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The Greatest Risk To Retail Commercial Real Estate Is? Sovereign Debt! Macro Headwinds! Popping Bubbles! Busted Banks! No, It's

Commercial Real Estate Real estate Sovereign Debt The fact of the matter is that there is a very fundamental, and sparsely recognized reason for overbuilt retail commercial real estate to take a tumble - in addition to the more recognized massive headwinds.

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The Previously Unthinkable Becomes A Planned Event

At all levels: preparations for the collapse of the Eurozone. Even the public is now encouraged to prepare for it.

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The Golden End Game – A Thought Experiment - Part One

Do we really honest-to-God no-fingers-crossed cherry-on-top believe that the powers-that-be will simply allow us to mosey up to the cashiers cage and redeem or convert our Gold for whatever monetary unit reigns supreme or is created?

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Too Close to Home?

I hate big brother.

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A brief moment of American Santa lore... 

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Laurie Ferber: MF Global Chief Legal Counsel, on CFTC Global Markets Advisory Committee. Where Was She?

MF Global If we want to understand what went wrong in the pilfering of customer property, where was Ms. Laurie Ferber during the Senate Agricultural Hearings on MF Global?

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News That Matters

All you need to read.

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Ed Pinto: Fannie and Freddie accept responsibility for misleading investors

Latest from Ed Pinto, who piles on the blame the GSEs argument with some new data and analysis in The American, AEI's online magazine. This will not help the cognitive illusion being so skillfully maintained by our friends Ritholtz and Nocera, who still cannot bring themselves to admit that Wall Street runs the GSEs just like a private SIV. Lawyers and first loss exposure is the only difference.

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The Collateral Crisis - Tick By Tick Research Email

Even a CDO was more collateralised than fiat currency....

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Buying Dividend Yield is Not Defensive, its Stupid

Buying Yield is not an investment strategy - its what guys who sell rental properties do with the proceeds

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Mainstream Media Discover Ron Paul

Ron Paul If you haven’t looked at The New York Times recently, you missed something BIG.

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Graham Summers' Weekly Market Forecast (Deflation is Back Edition)

The markets have entered a new round of deflation. The only asset class that has yet to realize this is stocks.

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Two More Not-So-Bullish Datapoints on ZAGG...

Myself and others have discussed many orange and red flags with mobile device accessory company ZAGG. Here, I introduce two additional exhibits which don't exactly suggest the company is doing nearly as well as management and longs will have you believe.

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