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David and Société Générale

Bear Stearns Bond Eurozone France Rogue Trader SocGen He has some new ammo, and he is striking back.

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How Government Should Cheat on the CPI

Apple BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics Congressional Budget Office CPI Obama Administration White House At least call it what it is - a cut to SS benefits and a reduction in standard of living. 

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This post is intended to cheer up ZH reader Loukanika the Riot Dog who laments that this has been a very tough week in Greece and he needs a laugh...

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Warning for an Eager Facebook Investor (my shortest article, ever!)

Google Twitter Twitter Here is a thought for an eager Facebook investor: Google revenue - $40 billion; market capitalization $200 billion (plus $40 billion of cash).  Facebook revenue $4 billion; market capitalization $100 billion. So Facebook has to grow revenue 10x for you to double your money.  Good luck!

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Bernanke's Equity vs. The Bond Kings

Bill Gross Bond Gundlach Total Return Fund Bill Gross & PIMCO's newly created ETF (BOND) and Jeffrey Gundlach's total return fund (DBLTX) are battling the Fed and the mainstream media's strict adherence to the Dow Infinity theorem.

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Gold “Buying Opportunity” - Gold Analysts More Bullish On Central Bank Demand

Apple Bank of Japan Bond Central Banks Dennis Gartman Eurozone France Germany Irrational Exuberance Japan Jim Grant Mexico Newspaper Precious Metals Recession recovery Reuters Technical Analysis Turkey Twitter Twitter Yen Yuan The Fed’s promise to use more QE should the economy falter is supporting gold.   The global economic picture remains grim, with euro zone economic sentiment falling more than expected in April and the US job market recovery showing signs of a slowdown.   Apple earnings and the tech boom and indeed possible tech bubble remains one of the primary drivers of continuing irrational exuberance and risk appetite.   The poor and deteriorating economic backdrop is gold supportive.

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2.2%?! PRiNT!

Put your coffees down please...

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A Realistic Look At The Companies In The CNBC Stock Draft 2012 - Part 1

Apple China Google New York Times Price Action Reggie Middleton   A fundamental overview of the stocks available for drafting during the CNBC Street Signs Stock Draft airing, with my comments & opinions. Yesterday I released the analysis of Apples Q2 earnings & I'm sure it contained content that you didn't read anywhere else.

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In bullfighting, the spot in the ring where the bull always returns is called Querencia. In finance that spot is called Mean Reversion...

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The Battle Lines are Drawn - Updated and Berated

Netherlands   Preamble:   The problem with my massive borrowing operation is that it relies on whatever I can find wherever I can get it. The best insider stuff I can get comes from ZH and nakedcapitalism, which both don't have a lot I can use in the Dutch context [hint :)]. And if I borrow heavily from them in my economic analysis I hope everyone understands.  

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