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Insider Trading 9/11...Unresolved, by Lars Schall

Insider Trading Is there any truth in the allegations that informed circles made profits in the financial markets in connection to the attacks of September 11, 2001? My friend, the German financial journalist Lars Schall, examines this still unresolved and unanswered mystery.  

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Are Middle East & African Wars Really About Protecting the Immoral Global Banking System & Fighting Gold?

China Councils Fractional Reserve Banking India Iran Iraq KIM Middle East Saudi Arabia SmartKnowledgeU Somalia SWIFT Yuan US Army General Wesleyl Clark stated one month after 9/11 that the US had already planned to invade Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, Libya and Iran. But could the real driving force behind these invasions not be about oil but about the almighty US dollar and gold?  

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Soviet Leader: Chernobyl Nuclear Accident Caused the Collapse of the USSR

Japan Meltdown Ukraine Gorbachev Says Chernobyl – Not Perestroika or Reagan’s Arms Race – Caused the Break Up of the Soviet Union

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Illinois ratings Banzai7 News declares Wall Street win in Illinois...

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Monuments instead of Education

Free Money Student Loans University of California And vague smells of extortion.

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Study: Genetically Modified Corn Increases Body Weight in Rats

Crude Monsanto GM Food Increases Body Weight in Rats

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Chart Update and the iCrash

Apple Volatility Resistance levels hit, and Biggs bullish as ever, especially on Apple. iCrash around the corner?

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Tough Questions for CFTC's Gary Gensler as He Heads to Congress to Beg for Money

B+ Budget Deficit Creditors Florida FOIA Kaptur MF Global Ohio OTC ratings recovery Reuters Testimony Washington D.C. Fourteen months, one MF Global carcass and $1.6 billion in "vaporized" funds later, does the CFTC still regulate the futures markets by fax?

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Housing starts disappoint: what else is new?

Detroit Foreclosures Home Equity Housing Market Housing Starts Las Vegas Michigan Real estate recovery Housing remains a mess and recovery continues to be something found best in Disneyland at fantasy land (although not in Disney's movie-making business). The sector is showing only feeble growth as the American nightmare continues to chip away at the American dream. Or If every man's home is his castle, what am I doing in the moat,and why won't my banker lower the drawbridge?

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A Special Banzai7 in Depth Report...[WARNING: The line between parody and truth is often very difficult to discern]

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Risk on Trade suggests Risk Off ahead?

China Equity Markets Precious Metals Wall of Worry Will the summer of 2012 be another stormy session?

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There Is No Such Thing As Harmless Price Inflation

BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics CPI Fail Goldman Sachs goldman sachs John Williams Lehman Medicare Money Supply recovery A "little" inflation will destroy capital, rob you of your savings, disrupt all of your long-term financial planning, create market instability, and leave you unprepared for retirement. You can protect yourself and you must. Here's how.

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