• CalibratedConfidence
    08/30/2015 - 08:34
    Luckily we didn't hear anything more about Vomiting Camel formations but there was certainly an ample amount of "it's priced in" blaring in the background.

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An imbalanced approach...

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Either Greece is Forced Out or Germany Walks… Either Way a Collapse is Coming

Central Banks default Germany Greece LTRO Reality Germany is in a great squeeze. On one side the ECB and G20 want Germany to step up with more money to save Europe. On the other hand, German CEOs, voters, and even the courts, are increasingly wanting out of the Euro. This is not a situation that gives one much confidence that Germany will stick around for too much longer. It is my view Germany is going to do all it can to force Greece out of the Euro before March 20th (the date that the next round of Greek debt is due) or will simply pull out of the Euro (but not the EU) itself.

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Cascade is to Domino as Greece is to Portugal as LTRO 2 is to...

Bank Run Bond Citigroup default France Greece Ireland Italy LTRO Portugal Reality Recession recovery Sovereign Debt As US markets hit their all time highs, there is nothing but bad news in EU sovereign land. What does it take for people to understand that equities have detached from fundamentals & the macro outlook?

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A Busy Two Months for the New York Fed

AIG Credit Suisse Mortgage Backed Securities New York Fed It was a busy two months for the Sack-man, and Credit Suisse is the big winner

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BeRKSHiRe HaTHaWaY 4-1-9

Berkshire Hathaway 10 ways to make Warren Rich...

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California’s Freak Finances (What Are They Smoking?)

default Google Housing Bubble New York City Personal Income Reality Just how much moolah can the state extract from its residents?

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"There will be no glory in your sacrifice. I will erase even the memory of free Greece from the histories."---Xerxes

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The ‘High Oil Prices = Recession’ Fallacy

B+ CPI Crude Irrational Exuberance Kuwait Monetary Policy Money Supply OPEC Paul Volcker Real estate Recession recovery Every time we see oil prices go up we hear that it will cause inflation and/or the economy will go into the tank. The premise is wrong because that has never happened.

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Commodities Were So 2011: This Year It’s Tech’s Turn to Pop & (Maybe) Top

B+ Hong Kong JPMorgan Chase Natural Gas Large IPOs often mark tops within sectors and within stock markets as a whole. In June 2007, shortly after the s*** had begun to hit the fan in the financial stocks, the Blackstone Group (BX) was able to get a multi-billion dollar IPO in. About a year and a half later, BX was down about as much as the Dow Jones fell between its 1929 peak and its mid-1932 nadir--almost 90%. Major IPOs and runs of hot IPOs in a single sector do not happen in a vacuum. They are not the result of a philanthropic attitude amongst corporate insiders or the financial community. Last year, memories of the crash...

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Beverage Rules Apply...

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Priced for Nirvana

B+ Bond Central Banks Crude Foreign Central Banks Free Money Greece HFT Iran Ireland Israel Italy LTRO NASDAQ None Portugal Prudential Reality Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee Treasury Supply But coincidentally, the ECB’s next Long Term Refinancing Operation (LTRO) is set for February 29...

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Dollar, Gold and Gasoline: Much Ado About Nothing

Central Banks Crude Crude Oil headlines Hyperinflation Iran Israel Recession Stagflation Twitter Twitter Sorry, you can't blame dollar and gold for the surging oil and gasoline price.

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