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Why Are We Fighting On the Same Side with Al Qaeda?

Reuters The U.S. Is On the Same Side as Al Qaeda In Syria

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WHaT'S WRoNG WiTH THe MSM...con't

Time Magazine "The mass media do not transmit ideologies; they are themselves an ideology."--Umberto Eco

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SEC Begins Poking At Private Equity Asset Valuations

Private Equity Insight into the hedge fund and other private fund managers who previously conducted their work under the radar and outside the vision of regulators

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Investor Sentiment: Heading Into the Final Stages

Insider Selling Investor Sentiment Rydex As long as the bulls continue to believe, the market should continue to push higher, but there will be limit.

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Trade Data: Is China Losing Its Steam?

China Copper Crude Crude Oil ETC Real estate Recession Twitter Twitter With major trade partners battered by recession, the latest trade data seem to give credence to a China hard-landing crash scenario by some forecasters.

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Euro Analogy Three-peat

Slope of Hope As a companion to my post late last month of the GDX via my chicken-scratch, here's another poultry-created masterpiece: a trio of Euro drawings with my best attempt at marking the "matched" points of this analog. The charts speak for themselves. Whether or not this pans out a third time remains to be seen. So far, so good, though.....(as a side note, I originally posted this on Slope of Hope at the end of last month, but the analog still holds - - - what happens this week will either break or affirm it).

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Movie and Music Copyright Cops Themselves Infringe Intellectual Property

Aussie Australia India Mexico New Zealand Members of the RIAA, Department of Homeland Security, Sony, Universal and Fox may have illegally downloaded files from BitTorrent ... And Lamar Smith – the Congressman sponsoring SOPA – used a pirated photograph on his official campaign website ...

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The Liberty Option

Florida Documenting destruction with Fabian Calvo.  

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Fear of Terror Makes People Stupid … So Here’s Some Comic Relief

If you smile, it means you're a terrorist ...

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Greece at the Point of no Return

Bond default European Union Eurozone Finland Fitch Germany Greece Netherlands ratings "The European Union suffers under Germany” ruffled some feathers, but Greek reform rebellion gives Angela Merkel and others what they’ve been looking for: plausible deniability.

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Apple at $1000/share? Oh, at LEAST!

Apple Slope of Hope Steve Jobs Nothing sums up the euphoria these days better than Apple, Inc.

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