• Vitaliy Katsenelson
    10/07/2015 - 12:23
    Having government control over the levers of the economy can have advantages. For example, by taking prompt action, the Chinese government was able to pull the economy out of the recession remarkably...

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Revisited: Three Data Points That Prove Europe Cannot Be Saved

Bank Failures Bond Book Value Central Banks default Germany Greece Lehman Lehman Brothers Monetization PIMCO I continue to see articles in the media claiming that Europe’s problems are solved. Either the folks writing these articles can’t do simple math, or they don’t bother actually reading any of the political news coming out of Europe.

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Dear Bankers: Why We Must Choose Beauty & Life Over Greed, Misery & Destruction

Fractional Reserve Banking Greece KIM Monetization Precious Metals SmartKnowledgeU The worker bees of the global banking empire need to consider how and why they should actively choose to build beauty and life v. silently supporting the continuation of misery, immorality and death.

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Copper and Yuan Carry Trade

BLS Carry Trade China Copper Federal Reserve Hong Kong Layering Monetary Policy Reuters Twitter Twitter Yuan China reported strong copper and copper product imports in February. However, rather than a sign of strong end user demand, a lot of the stockpile copper will never get shipped out to end-users.

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Tedbits: Jaws of DEATH; Wind Shear; Bombs and Breakouts; Red Tape Rising

Black Swans Central Banks Medicare Unemployment Unemployment Insurance As leviathan government, Central Bankers and the welfare states battle Mother Nature and Darwin, the stakes for the global banksters and elites could not be higher.   Governments in the US and Europe are striving to place debt and legal shackles on those they pretend to serve and working for the interests of banksters, power-hungry public servants and entrenched government bureaucrats against that of their own constituents. Welfare states on both sides of the Atlantic are creating legions of government dependents to justify their TAKINGS of the private sector.  Having already...

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Tedbits: 2012 Outlook, Part 2 - Bombs, er...Bonds; Currencies and Gold

Central Banks George Orwell None The UNFOLDING destruction of the developed world’s economies and financial/currency systems continues apace.  Public servants are trying to defy Mother Nature with the stroke of a pen; she will not yield to this.  Radical Marxist POLITICAL solutions to practical problems are at the end of their collective ropes (double entendre intended).  You CANNOT store wealth in paper, PERIOD.  Those who do will get what they deserve: NOTHING.  It has been and will be printed endlessly from this point forward as Socialist government policies have destroyed wealth creation and...

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HaPPY ZeRo HeDGe EaSTeR 2012!

Put all your TBTF eggs in one basket...

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We Are Nearing the End Game For Central Bank Intervention

Credit Default Swaps default ETC European Central Bank Federal Reserve France Germany Japan LTRO   In simple terms, the Fed’s hands are tied and the ECB is out of ammo. The End Game for Central Bank intervention is approaching. And it won’t be pretty…  First Europe. Then Japan. Then the US. So if you’re not already taking steps to prepare for the coming collapse, you need to do so now.

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Open Markets and the “Deflation Spiral” in Japan

China Detroit Ferrari Japan Transparency Yen A once shockingly expensive and insular country, forced to open its doors a tiny bit.

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A Laugh

Bank of England Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Capital Markets Fail Financial Derivatives None Sovereign Debt The Economist Tim Geithner Too Big To Fail The regulators have "fixed" a big problem. Actually they just created a much larger one.

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Wrapping up a Great Week (for the Bears)

CPI ETC Fail goldman sachs Goldman Sachs Insider Selling NASDAQ Nat Gas Natural Gas NG Recession Smart Money It's hard being a bear, except this week wasn't so bad.

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Tedbits: 2012 Outlook, Part 1 - When Leverage Fails

ETC Financial Regulation Precious Metals Real estate The saga continues as we head into 2012.  That saga is the demise of Ponzi finance

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