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If You’re Not Scared, You’re Not Paying Attention

In simple terms, what I’m trying to say is that we are about to witness another “2008” only on a sovereign scale. The EU will be first, but China, Japan, and even the US will be defaulting in the future. The implications these actions have for asset classes will be HUGE as all assets move relative to sovereign bonds which used to be considered the primary low risk asset class in the world.

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Greek Asset Sales Fall Short, As We Virtually Guaranteed They Would In Spring 2010

Economou said there isn’t enough investor interest in the assets for sale as “credit default swaps and spreads are the kinds of thing they have their eyes on.” Concrete assets are “riskier,” he said. Methinks Mr. Economou (what irony is there in a name???) may be missing the forest for the trees!

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Tim Geithner I notice you're not wearing any...galloshes--Weird Al Yankovic

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Beautiful Day?

Keep your eye on the ball and don't be fooled by all the ugly macro smoke...

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BoomBustBlog Traders Armed With BoomBustBlog Research Caught ~10% Deutsche Bank Fall

Deutsche Bank Deustche Bank's forensics/technicals looked downright ugly. We opined on both about two weeks ago, along with parsing the CEO's warning that all should essentially start running for the hills. Many participants in mother market missed this. Well, DB got crushed in European trading, making both the forensic research and technical trade setup shine like the sun. There's much more to come! Will those triple digit short returns of 2008 come again?

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Market Data Sheets July 12th

S&P 500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Russell 2000, Nymex Crude Oil, Comex Gold, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY

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European Charts

European Important Charts by

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News That Matters

All you need to know by

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News Corp Sometimes a picture is worth 100,000 words...

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Understanding Unintended Consequences

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The Biggest Fed Money Pump Since Lehman Went Under...

Lehman For the week ended June 27, the Fed flooded the financial system with $76 BILLION in liquidity. Bill King of the King Report puts that number into perspective noting that it’s BIGGEST increase since September 22, 2008 right after Lehman Brothers collapsed. That’s right, the Fed just juiced the system as much as it did when Lehman Brothers went under. While a shockingly large single money pump, the Fed’s generally been flooding the system with liquidity at a pace equal to that of 2008 since the beginning of the year.

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Dispatches from Occupied Territory - Of Open Minds and Closed People

Our collective insanity will only provide us with answers that sustain and validate our insanity. To assume that we can apply the same thinking processes and so-called logical train of thought to unravel the insanity is to believe that the insanity itself has the capability to be sane, an obviously insane conclusion. So what do we do?

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Unemployment: It's More Than A "Soft Patch"

Unemployment As long as unemployment remains high and economic activity remains no better than flat there will be pressure on the Fed to meet its full employment mandate. QE is the only trick left in their bag. That will lead to further price inflation, a shot in the arm for the financial markets, but it will not lead to a boom in industrial activity or the estimated 250,000 new jobs a month that must be created over the next five years to create "full employment."

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