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Meet Ferdinand and Imelda Hildebrand...

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California’s High-Speed Rail To Nowhere

China Corruption France Germany Japan And once again, US taxpayers are asked to create high-level jobs overseas. Contenders: Germany, Japan, France, and China....

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Kashya Hildebrand Speaks – Sinks Hubby?

B+ headlines Louis Bacon Moore Capital Swiss National Bank Someone gave Kashya Hildebrand very bad advice. She went on TV. Now there are more questions than ever.

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No Mayan Apocalypse in 2012 … But There’s Alot of Other Interesting Stuff Happening

None Nuclear Power Is December 2012 a great contrarian buying opporunity?

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Reggie Middleton Sets CNBC on F.I.R.E.!!!

Bond Commercial Real Estate headlines Insurance Companies Japan New Zealand Real estate Reggie Middleton Sovereign Debt Have we set the MSM on FIRE! Let's see if a trend was created. 18 hours after warning on the insurance sector, record losses were announced!!!

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B+ Bank of America Bank of America Citibank Corporate Finance default First Amendment Florida Foreclosures GMAC Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Michigan Wells Fargo How many of those millions of dollars in cars does the "Foreclosure King" still have? How is he able to stay so warm and cozy in his castle on the intercoastal in Ft.Lauderdale staring out at his 100 foot yachts and where is the Florida Bar in all this?

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Tick By Tick Research Email - Is Idiosyncracy the New Norm?

Crude Crude Oil default Equity Markets fixed Gilts Global Economy Jim O'Neill Money Supply Precious Metals Real estate Reality The Economist Uranium Is idiosyncracy the substitute for a fledgling Sovereign Bond Market?  Including our recommendations for 2012

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Construction Spending And The Housing Quagmire

Case-Shiller Census Bureau Fannie Mae Foreclosures Freddie Mac Housing Market Housing Starts Student Loans Vacant Homes Construction trends may be good for incumbents, but for homeowners, banks, and taxpayers, they're costly....

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Updating Smithers: Continued Caution for Stock Bulls

Bond Demographics ETC NASDAQ New Normal Obamacare Real estate Recession SPY Yield Curve Writing as someone who was strongly stock-oriented for most of a long investing career, I can assert that at today's low dividend yields, it is difficult to see stocks as strong trees on which to rely. The Smithers parameters provide cautionary evidence for the bulls who point to current "low" price-earnings ratios and "sunny skies almost forever" views of corporate profits and predict stock market returns well above bond yields for years to come.

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"They got lies so big... They don't make a noise... They tell 'em so well... Like a secret disease... That makes you go numb" --Frank Zappa

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Reggie Middleton on CNBC StreetSigns Sees 2012 As Reluctant/Manipulated Continuation of Q1 2009

Apple Bank Run Bear Stearns Central Banks China CRE CRE ETC Fail Finance Industry Google Lehman Lehman Brothers MF Global None Real estate Recession Reggie Middleton REITs Sears Sovereign Debt WaMu The iconoclastic outcast being called in to shake things up a little. I'll appear on CNBC @2:30 with my outlook for 2012. I'm not shy about my track record & here's what I'll have to say.

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Obama Signs Legislation Killing Bill of Rights

Corruption Honeywell John McCain Martial Law President Obama Reality Ron Paul "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

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Investor Sentiment: Are These the Makings of a Sustainable Rally?

Dumb Money Investor Sentiment Rydex I am betting that we will see lower prices before higher as there are few bears (i.e., no short covering) and as the time for the bulls to have taken the reigns of this market have long since past.

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