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It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad EURO!

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Sarkozy: “The Risk That Europe Will Explode”

The Swiss government prepares for a collapse of the euro while 27 EU heads of state meet to discuss treaty changes that would impose Germany’s new religion on them. Opposition is stiff, timing impossible.

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On Corzine - MFG in the fog of war

Where is the money? My thought.

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The Worldwide Depression/Recession Of 2012

Recession   In case you haven't noticed, the rest of the world continues to slow down and the negative data is accelerating. The big powerhouses of the world, the eurozone including Germany, Japan, and China are leading this trend and there is no reason to believe that the U.S. will not follow. I've been writing about this theme frequently lately because, while we are seeing some positive numbers here in the U.S., we are also seeing signs of weakness starting to show up, and since we live in a world of international trade, the world's woes will hit us.  

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Precious Metals Update: Focus on Silver

Precious Metals This article was written by DoctoRx for the Daily Capitalist. He is a successful investor with 30 years of markets experience. The Doc gives us a look at where silver is going, plus a look at PSLV.

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Grand Jury Transcripts of Gary Trafford and Geraldine Sheppard of Lender Processing Services in Nevada Foreclosure Fraud Case

Three notaries have all been charged with notarization of the signature of a person not in their presence. a fourth was found dead the day of her sentencing hearing.

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Jon Stewart on Indefinite Detention of Americans

Jon Stewart Funny ...

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Forget Europe… Germany’s Got Its Own Problems to Deal With

German banks post some of the highest leverage rations in Europe: higher that Italy, higher than Ireland, even higher than Greece. In fact, German banks are actually sporting leverage EQUAL to that of Lehman Brothers when it went bust

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News That Matters

All you need to read.

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I sincerely believe you should move your coffee away from the computer...Now!

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Call on US Supreme Court to Hear Standard Chartered v. FINRA

FINRA Standard Chartered Why would Mary and her friends lie?

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4 Reasons to be Bearish

Prices are at resistance.  There is risk of recession.  There are intermarket headwinds.  And investors aren’t committed either way.  I think this skews the dynamic to the downside even if there is headline risk.

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The Strenuously Hushed-Up Fundamental Flaw In The Tax Code

The reason why some profitable companies pay no taxes. And why others pay too much. It’s so fundamental to business taxation. But not even tax reformers dare to mention it.

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Journalists Jumping To Conclusions Can Get Contusions

We should wait until the data is in before hurting ourselves. 

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