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    04/29/2016 - 05:58
    There is unfortunately no basis for renewed optimism that this current litigation will have any meaningful impact on precious metals manipulation – with respect to either silver or gold.

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What the ECB Can Actually Do... Not Much

Bond default France Germany Greece Italy None So there is literally NO option that could save Europe at this point. We can get verbal interventions and symbolic gestures (such as Draghi's "bazooka" threat), but the fact of the matter is that the capital needed to prop up Europe simply doesn't exist in the EU or anywhere else for that matter.

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09 Aug 2012 – “ Beautiful Days " (Venus, 2003)

B+ Baltic Dry Belgium Bond China Copper CPI CRB Finland fixed France Germany Italy Mars Netherlands Reverse Inquiry Trade Deficit Unemployment Wells Fargo ECB to EU governments: “Guys, we won’t fly solo…” Bond Market to ECB “Show me the money!” Equity market “Someone said Money? Buy!”

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Chautauqua Notes | Ethical Challenges of Finally Fixing the Financial Crisis: Fair Deals vs. New Deals

Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Credit Default Swaps default Federal Reserve Financial Derivatives Greece Krugman Paul Krugman Real estate Unemployment From the perspective of ethics, the fiscal profligacy of the US government and related behavior in the private sector is the cause of the financial crisis

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Median Wages Have PLUMMETED Since 1969

Unemployment Real Wages Much Lower Than They Were Four Decades Ago

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08 Aug 2012 – “ Pump Up The Volume " (M|A|R|R|S, 1987)

Baltic Dry Belgium BOE Copper CPI CRB ETC Finland France Germany Greece Italy Netherlands Reverse Inquiry Trade Balance Will drift. Won’t help trading volumes… Flattish to slightly lower US open. Drifting…

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Knight Capital: Just a Warm-Up For the Big One?

BATS Black Swan Budget Deficit Central Banks Corruption Financial Derivatives New York Times Real estate Unemployment Anyone betting that the global financial system will continue to muddle along indefinitely deserves to reap the whirlwind that’s coming.  As the rest of us well know, the international banking system is being kept afloat solely by political lies, stupidity, corruption, greed and, most of all, egregiously misplaced confidence. It would seem to be only a matter of time before the rotted timbers of this belief system give way.  But what will be the catalyst?  The possibility or even likelihood that the financial system will be toppled by some event no one was expecting was an...

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As the Sell Side and MSM Sing The Praises of European Insurer "Street Cred"

BLS Eurozone France Google Greece headlines International Monetary Fund Italy Market Conditions Markit Morgan Stanley New York Times Reality Recession recovery Reggie Middleton Reuters Stress Test Presented in the usual manner of challenging the ENTIRE sell side of Wall Street to offer analysis anywhere near as cogent, honest, straightforward, accurate, complete and credible. Or put more succinctly, the Goldman and Morgan Stanley clients can tell their advisers that Reggie Middleton advised them to kiss his As

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07 Aug 2012 – “ Life on Mars? " (David Bowie, 1973)

Baltic Dry Belgium Bond Copper CPI CRB Finland France Germany Greece Italy Mars Netherlands Reality Sovereigns Trade Balance To be correct, it is a series of games of chicken, as next to the different sovereigns, the ESM/ESFS, the ECB, and why not the IMF, below the sovereigns there are the regions, be it in Spain or, as it stands, in Germany.

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