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    Take the S&P Index and multiply by the US dollar index. This removes most of the currency variation. Do the same with silver. The chart of silver times the dollar looks very much like silver...

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Guess Who’s Even More Leveraged Than the European Banks?

The US banking system as a whole is leveraged at 13-to-1. While this is not horrible relative to Europe’s banking system (more on this in a moment), these levels still mean that an 8% drop in asset values wipes out ALL equity. Then you have Europe’s banking system, which is leveraged at 26-to-1. Anecdotally, this is borderline Lehman Brothers (30 to 1). At these levels, even a 4% drop in asset prices wipes out ALL equity.

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Is Larry Summers an Economic War Criminal?

Larry Summers Where does Larry Summers get off giving Americans advice on how to fix the continuing housing crisis?  And where does this political opportunist find the unmitigated gall to instruct us not to “finger point” and thereby identify culprits in Washington who helped enable the housing mess?

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News That Matters

All you need to read.

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The Street's Most Intellectually Aggressive Analysis: I've Found What Bank of America Hid In Your Bank Account!

Bank of America Bank of America I can honestly say that this is probably the hardest hitting (literally) expose on Bank of America Lynch[ing this] CountryWide you will ever come across. Here we illustrate exactly what BofA snuck into America s savings accounts. It ain't just CDS and it ain't pretty!

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On the (not so) Mega ReFi

Thoughts on the ReFI.

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Winners And Losers: The New Economy

new economy The economy has become and will continue to be more volatile and less robust for the foreseeable future as wealth is concentrated in the wealthiest segment of the country. This concentration is a direct result of the Fed's boom and bust monetary policy that steers capital into the financial markets instead into more productive uses. We are running on fumes as the top tier gambles. Instead of wealth being distributed widely throughout the economy as capitalism has done historically, we are now becoming an economy of winners and losers.

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The Coming New Recession: A Game Plan

Recession We are far enough away from the onset of the Great Recession that another down-wave in the depression (or a new recession if you go by NBER) is either here or due soon.  It may not be a severe downturn, as housing and autos would be falling from first- or second-floor windows in that case, but it would be occurring on the backdrop of a weakened structure, and thus the financial effects could be more severe than the economic effects (which could be severe or mild). Here is what you need to do.

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“Obama to Bypass Congress on Mortgages” … But “New Obama Foreclosure Plan Helps Banks At Taxpayers’ Expense”

Obama Bypasses Congress … to Enact Program Which Helps Banks at Taxpayers’ Expense

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The Fed Bails Out Gaddafi’s Libyan Bank, Arab Banking Corp. of Bahrain, Banks of Bavaria, Korea and Mexico … But Shafts America

Mexico The Federal Reserve Bails Out Fatcat Bankers and Financiers Worldwide … But Shafts the Average American

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Just Say No, Germany ... and Don't Listen to Geithner

Germany The German parliament has a historic opportunity to say no to the bankers and stop the madness....

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Commodities Snapshot: Oversold For Now, Dollar Holds The Key

If QE3 does translate into a similar effect to QE2, then stagflation and hyperinflation could be expected in most of the developed countries, and developing economies, respectively.             

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Graham Summers’ Weekly Market Forecast (Stocks Are Last to Get It Edition)

Last week’s moves were entirely based on the fact that stocks are now tracking the Euro almost tick for tick. And last week, the Euro hit “take off,” despite the clear indications that Europe is facing systemic failure (the entire banking system is leveraged at Lehman-like levels and European sovereigns are facing failed bond auctions on a weekly basis).

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Dr. Trichet's ingenious EFSF Doomsday Device...[How could we make this shit up?]

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2008/2011 Chart Update

As we approach major resistance levels, time to review some charts. What did the markets look like in 2008?

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