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10 Sep 2012 – “ The Number of the Beast " (Iron Maiden, 1982)

Baltic Dry Belgium China Copper CPI CRB Finland France Germany Greece Investor Sentiment Italy Netherlands Real estate Trade Balance Volatility Yuan Ah, hmm, yes, Greece… Not much else to chew on. Risk is lofty and near the point where all stimulus measures that were already priced have been delivered. So, what's next?

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Long Term Oscillator Points Towards Gains in Gold

Dow Jones Industrial Average Gold has been consolidating the nearly 100% gains that took place over the prior 2.5 year period from 2009 to mid-2011.

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The “Bond King”: Buy Gold, Not Bonds

Bill Gross Bond Central Banks fixed PIMCO Even Bill Gross Admits that Gold Holds Its Value, While - In an Era of Central Bank Money Printing- Paper Money Doesn't

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Super Mario’s Big Bluff

Bond default European Central Bank Germany Greece Italy Sovereigns In closing, the new ECB program will ultimately prove to be Mario Draghi’s big bluff. By presenting an old, failed program as something “new” and “unlimited” in scope, the ECB has actually shown that it’s essentially out of firepower.

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Fail NASDAQ It's time for the FACEBOOK FIASCO MSM blame game...

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On Sub-Zero and Decoupling

B+ Central Banks Google Market Sentiment Wall Street Journal Who in their right mind would buy any government bonds today?

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Reality vs. Obama: Is It Really a Revenue Problem?

Nomination President Obama Reality Tax Revenue As President Obama doubles down on federal spending, he tells us these aren't the droids we're looking for

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On the Fed and WFP

Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Medicare Tax Revenue Bernanke knows this. I wish he would admit to it.

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The Zero Hedge Daily Round Up #122 - 07/09/2012

Apple China Reality Unemployment Today's ZH articles in audio summary! "Brought to you by Sanity, a sub-division of Reality Inc." 8pm Everyday @ New York Time.

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AUD.USD: Is Optimism about to Shift?

B+ Initial Jobless Claims Michigan New Zealand Unemployment Where does the AUD.USD go from here?

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