• Marc To Market
    08/29/2015 - 10:18
    Dollar recovered from the exaggerated panic at the start of last week.  Outlook is still constructive.  Here is an overview of the technical condition of currencies, bonds, oil , and S&...

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Movie and Music Copyright Cops Themselves Infringe Intellectual Property

Aussie Australia India Mexico New Zealand Members of the RIAA, Department of Homeland Security, Sony, Universal and Fox may have illegally downloaded files from BitTorrent ... And Lamar Smith – the Congressman sponsoring SOPA – used a pirated photograph on his official campaign website ...

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The Liberty Option

Florida Documenting destruction with Fabian Calvo.  

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Fear of Terror Makes People Stupid … So Here’s Some Comic Relief

If you smile, it means you're a terrorist ...

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Greece at the Point of no Return

Bond default European Union Eurozone Finland Fitch Germany Greece Netherlands ratings "The European Union suffers under Germany” ruffled some feathers, but Greek reform rebellion gives Angela Merkel and others what they’ve been looking for: plausible deniability.

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Apple at $1000/share? Oh, at LEAST!

Apple Slope of Hope Steve Jobs Nothing sums up the euphoria these days better than Apple, Inc.

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and Fed Valentine No 2...[NO BEVERAGE ZONE]

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Ten Minutes With Italy's Mario Monti

Federal Reserve Italy President Obama FTW: "If somebody considers investing in Italy now, they should not be too worried about what comes next"

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Sol Sanders | Follow the money No. 105 | A confusion of roles

Afghanistan China Crude Iran Israel Vladimir Putin Minxin Pei, the most original of current Sinologists, makes the point authoritarian/totalitarian regimes inherently prioritize requirements for protecting regime leaders over long-term national interest.

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Proof The January Jobs Number Was Real

AFL-CIO Unemployment We all getting paid for this - it's like, $60 dollars per head

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BaNZai7 EXCLuSiVe: WHeRe Is KiM JoNG UN?

KIM Rumors began circulating Friday that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was assassinated in the North Koren Embassy in Beijing. The rumors which originated on Weibo, the Chinese version of twitter, have been proven false by Banzai7 operatives...

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Investors Take Note: A Seismic Shift Has Begun in China…

China Consumer Prices Global Economy Real estate Trade War Unemployment While unemployment is a big problem for the Chinese Government, inflation is a HUGE problem. Over one third of China's population lives off less than $2 a day. If the price of food rises in China... those "mass incidents" will explode into outright widespread rioting and civil unrest.

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Congressional Budget Office What is the cost of a broken life? 

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Mainstream Reports: The U.S. and Israel - Like Muslim Countries - Support Terrorists

Iran Iraq Israel national security NBC New York Times Obama Administration If the U.S. and Israel sponsor terrorism, then Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser was correct when he told the Senate in 2007: the war on terror is “a mythical historical narrative”.

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Hong Kong It's 12:57 AM February 11, 2012 Hong Kong Time: Let the BANZAI7 QE Valentine countdown begin...

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