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Color Gets Dumber

This is my third post I've done about, the "company" into which mentally-challenged venture capitalists poured $41 million. Good luck on seeing any of that back, fellas. In my first post, written eleven months ago, I introduced you to the firm and its, errr,  product. In a follow-up post, I wrote about how the company - - which I guess found that no one wanted to use their crappy creation, $41 million in the bank notwithstanding - - repositioned themselves with a product that struck me as even less useful.

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Probability Map: Morgan Stanley's Vincent Reinhart still says 75% chance of Fed QE3 by June

Bear Market Deutsche Bank Eurozone Federal Reserve LIBOR LTRO Morgan Stanley Testimony Unemployment Newsflash: the Fed controls the economy. It's working on financial markets. Former Fed official and Treasury put-master Vincent Reinhart, who is now the chief U.S. economist at Morgan Stanley, says the only way QE3 doesn't happen is "if the economy surges or equity investors continue to embrace risk," in which case "the Fed would cheerfully keep its plans on the shelf." The only problem is it looks like we just had the "surge" and it didn't seem to impress the Federal Reserve, and every time they try to exit a buying program, the market tanks.

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ONe FoR SeaMuS...

A Super Tuesday warm up...

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The Mainstream Media Still Doesn’t Get the ECB Greek Debt Swap

Bond Capital Markets Central Banks default European Central Bank Eurozone Germany Greece Ireland Italy Netherlands Portugal Sovereign Debt Wall Street Journal   We’re fast approaching the end of the line here. It’s clear that the EU is out of ideas and is fast approaching the dreaded messy default they’ve been putting off for two years now. Indeed, Greece is just the trial run for what’s coming towards Italy and Spain in short order. NO ONE can bail out those countries. And they must already be asking themselves if it’s worth even bothering with the whole economically crushing austerity measures/ begging for bailouts option. Which means… sooner or later, Europe is going to have to “take the...

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Bruce Springsteen Slams Wall Street Pillaging of America In Powerful New Anthem

Paging Ben Bernanke ... Paging Tim Geithner

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Don't get lost...

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You Cannot Build a Strong Economy or a Bull Market on Fudged Numbers and Lipstick

8.5% BLS Chrysler Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation General Motors headlines Japan Market Share Reality recovery Unemployment Having spent this money, your next concern becomes avoiding popular outrage as sooner or later folks will find out that this money was practically given away and that everyone else got a raw deal. Let’s say that you just spent a large sum, to the tune of several trillion Dollars, bailing out various businesses that were literally run into insolvency by shortsighted and greedy business practices. 

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Wall Street’s weekend LTRO conversation: Stealth sovereign bailouts

B+ BIS Carry Trade Central Banks Credit Suisse default Dylan Grice Eurozone Finland Germany LIBOR LTRO Morgan Stanley Netherlands None Primary Market Real Interest Rates Sovereign Debt Sovereign Risk Sovereign Risk Sovereigns Stress Test Analysts are questioning the "double-down effect" the ECB's LTRO exercises are creating in eurozone sovereign spreads. Citi notes a spike in the purchase of government securities since the initial take-up in December.

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Chaos In Public Housing

Eurozone Netherlands Newspaper notional value Standard And Poors   On January 30, a skeleton fell out of the closet in the Netherlands. Het Financiele Dagblad reported that Vestia, the biggest Public Housing Corporation in the Netherlands with 79 thousand rental units, had had a margin call of 1.6 billion euros on its interest rate derivative portfolio. Vestia had doubled its derivative contracts to 10 billion dollars (in notional value) in 2010 on a loan portfolio of 6 billion euros. They say they had arranged the extra “coverage” already for potential future loans.   The loan to cover the shortfall had secretly been provided by the fund...

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Bernanke Leaks, Spoils the Punch

B+ Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Bond Crude Monetary Policy Transparency It was only sugar water anyway. 

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Next Phase in Merkel’s Desperate and Risky Gamble

China Eurozone France Germany Nicolas Sarkozy Unemployment Gang of Four against François Hollande. The Eurozone is becoming brittle.

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