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"In the souls of the people the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy, growing heavy for the vintage."--John Steinbeck

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The fallacy of the great Bull

Reality It ain't that bullish.

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A Breakdown of the S&P 500's Dividend Paying Companies

Bank of America Bank of America Just in case the mainstream media's "record profit" narrative takes a hit during Q1 earnings announcements...

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Education Price Inflation Funded Boom Time Bubble Lending and Lax Underwriting- Bubble, Bubble, Toil & Trouble!

A bubble, bad underwring, inflated prices... Anything sound familiar? Nearly every middle class family aspires to this...

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The Mechanical Fed: Fast for a Robot, Slow for a Dog

China DARPA Free Money Quantitative Easing Reserve Currency Turkey Even Zhou Xiaochuan, Governor of the mighty People’s Bank of China, is worried....

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Steve Keen vs. Krugman/The Science of Economics

B+ Fail Hyman Minsky Krugman Monetary Policy None Paul Krugman Reality Having been an onlooker of the recent tiff between Paul Krugman and Steve Keen, I was very eager to see what Mr. Keen had to say in tonight's LSE public lecture on "Banks Versus the Economy." Observing how Keen had quarreled with Krugman and effectively ate his lunch, I thought he would bring a lot to the table. I was wrong. Keen had raised the (very interesting) issue about how neoclassical economists and their models fail to recognize the role of banks in the economy.

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In Jobs we trust...

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The QE 3 is Coming Score: Graham Summers, 8 vs. 99% of Analysts, 0

Corruption default Lehman Monetary Policy Tim Geithner Folks, QE 3 is not coming. Not without a Crisis first. End of story. The last time the Fed hit “print” with QE 2 put food prices at all time records and kicked off revolutions and riots around the globe. Today, gas is already at $4, food prices aren’t too far off their highs… do you REALLY think the Fed will kick off more QE in this environment… during an election year? At a time when the Fed is becoming a hot topic in the election?

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Reggie Middleton Spits The Truth On Max Keiser Show- Like Acid Rain to Those Who Manipulate Through Profit Prestidigitation!

Federal Reserve Reggie Middleton The biggest Ponzi scheme in the US is the US treasury bond. The US Fed was the biggest buyer of US treasuries (over 61% of purchases). How do you think this will end?

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A Special Banzai7 Report...

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Exactly Why This Time IS Different And the Fed Will Be Powerless to Stop What's Coming

Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Black Swan Capital Markets Central Banks China default European Central Bank European Union Federal Reserve France Germany Greece Hyperinflation Japan Lehman Lehman Brothers Mohammad Monetary Policy None PIMCO Reality Third Point United Kingdom In simple terms, this time around, when Europe goes down (and it will) it’s going to be bigger than anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes. And this time around, the world Central Banks are already leveraged to the hilt having spent virtually all of their dry powder propping up the markets for the last four years. Again, this time it is different. I realize most people believe the Fed can just hit “print” and solve everything, but they’re wrong. The last time the Fed hit “print” food prices hit records and revolutions began spreading in...

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