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Contributing Editors' Blog Entries

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The Real Reasons Behind Hollywood's Anti-Piracy SOPA

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the real reasons behind Hollywood's Anti-Piracy SOPA and how SOPA will infringe upon internet freedom.  

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Germany’s Export Debacle

Auto Sales China Detroit Deutsche Bank Eurozone Ford Germany Greece Monetary Policy Recession Unemployment The economic superstar, with unemployment at a 20-year low and exports at an all-time high, produces 34% of the Eurozone’s GDP—and it smacked into a wall.

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Complex Systems, Dysfunctional Industries, and Catastrophic Collapse

Apple Goldman Sachs goldman sachs South Park Complex systems arise spontaneously, behave unpredictably, exhaust resources and collapse catastrophically.

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NeW HaMPSHiRe 2012: BaNZai7 IN DePTH CoVeRaGe

“The next time they give you all that civic bullshit about voting, keep in mind that Hitler was elected in a full, free democratic election”--George Carlin

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How Inferior American Education Caused The Credit/Real Estate/Sovereign Debt Bubbles & Why It's Preventing True Recovery Pt 2

B+ Barack Obama BoomBustBlog.com China default ETC Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Michael Jackson None Real estate recovery Restricted Stock Sovereign Debt Ask many people lower on the socio-economic ladder what money is for, you frequently get in response “to buy things” -a mentality leading a circular lack of understanding -leading to a lack of money itself. Capital - or more simply, money - is a proxy for labor.

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Visualize: All The World's Gold

Au InfoPorn

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Could Oil Prices Intensify a Pending S&P Selloff?

Crude Crude Oil Eurozone France Germany Head and Shoulders Iran Israel Middle East Recession SocGen Sovereign Debt Unemployment Volatility The bullishness is rather interesting considering the notable headwinds that exist in the European sovereign debt markets, the geopolitical risk seen in light sweet crude oil futures, and the potential for a recession to play out in Europe.

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Any all you other Tylers out there...

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Copyright Lawyers Oppose SOPA … And Say It Won’t Even Work

B+ China Cohen Fail Florida Mexico Michigan Oklahoma Puerto Rico University of California University Of Michigan Verizon Why Do We Write Again and Again About SOPA?  Because It Would Kill the Internet and Free Speech ...

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The Systemic Nature of Medicare Fraud

Corporate America Demographics FBI Freedom of Information Act Medicare Reality It’s the kind of fraud case that makes the taxpayer’s skin crawl. And it’s part of a vast scheme. But no insurance company would have fallen prey to it. Only Medicare....

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Limited Edition Silver Proof

MF Global Ted Butler on three elements of manipulation.

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How Inferior American Education Caused Credit/Real Estate/Sovereign Debt Bubbles & Why It's Preventing True Recovery, Part 1

B+ Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Iran Real estate Recession recovery Reggie Middleton Sovereign Debt The circle remained exclusive because real influence, for Mills, was located not in individuals (where it should be for that would release true creative and productive energies from said individual into greater society), but in their access to the “command of major institutions…the necessary bases of power, of wealth, and of prestige.”

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Strap in for a Wild Week

Barclays Beige Book Central Banks Global Economy Greece New Zealand Personal Income recovery Yen Lesson to be learned - never be a small investor!

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