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    12/18/2014 - 13:54
    Russia supplies China with hi-tech military hardware. Russia has negotiated two major natural gas deals with China in the last year. China expects to double its gas usage by 2030. From a Chinese...

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The Great Collapse Has Officially Begun

In plain terms, we’re entering a period in history that will rival the Revolutionary war. This country will be very very different by the time it has ended. Many people will lose everything in this mess. Yes, everything. 

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Bob Eisenbeis: Central Bank Policy, Euro Bonds, and QE3

In order for the  FOMC to keep the funds rate within the desired range, it will have to purchase whatever government debt exists or is issued into the market.  This amounts to establishing a de facto QE3 policy without announcing ex ante the amount of securities it intends to purchase.  Instead, the amounts purchased will be “whatever it takes.”

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Cheap money, Broken markets and Stupidity

What happens when Risk is priced too cheap for too many years.....

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On EU banks, Solvency or Liquidity? - Or BOTH?

I'm looking for something Sunday night. I don't think the world can wait until Jackson Hole

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Three Charts Explaining the Financial Crisis

What is actually going on in the Financial World?

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Dear Fellow American...

I am writing this letter to you not as a liberal, not as a conservative; not as a lefty, not as a righty; not as a Democrat, not as a Republican, not as a Tea Party populist; not as a Christian, not as a Buddist, not as a Moslem, not as an atheist; not as a socialist, a communist and certainly not as a bailout capitalist.

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These People Are All CRAZY ... (Aren't They?)

You are NOT authorized to view this unauthorized, crazy video ... DON'T look ...

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HP: Grow UP, Already

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D.C. is Like a Separate Country ... One Which Couldn't Care Less About The American People

The only place where slop is being dished in abundance ...

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Wash, Rinse, and Repeat

It is a bear market.  Is that already priced in?

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Are You Ready For a Crash?

I warned that the rally of the last week was nothing more than a snapback move from oversold conditions.

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TGIF - Are We There Yet?

Where is the bottom?

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ViSual CoMBaT DaiLY (8.19.11)


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Europe is Following the 2008 Pattern to a “T”… Guess What’s Next?

  The Fed has reopened FX swap lines to Switzerland. The Fed ONLY does this when things are on RED ALERT. It’s now only a matter of time before a big bank goes down and takes the European banking system with it. Forget al the headlines, the ECB and regulators over there have lost control.  

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