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The Astounding Fuel Price Conundrum

Brazil Census Bureau Central Banks China Gallup Iran Mexico New York Times President Obama White House An economic fiasco, a political football ... and (quietly) a growing export product in a declining market.

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Two Reasons Why the Global Economy Will Slow and Government Promises to Retirees Will be Broken

Black Swan Cato Institute China default Demographics ETC Global Economy Greece Gross Domestic Product Japan Jeremy Grantham Medicare Middle East The coming years will be marked by a seismic change in the economic landscape in the US. Firstly and most importantly, we are going to see economic growth slow down dramatically. The reasons for this slow down are myriad but the most important are: 1) Age demographics: a growing percentage of the population will be retiring while fewer younger people are entering the workforce. 2) Excessive debt overhang.

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PiNK SLiMe aND oTHeR THiNGs...

CDO Fail Too Big To Fail With a gentleman I am always a gentleman and a half, and with a fraud I try to be a fraud and a half.--Otto von Bismarck

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A Fresh Look at the Gold Bugs Index Analog

Gold Bugs I feel almost inclined to apologize for the number of times I trot out the gold bugs index analog, but - - well - - I think it's important. Week after week, this analog has held together and strengthened itself. Here's a grid chart comparing the 2005-2008 period (top) to the recent market history (bottom):

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On Sweet Deals and No Deals

No sweet deal for you. 

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Five Charts That Prove We’re in a Depression and The Stimulus Hasn't Worked

Black Swan default Federal Reserve Greece headlines Japan Reality Recession recovery Unemployment Folks, this is a DE-pression. And those who claim we’ve turned a corner are going by “adjusted” AKA “massaged” data. The actual data (which is provided by the Federal Reserve and Federal Government by the way) does not support these claims at all. In fact, if anything they prove we’ve wasted money by not permitted the proper debt restructuring/ cleaning of house needed in the financial system.

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It’s That Time of The Month, Employment Data Leads To Investment Mood Syndrome

BLS Bond Central Banks Deficit Spending Foreign Central Banks Obama Administration Rate of Change Real estate Reality Recession Vigilantes While usually prepared to rant and rave about how misleading the SA numbers, this month, Lee can't.  

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The Black Swan NO ONE is Talking About: Germany’s “Plan B”

B+ Black Swan China default France Germany Greece Ireland Italy Lehman Lehman Brothers Nicolas Sarkozy Portugal ratings Germany just launched a €480 billion fund that it will use to backstop its banking system should a Crisis hit. And in the fine print, which no one has caught,... the fund will also allow German banks to dump their EU sovereign bonds... as in German banks'  PIIGS/ EU exposure disappearing in an instant. So... why would Germany do this?

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David Kotok | Greece, Tragedy & Poetry

CDS Credit Default Swaps default European Central Bank Fannie Mae Greece Italy Recession Risk Premium Sovereign Debt Sovereigns Unemployment Do not trust any government. Nothing new here. This Greek government invoked the collective action clause (CAC). It retroactively inserted provisions in a debt contract and then imposed them.

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March 11 Earthquake and Tsunami: A Perspective

Archipelago ETC Japan New Zealand Nuclear Power I've been critical of Japan Inc. But this is very different. And much more personal.

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