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What's New In "Avoid Debt Destruction By Any Means" European Soap Opera Today? Additional Proof That Bank Failure's Imminent

Try, try, try as you might, you really cannot manipulate global markets on a sustainable basis. Italy, Portugal, Ireland and Greece are joining the ECB at the back of the class for a crash course in this lesson as I type this...

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Time to Go Short the Matterhorn

I love Swiss chocolate, but it’s not that good. The Swiss franc has been driven up to absurd levels by a safe haven bid. This is the next “short gold” trade. It is far easier to weaken a currency than to strengthen them

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A Dispirited Fed Chairman Emerges From Jackson Hole

While Ben Bernanke has tried to exude confidence, he is now clearly discouraged. As well he should, since none of the Fed's "suite of tools" have worked as intended and almost every forecast the Fed has given since the Crash has been wrong. We are forecasting a stagnant economy and come the elections it is likely that unemployment will remain high. Like all Fed Chairmen, it will be hard for Dr. Bernanke to resist calls from politicians to "do something." He will earn his moniker as "Helicopter Ben" and unleash more quantitative easing, a dangerous and regressive policy.

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The Average Layman Wonders What So Special About Banks That Pros Want To Buy Their Stock?

Quick answer, "Nothing!" Pros are just wrong, plain and simple. When you're long only, you only have to lose less than the next guy. You don't necessarily have to make any money. Remember that.

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AT&T Offers an Attractive Alternative to Low CD Rates

With ZIRP, real interest rate on fixed income investment gives a negative return after inflation...

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Graham Summers’ Weekly Market Forecast (Performance Gaming Edition)

The Euro could be in the final stages of intervention/ bailouts. On September 8, a German court will be ruling whether it is constitutional for Germany to participate in EU bailouts. Consider that 6% of Germans feel the Euro has brought economic disadvantages and that the German elections are scheduled for just a few weeks later, and we could very well see the court rule to end Germany’s participation in the bailouts.

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The Great Snore of 2011

The nonevent of the year. The Fed has put off any serious action to repair the sagging economy until the next (FOMC) meeting on September 20-1. The economy is already humming along well enough to postpone any further stimulative action. In fact, he stated that he expects GDP to be stronger in the second half than in the first. This is in sharp contrast to the market’s opinion that things are going to hell in a hand basket, and that Armageddon is near. Could “surprise” become the most commonly used word in future Fed releases?  

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Did You Know That The Upcoming Italian Auction Can Spark Contagion That Touches A BIG US Bank?

  Follow that bouncing ball across Europe as it eventually hits home right here on Wall Street. Why haven't we heard about this in the media or the sell side reports?  

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Prepare to Be Forgiven, Ye Mortgage Sinners

Although we waxed skeptical here the other day about Warren Buffett’s just-announced $5 billion stake in Bank of America, we allowed for the possibility that the deal will provide a handsome payoff to him no matter what happens to the bank.  B of A could implode, after all, a victim of sinking collateral values for its mortgage loans, and of litigation over its securitized-lending business. 

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Sol Sanders | Follow the money No. 81 | The Great American Heresy

William James saw an increasing tendency to extend the then budding scientific method of controlled experiments in the physical sciences into intractable social and political problems. He warned it would not work, perhaps as much based on his psychological understanding as his philosophical logic, that is, as the old saying goes, people will be people.

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Chart levels to look out for

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Pavlov Rang the Bell

The response of the market makes sense from the perspective of Pavlovian conditioning.

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Housing Time Bomb Goes Tick Tock Tick Tock

Sales must increase. That is largely dependent on household formation, which in turn is dependent on growth in full time jobs. And that's not happening.

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