• derailedcapitalism
    10/12/2015 - 22:56
    Stretched debt-to-income, increased contract work (to the detriment of full-time work), and record housing prices are forcing Canadians to monetizing assets through ride-sharing, AirBnB and through...

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ZH Evening Wrap Up 6/18/12

Bond China Google Groundhog Day headlines Italy News & headlines from the day

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LiViN' IT UP AT THe HoTeL NeiN...

Such a lovely place...

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Another Surprising Conversation With "Athens"

B+ France Germany Greece Italy Volatility Some interesting food for thought.

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Is Morgan Stanley Once Again The "Riskiest Bank On The Street"?

DVA Morgan Stanley Reggie Middleton Volatility In 2/08 I called Morgan Stanley "The Riskiest Bank on the Street!". It promptly collapsed! I believe I was the only one to publicly make such a bearish proclamation. Well, here we go again...

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Investor Sentiment: Poof!

Dumb Money Equity Markets Investor Sentiment Market Bottom Rydex The market finds itself at another one of those junctures that have been prevalent over the past 3 years.

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No One's Asking the REAL Question That Matters for the EU...

Belgium Bond default Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Ireland Italy Monetization Netherlands None Portugal Reuters Slovakia   While everyone else is focusing on the Greek elections, the REAL issues pertaining to the EU (namely where the funding for Spain’s bailout as well as future bailouts will come from) continues to be ignored. Indeed, no one seems to be asking THE key question regarding the EU: Just WHERE is the money for this bailout going to come from?  

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America’s Coming Depression

ETC Michigan None Ohio Happy Father's Day!

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BeYoND THe EuRo ZoNe,,,

We don't need another Zero...

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Bill Moyers and James K. Galbraith Talk About the Financial Crisis and John Kenneth Galbraith

A democracy of the fortunate is not a democracy at all.

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