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17 Jul 2012 – " Cold Gin " (KISS, 1974)

B+ Baltic Dry Belgium Copper CPI CRB default Finland France Germany Greece Housing Starts Italy Japan Netherlands Portugal Testimony Same story again: Recurrent picture of Hard Core grinding slightly tighter, Soft Core doubling down on that . Italy eventually better today but still over the 6% mark and Spain stuck over 6.75%. Equities just a tick weaker after all. Gold non-QE victim. EUR slammed through 22, but rebounded off 1.219. Eventually quite resilient markets, given all the expectations…

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John Maynard Keynes Maynard Keynes Meet the Old Scary Clown, same as the same Old Scary Clown.

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The End of the Bernanke Put is Here

Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Bond default Fail France Germany Japan Lehman Lehman Brothers Man Of The Year Muni Bonds Reality Time Magazine Wall Street Journal Folks, the political game has changed in the US. The Fed is no longer invulnerable. In this climate more QE cannot possibly happen. End of story. Indeed, if the Fed were to launch QE at any time between now and the election, Obama is DONE. The last possibly chance for QE without it being a clear hand-out to Obama (and a gift from the political gods to Romney) was June. The Fed passed on that.

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Is Jamie Dimon Really Master of the Universe?

Bear Stearns CDS default Fail Jamie Dimon Janet Tavakoli OTC Reality Risk Management Tim Geithner Do the good citizens of the Wall Street establishment broadly defined understand the risks taken by the House of Morgan?

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Euro Desperation: German Justices Already Buckled Under Political Pressure

default European Central Bank European Union Eurozone Germany Greece International Monetary Fund Ireland Italy Portugal “Converting a state bailout into a speculator bailout” and other acidic confrontations in the escalating disaster of disagreements in Germany

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Alleged Leaders, Bosses and Associates. Citizens are advised to remain vigilant and report any suspicous financial activity to the local orfices of Federal XXX Regulatory Video Monitors... 

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What I Can't Stand About Business Insider Tweets

Clusterstock None Testimony Twitter Twitter Maybe I'd have more followers if I tore a page out of the BI playbook, but I think I'd rather try to keep following ZH's lead and just try to write well, succinctly, and - if possible - with a bit of novelty.

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Radiation On West Coast of North America Could End Up Being 10 Times HIGHER than in Japan

Archipelago Japan NOAA SWIFT In 10 Years, Peak Cesium Levels Off West Coast Could Be 10 Times Higher Than at Coast of Japan

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Pennsylvania Real Estate Trust - CRE Short of the Year Foreclosure Scenario

Commercial Real Estate Covenants CRE CRE Real estate Wells Fargo PEI is at risk of "JingleMailing" properties. Even if foreclosure doesn't occur, here's more evidence of imminent distress as Value Line says buy, I say #crash & management takes down more than shareholders in compensation!

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Sorry Bulls, The Fed Will Not Engage in More QE

Black Swan default ETC Quantitative Easing recovery Unemployment Wall Street Journal   Here we are one year and over 10 Fed FOMC meetings later and the Fed hasn’t launched any new QE programs. Think about that. For over a year now the financial media has been awash with “experts” saying “QE is just around the corner, the Fed will launch QE any minute now, etc” Every time stocks rally. But. No. QE.

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16 Jul 2012 – " Sloe Gin " (Joe Bonamassa, 2007)

Baltic Dry Belgium China Copper CPI CRB Czech Finland France Germany Greece Housing Starts Italy NADA Netherlands New Issue Activity Testimony Volatility Europe slipping into (light) ROff (and then out). Recurrent picture of Hard Core grinding tighter, Soft Core doubling down on that . Peripherals drifting wider with Italy eventually further off the 6% mark and Spain at 6.77%. Equities about unchanged after all. BKO eventually closing on a historic -0.060% low. Slow dragging day, if it wasn’t for the EUR jogging back and forth all the time. Something gotta move, I guess.

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Interview: Unusual Pre-9-11 Currency Movements; an Ex-Federal Reserve Employee Talks to Robert Wenzel

Excess Reserves Federal Reserve Goldman Sacks LIBOR Peter Schiff Also: how the Fed's Biege Book is assembled, the $trillion+ sitting at the Fed as excess reserves, the LIBOR "scandal", Warren Buffet and much more...

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