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VeRY SuPeRSTiTiouS...

There is a fifth dimension beyond that known to PhDs...It is the middle ground between science and stop, the Ponzi Zone...

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Bear Market Central Banks Continuing Claims Foreign Central Banks Housing Market Rate of Change Reality Unemployment Unemployment Claims The only reason that today's report was "disappointing" is that economists can't forecast accurately.

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The American Education System Exposed As Worker Drone Factory For The Socio-Economic Elite & It's Not Even Doing That Well!

Real estate Sovereign Debt I spit the truth about the TRUE state of education on international television as few seem to do these days. No, it's not just about math scores and reading test results...

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The Hidden Dark Agenda of Public Education

ETC Great Depression KIM Reality SmartKnowledgeU Twitter Twitter “An alien collectivist (socialist) philosophy, much of which came from Europe, crashed onto the shores of our nation, bringing with it radical changes in economics, politics, and education, funded - surprisingly enough - by several wealthy American families and their tax-exempt foundations.

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Large Bank Earnings or Why BAC Went to $4

BAC Bank of America Bank of America Bank of New York Bloomberg News Bond Capital Markets Dawn Kopecki Housing Market JPMorgan Chase Prop Trading Reality recovery Wall Street Journal Wells Fargo Analyst surveys have now risen to the level of fact, as we all know.  Thus Bloomberg and other news outlets feature detailed reports about the opinions of the Sell Side community as though these musings were burned into stone tablets with the fire of the Holy Spirit.

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Good news from Treasury! Tax-Payer’s Bank Ramps Up Assets

Federal Financing Bank Ford Post Office Tim Geithner Where black is white and white is black.

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Germany Is Just Buying For Time… More Bailout Funds Aren’t Coming

Central Banks Eurozone Germany Greece Italy Market Conditions Reality Reuters The EU, in its current form, is most certainly in its final chapter as both the political environment and market conditions have rendered all proposed “solutions” to the crisis moot.

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Thrilling Thursday - Clackety Clack, Don't Look Back

Beige Book China CRE CRE Japan NASDAQ New York City None RBS Sears This is very likely the time to be fearful when others are greedy.

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MF Global URGENT MESSAGE: I am Dr. Bakare Tunde Obama III, the cousin of Nigerian Astronaut, Barrister Jon Corzine...

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Wait... Wasn't the Greek Issue Solved Already?

Creditors European Central Bank European Union Germany Greece International Monetary Fund Italy Nicolas Sarkozy None Obama Administration Reality Reuters In plain terms, both the IMF and Germany have stated they will help Greece if and only if Greece agrees to various measures… which they KNOW Greece cannot agree to. And so the Greek issue has become a kind of “hot potato” that no one wants to keep holding. Meanwhile, every day that this issues doesn’t get solved, the EU as a whole moves closer to systemic failure.

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Accident at Second Japanese Nuclear Complex

fixed Japan Nuclear Power Reuters Cover up? What cover up?

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The Biggest Threat To The 2012 Economy Is??? Not What Wall Street Is Telling You...

Bank Run Bear Stearns Bond Central Banks China Commercial Real Estate Crude European Central Bank Fail fixed Fox News France Germany Global Economy Greece Group Think Iran Italy Lehman Lehman Brothers MF Global national security Newspaper OPEC PIMCO Real estate Reality Recession recovery Reggie Middleton Repo Market SocGen Sovereign Debt Volatility WaMu Imagine pensions not paying retiree funds, insurers not paying claims, and banks collapsing everywhere. Sounds like fun? I will be discussing this live on RT's Capital Account with the lusciously locquacious Lauryn Lyster at 4:30pm.

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Lack of Critical Thinking is Key to the Corrupt Status Quo Maintaining Their Power

Corruption Fail Japan KIM SmartKnowledgeU Twitter Twitter Chris Hedges, a Pulitzer Prize winning American journalist, author, and war correspondent, nails the reason that explains why it is so difficult to change a person’s mind when they are committed to believing something even when they are confronted with a mountain of evidence that points to the contrary. Chris states that universities have stripped away humanities and other courses that develop critical thinking skills and instead, due to the historical influences of men like Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller, focus on teaching young men and women “what to think” instead of “how...

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