• Vitaliy Katsenelson
    10/07/2015 - 12:23
    Having government control over the levers of the economy can have advantages. For example, by taking prompt action, the Chinese government was able to pull the economy out of the recession remarkably...

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Suddenly, a Sharp Deterioration in the Job Market

BLS Gallup Philly Fed President Obama Recession Unemployment The BLS better have some tricks up its statistical sleeve.

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SeX And PoLiTiCS, THe NeW NeW AMeRiCaN ReLiGioN

"The biggest threat to America...is moving toward a fascist theocracy...."--Frank Zappa

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Losing Graciously

Apple   There's a very well-known publisher of market commentary which - like me - has been largely bearish over the past two and a half years. What is irksome to me is that, in the face of a market which has done little but push higher all this time, they keep pointing to a chart showing that in "real dollars" (in their view, gold) the market has indeed been crashing. Ummm, that's stupid. Gold is an asset, but it isn't used as money in our society. Do you buy groceries with it? Pay your mortgage with it? Pay school tuition with it? I didn't think so. I could make ANY prediction about ANY...

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Santelli to Chilton: Will the SEC Serve Itself a Wells Notice Regarding an MF Global Bond Offering?

Bond Bond Dealers MF Global Rick Santelli Wells Notice CFTC Comissioner Runs From Questions, Admits SEC Should be “Looked Into”

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LTRO and the Markets

Crude Crude Oil ETC Eurozone LTRO QE 3?  Been there, done that

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That Giant Sucking Sound in California

China Green Shoots Mexico New York City President Obama Reality White House President Obama was in town, fundraising.

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This will make your hair stand on end...and according to news reports, it could happen as early as this Summer.

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Ja, it is definitely safe...

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The Triumvirate of Wall Street/ the Fed/ and US Politicians is Crumbling Pt 2

Bank of New York Corruption Creditors ETC Expert Networks Federal Reserve Federal Reserve Bank Federal Reserve Bank of New York goldman sachs Goldman Sachs Insider Trading Lehman Lehman Brothers Lloyd Blankfein Timothy Geithner One thing is for certain, the litigation is beginning to shift from minor players to major players at the core of the Financial Crisis. Investors take note, this is a major shift and needs to be monitored as it will have major implications for market dynamics going forward.

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The AAPL/RIMM Ratio from 2008 to Present

Just for fun - a ratio chart of Apple versus Research in Motion from 2008 to present. It's a stunner.

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McDonalds vs. Facebook - Toss me a BigMac

McDonalds Porsche Real estate We all want to be the kid who gets rich quick and drives away in the Porsche.

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Update on Middle Eastern Wars

China India Iran Iraq Israel Middle East national intelligence national security North Korea Nuclear Power Reality The drums of war are beating louder and louder ... What's really going on?

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Ironic EU Begging Expedition to China

China Eurozone France Italy Nicolas Sarkozy Real estate Wen Jiabao At least, Premier Wen Jiabao didn’t kick out the conniving scoundrels.

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