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Too Much Rain Will Kill Ya

NOAA The rats on the street followed the receding water back into their holes

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Shuffle Rewind 22-26 Oct " Road To Nowhere " (Talking Heads, 1985)

Apple Belgium Central Banks Copper CPI CRB Finland France Germany Greece Italy NASDAQ Netherlands Personal Income Reality Unemployment Uhhhh. It just couldn’t last. Risk had been pushed higher and higher in anticipation, but a combination of reality-check, rather unsettling Q3 earnings and renewed Spanish jitters just made players come down hard from their previous week’s high flying exercise.Nothing new. Spailout OMT still not in play. Greece, haggling not over. Earnings rather bad. PMIs dismal. Central Banks on hold, as everything is on the table, at least for the moment.

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More than a Dozen Nuclear Plants Near Hurricane Sandy’s Path Brace for Impact

Japan New York City Reuters South Carolina Uranium North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut

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Could the U.S. Election Release the Bulls?

Australian Dollar Nomination Obama Administration Unemployment Volatility The Bear. Or the Bull. That is the question. With polls tightening, traders around the world are looking for that perfect hedge to be in the green regardless of who takes office in the coming presidential election in November.

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Friday Humor: Barack Obama talks about Communism

Barack Obama Of course, I leave the best till last. "I'm sorry, but interrogations are in order."

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A modern day feudal system for real estate

China Demographics Federal Reserve fixed Florida Housing Bubble Housing Market Japan Las Vegas Quantitative Easing Real estate Wells Fargo There is an interesting dynamic unfolding in the housing market. Real estate agents in places like California are arguing that there is a lack of inventory and are also generally against the government unloading blocks of properties to big investors. Why? There has been bulk selling and buying to the investor class and a large amount of crowding out has occurred. This brings about an interesting set of problems for your average buyer in the current market. They are competing with swaths of big investors but also local flippers trying to make a quick buck once again courtesy of low...

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Ominous storm update and a few other things...

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Thank GDP It’s Friday – AAPL on Sale for 10x Earnings!

8.5% After Hours fixed Florida Medicare Nikkei Personal Consumption recovery Yen That's another $190.1 Bn available to spend on IPad Minis and IPhone 5s in the Appleconomy!

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26 Oct 2012 – “ Doom and Gloom ” (The Rolling Stones, 2012)

Across the Curve Apple B+ Belgium Bond Central Banks China Consumer Confidence Consumer Sentiment Copper CPI CRB Finland Fitch France Germany Greece Housing Market Italy LTRO Michigan NADA NASDAQ Netherlands Personal Consumption Personal Income Recession Unemployment If it wasn’t because the government sponsorship doping Q3 US GDP, we wouldn’t have much on the bright side. European equities still desperate to shoot up. Feels like too many fickle shorts and too many uncomfortable longs at the same time. Markets uneasy after round-tripping back to OMT / QE unleash levels and no follow-up stimuli to be seen.

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After My Contrarian Calling OF Apple's 3rd Miss, I Come Clean On My Apple Research Track Record For 2 1/2 Years

Apple Google Market Share Real estate Well, here you go! Apple missed a 3rd time in a year and a half, and after going against the crowd to call all three misses I now release my subscription valuation bands from the last two years for the fanbois, haters and honestly interested alike...

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It’s Taps for Europe’s ‘Last Honest Men’

Bond Germany Hyperinflation Quantitative Easing Sovereign Debt Wall Street Journal Mario Draghi, feather merchant to northern Europe, is once again plying his dubious trade, this time with a slick sales pitch designed to persuade Germany that he can “save” Europe with a financial scheme that makes alchemy look respectable.

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Citigroup Rises While Bank America Wallows

BAC Bank of America Bank of America Bank of Hawaii Capital Markets Citigroup Consumer lending Countrywide Cronyism default Dick Parsons fixed Jamie Dimon JPMorgan Chase Ken Lewis Merrill Merrill Lynch New York Times Robert Rubin Tim Geithner Vikram Pandit Wells Fargo So now that Vikram Pandit has exited stage right from the CEO position at Citigroup, a number of people have asked me about the Zombie Dance Queen.  

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Thursday Humor: How to Start Your Own FIAT Currency!

"Bernanke's little helper." Haven't I seen this guy before?

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