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The Bank Short Ban IS BAAACCKKK!!!

Do thse guys ever learn their damn lessons? You just can't f@ck with mother market!

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The 830% One Week Armageddon Trade Commentary: Tuesday, 8-9-2011, Continuing The Easily Seen Market Crash?

Market Crash What makes this so interesting is that this bank is sitting under everybody's nose yet no one suspects it. KaBoom!!! Nuclear chain reaction thoughout Europe based on panic, greed, avarice and fear? Oh well, back to the trade at hand...

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A Vote of 'No Confidence'

Investors do not need a ratings agency to tell them what to think about the US sovereign debt status.

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Potential? It is a Bear Market!

Bear Market When looking at these 3 charts – banking, emerging markets, and China – it is hard to make the case that we are NOT in a bear market already.

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We’re Now Back at November 2009 Levels… Are the Bulls Listening Now?

Stocks are now back to November 2009 levels. In plain terms, the last year and a half may as well have not happened. The second half of QE 1, QE lite, and QE 2… literally everything the Fed has done since the end of 2009 has been wasted money.

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Stocks, a few bonds and a currency

It's getting more confusing by the day. I doubt this is about to change.

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S&P Downgrade Only Stokes Panic into Treasury Paper

And how did Treasury paper do following Standard & Poor’s bombshell downgrade of U.S. debt?  Why, T-Bonds, Bills and Notes came through unscathed, thank you. Actually, they did much better than that, rallying so sharply yesterday that one might have inferred the U.S. was the last citadel against the panic, confusion and fear that rein elsewhere in the world.

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Armageddon Put Trade Up Over 500% For The Week, More Room To Go And More Trades To Set Up!

500+% in less than a week! Not bad. Expect to give some back as the kick the can down the road parade begins: QE3.56, concerted central bank buying, bannig shorts, outlawing puts, whatever. I fully expect a short term rally then realisty will rear its ugly head once again.

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Graham Summers’ Weekly Market Forecast (Crisis Edition)

  However, the fact remains that the market is on Red Alert mode. The financial system is more leveraged than it was during the Tech Bubble. Mutual funds are more heavily invested in stocks than at any other time in the last 50 years. And the cause of the 2008 Crisis (derivatives) still hasn’t been reined in.  

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Using Options On Leveraged ETFs To Trade the US Debt Rating Downgrade

Actionable US Debt Downgrade Research & Opinion for Monday Morning - Monetizing the Situation

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Don’t Miss Out on One of the Best Investments of a Lifetime Due to Banker Propaganda

First, concentration does not equal risk though the commercial investment industry really wants all their clients to believe this rubbish concept. Second, corrections in gold and silver, though they are very frequently sold by the commercial investment industry as the “bursting of the precious metals bubble”, are just that – corrections, and additionally buying opportunities to accumulate more physical, when they happen. Not owning a single ounce of physical gold and physical silver in this environment is absolute insanity.

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We Are Not AAA

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Dungeons & Downgrades

“Some wags are saying this downgrade is already built in, but with the level of cognitive dissonance in the market I say otherwise. I am sure all the government put mucky mucks are meeting over the weekend and are stirring and preparing their usual toxins to stem any blowback." (Russ Winter)

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U.S. Should Downgrade S&P

Washington probably had it coming by handing S&P one necessary ammunition--the Political Soap of the American debt ceiling debate, but on the other hand, I would not give that much credence to S&P’s claim that “it's our duty to make that call" either.

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