make them "feel" better....

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WheeLS UP!

My Dad asked me what I was going to do about the Colombia fiasco, to which I responded: What am I going to do, it has nothing to do with politics and finance. But on further consideration...

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We’ve Finished #1, We’ve Moving Into #2, Next Up is #3

Bond default Italy Remember, the real European collapse will occur when the political landscape changes in Europe: when supporting the bailout madness becomes unpalatable for EU leaders due to its political consequences in their home countries.

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As We Assured Clients Two Years Ago, Italy's Riding The Broken Promise Express To Restructuring

Borrowing Costs Budget Deficit Greece Gross Domestic Product headlines International Monetary Fund Ireland Italy Portugal Risk Management Sovereign Debt As clearly indicated well over 2 yrs ago, Italy will first default on its over optimistic promises (check), then look to actually default on (restructure) its debt (next).

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US economy: more questions than answers as data soften

Housing Starts Between the erratic housing starts report and the sputtering industrial output report with its various headline and multi-layered trends acting in confusing ways, the one thing we can admit is that assessing the US economy is not so easy anymore. That nice period of unbridled strength has taken a backseat to the economy that raises question marks - again. Growth pessimists can revel in the new developments while optimists can begin to work on what's left of their fingernails. Meanwhile, we are back grasping at straws as data-trends turn erratic and inconsistent even more than they have...

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Who is the Big Money that Really Controls the World?

Federal Reserve KIM Precious Metals SmartKnowledgeU What if all global leaders' suits and any news/products associated with huge global events were required to be labeled with corporate sponsorship as are the racing jumpsuits and racing cars of Nascar drivers?

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The Big Rift Between Germany and France

Bond Eurozone France Germany Greece Italy LTRO Monetary Policy Nicolas Sarkozy None Aiming to Get Votes, Hitting Germany, and Threatening the Euro....

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Dr. Copper

Central Banks Copper Federal Reserve Futures market Investor Sentiment LTRO Market Sentiment Quantitative Easing Recession Will central bankers be able to save the day again?

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Another Oil Price Shock, Another Global Recession?

China Crude Global Economy International Energy Agency Iran NYMEX Recession recovery Reuters Saudi Arabia Twitter Twitter Based on supply, demand and even after taking into account the geopolitical factor, we believe oil could experience a correction later this year and in the next three years or so.

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More of the Same in the Lowlands

Black Swan China ETC Housing Market Poland I thought I'd post an entirely useless article for all you busy folk. Yes, it's about that country about half the size of an Istanbul or New York. Or whatever the exact proportion is. So sorry to bother those who expect more insight from the articles on this site. I've been busy getting my garden allotment up and running, so that's part of my answer to what's going on ALL around us. I don't give a flying about making the best timed trade in gold and think there are other productive things to do with my life. Sorry to be the contrarian on a contrarian site and being so trite.

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