• Vitaliy Katsenelson
    10/07/2015 - 12:23
    Having government control over the levers of the economy can have advantages. For example, by taking prompt action, the Chinese government was able to pull the economy out of the recession remarkably...

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Greece: Now They’re Not Even Trying Anymore

Bank of Japan Bond Central Banks Creditors default Eurozone Greece Japan Recession Turkey As Monti said, "The financial aspect of the crisis is over." For the moment. But the problems are worse than ever.

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NaTioNaL CLeaVaGe DaY...IT's Too BiG To FaiL!


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Germany is Now Openly Engaging In Monetary Policies Against the ECB

B+ Bank of England Central Banks Deutsche Bank European Central Bank Eurozone Germany Hong Kong Housing Bubble Ireland Italy Monetary Policy Nicolas Sarkozy Our feeling is that Germany is establishing a "Plan B" in place in case it needs to leave the Euro at some point. The catalyst(s) that might provoke this are the upcoming French, Irish, and Greek elections, which could see a resurgence in leftist, anti-austerity measures in these countries. Moreover, inflation is kicking up in Germany which will exacerbate tensions between it and the ECB.

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California Slammed With Fukushima Radiation

Department Of Energy Japan Nuclear Power Fukushima Radiation Plume Hit Southern and Central California

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Seasonally adjusted data and the Anti-Christ

There is nothing highbrow or insightful about eschewing seasonally adjusted data. Zinging seasonally adjusted methodology because it is not perfect is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Many people love to be critical of what they cannot - or refuse to- understand. Of course, if you do not LIKE or WANT TO ACCEPT the message in the ‘SA’ data, the NSA data may provide a refuge for the naysayer. And I suppose that is its true purpose more than people thinking seasonal adjustment is done by the anti-Christ or something.  

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A View on Inflation & Keynesian Talking Points

Apple B+ BLS Central Banks CPI Fail Federal Reserve Housing Prices M2 Money Supply Student Loans  The ponzi will fail, and the economy will reset - the only question is when.

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Hindsight Is 20/20, And As Luck Has It Our Foresight On Research in Motion Was Right On The Money Two Years Ago

Apple Market Share How to profit by shorting fruit! I warned on this rotten berry 2 years ago & the model that I released proved quite useful!

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MeGa MiLLioNS UPDaTe...

A safe bet on yellow...

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The Markets WIll Force EU Leaders Hands Sometime in the Next 2-3 Months

Black Swan Central Banks default ETC Eurozone France Germany Greece Ireland Italy Nicolas Sarkozy Portugal Recession Unemployment   Much of the fiscal and monetary insanity that has come out of the EU over the last two years can be summated by one of my central global theses: politics determine Europe's policies, not economics. And Europe now appears to be shifting towards a more leftist/ anti-austerity measure political environment. If this shift is cemented in the coming Greek, French, and Irish elections/ referendums, then things could get ugly in the Eurozone VERY quickly.  

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Now for some bad news: jobless claims

Continuing Claims Unemployment Jobless claims still are good news but their newest news is not so good news. The progress on claims falling is less than we thought and the current momentum is diminished. The big broad downtrend is still there but the recent downtrend which saw the pace of claims falling faster has had its wings clipped. Too soon to say if this is a key development or not. But it could drive optimists to drink.

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