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Navigating the Global Rumor Mill

Data trumps rumors and QE3 or whatever stimulus we get trumps everything else...

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Solyndra – Moving forward to what?

I talk direct to George Kaiser on radio. He listened, but will he listen?

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How Many 2008 Similarities Can We Find? A Lot

The similarities between 2008 and today are growing even more eerily similar. We’ve seen a mega-bailout similar to Hank Paulson’s “Bazooka,” we’ve also seen short-selling bans and sovereign bailout rumors (China and Middle East for Wall Street in 2008 vs. China for Europe today).

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The Hardest Job in the World

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China Can't Save Anything... Neither Can the Fed

China Let’s be honest here. Neither China, nor the ECB, nor the Federal Reserve can stave off the collapse that’s coming. Indeed, the Fed spent $900 billion and nearly one year to prop the markets up… and we’ve wiped out ALL of those gains in just one month.

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News That Matters

All you need to read.

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On FX - Shit or go Blind?

Old story, but it's the same story.

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China Puts The Screws To BMW

China And BMW blinks.

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Can We Build Our Own Economy From the Ground Up?

A first attempt at brainstorming to get the ball rolling ...

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Social Security a Ponzi? – I think so

If it walks, swims and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck.

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The End Game For Government Intervention Is Here

Folks, this is the hard truth: the US is broke and our leaders have no clue how to solve any of the structural issues our economy and markets are facing. They’ve spent TRILLIONS propping up the stock market but haven’t created new jobs nor have they improved Americans’ quality of life in the last two years.

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Graham Summers Weekly Market Forecast (Deflation is Here Edition)

In order for a move of that caliber to occur in the US Dollar, we’ll need to see a full-scale crisis to hit the markets (the last two US Dollar rallies occurred during the 2008 collapse and the 2010 Euro Crisis). So expect greater downside risk in stocks in the near future.

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American Jobs Bill 2011: Too Late For A Do-over For President Obama

President Obama Since President Obama missed the best opportunity three years ago, it is too late for a do-over now.

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As The French Bank Runs....

It is quite refreshing to see some real and objective analysis come out of the sell side, particularly from one bank regarding another, but I must admit that if I had to pick a bone with Lim's analysis, it wouldn't be the content or quality, but the timeliness. What the hell took you so long to come to these rather astute observations, dude?

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