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    03/26/2015 - 11:56
    Take the S&P Index and multiply by the US dollar index. This removes most of the currency variation. Do the same with silver. The chart of silver times the dollar looks very much like silver...

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Interview: Michael Whalen on the Future of Media

In the last 12 months, the numbers of distinct users on Hulu.com (in the United States) have outpaced the metered Nielson ratings of all FOUR television networks combined.

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I stand with the protesters.

Bankers have made and sold trillions of dollars worth of loans that they knew, or should have known, could not be repaid. That’s fraud. It must be prosecuted.

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Netflix: What Not To Wear At The High Stake Tech Party

When a pure momentum stock lost its mementum.....

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Don't say fraud, Don't say steal; It was destiny, it was God's will...

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Politics, Money and OWS

The Obama administration is going to give the OWS protest a big boost.

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Occupy Wall St – Systemic Change Please

The system doesn’t work, and they don’t want to reduce this to a set of technocratic little fix its and paste-its.

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Sol Sanders | Follow the money No. 87 -- Hello? Something in the water?

Could more conspiratorial environmentalistas’ interpretations of our times be correct, that is, someone has been putting something in the water and we are all being lobotomized, even without major brain surgery?  You could make the case this week. Much of the world’s leadership, even though presumably suckling their bottled water, exhibits all the manifestations of imbibing something adversely affecting the normal cognitive processes

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The Unfolding Economic Disaster

It is now clear the US economy has broken down in a BIG way. Indeed, no less than Ben “green shoots” Bernanke has stated that the recovery is “close to faltering.” This, coming from a cherrleader like Bernanke is essentially an admission from the powers that be that the US economy is a disaster.

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Remembering Steve Jobs: 15 Fascinating Facts You Don't Know About

Steve Jobs Our tribute to Steve Jobs..

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Let The Dust Settle Before Getting Into Apple

Apple Gone are the days of the continued stellar Apple stock returns in the iSteve era, while investors are now looking for the next Apple. 

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Should Politicians Wear Uniforms Like NASCAR Racers?

The best politicians money can buy

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Update On Wall Street Protests

Here comes the Cavalry!

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Obama Not to Blame for the Economy’s Collapse

We can’t recall ever having spoken a kind word about Barack Obama, nor do we even imagine him capable of saying or doing something that might bring us around. However, we do not – repeat, do not – blame him for the terminal state of the economy. It was headed irretrievably into a Second Great Depression long before he took office, and the things he has tried so far to forestall a day of reckoning are, for the most part, the same things that any president, Democrat or Republican, would have tried. 

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THe BaNZai7 OCCuPY USA MoNoPoLY BoaRD is HeRe! (4 PM DouCHe BaG UPDaTe)

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."--Theodore Roosevelt [Banzai7: "I can read upside down."]

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Bullish Dollar is Good for Gold

Gold bottoms when the Dollar Index embarks on an uptrend.

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