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    08/03/2015 - 15:25
    The quest for perfection is man’s unattainable goal. Man can never be perfect if we are to believe the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes. Man is man’s wolf and all of that.

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It was only a matter of time, and we were waiting patiently for the V-Squid to rear its ugly head. Presenting the newly improved version...

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The National Debt as a Road Trip

National Debt Buckle Up

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China Commercial Real Estate Corruption ETC Japan Livermore ratings Real estate Twitter Twitter Value Investing Warren Buffett Whitney Tilson I have to confess, I am tired of writing "structured" articles, the ones where I have to limit my thoughts to 800 words.  So with this one I am taking a break.  This is an unstructured stream of thought, in no particular sequence.  

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Smith, Hiatt & Diaz Motion to Purge Lender Processing Services' (LPS) Accidentally Leaked Internal Email

Alt-A Bank of America Bank of America Deutsche Bank They may have a little more difficulty getting this now public record "purged" from the internets...

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The Bundesbank's in Hot Water... Will It Take the Heat or Throw the ECB Under the Bus?

Bank of England Bond Central Banks Deutsche Bank European Central Bank Eurozone France Germany Greece Hong Kong Housing Bubble Ireland Lehman Lehman Brothers LTRO Mohammad None PIMCO Reuters Sovereign Debt Unemployment   The ECB has found its hands tied: if it continues to monetize aggressively, inflation will surge and Germany will either leave the Euro or at the very least make life very, very difficult for the ECB and those EU members asking for bailouts. After all, doing this would score MAJOR political points for both Merkel and Weidmann who have both come under fire for revelations that the Bundesbank has in fact put Germany on the hook for over €2 trillion via various back-door deals.  

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Bloomberg reports U.K. Plunges Into Double-Dip Recession, as does CNBC, UK Back Into Recession in First 'Double Dip' Since 1970s

Double Dip Reality Recession How can one go to a place they never left? Reference the research we published 2 yrs ago clearly stating that the UK was dreaming about leaving economic slowdown!

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Eurozone "The idea that somehow, pragmatic voices will stop this political groundswell is entirely misplaced..."

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Security Experts: CISPA Not Needed, Would Do More Harm than Good

Google Middle East national security recovery Ron Paul Government On the Verge – Yet Again – of Doing Something Which Causes More Harm Than Good

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Tempting Tuesday - As Usual

Monetary Policy NASDAQ Yen Practice saying "Quadrillion" a few times every day.  

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Fraudclosure | Lender Processing Services (LPS) Internal Email Accidentally Leaked

Alt-A BAC Bank of America Bank of America Countrywide Deutsche Bank "Please advise us regarding a reliable procedure whereby the appropriate foreclosing party can be situated in the matter such that we can proceed to judgment of sale"

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Merkel’s Back is Against the Wall… Time for Germany’s “Plan B”?

B+ Creditors default Germany Greece Italy Nicolas Sarkozy On that note, I fully believe the EU in its current form is in its final chapters. Whether it’s through Spain imploding or Germany ultimately pulling out of the Euro, we’ve now reached the point of no return: the problems facing the EU (Spain and Italy) are too large to be bailed out. There simply aren’t any funds or entities large enough to handle these issues.

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