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Hugh Hendry's Greatest Hits

Hugh Hendry Hugh Hendry Classical Hendry moments.

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What if you only has three more days to live?

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The EU Has Already Broken Up… They Just Haven’t Formalized Yet

default European Union Eurozone France Germany Greece Italy RBS Reality Royal Bank of Scotland Swiss National Bank Turkey Talks are already underway of suspending the Schengen agreement and implementing border and capital controls. The Schengen agreement and freedom across borders was at the very basis of the Eurozone. And now the political elite want to suspend this?

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Tokyo Residents: Don't Touch the Black or Blue Dirt

Japan Radioactive "Dirt" Hits Tokyo

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US Dollar, Euro (DM before 1999), Yen and Sterling Depreciation Against Gold Since 1900

Central Banks China Gold Bugs Reuters Twitter Twitter Yen A coming global monetary crisis will likely result in a massive flight to gold. In historic times, it is worthwhile having an historic perspective.

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SinK THe BiSMeRKeL...

Or is it Red-Ink the Bismerkel?

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Trading as Character's X-Ray

default SPY I've pondered in the past how much we really know ourselves, or each other.

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CeNTRaL BanKerS...NoT So FaUST...

A tragic play in two parts...

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Broken Fences

Federal Reserve fixed Japan Monetary Policy Verizon The Fed is now causing more pain than gain.

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Philipp Bagus: Spain Can Thank The Euro for Their Issues

Central Banks Greece Philipp Bagus explains that Spain's use of the Euro currency has led to them being able to spend & spend, accumulating so much public debt without any real consequences.

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