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    08/27/2014 - 21:30
    Investors in European Bonds are running over each other all in an effort to front run what the Big Banks have been begging the ECB to begin a bond buying program.  It is hilarious as ...

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Call This a Warning Sign

This is the first real technical warning sign that the market is on the verge of breaking down and the economy is on the verge of a recession.

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The Anatomy of a Serial European Banking Collapse

Have you ever looked beneath the hood of the big European banks? It's scary for the average layperson & it even scarier if you actually understand what it is you are looking at. What we have hear is EXACTLY what I found in early 2008, INSOLVENCY - laid out plainly for all to see - at least all who ever bothered to take a look! Throw Kilo after Kilo of leveraged fiat currency meat into the insolvent sovereign PIIGS' maw & you won't ever see it again:

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Quebec's Absolute Return Flop?

Exposing the truth on Quebec's $175 million Absolute Return Fund...

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Why man, he doth bestride the insolvent world... Like a Debt Colossus...

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Big O and the IEA - WTF?

I'm confused. Some questions.

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VALUEx Vail 2011 – Thoughts from the conference

At the core of VALUEx is that there are no star speakers, and all the content (i.e. presentations) of the conference are participant-generated.

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A Blinking Idiot & the Banking System

In the end they cannot fulfill their purpose because the banking system is dead. This is Frankenstein’s monster.

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Bernanke Just Admitted He's Lost Control of the Markets

For 80+ years, the US financial system has operated under the belief that the Federal Reserve could handle any problem. This belief was put to the ultimate test in 2008 when the Fed faced off against the biggest Financial Crisis of the last 80 years. And the ONLY thing that kept us from the brink was the belief the Fed could fix things. It couldn’t. And we’re all beginning to see that now.

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Betting The Farm On Hedge Funds?

A fascinating look at how US public pensions are betting their future on hedge funds...

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MR BeN CaPTioN CoNTeST (We SeeM To HaVe a FRoNTRuNNeR)

I see we have lots of very very funny entries...but check out Liquid Courage's at the bottom. Maybe he'll put it on Conan.

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Greece Is Europe: The Failure Of The Euro

Greece The eurozone is in serious trouble and Greece is just a symptom. Whether or not they default on their debt may not matter as similar problems plague Spain, Ireland, Portugal, and even Italy. The European Monetary Union is built on a house of cards and they don't have the time for needed radical reforms. Like all sovereigns who owe more than they can pay, they will resort to monetary inflation to bail themselves out. This article explains how the EMU works, why it is failing, and why they will resort to fiat money printing to solve it.

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Culture, culture, culture...it's the culture you Eurocratic dopes!

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Fraudclosure | Sunny Sheu Murdered? Judicial Corruption Activist Dead Weeks After Posting Video About His Fears

Corruption "Sheu, an optimistic and philosophical man, often compared the United States with his original home in communist China. He told his associates and others that while in China whistleblowers were usually killed or imprisoned, he was certain that in the United States of America those pursuing justice would ultimately prevail. With this philosophy, Sheu was confident that if his story were known by the press and authorities, no one would dare harm him." It appears he was wrong...

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