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The Strenuously Hushed-Up Fundamental Flaw In The Tax Code

The reason why some profitable companies pay no taxes. And why others pay too much. It’s so fundamental to business taxation. But not even tax reformers dare to mention it.

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Journalists Jumping To Conclusions Can Get Contusions

We should wait until the data is in before hurting ourselves. 

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On Boeing - Where's the money?

Boeing Don't ever, ever, ever invest in airlines. Ever.

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You Can Rest Assured That The Insurance Industry Is In For Guaranteed Losses!

Picture an industry that relies on investment income borne from bonds (primarily sovereign debt [whaaaat?] & bank/financial institution debt [whoa!!!??] for earnings as much as their core business. The perfect short?

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Read This and Tell Me Germany Wants a Monetary Union

Germany Germany is interested in the EU as a political entity, NOT the Euro as a currency. With that in mind, consider the following story which received almost NO attention from the media:

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Bernanke’s Scared… And He Should Be As He Gets More Politically Toxic By the Day

  This is a man who just a year or two ago was so arrogant of his power that he committed blatant perjury in front of Congress (the famed “debt monetization” lie)… NOW writing a letter to politicians whining about how unfair the media has been regarding his monetary actions. This is a massive and I mean MASSIVE shift for Bernanke.  

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News That Matters

All you need to read.

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Gold and Silver Mining Stocks Offer the Best Value of any Sector in the Stock Market By Far and By a Wide Margin

Today, gold and silver mining stocks offer the best value by far of any sector in any stock market anywhere in the world. Due to the recent massive volatility that bankers have introduced into the PM stock sector, and the fact that commercial investment advisers worldwide have erroneously re-educated millions of people with the concept that volatility equals risk, the majority of people worldwide will miss a massive opportunity in gold and silver mining stocks over the next several years due to their misguided belief that gold and silver mining stocks cannot escape the throes of...

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The Endgame: Japan Inc. Plays By Its Own Rules

Japan Prime ministers get replaced every 8 to 15 months. Bureaucrats and corporate interests stay. Public debt turns into a mushroom cloud. Is it finally time to bet against Japan Inc.?

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Social Security 2011 – Another Bad Year

My annual report on Social Security.

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"Fear is the mother of morality."-- Friedrich Nietzche; "Fear is the mother of Moron Hazard."--WilliamBanzai7

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TiS THe SeaSoN...

To support your local Post Office...

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Something is Fishy... Is the Fed Leaking Info Again?

We know that the Fed and other Central Banks have a tendency to leak information to certain friends in advance, so I cannot help but wonder if stocks are showing this strength based on someone knowing something we don’t.

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BOMBSHELL: Damning SEC OIG Audit of SIPC Raises Conflicts of Interest for MF Global Liquidation Trustee James. W. Giddens

MF Global Why did the CFTC abdicate its congressional mandate, pushing a futures broker into the jaws of SIPC where a trustee with no futures experience could rack up exorbitant fees?

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