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Has no clothes!!!!

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Obamanomics: Grab Some Pizza, Grow the Economy

Ohio President Obama recovery If you buy a slice of pizza, and build a road, the economy grows. 

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Let’s Stop Kidding Ourselves and Look at the REAL Math Behind Spain

Bond default France Germany Gross Domestic Product Hank Paulson Hank Paulson headlines Italy Reality Twitter Twitter Spain is facing a regional, banking, and sovereign crisis all at once. The funds to prop it up simply do NOT exist. To argue otherwise is to ignore math and Germany.

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And the wisdom of QE Master Pei Me...

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Facebook’s ad model a scam?

recovery Twitter Twitter Facebooked.....

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JP Morgan, Bruno Iksil and the FDIC TAG Program

Banking Practices Barney Frank Citigroup Jamie Dimon JPMorgan Chase Market Share NIM Sell Side Analysts Testimony Wells Fargo TAG ought to be allowed to expire at the end of 2012, but people like Barney Frank and Tim Johnson will be working to preserve this corporate subsidy for their clients among the large banks regardless of the deleterious effect on the US economy.  

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Heat Wave Can't Get You $8 Natural Gas in 2012

Copper Natural Gas NYMEX Reality Twitter Twitter Some positive indicators have prompted at least one article at Forbes to predict $8.00 natural gas by "the approaching winter."

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Take Our Guns? Over our Dead Bodies!

Department of Justice Iraq None Things are getting worse, not better. There will be more mass murders and horrific acts of violence, and they will not be fueled by guns but by the untreated mental illness produced by the stress of economic and social collapse.

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