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The fastest growing part of the median household income for nearly a quarter of a century has been transfer payments.  The state has stepped in to fill the gap left by the breakdown of the previous social conract.  The new efforts to renegotiate the basket of goods citizens receive is likely to antagonize employee and employer relationships.  

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Soros’ yen “avalanche” would appear to have begun with the yen having fallen by 9.5% against gold in 5 trading days since last Thursday leading to record nominal highs in the yen at over 0.1577 million yen per ounce this morning.

The higher gold prices have led to a curious anomaly in Japan where the public has again been selling gold in cash for gold schemes, often due to being under financial pressure, while some Japanese investors and savers have diversified into gold coins and bars both of which have seen an increase in demand in recent days.