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God himself could not create an American version of the Greek debt crisis-- Tim Geithner

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Graham Summers’ Week Market Forecast (Words Are No Longer Enough Edition)

default Eurozone France Greece Reality Unemployment   All of these factors, combined with the end of the strongest seasonal period for stocks (November-April) as well as the end of Operation Twist 2 (June) have the making of a truly horrific period for the markets. Indeed, the mere fact that verbal interventions from the Fed are no longer working should tell investors point blank that things are about to get VERY ugly in the markets.  

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Yellen Vs. Geithner - Two Views

Federal Reserve Janet Yellen These people will say anything!

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How to Beat Global Warming … Or a New Ice Age

Barack Obama Global Warming Ice Age New York City Reuters University of California How to Adapt to Any Climate Change – Global Warming or Cooling – and Save Money In the Process

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Is Your Unemployment Chart Upside Down?

Ron Paul Unemployment If you're looking strictly at a chart of the "official" unemployment rate, you should flip it upside down

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Resting or Ready to Fall?

Bond Credit Suisse Elliott Wave NASDAQ Nasdaq 100 New York City Russell 2000 Trading Strategies Treasury Supply Volatility The "value" of insurance is not always apparent until after the house burns down.

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Investor Sentiment: A Sell Signal is Upon Us

Best Buy Dumb Money Insider Trading Investor Sentiment Price Action Rydex If you have been a buyer over the past 8 weeks, you most likely will find your investment underwater.

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Fall Back and Spring Forward Reducing Productivity: Money or Plain Stupidity?

Twitter Twitter It is about time for a vote on this antiquated, outdated, and obviously absurd DST policy by the American Public.

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A Visual Tour of the Fuel Pools of Fukushima

Japan Nuclear Power Until you see pictures, it is hard to get a sense of what all this means ...

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God himself could not sink this ship.--Unknown Titanic crew member to embarking passenger

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Bernanke and Germany Wake Up to a Merda Storm

Barton Biggs Bond CDS ETC France Germany Greece Italy LTRO ratings Shadow Banking Sovereigns Herb Stein’s Law is in full alert: "If it isn’t sustainable, it will end."

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Another Misbehaved CEO at Best Buy?

BBY Best Buy Fail Newspaper Tribune Twitter Twitter Another CEO made the news headline for alledgedly having "inappropriate relationship" with a female employee.

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