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Housing starts disappoint: what else is new?

Detroit Foreclosures Home Equity Housing Market Housing Starts Las Vegas Michigan Real estate recovery Housing remains a mess and recovery continues to be something found best in Disneyland at fantasy land (although not in Disney's movie-making business). The sector is showing only feeble growth as the American nightmare continues to chip away at the American dream. Or If every man's home is his castle, what am I doing in the moat,and why won't my banker lower the drawbridge?

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A Special Banzai7 in Depth Report...[WARNING: The line between parody and truth is often very difficult to discern]

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Risk on Trade suggests Risk Off ahead?

China Equity Markets Precious Metals Wall of Worry Will the summer of 2012 be another stormy session?

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There Is No Such Thing As Harmless Price Inflation

BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics CPI Fail goldman sachs Goldman Sachs John Williams Lehman Medicare Money Supply recovery A "little" inflation will destroy capital, rob you of your savings, disrupt all of your long-term financial planning, create market instability, and leave you unprepared for retirement. You can protect yourself and you must. Here's how.

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An Open Letter to All Presidential Candidates

BLS ETC FBI Foreclosures Great Depression Main Street National Debt Reality Recession recovery Ron Paul Unemployment Watching your debates and speeches of late, it is clear that you are all (with possibly the exception of Ron Paul) missing the point and only continuing to widen the gap between the US Government and the American people.

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Oil shock is a real shock and bigger than a bread box

CPI OPEC Personal Income Recession Current oil spike dominates oil move in 1970s-really! 

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Was MF Global Worth More as a Carcass?

Creditors Department of Justice FBI MF Global Testimony Treasury Department Why MF Global might well be the template for future looting.

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APPLE 2012

Apple Have another Byte...

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The Second Differential Of The ECRI

Green Shoots Recession Last week the Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI) affirmed their call made last fall that the U.S. economy would soon be in recession.   The ECRI’s main business focus is to try and predict the ups and downs of the business cycle, and they have had an outstanding record over the years. Right now the absolute level of the index may suggest economic weakness, but the second differential has suggested an improving stock market is also in the cards. 

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Thomas Day | Greg Smith, Goldman-Sachs, Culture, and Governance

AIG Counterparties Fail Google Krugman Middle East Moral Hazard recovery Risk Management Rolex Smart Money TARP Too Big To Fail Twitter Twitter Washington D.C. Wherein Tom Day of Sungard drops out of hyperspace just long enough to write the following missive on the PRMIA DC web rant soapbox and get a few hours sleeep.  Ode to Frank Partnoy. --  Chris

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Goldman's God Problem on Executive Pay

Bureau of Labor Statistics CDO ETC New York Times Restricted Stock Reuters Securities and Exchange Commission Transparency Twitter Twitter While SEC's rejection of a proposal by a group of religious institutions shareholders requiring an independent examination of Goldman's executive pay could be interpreted as a victory, it doesn't make the issue go away for Goldman 

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A Revolt, the Quiet Japanese Way

Japan Nuclear Power ratings Contamination, power shortages, and scandals: the people confront the almighty nuclear power industry. But no easy way out.

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