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Currency Positioning and Technical Outlook

Aussie Australia Australian Dollar BOE Canadian Dollar Central Banks Commitment of Traders Federal Reserve Futures market Japan Price Action Swiss Franc Technical Indicators Volatility Yen   Our assessment of macro fundamentals leave us inclined to favor the dollar on a medium term basis.  However, we continue (seehereandhere) to recognize that near-term technical considerations favor the major foreign currencies, but the yen.   

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Murderous Thoughts

After all, it's about the money. Right?

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WTI Crude Oil To Test $65 Level in 2013

China Crude Crude Oil Department Of Energy Germany Iraq Japan Natural Gas Oklahoma OPEC Reality Recession Twitter Twitter Right now the world produces more Oil than it consumes each day, and it has for the past 16 months, this trend will only get worse in 2013.

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We Have Reached a Major Turning Point in Central Bank Intervention

Bank Run Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Black Friday Bond Central Banks default Federal Reserve fixed Greece Lehman Moral Hazard None Reality Unemployment Two critical developments give us clues that the days of Central Bank intervention holding the system together are coming to an end.

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The Relentless Eurocratic Power Grab

Belgium Creditors Eurozone France Germany Greece Italy Netherlands Poland Portugal White House “The euro has profound economic advantages and is the most powerful symbol of European integration,” said 11 EU foreign ministers. What were they smoking?

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Shuffle Rewind 26-30 Nov " Somewhere Over The Rainbow " ("IZ" Kamakawiwo?ole, 1993)

Belgium BOE Bond China Copper CRB Finland Flattener France Germany Greece Italy NASDAQ Netherlands recovery Unemployment Volatility Hey, this was cuddle time-week! A big Hug for everyone: Bonds, Equities, Periphery, ah, Periphery bonds! Greece… As Super Mario said himself on Friday, albeit in a different context: “We were living in a Fairy World”. Cute way of spelling it out. Fairies, rainbows, wonderful world…  Let’s put IZ on the case! "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" (Bunds 1,38% -6; Spain 5,30% -30; Stoxx 2580 +1,1%; EUR 1,301 +50)

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Swaps, Banks, and Litigation Arbitrage

Central Banks Dallas Fed default Foreign Central Banks The Bernank is beginning to wind down his "non-bailout" of Europe.  On 12/14/2011 the Chairsatan himself reportedly told Senator Corker that he had no intentions of furthering the US's involvement in the European Crisis. Coincidently , a few weeks later CNBC interviewed Gerald O'Driscoll who is a previous Dallas Fed Vice President, after he released an Op-ed in the WSJ calling out the FED's European bailout.  O'Driscoll is dead on with his claims and his suspicions about Bernanke's reasoning behind going through the FED market arm to lend USD to the ECB.

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  Potus posts Power Ball hoax on Facebook. Gets thousands of hits in minutes.  

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A Tale of Two California Markets

Housing Bubble Real estate Desirable areas in Los Angeles County are finding bidding wars and many places are selling for prices last seen during the peak of the bubble. A fierce competition between flippers, foreign money, and households with healthy incomes leveraging low mortgage rates are pushing prices higher. A few readers were sending over some of the recent action taking place in Culver City. A few recounted their tales of open houses and the sense of urgency to purchase a property. The flood of easy money has certainly had an impact on mid-tier and prime locations. Only a two hour drive up north,...

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Kung Fu Expert in China Beats Up Mob of 50 Trying to Evict Him

China Hong Kong The plight of Chinese Homeowners Attempting to Resist Eviction When the Government Wants to Build Something on their Land ...

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Indiana Chicken race update...

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30 Nov 2012 – “ What's Up? ” (4 Non Blondes, 1992)

B+ Belgium BOE Bond China Copper CPI CRB Finland France Germany Italy NADA NASDAQ Netherlands Personal Income Reality recovery Unemployment Europe rather direction-less on its own. Equities still rather firmer than not; with Bonds just the same. Macro data generally rather bleak, although expectations have been put so low lately that anything about palatable will do. Peeking over the Pond to see whether Fiscal Cliff discussions could scuttle things. Here late valuations are such that numbers should be really good to get things going. So: Drifting. Chatting. Checking. "What's Up?" (Bunds 1,38% +1; Spain 5,3% -2; Stoxx 2580 unch; EUR 1,301 +30)

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EU Allowing Rating Agencies To Be Sued For Errors Should Backfire Spectacularly - Cause Massive Downgrades Across The Continent!

Bond default Fail France Greece Italy Rating Agencies Rating Agency ratings Ratings Agencies recovery Reggie Middleton REITs Reuters Sovereign Debt If common sense was truly common, the rating agencies should get the shit sued out of them unless & until they start downgrading EU countries en masse, and quite quickly. Read this & you'll have all you need to start suing! Hmmm, the best laid plans....

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Nationalizations Take Off In France

France Nationalization Ukraine Unemployment Dominoes are lined up. Next in line: one of the world’s largest (but dying) shipyards.

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SAC Capital – Too Much Of A Good Thing

Bond Cohen France Insider Trading Renaissance SAC Steve Cohen Volatility Got me thinking about hedge fund cheaters and too-good-to-be-true results.

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