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Why Notions of Systemic Failure Are On Par with Bigfoot and Unicorns for Most Investors

Aussie Bear Market Capital Markets China default Demographics ETC Fail Federal Reserve Germany Global Economy Hyperinflation Institutional Investors Japan Lehman Lehman Brothers Yen The vast majority of professional investors are unable to contemplate truly dark times for the markets. After all, the two worst items most of them have witnessed (the Tech Bust and 2008) were both remedied within about 18 months and were followed by massive market rallies.Because of this, the idea that the financial system might fail or that we might see any number of major catastrophes (Germany leaving the EU, a US debt default, hyperinflation, etc.) is on par with Bigfoot or Unicorns for 99% of those whose jobs are to manage investors' money or advise investors on how to allocate their...

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DeaR LuCaS (van PRaaG)

Lucas Van Praag Opus Dei to you douche bag!

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Facebook: The Value of Information in the Information Age

Apple Free Money Google With IPO hype blowing like a maxed-out hairdryer into my face, I Googled ... Friendster

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Fat Cats The ground hog is like most other prophets; it delivers it's prediction and then disappears.--Bill Vaughn [Punxatawdry Ben is the bellwether of false profits; he prints predictably and then the ink disappears.--WilliamBanzai7]

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Radioactive Leak at California Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Power Three Mile Island Forget radiation from clusterFukushima ... Let's irradiate OURSELVES too!

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Exodus from the Eurozone Debt Crisis

Australia Brazil Eurozone Gallup Germany Greece Housing Bubble Ireland Italy National Debt New Zealand Portugal Unemployment Vacant Homes With harsh long-term consequences for the heavily indebted countries.

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Bill Gross China ETC Germany Japan "Anyone who believes in indefinite growth in anything physical, on a physically finite planet, is either mad or an economist."--Kenneth Boulding

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Some Good News For Those of Us Who Are Sick of the Corruption

Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Capital Markets Corruption Gallup Insider Trading MF Global Pork Spending Testimony   Corruption is only possible if the benefits to the parties engaged in it far outweigh the potential consequences. However, as soon as the potential consequences become real, that’s when everything changes: people start talking/ confessing, and the corruption begins to come unraveled.  

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The Trouble With Case Shiller, Again

Central Banks Foreign Central Banks Housing Market Housing Prices Market Conditions New Home Sales Real estate Reality Standard And Poors The Case Shillers are shilling that the market is still weakening. But that's just not the Case.

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