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    Dear Janet; If I may be so forward, as a concerned citizen of the Constitutional Republic of the United States, it is with great consternation that I feel compelled to write you this distressing...

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Apres moi - le Deluge

More lunacy.

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A reference for the rest of us...from Planet Doughnut [WARNING: THIS IS A BANZAI7 DESIGNATED ZERO COFFEE ZONE]

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The PIIGS Nations' Problems Are Structural Not Cyclical, Thus Bailout Loans Simply Pave the Way For Asset Confiscation Down the Road

If you are a resident or large asset holder in one of these countries laden with excess bailout debt that it can never repay, watch your back! As Malcom X once said, "If you plunge a knife in my back 9 inches deep, and pull it out 3 inches... That's not progress!"

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Why The Fuss Over Pensions?

While the debate is getting better, there are far too many myths being perpetuated by those worrying about the "Pension Ponzi." I'm far more worried about Pension Poverty...

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News That Matters

All you need to know by www.thetrader.se

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The ECoNoMiCS oF GooD aND EViL

This is a simple but thought provoking presentation by someone who clearly looks at the big picture in a different way...

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The Founding Fathers Tried to Warn Us About the Threat From a Two-Party System

But we didn't listen ...

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Manufacturing Growth Is An Illusion Of Monetary Stimulus

Manufacturing is stagnating because of a lack of "real" investment. Which means manufacturing growth is not so organic as it is export related, which is entirely based on the "advantage" of a cheap dollar. This would help explain why industrial production is declining.

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Irrational Exuberance - July 2011

Irrational Exuberance A look at one of those "new ideas" to resolve the debt limit impasse. I think it is a No Sale.

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This Time is Different, or will The Next Financial Crisis Be Even Worse?

Is this time different?

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The Market is Perfectly Set Up For Another 2008 Crisis

Not only is the financial system more leveraged than during the Tech bubble, but mutual funds are more heavily invested than at any time in the last 40+ years. To say that the potential for a full-scale market collapse is high would be a gross understatement. Should the market begin to crater, the margin calls (when an investor has to put up more capital to cover a losing position that was bought using borrowed money) could be absolutely enormous.

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Why The Taxpaying Populace Of Greece Better Stock Up On Their Grease!

Greece No matter what financial engineering scheme you attempt to wrap around it, no matter what socio-political financial nomenclature you attempt to drape it in, and no matter how far you attempt to kick said can down the road in a "delay and pray" tactic of pushing the inevitable collapse past your particular tenure at the helm, the only way out of this is the recognition of capital destruction, AKA Default!

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EURO FaRCe con't

We cannot bail out Earth unless...

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Super 8: Debt Boogeyman Overdone?

While train wrecks make great movie scenes, in the real world, there isn't going to be a massive debt derailment unless you give speculators and ratings agencies free reign...

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News that Matters

All you need to know.

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