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    05/06/2015 - 08:00
    China, the world’s largest gold producer and buyer, feels its market weight should entitle it to be a price setter for gold bullion. It is asserting itself at a time when the established benchmark,...

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Gold and Silver Mining Stocks Offer the Best Value of any Sector in the Stock Market By Far and By a Wide Margin

Today, gold and silver mining stocks offer the best value by far of any sector in any stock market anywhere in the world. Due to the recent massive volatility that bankers have introduced into the PM stock sector, and the fact that commercial investment advisers worldwide have erroneously re-educated millions of people with the concept that volatility equals risk, the majority of people worldwide will miss a massive opportunity in gold and silver mining stocks over the next several years due to their misguided belief that gold and silver mining stocks cannot escape the throes of...

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The Endgame: Japan Inc. Plays By Its Own Rules

Japan Prime ministers get replaced every 8 to 15 months. Bureaucrats and corporate interests stay. Public debt turns into a mushroom cloud. Is it finally time to bet against Japan Inc.?

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Social Security 2011 – Another Bad Year

My annual report on Social Security.

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"Fear is the mother of morality."-- Friedrich Nietzche; "Fear is the mother of Moron Hazard."--WilliamBanzai7

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TiS THe SeaSoN...

To support your local Post Office...

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Something is Fishy... Is the Fed Leaking Info Again?

We know that the Fed and other Central Banks have a tendency to leak information to certain friends in advance, so I cannot help but wonder if stocks are showing this strength based on someone knowing something we don’t.

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BOMBSHELL: Damning SEC OIG Audit of SIPC Raises Conflicts of Interest for MF Global Liquidation Trustee James. W. Giddens

MF Global Why did the CFTC abdicate its congressional mandate, pushing a futures broker into the jaws of SIPC where a trustee with no futures experience could rack up exorbitant fees?

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Reggie Middleton Interviews GBI: Gold Bullion International part 3 of 5

Reggie Middleton To bull or not to bull, that is the question...

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News That Matters

All you need to read.

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Dylan Ratigan | Greedy Bastards Favorite Financial Innovation: The Swaps Market (Part 1)

Dylan Ratigan “As the U.S. economy and especially Wall Street and the banks were less and less focused on funding and financing real economic activity jobs, factories, commerce, the rise of the ersatz virtual world of credit faults swaps and over-the-counter derivatives, all of these gray markets—that are unregulated, that are not traded on exchanges, that have no transparency—were really a way for banks to generate income because they could no longer make their money on the real economy,”

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Controlled Leaking

The Fed says they are going to change the way they communicate. I doubt it.

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The Real Reason for Obama's Threat to Veto the Indefinite Detention Bill (Hint: It's Not to Protect Liberty)

Obummer  Wants to Veto the Indefinite Detention Bill Because It Would Hold the U.S. to the Geneva Convention

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Graham Summers’ FREE Weekly Market Forecast (Fade the Fed? Edition)

Truly, the only reason to buy into a stock rally here is based on the belief that the Fed or someone else is going to be providing more juice in the near future. 

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"Most fans go wild when they see a a goalie make what looks like a great save, but the chances are what they are seeing is a save that was made from being out of position." --Mike Richter

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