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Dear Valued Client: Goldman Is Trying Desperately To "Re-package" Those MBS for You

AIG Bank of New York Credit Suisse Federal Reserve Federal Reserve Bank Federal Reserve Bank of New York Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Mortgage Backed Securities And so we've come full circle. The WSJ is reporting that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York will be seeking bids by the middle of this week for roughly $6 Billion dollars worth of residential mortgage backed securities currently held in Mainden Lane II. This would be on the heels of a $7 Billion dollar sale on January 19th to Credit Suisse.

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The IRA | Facebook "Jumps the Shark" Interview with Michael Whalen

Apple Barry Ritholtz Bloomberg News Counterparties CRAP FINRA Ford Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Google Monetization New York Times Paid Content Real estate Reality Risk Management Steve Jobs Twitter Twitter Had to cross post this discussion with my brother Michael Whalen from The Institutional Risk Analyst. The past articles in The IRA require a $99/yr subscription, but the most recent is free.  Also note link to comment by Barry Ritholtz on The Big Picture re: the Facebook IPO.  Actually Goldman Sachs led the covert IPO and hype festival last year, but the folks at the SEC and FINRA were sound asleep.   Chris

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Harry’s Law | Video Clip – Civil Disobedience Isn’t Just a Right, It’s a Duty, Wake Up America!

A women who lost her house due to the mortgage crisis, and her bank screwing her over with refusing to work something out, and makes a statement by robbing her bank.

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THe WeaSeL AnD THe BeaR

Amerika's latest Mammalian Axis of Evil...Europe's new nemesis...[It's the gas/I mean Naval base stupid!]

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Greece has No Idea What It's Gotten Itself Into

Bond Capital Markets Creditors default Demographics Eurozone Germany Greece Ireland Monetization Portugal Unemployment   If you think the EU Crisis is over, think again. True we’ve got until March 20th for the Greek deal to be reached, but things have already gotten to the point that Germany has essentially issued its ultimatum. Either Greece hands over fiscal sovereignty, or it defaults in a BIG way.  

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