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PaCMaC ReGGiE EDiTioN...

Presented in good humor...

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CBO - Ten Years After

Congressional Budget Office Reality Recession They missed by a country mile.

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On Bumblebees and Central Bankers' Bluffs

Australia default Germany Japan Lehman Lehman Brothers None   I have to admit, I am pretty sick of writing about Europe, particularly since nothing has changed over there in the last month. Instead what’s happened is that Mario Draghi issued a borderline ridiculous statement that he somehow will be able to fix the EU’s solvency Crisis. The actual speech started with a philosophical inquiry comparing the Euro to a bumblebee. I kid you not:

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Happy Anniversary Countrywide! Or is it Back to the Future?

Angelo Mozilo BAC Bear Stearns Commercial Paper Counterparties Countrywide CRAP Discount Window Federal Reserve Green Shoots Lehman Lehman Brothers Market Share Meltdown ratings Wells Fargo I am reminded that this is the 5-year anniversary of the emergency Fed Discount Rate cut in response to the collapse of Countrywide Financial (CFC) earlier that week.  

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Fed Minutes Old News, There Will Be No QE3!

China Global Economy Monetary Policy Recession Twitter Twitter The conditions are dramatically different from the first two QE initiatives in regards to Pre-Conditions or available flexibility to undertake an asset raising initiative.

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The Awesome, Mind-Boggling Tale of Sam Israel and the Shadow Markets

Bond Donald Trump FBI Israel NASDAQ New York Stock Exchange None Precious Metals Reality SPY Wachovia I just finished reading Octopus by Guy Lawson, and it's one of those that fit the "I Couldn't Put It Down" category, much like Den of Thieves, published in 1992. It is the tale of Sam Israel, whom you may remember in 2006 was on the lam from his failed hedge fund/Ponzi scheme. He faked his suicide, was captured, and is now hanging out for the next couple of decades (with none other than Bernie Madoff) in a state prison named, of all things, Valhalla.

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THAR SHE BLOWS! … Silver Remains Super EXPLOSIVE!

Precious Metals Steve Liesman About a month ago I first appeared here saying my best sources told me gold and silver would explode in August. Well here we go. NEXT ... I also said that the JP Morgan MASSIVE short silver position, and their manipulation of that market, was going to be exposed.

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Low Water - Slow Boats

headlines NOAA More pressure on food prices

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Are People Being Thrown In Psychiatric Wards For Their Political Views?

Corruption FBI Insane Asylum national security New Zealand Governments Indefinitely Detaining Citizens In Psychiatric Wards Without Due Process of Law

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Gold And Silver Begin Launch On Schedule

Switzerland       Bill Murphy August 21 – Gold $1639.90 up $19.80 - Silver $29.42 up 83 cents   Gold And Silver Begin Launch On Schedule  

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Greece Fulfills Its BoomBustBlog Derived Destiny - Shows This Time Really Isn't All That Different After All!!!

Bank Run Bond default Eastern Europe European Central Bank France Germany Greece Italy Recession If this doesn't piss at least a 20% of you off, and scare the remaining 8% into reading the next installment, then I obviously haven't been doing my job. Alas, I'm pretty good at what I do!

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