• Tim Knight from...
    02/07/2016 - 10:01
    The bottom line is that Apple lost its founder, its leader, its passion, and its way. Get used to a double-digit stock. It's got much lower to go.

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The Zero Hedge Daily Round Up #119 - 04/09/2012

Apple FBI India Today's ZH articles in audio summary! Also known as a podcast, or as the Ancient Egyptians once said: "What the hell is a podcast?" Everyday, 8pm New York Time.

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Tears for Two-Tiers

B+ Belgium Bond Fail Italy Mario Draghi is a few days away from creating the biggest two tiered market in history.

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04 Sep 2012 – “ Shake Your Moneymaker " (Elmor James, 1961)

Across the Curve Baltic Dry Belgium Copper CPI CRB Daimler default Finland France Germany Greece Ireland Italy Netherlands Raiffeisen Twitter Twitter Unemployment Volatility Volkswagen There is still some compression margin, but where to put the credit spread, real or “perceived”, from a (real) default possibility point of view or even from the shunned convertibility point of view?

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Bob Arvanitis | Is the US Treasury Really Making Money on AIG?

AIG Book Value goldman sachs Goldman Sachs Wall Street Journal Mr. Jenkins’ error rests on incomplete accounting and incorrect attribution analysis. In Frederic Bastiat’s terms, we have a confusion of what is seen and what is not seen.

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Strategic Petroleum Reserves: The New Monetary Tool?

Bond China Federal Reserve OPEC Twitter Twitter The real damage came before the actual announcement as like most things on Wall Street inside information runs rampant when so much money is involved.

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Thieving Thieves

Australia China FBI Las Vegas More on China kleptocracy.

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Thoughts on a "Too Quiet" Labor Day

B+ Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Bond Central Banks default European Central Bank Fannie Mae Federal Reserve France Freddie Mac Germany Greece Italy Monetization Oh, and France just nationalized its second largest mortgage lender. But don’t worry, the EU Crisis is definitely contained and Draghi and others have got everything under control. After all, when the US nationalized Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2008 the financial crisis came to a screeching halt… didn’t it?

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LaBoR DaY 2012...

A very sad state of affairs...

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03 Sep 2012 – “ No Money Down " (Chuck Berry, 1957)

B+ Baltic Dry Belgium Bond China Copper CPI CRB Finland France Germany Greece Ireland Italy LTRO Netherlands Unemployment “Believe me, it will be enough!” will request some massive outside-the-box thinking…

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