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Termination Patterns Brewing in Brazil, Russell 2000, and the S&P 500

Brazil Russell 2000 When you combine these patterns with the light volume that has occurred throughout this latest move upwards as well as the fact it’s moving on rumors (seriously, Eurobonds? You think Germans are going to support this?), we’re very likely going to see a reversal in the near future culminating in new lows for the year.

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Graham Summers’ Weekly Market Forecast (The Points Edition)

Big picture: I warned to get defensive several weeks ago. Stay defensive now. This snapback rally is not the start of a new bull market rally. If anything, the volatility of the last week has made it evident that we’re back in a 2008 environment: you simply don’t see 3-4% price swings on a daily basis in a healthy market.

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ViSUaL CoMBaT DaiLY (8.15.11)

Happy days are here again... 

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Now, Apple Has a Direct Competitor That May Make Samsung Look Conservative In Comparison

Apple If history is any indicator, Google may be poised to hit the ball out of the park with the Motorola Acquisition. Remember Moto has more patents than all phone manufacturers (nearly combined - Nokia, RIM, Apple). Motorola made 1st mobile phone - that briefcase-like device - as well as the first 2nd generation banana phone, then early flip phones. Assume the possibility to break many other vendor strategies, revenue streams and business models with their patents.

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The Bull Argument For Europe Is Credible, Except For The Circular Argument: You Can't Solve Debt Problems With More Debt!!!

Citigroup makes the circular argument credible! Well.. Sort of.

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How to make some big bucks!

Let's get the week off to a good start. Let's make $200 million by Friday! Plenty of oportunity!

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Nuclear Expert: Radioactive Rain-Outs Will Continue For a Year - Even In Western U.S. and Canada

Can you say giant cover up, kids?  I knew you could ...

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Dr. Copper and Global Economy Look Vulnerable

Copper Global Economy Dr. Copper, that metal with a Ph. D.  in economics, isn’t looking so hot.  In fact, it is at a reasonable risk of breaking down thus highlighting the current risks in the global economy.

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Socio-Economics Put China at Higher Investment Risk Than The U.S.

China The new double AA credit status assigned by S&P has put the U.S. in the same category as China.  But one consolation for the United States is that the country's high socio-economic resilience has placed the U.S. at a more favorable investment risk position than major emerging economies like China and India. 

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The Unfolding EU Crisis

Freedom on funding, shorting, positioning and more.

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Romer Lies

Excuse the rant. But Ms Romer is just misleading the country. We will pay a big price for her lies.

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HFT Update

HFT HFT Update after last week's volatile trading sessions.

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ViSUaL CoMBaT DaiLY (August 13, 2011)

For your entertainment on a slow August weekend...

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