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Pensions Leap Back to Hedge Funds?

You won't believe how many billions public pensions are pouring into hedge funds. Is this positive or sowing the seeds of the next crisis?

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MoRGaN STaNLeY ECoNoMiC ReCoVeRY SaLe (Up-Ended: THe DaRK LoRD)

Morgan Stanley recovery 2 Young 2 Die and other important matters on yet another Friday afternoon before the shit could hit the fan three day weekend...

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Capital Context Update: Market Observations offer a Bearish Bias

Credit markets are sending some worrying signals for risk appetites. Systemically rising spreads in HY, among other charts we highlight, suggest fixed income players are getting the post QE2 joke ahead of stocks.

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Knights of Columbus Targets BofA Foreclosure Actions in Knights of Columbus v. Bank of New York Mellon

Bank of New York Bank of America, which services mortgage loans on behalf of investors, may be acting for its own benefit, Knights of Columbus said in a lawsuit filed today in New York State Supreme Court.

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We've Gone from a Nation of Laws to a Nation of Powerful Men Making Laws in Secret

What's the hole that is swallowing up the economy? The failure to follow the rule of law. The rule of law is what provides trust in our economy, which is essential for a stable economy. The rule of law is the basis for our social contract. Indeed, it is the basis for our submission to the power of the state. We are supposed to be a nation of laws, not of men. That's what humanity has fought for ever since we forced the king to sign the Magna Carta. Indeed, lawlessness - the failure to enforce the rule of law - is dragging the world economy down into the abyss.

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The Boulevard of Broken Charts

It is important to understand that even a much-followed stock like Cisco will suffer from inefficiency (which as a value investor I welcome), due to investors confusing the lousy stock with the company’s fundamental performance. That is how you find high-quality companies at bargain-basement prices.

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Goldman Sells Nearly Half $Billion Of Apple Stock Directly Into Their Client’s Conviction Buy Recommendation: Guess Who Really Agrees With Reggie Now!

Apple Goldman sold somewhere around $428,672,680 worth of Apple stock into Apple loving, Apple can do no wrong, Apple has superior user experience, Apple will never face margin compression, Apple has shiny new products on tap, Google Android phones are cheap, I don’t care if the competition is taking over the world, Apple juice sucking, Goldman Conviction Buy List client purchases. Diehard Apple fans, the Goldman bonus pool (Manhattan Motorcars & the Hamptons local Azimmut dealer) simply luvs y'all!

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Globalization has become a dirty word

While globalization has generated immense wealth over the last 30 years, it has accrued only to those who were in position to take advantage of it. Those would be multinationals, technology firms, and emerging nations. If you are not one of those, or a shareholder in them, then you have been basically screwed by globalization. Champaign with former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich.

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Boom For Canadian Private Equity?

Private Equity Canadian private equity is booming, helped in large part by large Canadian public pension funds, and increasingly attracting global tech leaders. Is this the beginning of a renaissance period for Canada's PE market, or a sign that an overheated and over-leveraged economy is peaking?

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A Letter From A Fukushima Mother

Hiroko Tabuchi is a NY Times Reporter who received this letter from a mother in Fukushima on a recent trip. She promised to translate it and share it. It just popped up on Twitter and after reading it I feel compelled to repost it here as well. It is heart breaking and the plea by those suffering fellow citizens of our planet deserves to be heard and acted upon by all of us.

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WTF? (What Fraud?)

Shill will be shills and Eric ("Inaction Jackson") Holder will be Shinola.

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Thrill-Ride Thursday - Fake, Fake, Fake

It is simply not physically possible for 400M, or even 40M barrels of oil to actually be delivered to Cushing, I can tell you FOR A FACT that over 90% of those contracts will not only be cancelled before the expiration date, but that they will then be rolled over to August.

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Are Our Leaders Really Incompetent ... Or Just Pretending?

Are they pulling a Columbo?

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A Golden Buying Opportunity

The pullback in commodities has been EVEN BETTER for other lesser known inflation hedges. Indeed, individual players were absolutely decimated, bringing them to valuations we haven’t seen since 2008. Consider that during 2008, Gold traded around $900 per ounce. Today it’s at $1,500. And yet, based on reserves and underlying assets, many inflation hedges today are trading at valuations equal to when Gold was only at $900 per ounce.

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I Absolutley Dare Anyone To Read This And Still Not Consider The Probability (Not Possibility) Of Apple Suffering From Margin Compression

Apple It's amazing what one can discern from a leisurely walk through the local big box electronics retailer. I reiterate - the wholesale assumption that Apple can defy the basic rules of business, economics 101 (supply and demand) and common sense, combined with a near-nonsensical lovefest for this admittedly very impressive and innovative company will result in some very bad days for the NASDAQ (wherein Apple is one of the, if not the, heaviest weighting) in the future.

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