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Saturday Crisis Update: G20 Wants to Push European Bailout Fund to $2 Trillion

LTRO Reuters This just out from Reuters:

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Tim Geithner on The Privilege of Being An American

B+ Greece Steve Liesman Tim Geithner "if you don't ask the most fortunate Americans to bear a slightly larger burden of the privilege of being American, then the only way to achieve fiscal sustainabilty is through unacceptably deep cuts"

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On Gas, Cars and Bernanke

Crude Middle East Oklahoma Some men you just can't reach. 

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WeLCoMe To ZeRo HeDGeToWN USA...

An unplanned community from tomorrow's world of today...

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China Tightens The Vise On Eurozone Bailout

China European Union Eurozone Sovereign Debt Wen Jiabao World Trade And it was brutal. No more diplomatic niceties.

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Why Greece Bailout Games Will Cause The Rest Of The EU To Breakout The Grease

CDS China default Eastern Europe Eurozone Germany Greece headlines Lehman Lehman Brothers NPAs Reality Recession Sovereign Debt When even the bullshitters get tired of the bullshit! Financial contagion tale of Greece, the need for Grease & what happens to those without it, featuring the "Bad Ass" interview...

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Greece (and the PIIGS) Are a MAJOR Problem... Even for the Strongest German Banks

Creditors Deutsche Bank Germany Greece Italy None Risk Management Sovereign Debt Consider that when we include the rest of the PIIGS countries, Deutsche Bank’s “actual” exposure (as downplayed as it might be) is still 35 BILLION Euros, an amount equal to 60% of the banks’ total equity.

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On GE, Just Say "No"

Capital Markets General Electric Jeff Immelt ratings Enough is enough, its already too much.

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Belgians Get Cold Feet as Bailout Queen Dexia Drags them toward the Abyss

Belgium Central Banks France Stress Test Belgium's total exposure to its bank bailouts: 41% of GDP. But finally there is some resistance.

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Where’s My Refund?

Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Best Buy BLS Bond Chicken Little Cognitive Dissonance Creditors Free Money Real estate I find it interesting that my daughter’s refund info suddenly showed up on the ‘Where’s My Refund?’ web site two days after the Treasury sold $35 Billion of Two Year Treasury bonds.

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