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S&P Downgrades US to AA+ - Tied With Belgium!

Belgium Even today, the price of insurance on a government default has been higher than that for Colgate Palmolive, the global toothpaste giant, which has a rating two notches below AAA.

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ECB As European Lender Of Last Resort = Institutional Purveryor Of A Pan-European Ponzi Scheme

If today's broad market action is confusing you, it shouldn't be.

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We Warned You About S&P Too

We told you the downgrade was coming, too.

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BaNzai7's MeMoRieS oF TiMMaH THe ZoDiaC

Tick, tick, tick...

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On the S&P ratings move

ratings What to make of this? My thoughts.

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On the S&P Downgrade and further volatility

Volatility Volatility and mispriced risk for years to haunt investors after S&P Downgrade 

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We Warned You It Was Coming

We warned you.

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Where The Markets Are Today...

Indeed, the only thing that could really kick off a rally for stocks would be the announcement of QE 3 (or hint of it) from the US Federal Reserve. However, even this would be short-lived. The market has finally begun to realize that the Fed can’t solve the issues that created the 2008 Crisis.  Which is why we’ve been in a free-fall for over a week now.

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As The World Turns, The Contagion Spreads: I Can Hear The Pitter-Patter Of Feet Running From European Banks - Are YOU Ready For

More evidence of European bank runs as both banks AND sovereign domicile states start to pull liquidity at the same time that said banks are trying to pull liqiodity from their customers. How do you think this will end?

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Flip Flop Friday - 2% Up or Bust!

A wise prognosticator knows when NOT to prognosticate!  

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Where are we...

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Deflation Returns with a Thunderclap

An interesting day, for sure. But a surprise? It shouldn’t have been, since even the Guvvamint’s statisticians and spinmeisters seem to have noticed that The Great Recession is back with a vengeance.

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Timely Trading Tips For 8/5/2011

8.5% 260% profits in 48 hours? Global markets in full meltdown mode? Bank runs imminent? Is this an all out collapse or will the global central financial planning cartel reign it in via the bear market rally from hell. Well, here's a few steps to take either way...

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