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Sales of silver coins by the U.S. Mint have set a record high in the first half of 2013 seeing the best start to a year ever. 

Year to date Silver Eagle sales are at 30.3 million, a record pace that was supported by soaring July sales. Silver Eagle sales had a record year in 2011. That year, it took until September 21, 2011, to reach above 30 million in sales for the year.

Therefore, 2013 looks set to be a record year for Silver Eagle sales.

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Japan Slows to 2.6% Growth

Abenomics was being hailed as the modern Japan’s answer to worries and woes, but it seems that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will now most certainly have to put off dealing with Japan’s national debt as the economic outlook in the country looks decidedly compromised

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We hear day in and day out that the economy here is going down the tubes, that the banks there are tying up the markets and exploiting them and that China is contracting, that Greece will be the ruin of the already-ruined European Union and the so the list goes on

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UK: Export Surge

The UK economy is recovery at its best rate since 2010 today with figures that are released by the British government via the Office for National Statistics (ONS).