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Flow of Funds Report

Here is a good chart showing data from the weekly mutual fund flow of funds report.   This series is using the domestic equity only data.   In the first chart, we have plotted the flow of funds in it’s raw form.    Though there has been a small recent uptick in funds coming in, note the strong consistent negative flow over the last couple of years.  

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Crude Oil vs. Iran: Who Blinks First?

China Crude Crude Oil European Union France India International Energy Agency Iran Israel Japan Reality recovery Reuters Saudi Arabia Twitter Twitter United Kingdom Crude oil spiked to nine-month high primarily on investors fear of potential conflict over the escalating tensions between the US, Europe, Israel, and Iran.  Right now, it seems Iran could be the one blinks first (war or peace).

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On Sentiment

ABC News Reality Everyone is on the same side of this boat. I want to be on the other side.

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TRoiKa HeLL...

BRICs Eastern Europe France Greece The new Crony Crapitalist Utopia...

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The Sophisticated and the Scammed – MBS Trusts Keeping Assets on the Books Long After they are Liquidated

Bank of New York Countrywide ETC Florida Freddie Mac ratings Real estate Robert Rodriguez This is just a small example of what we are uncovering. If we learned anything from the robosigning scandal, if there are more than two “irregularities,” there are thousands.

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Grecian Tragedy Formula, Bailout Number 3

France Germany Greece Ireland Italy Portugal After reading this all should be quite confident of a Grecian Implosion. Instead of focusing on Greece, the actual debt explosion (implosion) path is what the media should be harping, not the color of the match that set it off.

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Prime-Ministerial Unpopularity Contest at the Edge of the Japanese Abyss

Budget Deficit Deficit Spending Japan National Debt Natural Gas None Nuclear Power ratings Trade Balance Trade Deficit Yen While all eyes are on Europe and its Greek farce, Japan is advancing at an inexorable pace...

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Greece "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries..."--Brussels EURO Canard

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Inspiration from Admiral Stockdale

Bond Reality Slope of Hope   Originally published on Slope of Hope last month, I thought it was worth bringing over here to ZH.... If you're like most Americans, you hadn't heard of James Stockdale until he showed up for the 1992 Vice Presidential debates and made this famous line.......  

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HaPPY PReSiDeNT'S DaY SaLe 2012 (Everything is priced to go!)

"I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world."--George Washington

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The Ugly Truth About The Greek Situation That's Difficult Broadcast Through Mainstream Media

Bond Creditors default Eurozone Greece Sovereign Debt Sovereigns Run your on Greek default scenario right here. An online sovereign default calculator, of sorts...

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You know the saying, "Human see, human do."--Julius

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