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The Trouble With Case Shiller, Again

Central Banks Foreign Central Banks Housing Market Housing Prices Market Conditions New Home Sales Real estate Reality Standard And Poors The Case Shillers are shilling that the market is still weakening. But that's just not the Case.

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Congressional Budget Office Federal Reserve The CBO report is a stinker.

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Even in a World of Deleveraging... There Are Still Fortunes to Be Made

Capital Markets Demographics ETC France   While the “across the board” perspective looks quite bleak, there are going to be truly outstanding opportunities for wealth creation available to those entrepreneurs and businesspeople who are able to think creatively.  

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MF Global Customer Funds Were Not "Vaporized" - Stanley Haar Takes WSJ to Task

Creditors Fail George Soros goldman sachs Goldman Sachs MF Global Newspaper Your article gives the appearance of having been ghost written by Andrew Levander and/or the JP Morgan legal department.

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Shipping Loans Go Bad for European Banks

Baltic Dry China Credit Crisis LTRO Nat Gas Natural Gas Recession Sovereign Debt "Quirky canary-in-the-coal-mine indicator" indicating trouble. 

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Illinois Nuclear Power Plant Loses Power ... Vents Radioactive Steam

Illinois Nuclear Power Three Mile Island Radioactive tritium released ... just like 75% of nuclear plants in America.

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BaNZai7's PoSTCaRDS FRoM THe PaRaDiSe Of SCaNDaLS: FLoRiDa PRiMaRY CoVeRaGe 2012

Davos Florida Twitter Twitter "The Sunshine State is a paradise of scandals teeming with drifters, deadbeats, and misfits drawn here by some dark primordial calling like demented trout. And you'd be surprised how many of them decide to run for public office."--Carl Hiaasen, author and native Floridian [WARNING: GATORADE AND OTHER FRUITS AND BEVERAGES ARE NOT ADVISABLE NEAR THIS POST]

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Interesting & Informative Documentary on the Power of Rating Agencies, Along With Reggie Middleton Excerpts

Bank of America Bank of America Bank Run CRE CRE default Fitch France Germany Greece headlines Morgan Stanley Rating Agencies ratings Ratings Agencies Reggie Middleton REITs Sovereign Debt Ever want to know what a documentary that spits the truth about the rating agency scam and overall Ponzi would look like if it actually aired on international TV???

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Visualize: The European Super Highway of Debt

Greece Ireland Italy Portugal Fiat Infoporn

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The Fed’s Rain Dance at the Bottom of the Stairs

Bureau of Labor Statistics CDS CPI Monetary Policy National Debt Personal Income Panic at the mere thought of rising real wages.

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Prepare yourself Florida, Banzai7 is ready and waiting for goofball Tuesday...

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Europe’s Banks Afloat on Dwindling Credibility

Bond Central Banks Global Economy Greece Italy None Wall Street Journal Sometimes it’s impossible to tell whether the financiers and politicians who carry water for the central banks are bad liars or just clueless dolts. A bureaucrat from the U.K. surfaced in the Wall Street Journal over the weekend, exhaling what seemed to us an ostentatious sigh of relief over the supposed success of the European Central Bank’s latest loan program: “[It provides] a very significant degree of breathing space to banks.” Yeah, sure. 

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