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€100,000 for Brexit

Fancy making some easy money? Just go in for the ‘Blueprint for Britain’ competition that is being staged by The Institute for Economic Affairs which is asking participants to provide a 2, 000-word piece on how the UK would be able to leave the EU and get around problems such as fitting into the geopolitical landscape and still surviving but going it alone.

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Trading of spot bullion of 99.99 percent purity on the Shanghai exchange exceeded 20 tons every day between April 16 and May 6. That’s more than four times the daily average in 2012. Volume reached a record 43.27 metric tons on April 22.

China’s net gold imports from Hong Kong increased 40% in May from a month earlier as the metal’s deepening slump continued to attract bargain hunters to bullion shops in China and Asia.

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Fabulous Fab (Fabrice Tourre)

Former Goldman Sachs trader Fabrice Tourre goes on trial this week, accused by the Securities and Exchange Commission of willingly misleading investors while he was vice-president of the bank.

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Call it what you will, a handshake or a parachute; the result is all the same. The rest of us just get elbow out of the way as we get pushed through the back door. The top executives leave by the front door and to boot they hop into a chauffeur-driven car (paid by the company, of course) as they drive off into the sunset. To parachute someone: send them elsewhere, relocate them, bundle them off, pack them off or dispatch.

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Wild price swings in a market of this size (that is often leveraged at 80 to 1 or even 100 to 1) mean massive amounts of wealth evaporating instantly. Historically, currencies are the first asset class to register when the system is in big trouble. These wild swings in the US Dollar are a major red flag that trouble is beginning to brew behind the scenes in the financial system.