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The Art Of Extortion: Now At The IMF

default Eurozone France Germany Great Depression Italy Japan TARP Hank Paulson started the extortion racket. Greek prime ministers practice it weekly. Now Christine Lagarde jumped in too. Taxpayers please step up to the plate. Or else—

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Monday Market Musings - More Monetary Madness

Free Money goldman sachs Goldman Sachs Iran Market Manipulation Natural Gas NG I believe the translators at CNBC quoted Ms. Lagarde as saying "BUYBUYBUY!" 

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Graham Summers Weekly Market Forecast (Fed Up Yet? Edition)

Bearish Rising Wedge Central Banks default Greece Italy Reality So… are stock investors smarter than everyone else… or are they just gunning the market on low volume yet again regardless of reality? We’ll find out this week once we get past the Fed FOMC and Europe’s decision on Greece.

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10 Predictions For 2012 From BlackRock's Bob Doll

Blackrock China Fail India President Obama Recession Find out what the $3.6-trillion Blackrock sees in 2012

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Forget China, 'System D' Is World's Second Largest Economy (Infographic)

China Greece Italy Japan new economy Switzerland Tax Revenue Twitter Twitter Unemployment The $10 trillion global black market is now the world’s second largest and fastest growing economy.  

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Copper Creditors default Eurozone Federal Reserve Global Economy Greece Iran Monetary Policy Money Supply NASDAQ Quantitative Easing ratings Recession Technical Indicators Transparency Unemployment Unemployment Claims Wall Street Journal Withholding taxes Stocks usually follow the Fed, but this time when the ECB pumped, so much of it flowed into the US that not only Treasuries, but also stocks, got a lift.

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Investor Sentiment: Is This the End of the Road for the Rally?

Dumb Money European Central Bank Federal Reserve Insider Trading Investor Sentiment Rydex The bulls have the ball in their court and are on the cusp of turning this recent price move into a multi-month barn burner.

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KuNG Hei: GaME BoY/FaT BoY...FaT CHoi!

Enter the the Dragon: "Destroy the image and you will break the enemy."--Bruce Lee

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