• CalibratedConfidence
    08/30/2015 - 08:34
    Luckily we didn't hear anything more about Vomiting Camel formations but there was certainly an ample amount of "it's priced in" blaring in the background.

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Bipartisan Congressional Bill Would Authorize the Use of Propaganda On Americans Living Inside America

Afghanistan Bank of America Bank of America DARPA Fail Florida Germany Iraq Israel New York Times Newspaper recovery Too Big To Fail Twitter Twitter White House Because Banning Propaganda “Ties the Hands of America’s Diplomatic Officials, Military, and Others by Inhibiting Our Ability to Effectively Communicate In a Credible Way”

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JaMie'S GoT a GuN...

Jamie's got a gun; His whole world's come undone; From lookin' straight at the tradin' sun...

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Shorting Federal Facebook Notes Are Not Allowed Today

Peter Schiff This utter disappointment and gutting of the muppets is exactly what our research has anticipated. From a strictly fundamental perspective, Facebook shouldn’t see its IPO price anywhere within the foreseeable future!

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Ganging Up On Germany

Capital Markets China European Union Eurozone France Germany Greece Italy Japan Nomination President Obama Unemployment A three-pronged attack on reason. Obama's reelection is at stake....

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The Farce be with you...

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The Hilarious G-8 Declaration Decoded

Eurozone Fail Germany Global Economy Greece Group of Eight recovery The G-8 Summit. What a kick. Why do they hold these meetings? The declaration is an embarrassment. Here we lay it bare for what it is... Polemics. Boilerplate. Sophistry. Subterfuge. Empty promises. Oxymorons. And more… 

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Do not view this with breakfast...

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Congressional Threat to Every Investor, Business Owner and Citizen

Census Bureau ETC New York Times recovery H.R. 5326 decimates the statistical agencies that support the entire fabric of business investment, policy-making, and decision-making in the United States.

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Investor Sentiment: Are We There Yet?

Investor Sentiment Russell 2000 Rydex Like my whiny children, who after 30 minutes into a 6 hour car drive, investors are asking themselves, "Are we there yet?"

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BeHaVioRaL FiNaNCe?: HoW ABouT SCaToLoGiCaL FiNaNCe?

Get a load of this shit...

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The Rise of Nationalism Will End the Euro Before Year's End

default France Germany Greece Nationalism Unemployment   When it came time to vote in round one, more French youth voted for a party whose leader wants to break up the Euro, who wants to deal with immigration by ending dual citizenship, affirmative action, and by kicking out any immigrant who cannot adhere to French principles or who commits a crime, and who once compared the legal French tolerance of Muslims praying in the streets to putting up with Nazi occupation.  

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