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Spain's Fixed??? Even Spain's PM Admits that REAL Capitalization Needs Are Closer to 500 billion Euros!!!

Bond default European Union Fail fixed Germany Housing Bubble Housing Starts Ireland Newspaper The Economist   Indeed, one has to wonder… just how does a €100 billion bailout solve Spain’s banking woes when its Prime Minister was suggesting the real damage is more to the tune of €500 billion in a text message to his Finance Minister??? Indeed, if Rajoy’s text is even remotely truthful, then we can assume that Spain’s real capitalization needs are multiples of the €100 billion bailout… something that the EU media is picking up on already. As one example, JP Morgan believes that when all is said and done Spanish banks could be looking at...

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ZH Evening Wrap Up 6/15/12

News & headlines from the day

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Sean Egan on Europe, and Why They Are Always Out in Front of the Other Ratings Agencies

Creditors Rating Agencies ratings Ratings Agencies Sean Egan We're paid by investors, we have to earn our keep every single year. S&P and Moody's are being paid by the issuers of debt

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Investment Merit? We Don't Need No Stinking Investment Merit

POMO POMO Quantitative Easing While the mantra "Don't fight the Fed" seems to ring true with investors, I am little less sanguine than most, and I have a hard time buying the accepted dogma.

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What if nobody showed up at Armageddon?--CR Strahan

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CNBC Asks, "So Why Are Spanish Bond Yields Falling?" I Ask The Better Question, "Why Are Spanish Banks Considered Solvent?"

Bank Run Bond Borrowing Costs Central Banks Counterparties ETC Greece Italy Real estate Reuters Sovereign Debt Sovereigns Remember, both as my research and the past 5 yrs have made clear, counterparty induced banks runs are the most damaging and Spains banks are hit from both RE and Sovereign debt crises. Who wouldn't run from this?

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MaeSTRo: "Noble experiment for European Monetary Union has been a failure..."

"I'm too sexy for my body..."--Maestro

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