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Long and the Short of JPMorgan

Jamie Dimon Jamie Dimon seems to have handed his head to Chairman Vocker and the advocates of regulation with this error.  

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JP MoRoNS: SaVe THe WHaLe...

CRAP The pundits will have a field day with this...

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EUROPICIDE! They've Pointed The Liquidity Pistol At Their Collective Heads, Cocked It, Now Hear The Trigger Pull...

Bank of England BOE Mervyn King Monetary Policy Quantitative Easing Reality Recession Reuters You don't need to be an economist to understand the utter foolishness, the circular logic supported folly of "But after buying 325 billion pounds of government debt with newly created money, 50 billion pounds of which has been purchased in the last three months"

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Philipp Bagus on The Insolvency of the Fed

AIG Bear Stearns BOE Central Banks Commercial Paper default Fannie Mae Federal Reserve Freddie Mac Ginnie Mae Lehman Monetary Base Monetary Policy Primary Dealer Credit Facility Quantitative Easing Student Loans Switzerland "should only 2% of the Fed's assets go into default — or if there is a loss in value of 2% — the Fed becomes insolvent"

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Big Mouth Strikes Again

Cohen Volatility   A reader sent me a link to a video of Slope mascot AJC. I didn't want to watch it, but I glanced at the text summary, which stated: "Abby Joseph Cohen, Goldman Sachs' senior investment strategist, says shares are set to hold value for the long run but may cheapen over the summer." OK, so this lady (it's a lady, right?) gets paid millions upon millions of dollars for observations like this. So let's disect this a bit. She (again - sorry to trouble you - we're talking about a she, correct?) says that shares are set to hold value for the long run butmay cheapen...

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BAC Lloyd Blankfein Same-Sex Marriage Economy? Systemic risk? Systematic fraud? Too Big To Fail?  Wall Street? Fraudclosure? What's all that?

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If Spain's Problems Are Solved... Why Are They Putting Together "Plan B"?

B+ Bad Bank Central Banks Creditors default France Germany Greece Hyperinflation Ireland Italy Portugal ratings The ESM funding idea is really just Spain playing for time (the ESM doesn’t actually have the funds to bail Spain out). But the fact that Germany is now making the ESM a political issue indicates the degree to which political relationships are breaking down in the EU. And once the political relationships break down... so will the Euro.

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Fear we are returning to a time in history where it is a common occurrence to fight for one's life?

B+ Detroit Equity Markets Falcon FBI Google Illinois Switzerland A Guide for Those with Much Money and Very Little Patience Whom Want to Prepare for Zombie Apocalypse But Are Afraid to Google It For Fear of DHS Labeling Them A Terrorist.

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Unscrambling the Euro Eggs

fixed France Germany Greece Italy Japan Reality Reserve Currency Switzerland Yen I think this going to get very messy, soon.

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The Japanese Are Dumping Their Gold

Hong Kong Japan Nikkei Real estate Reality World Gold Council Yen Sign of Japan's "declining economic power"

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The Euro-Zone Becomes the Twilight Zone

Central Banks default Germany Greece Portugal Rod Serling is not doing the narration for the e-Zone unravel. And he will never turn the control of your television set back to you. It’s just going to start getting weird and keep getting weirder. Europe is the Twilight Zone.

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