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What the End Result of the Fed’s Cancerous Policies Will Be and When It Will Hit

Bond Brazil Capital Markets China Citigroup Credit Suisse Deutsche Bank ETC France goldman sachs Goldman Sachs Housing Market Institutional Investors Lehman Monetary Policy Moral Hazard Morgan Stanley Reality Sovereign Debt   The Fed is not a “dealer” giving “hits” of monetary morphine to an “addict”… the Fed has permitted cancerous beliefs to spread throughout the financial system. And the end result is going to be the same as that of a patient who ignores cancer and simply acts as though everything is fine. That patient is now past the point of no return. There can be no return to health. Instead the system will eventually collapse and then be replaced by a new one.

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On Slime and Water

China France India Mexico Peak oil will scare us to death, peak water will kill us.

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HaPPY SaiNT PaDDY WaGoN...DaY 2012!

AIG Fail None TARP Ye mangey Goldman Skunks!

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A Friendly Reminder on the VIX

Volatility Retirement... off?

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Inflation Even in the Cost of Corruption

Bureau of Labor Statistics China Corruption CPI France Germany Japan New Zealand Nomination Somalia Transparency There's a lot of it even in Germany, but it finally has a way of measuring it

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The Fed Isn’t Providing “Monetary Morphine”; It’s Spreading Financial Cancer That's Killing the Markets & Democratic Capitalism

Bond Capital Markets Fisher Housing Market Jan Hatzius Main Street Monetary Policy New York Times None Obama Administration Precious Metals  I believe Central Bank intervention is not a drug or “hit” for an addict. Instead, it is a cancer that has spread throughout the financial system’s psyche and which is killing the markets and Democratic capitalism.

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Apple's iPad Is Losing Market Share And Profit Margin As Apple Hits All Time High

Apple China default Fail Google Greece Head and Shoulders Market Share Portugal Steve Jobs Unemployment Verizon Listen up you Muppets!!!!! I'm rehearsing from my Goldman Interview, applying for retail stock broker, pushing Apple inventory :-)

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Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Global Economy Jamie Dimon Lloyd Blankfein Meltdown Moral Hazard Thank you Ben Shalom Bernanke for being the singular pompous PhD idiot who can take the yeoman's credit for navigating this entire golbal ship of financial farce into the sargasso sea of pinstriped fraud.

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GLD Technicals: Bottom of Range

10 Year Treasury The good news for those inclined to be bullish on gold is that prices are approaching the lower part of that trading range.

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U.S. Banks: 1-4 Family 1st Liens

BAC Nonperforming Loans climbed $5.23 Billion over Q3 - the first increase after 6 straight quarters of declines.

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ALaN GReeNSPaN'S ASSeT BuBBLe BaND (Updated)

Alan Greenspan It was 42 months ago today...

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The $10-Per-Gallon Gas Has Arrived, In Paris

Eurozone Exxon France Nicolas Sarkozy Nuclear Power Recession Just as the CEO of Total had predicted last December—talking his book.

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The Big Fat Greek Lie Is Now Obvious to Spain... So Who's Next to Default?

default Germany Greece Italy Unemployment We must consider that it is highly likely the option of simply defaulting is being discussed at the highest levels of the Spanish and Italian government. Should either country decide that austerity measures don’t work and it’s simply easier to opt for a default, then we are heading into a Crisis that will make 2008 look like a joke.

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