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Don't you think you're just rearranging deck chairs on the head of the Chairsatan?--William Vickrey

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Just What Is the REAL Exposure to Greece? Pt 1

Creditors default Germany Greece Sovereign Debt The financial world is awash with theories as to how significant the Second Greek Bailout is. I’m far less concerned with this (the Bailout accomplishes nothing of import and only puts off the coming Greek default by a short period). Instead, I think it much more important to ascertain the true exposure to Greek sovereign debt. And what better place to start than the banking system of the one country that is playing hardball with Greece during this latest round of negotiations: Germany.

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Iran-Israel Scenario Spiraling Down Rapidly

Iran Israel Middle East Reality Uranium The war parties in Israel and Iran are in full ascendancy.

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It's gettin' ugly out there...[NO BEVERAGE WARNING APPLIES]

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The Corporate Tax-Dodge Code

Boeing China GAAP None President Obama ratings Timothy Geithner White House Benefitting from two diametrically opposed systems.

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Boeing India Portugal Chuckles, no laughs.

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Would You Support an Iran War If …

China Crude Iran Iraq Israel Middle East Nouriel Nouriel Roubini Recession Would You Support a War Against Iran If You Knew the True Facts?

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Composite Sentiment Indicator

Dumb Money Investor Sentiment Rydex While prices did go higher in several cases, investors need to understand that we are nearer the end of the rally. Or at best, there might be a short term pullback in the works that lasts beyond 30 minutes.  

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AnD NoW FoR aN OPeN CaPTioN FRoM MuHaMMaD SaeeD al BeRNaNKe (BaGMaN BeN)

Fire when ready...

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Flow of Funds Report

Here is a good chart showing data from the weekly mutual fund flow of funds report.   This series is using the domestic equity only data.   In the first chart, we have plotted the flow of funds in it’s raw form.    Though there has been a small recent uptick in funds coming in, note the strong consistent negative flow over the last couple of years.  

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Crude Oil vs. Iran: Who Blinks First?

China Crude Crude Oil European Union France India International Energy Agency Iran Israel Japan Reality recovery Reuters Saudi Arabia Twitter Twitter United Kingdom Crude oil spiked to nine-month high primarily on investors fear of potential conflict over the escalating tensions between the US, Europe, Israel, and Iran.  Right now, it seems Iran could be the one blinks first (war or peace).

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On Sentiment

ABC News Reality Everyone is on the same side of this boat. I want to be on the other side.

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