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Europe rather direction-less on its own. Equities still rather firmer than not; with Bonds just the same. Macro data generally rather bleak, although expectations have been put so low lately that anything about palatable will do. Peeking over the Pond to see whether Fiscal Cliff discussions could scuttle things. Here late valuations are such that numbers should be really good to get things going. So: Drifting. Chatting. Checking.

"What's Up?" (Bunds 1,38% +1; Spain 5,3% -2; Stoxx 2580 unch; EUR 1,301 +30)

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Imagine scanning lines and lines of code looking for a specific error which was causing a constant hemorrhage of money through bad trading executions.  Now imagine having a cocktail at a party and discovering through the aid of a napkin drawing exactly what type of order was causing your firm to destroy its Alpha over a consistent 6 month period.  That's the reason we're hammering the table, because it's not merely about reading the information wrong, its about inside connections to the exchanges.  These connections have helped many firms skirt the REG-NMS rules and Rule 610 as exchanges cater to the HFT in effort to garner the most fee's possible. 

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Looks like yesterday put into practice: Let’s thank everyone to turn around markets, when they sink. Nothing to break the barn stomp in Periphery bonds (but themselves). Italy brilliantly stuffed its primary dealer at a 2-year low. Core EGBs holding quite steady, given ROn in Risk and Periphery. Strong US GDP revision – but, as expected anyway. Given the actual level in Risk, good numbers are seen as given. Nothing weak, no more, never. Swimming in a Sea of (Risk) Love. Watch the Event / Headline risk on FC (& Greece. The math still seems quite odd…). Hard Periphery (especially Spain) slap-back in the afternoon, though.

"Sea Of Love" (Bunds 1,37% unch; Spain 5,32% +1; Stoxx 2579 +1,3%; EUR 1,298 +50)