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A MERSy Christmas | Twas The Night Before Fraudclosure

MERSy Christmas to Everyone at ZeroHedge!

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A modern Christmas classic updated...

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On Bad Laws and Hard Rain

Democrats deserve a C-, the Republicans get a D-.

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Peak Heist

If anybody knows exactly what this collateral is, I’d love to know.

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MInd Reading Machines Are Here

I knew you were going to say that ...

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We’ve reached the end game for Central Bank intervention.

  Consider the Central Banks’ coordinated intervention to lower the cost of borrowing Dollars three weeks ago. Remember, this was a coordinated effort, not the Federal Reserve or European Central Bank acting alone. And yet, here we are, less than one month later, and European banks have wiped out MOST if not ALL of the gains the intervention produced.  

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Death By a Thousand Cuts

Cash is King for the day. 

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The Mobile Computing Wars Are At The Half Time Mark and Google Is Killing Them!

Google Android clearly challenges notebooks, smartphones, netbooks, tablets, media, telecomm and enterprise software and services - all because the competition foolishly thought Google was a search engine!

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Why the Performance Differential Between Treasury Bonds and the S&P Matters

A major inflection point?

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No kimchee zone...

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12 Economic Facts of Christmas - Tick By Tick Research Email

12 Scary Economic Facts to fill your Festive Boots

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The Most Disparaged Profession

Congress, the ideal American institution: it spends more than it takes in and borrows the difference. We love that. It means free money, services, wars, and other goodies. And yet....

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The Golden End Game – A Thought Experiment - Part Two

If there comes a time when the best move forward is to sell most of our Gold and switch to another asset class, one more likely to survive the transition intact, will we be able to see this as obvious and a no brainer?

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New Bill Authorizes Rendition of American Citizens Living within the United States to Other Countries for Torture

Well, I am sure that President Obama would just send us to a country like the Bahamas with warm beaches and nice cocktails ...

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Sorry Folks, QE 3 Ain't Coming...

The Fed can’t possibly claim it’s trying to lower interest rates with the short end of the curve essentially offering 0% and Operation Twist 2 focusing on getting the long-end even lower (at a time when the 30-year is already under 3% and the 10-year under 2%)?

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