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One Federal autogiro to go...

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The European Political Games Have Hit the Point of No Return

default Germany Greece Nicolas Sarkozy None ratings Germany’s campaign for austerity in the EU is about to lose its biggest ally. How exactly this will play out is unclear, but it will not be conducive to the Euro lasting in its current form much longer: aside from the fact that the EU banking system is on the verge of collapse and Spain (a country too large to bailout) has now stepped to the center stage of the EU crisis, Germany is finding itself increasingly alone in its moves to rein in the ECB’s monetary profligacy.

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Dutch Budget Negotiations Fail, Elections Likely

Fail Purchasing Power Just a little snippet. Geert Wilders has walked away from the negotiations this afternoon. It may be about a purchasing power reduction for the lowest income class of one percent. This is what the rich fumblers at the CPB have calculated and is considered quite reasonable by some. Of course, the CPB has been wrong on occasion. The SP would like to see elections as quickly as possible, while the PvdA would like to have a debate in the house. Updates posted here as I have the time to add them.

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Pushing The Euro To The Brink

Bond Eurozone France Germany Housing Bubble Italy LTRO Monetary Policy Nicolas Sarkozy Nuclear Power Sovereign Debt Unemployment Oops, Hollande, likely winner in the French election, saw the 5% spread that banks get from the ECB....

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Google 1Q 2012 Earnings Update

Google Japan Is this the company to dominate mobile computing for the next decade? Either it's drastically misunderstood and insanely underpriced, or its a massive bubble. Here's the fundamental take...

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Silver Seen Over $40/oz in 2012 – Store of Value Remains Undervalued

China Eurozone Iran Middle East Reuters Volatility Yen   Gold rose $1.50 or 0.09% in New York and closed at $1,640.80/oz yesterday. Gold traded sideways in a narrow spread in Asia and continued this in European trading climbing up around 0.16%.  Gold rose quickly from $1,631/oz to nearly $1,650/oz in minutes on volume with some chunky 3000 lot plus batches of orders going through on the COMEX pushing gold up. A determined seller again appeared and gains were capped at that level.

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The PIIGS Get to Live Longer

Central Banks European Union France Germany Greece Iceland Ireland Italy Norway Portugal Slovakia While Germans work longer hours and retire later....

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Europe: denial or misplaced values?

Fail It is curious how people hang on the day to day detail of European debt auctions when logical analysis of the situation tells you quite clearly that the plight of Europe is hopeless. Rooting for Europe is worse than being a Chicago Cubs fan. The Cubs might win the pennant. We know that LTRO is creating a great moral hazard by tempting each peripheral euro-nation's banks to buy its own country's bills, bonds and notes. And when they do that the world seems good. But after they have done that the world seems more at risk. And when they do some more things seem fine again, and so on and so on....

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Spain is Greece… Only Bigger and Worse

Bank of International Settlements Bear Market Cato Institute default Demographics Deutsche Bank France Germany Greece Japan Lehman Portugal Sovereign Debt In simple terms, Spain is like Greece, only bigger and worse. According to the Bank of International Settlements worldwide exposure to Spain is north of $1 TRILLION with Great Britain on the hook for $51 billion, the US on the hook for $187 billion, France on the hook for $224 billion and Germany on the hook for a whopping $244 billion.

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Fiscal Cliff

default Deficit Spending MoveOn Nomura No win situation. 

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