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Beef Based Upon Bogus Banking Confidence in Both The US and EU

The IMF says Euro banks are severely undercapitalized, the EU says the IMF is full of it. Reggie says they're both so optimistic that the word disaster can't even be spelled correctly without someone in a marble office breaking out into hives...

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SPX Technical (quick) Update

SPX hitting resistance levels.....while Athens plunges to lows.

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News That Matters

All you need to read.

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WiLLiaMBaNZai7'S QE3 FoR DuMMieS

Put your bongs down for a moment...

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Gold Isn’t Buying the QE 3 Hype

  This is hardly what I’d call a bullish chart. Gold actually looks to have peaked in mid-August and is now correcting. Indeed, if it doesn’t rally hard now, this pattern could see prices down to $1650 in short order.  

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Slave Nation - Nature or Nurture?

What exactly do we have left after several decades of frenzied spending and mindless consumption? I’ll tell you what we have left. We have our rituals and dogma, and soon enough not much more.

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TheTeleprompter-in-Chief and His Job(s) Program(s)

As we learn of plans for President Obama to address a joint session of Congress next Wednesday night it is worth noting that a single picture is worth billions of borrowed dollars. But this time really really will be different.  

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The Fed's Plan - Rumors of News

A complicted story. I'm looking for clues to the future.

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We’ve Seen How These Trader Games End Before: BADLY

    QE 3 won’t solve this mess (assuming it even arrives). Neither will the European bailout fund. We’re already in the Second Round of the Great Crisis which will see the EU broken up, the US economy implode, and a market collapse that will make 2008 look like a joke.    

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Those Damn Europeans!

I am tearing up my Eurail Pass, returning my espresso machine to Costco, and sending my gelato maker to the recycling center. Next year’s summer vacation is going to be at Coney Island, not the Italian Rivera. Those damn Europeans are spoiling everything! The US stock markets made a determined effort to put in a bottom last week, with the S&P 500 rallying 106 points off the bottom with blinding speed. But the Europeans had other ideas.

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News That Matters

All you need to read.

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Dear Ben, Please Print us More Money

We want you to prop up the stock markets. Everybody knows it's a Ponzi scheme that will collapse without your support. You don't want us to end up like Bernie Madoff's clients. No, Ben, we love Ponzi schemes. We get in early and get out before they collapse. That's why we're rich. The bad thing is that they sometimes collapse before we can get out. But you've bailed us out twice in the last couple of years.

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ViSuaL CoMBaT DaiLY (8.30.11)

Oh, the Rocky Horrors...[BANZAI7 COFFEE FREE ZONE]

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India makes buying Gold easier

India More than just "tradition".  

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Government investment disaster in the works??

This one stinks. I think it rises to the surface soon.

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