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"Isn't it pretty obvious that Groupon is a massive Ponzi scheme?--Jose Ferreira (Knewton Blog)

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Graham Summers’ Weekly Market Forecast (Something’s Changed Edition)

Throughout most of 2009-early 2011, any and all bad news regarding the US economy was perceived as positive for stocks due to traders’ belief that a weak economy would mean more money printing from the US Federal Reserve. That situation now appears to have changed. The last two months have seen big misses on virtually every economic data point: the PMI, ISM, Housing, etc. However, rather than rallying, stocks have dropped nearly 5%, taking out numerous lines of support.

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Monday Market Madness – Are We There Yet?

It's one thing for the EU to vote on a rescue plan for Greece that bounds the population into lives of servitude to pay off Central Bank loans but quite another to get the people to accept it.

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Smoking is bad for your health - Tobacco bonds will kill you

Another piece of crap to watch out for.

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The Nonfarm Payroll Bombshell

Time for English 101. Spending cuts mean job losses. Reducing the deficit means job losses. Balancing the budget means job losses. Austerity means job losses. And lots of job losses means slower economic growth. The financial markets don’t believe or understand this yet. Stay cautious and stay nimble, and for the time being, stay short.

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JP Morgan Follows Goldman’s Steps In Issuing Utter & Complete Bullsh1t In The Guise Of Equity Research: I Call Them On It!

This is a very, very important article. It is important enough that it should easily go viral, for it clearly and meticulously illustrates both the ease of perpetuating inaccurate information through the mainstream media (in this case, the venerable NY Times) while simultaneously demonstrating the blatant conflicts of interest, the “profit off of the client’s back” mentality and the piss poor performance of Wall Street’s biggest and most well respected (well, at least some of them) investment banks.

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JS Kim on Max Keiser Discusses Banker Manipulation of Gold & Silver Futures

KIM Please find below my interview with Max Keiser and our discussion regarding the Greek crisis and continued banker price suppression and manipulation schemes executed against gold and silver to prop up the US dollar and prevent a US dollar collapse.

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Power User Guide for the iPhone, Droid or Other Smart Phone ... and the Computer

Become a power user on your smart phone, computer or any web-surfing device ...

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Tomber de Charybde en Scylla

We wonder how consumers are expected to contribute to the recovery?

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WHaT Do DouGHNuTs aND JoBLeSS ReCoVeRieS HaVe iN CoMMoN?

Answer: Morons

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LNG Export: A U.S. Natural Gas Game Changer?

Natural Gas Despite a well-supplied market, Henry Hub spiked to a 10-month high partly on the prospect of increasing LNG trade and export after the U.S. Energy Department authorized Cheniere Energy (Amex: LNG) to export LNG from its Sabine Pass terminal. But not everyone is sold on LNG exports yet.

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Is the US Jobs Crisis Here to Stay?

What is the real crisis behind the US jobs crisis?

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Investor Sentiment: Sentiment Leads Price

Investor Sentiment Investor sentiment is just a reflection of investors’ opinions about the market, and it is investors who make the market.

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