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The UK Leader of the Opposition, Ed Miliband plans on running head long into Eric Schmidt today during a conference in which he will clearly point out that he doesn’t agree with Google Inc.’s lack of fair play. It’s just not cricket, Eric!

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Rainy-Day Economics…

Margaret Thatcher might have been the perfect housewife that got Britain off to a good start or at least that’s what she would have liked us all to have believed when she was in power. The prefect Grantham housewife, so simple: never spend more than you earn, the defender of good management of budgetary finances. But that was all part of the ruse, wasn’t it?

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Bernanke KIKs the Can

The gold and bond markets have been "saying" that QE is ending for the past few months. The equity and junk markets have largely ignored the signs. June is setting up as an interesting month.