• Tim Knight from...
    12/21/2014 - 09:37
    The five remaining equity bears on Earth are all saying the same thing: "We'll get 'em in 2015." To which I ask: why? What's going to change?

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Bailout Rebellion In Germany

Germany "We're on the way to a worldwide financial dictatorship governed by bankers," said Peter Gauweiler, Member of Parliament in Germany. "We don't support Greece. We support 25 or 30 worldwide investment banks and their insane activities."

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It's War?

Everything is connected.

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Unemployment Will Remain High Because Obama Will Do All The Wrong Things

Unemployment It is a sad commentary on conventional economics that their well-intentioned policies will achieve the exact opposite of full employment. Obama's remedies will do nothing but perpetuate long-term high unemployment. And that is a hell of a gift to workers on Labor Day.

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VISUAL CoMBaT DaiLY (9.7.11)

A little poetry never hurt anyone...neither did slapping a bankster CEO over the head.

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I Said QE 3 Isn’t Coming… And the Fed Agrees With Me

I’ve said many times before that QE 3 won’t be coming any time soon unless the market Crashes or a major bank goes under. The reason is that QE (and Ben Bernanke for that matter) have been politically toxic: we’ve already seen that the Fed will be a major political issue in the 2012 Presidential election.

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When the Time Comes Will We Be Able to Forgive?

Either we dismiss them from our mind with an open and honest heart or we will be owned by them lock, stock and barrel.

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Graham Summers Weekly Market Forecast (Euro Bloodbath Edition)

We have now wiped out almost all of the gains of the last week and a half and it looks as though we are heading rapidly into the 2008-type Collapse I've been warning about for weeks.

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On the Swiss move

This will end badly. All manipulation ends the same way.

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Trading commentary from BoomBustBlogger resident trader, Eurocalypse...

Yes, equity markets in Europa and the US are getting the Axe treatment, but the event that is most forboding is still being overlooked by the media. At the end of the day, this will be the cause of continuation of the 2009 global market collapse... CONTAGION!!!

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Currency War

Currency War coming up?      

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News That Matters

All you need to read.

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Bloomberg Ignores Major Stock Market Fall in Europe

Stock markets fell very hard in Europe today, but if even Bloomberg.com doesn’t mention it, does that mean it did not happen or does not matter?

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Monday Market Momentum – Down is the New Up

We’ve already seen the banking community write down over $1Tn in losses and survive to screw us over another day – do we really think this little wrist-slap will end them or is this just another example of retail suckers being stampeded out of the sector that is likely to benefit most from QE3?  

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Investor Sentiment: The Line in the Sand

Investor Sentiment The two week bounce has served one purpose, and that is put a floor or “line in the sand” under this market.

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