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    07/23/2014 - 07:21
    Ukraine, Gaza, Iran, Isis, Syria and Turkey are all just pawns in a grotesque geopolitical game. All sides have their narratives. But in all cases, innocents must die ...

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Graham Summers’ Weekly Market Forecast (All Eyes on Greece Edition)

Greece The world is awash in garbage debt. The only reason the banks and others haven’t taken the “hit” that they NEED to take is because they’ve bought out the politicians. Put another way, we are seeing clearly that the two primary principles of the West (capitalism and democracy) have both become jokes: alleged “capitalists” like the banks don’t ever actually see losses for mistakes and “democratically elected” leaders are in fact owned outright by the banks via donations/ bribes.

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Obama, Democrats, Republicans AND Bernanke All in a Bind – What they will do and when

Just a guess on the future.

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The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Mudville recovery that day; The economic score stood four to minus two with but one inning more to play--And then when Greenspan died at first, and Summers did the same..A sickly silence fell upon of the patrons of that blasted monetary game.

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The French Banks Are The First To Accept a Voluntary Greek Restructuring

Hey Mr. & Mrs. investment committee members, here's a strong investment idea. Let's take 30% of our money off of the table after losing 48% of it already, and reinvest 70% of it back into the original investment pool, but this time accept 20% in equity risk just as the country we're investing in is about to undergo a nasty, self-imposed austerity driven recession while our new fixed income position is subordinated in real time by the IMF, and soon likely to trade underwater just about as quickly. Now, where's my damn bonus??? I have an appointment with the Azimut dealer!

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Cracks Beneath the Façade

From China, to Greece, to Stocks and Bonds, European Debt, CDS, and finally the Dollar and Oil.

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A picture worth a thousand words (Tripled)

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Poorly-Timed SPR Oil Release Could Cost U.S. Taxpayers $1.5 Billion

Since the SPR is sold essentially at the bottom of the market, it mostly likely will cost a lot more to replenish. The most ironic thing is that while trying to intervene the oil market, the U.S. government,and taxpayers could end up losing money both ways--on the sale and on the buy-back.

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The Ugly Truth?

Here is the ugly truth on health, finance, organizations, weasels, Quebec's absolute return funds, the state of the Greek, US and Canadian economy, the 'solarcoaster', insanity and unrequited love! Enjoy!

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"It has become part of our day-to-day lexicon… something as American as apple pie. Whatever happens of an unpleasant or nefarious nature, it must have been caused or created by a “few bad apples.”--Ben Tanosborn

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Coal Gen and EPA Power Struggle: Consumers to Foot The Electric Bills?

American Electric Power (AEP) sent shock wave last week by suggesting consumers could see their electricity bills jump an estimated 40-60% in the next few years due to new air regulations by the EPA.

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Bernankenstein's Monster

Lee: Think like a criminal. Look, it’s a matter of knowing what the Fed’s next move is going to be, and knowing the investment implications.

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The Media Can't Save Barack From Obama Economy

With the Obama economy limping along thanks in part to the Administration’s policies in favor of extreme dollar weakness, there’s growing speculation as to his re-election chances in 2012.

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How Goldman Sachs Gets Stocks It Underwrites on Its “Conviction Buy” List

Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Its one thing when Investment Banks use optimistic assumptions for revenue growth and margin expansion to "rationalize" a high price for its client's stock. Its another thing entirely to assume a Chinese company has the same level of risk as a U.S. one...

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Call This a Warning Sign

This is the first real technical warning sign that the market is on the verge of breaking down and the economy is on the verge of a recession.

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The Anatomy of a Serial European Banking Collapse

Have you ever looked beneath the hood of the big European banks? It's scary for the average layperson & it even scarier if you actually understand what it is you are looking at. What we have hear is EXACTLY what I found in early 2008, INSOLVENCY - laid out plainly for all to see - at least all who ever bothered to take a look! Throw Kilo after Kilo of leveraged fiat currency meat into the insolvent sovereign PIIGS' maw & you won't ever see it again:

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