• Tim Knight from...
    10/23/2014 - 16:06
    Way back on August 30, I did a post called Past Fear, Present Fear, which offered up an analog of the VIX  I followed up on October 9th with my Moment of Truth post, which was...
  • Pivotfarm
    10/23/2014 - 18:39
    I challenge the central banker, manager, trader, and investors to manufacture and financially engineer a safer and better alternative to the USD.

Contributing Editors' Blog Entries

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Smoking Some Bad Debt Dope?

I want everyone to take a deep breath and stop inhaling all that bad debt dope...

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Disorderly Conduct

Resolved for a moment or not it's time to give this chasm in American political and economic life a closer look from a decidedly off South Main Street USA perspective.

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To DeFauLT, or NoT To DeFauLT

default Whether 'tis nobler at this time to sufferThe slings and arrows of outrageous financial misfortune, Or to take arms against a sea of rising debts

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Policy for a Balance Sheet Recession

Balance Sheet Recession Recession Economists will long debate the efficacy of our traditional policy response but, whatever the results so far, there are constraints that place severe limitations on the effectiveness of such policy going forward. The US deficit and the trajectory of US spending is unsustainably high and, as the late economist Herbert Stein famously observed, “what cannot last, will not do so”. Any further fiscal stimulus risks pushing US finances past the tipping point, which would be a reckless gamble. At near zero short term interest rates, traditional monetary policy has become impotent, QE has been...

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On More QE and the Recession that won’t end

Recession The recession still has not ended, but Bernanke's hands are tied by inflation.

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A U.S. Sovereign Credit Downgrade Is No Laughing Matter

Sen. John kerry comments that the Chinese "are laughing all the way to the bank" on a downgrading of US Treasury securities.  China owns about 8% of the U.S. debt, so does that mean the rest of 92% debtors, including the U.S. taxpayer, would also be "laughing"?  

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What Happens When A Paper Currency Fails?


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BaNaNa AMeRiKa con't

The Banana Debt Republic saga continues

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How China Ate America's Lunch

China In 1978, the year China emerged onto the world stage with its four modernizations, China, a country with four times the population of the United States, had a paltry gross domestic product of $216 billion, less than eight percent of the United States. China exposed her strategy of four modernizations to the world as if to say, “Please invest in China and we will ensure that our workforce is educated, and that our business infrastructure is stable for your investment.” Yet, this openly expressed strategy, that may have seemed to the rest of the world as a difficult but noble goal for China to...

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Pyrrhic Victory and Q&A with Kirk Report

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Former Bondi Foreclosure Fraud Investigators June Clarkson & Theresa Edwards Live on Air WDJA 1420AM Saturday from 8-10 am EDT

Citizen Warriors Radio | Foreclosure Fraud Special w/ June Clarkson & Theresa Edwards Hosted by Michael @ 4closureFraud.org and Lisa @ ForeclosureHamlet.org

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The Budget Debate Fraud

Everything about the budget debate is a fraud. The drop dead date is a fraud. The "cuts" are a fraud. The threat of economic collapse is a fraud. Forget all the "can't we just get along" rhetoric. US sovereign debt ratings will be cut sooner or later. The only way we will get a balanced budget amendment is to shut it down.

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Charts Update before you consider selling the panic

Some Charts before you panic by www.thetrader.se

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