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    07/07/2015 - 02:32
    In hyperinflation, the currency's purchasing power collapses. Many Fed critics have predicted this will come soon, though it hasn't happened yet. However all is not well with the dollar.

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Question the Quality Of BoomBustBlog Bank Research, Will You? Bove and Fitch Follow "The Blog"!

Fitch Dick Bove and Fitch, timely and accurate as ever...

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Current Events Summarized In Brilliant Art

A picture is worth a thousand words

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Former employees and industry players describe LPS as an assembly-line sweatshop, churning out documents and foreclosures as fast as new requests came in and punishing network attorneys who failed to keep up the pace.

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Minyanville Interviews Lee Adler: What to Expect in 2012?

If you’re not trading 24 hours a day, you’re liable to wake up in the morning and have your positions wiped out.

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RIM Gets RAMMED! Again... Remember That Contrarian Call 1st Quarter of 2010?

I just want everyone to remember who was first with the RIMM short call, 1st quarter of 2010 - 75% in destroyed equity value later... RIMM will not be the only one to fall!

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Social Security in violent transition?

The gloves are coming off.

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News That Matters

All you need to read.

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Merde! Chinese Wines Did What to French Wines?

In France, the litany of job reductions continues: Air France, PSA, banks, Areva, Sanofi, newspapers, Seafrance. And now, its signature industry—wines—got slapped in the face. By China.

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The Fed's Intervention Didn't Solve Anything... It Just Pushed the Collapse Back a Few Weeks

It’s now been two weeks since the Federal Reserve lead a coordinated effort to lower the cost of borrowing Dollars worldwide. While the markets initially hailed this move as a “solution” we’ve since seen that it was in fact an act of desperation/ cushioning of the coming European banking collapse.

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America’s Future: Russia and China Use Copyright Laws to Crush Government Criticism

China Here is what the Internet will look like if the bill passes.

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ViSUAL CoMBaT DaiLY (12.15.11) (THe WeeKLY RIP!)

They no sooner heard the cry, then guessing how the matter stood, they issued forth with great promptitude...

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Equities Still Lag Credit

With a sub-2% 10Y and a sub-3% 30Y - the sky is black

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The Trade Debacle With China

China And now a trade war has broken out. Politicians, have a word with your corporate sponsors.

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