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    08/04/2015 - 06:08
    The headlines are dramatic, ugly and depressing to anyone who holds gold right now. Broad market sentiment has shifted from disdain and dismissive to highly negative. Hedge funds are shorting gold...

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Any all you other Tylers out there...

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Copyright Lawyers Oppose SOPA … And Say It Won’t Even Work

B+ China Cohen Fail Florida Mexico Michigan Oklahoma Puerto Rico University of California University Of Michigan Verizon Why Do We Write Again and Again About SOPA?  Because It Would Kill the Internet and Free Speech ...

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The Systemic Nature of Medicare Fraud

Corporate America Demographics FBI Freedom of Information Act Medicare Reality It’s the kind of fraud case that makes the taxpayer’s skin crawl. And it’s part of a vast scheme. But no insurance company would have fallen prey to it. Only Medicare....

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Limited Edition Silver Proof

MF Global Ted Butler on three elements of manipulation.

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How Inferior American Education Caused Credit/Real Estate/Sovereign Debt Bubbles & Why It's Preventing True Recovery, Part 1

B+ goldman sachs Goldman Sachs Iran Real estate Recession recovery Reggie Middleton Sovereign Debt The circle remained exclusive because real influence, for Mills, was located not in individuals (where it should be for that would release true creative and productive energies from said individual into greater society), but in their access to the “command of major institutions…the necessary bases of power, of wealth, and of prestige.”

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Strap in for a Wild Week

Barclays Beige Book Central Banks Global Economy Greece New Zealand Personal Income recovery Yen Lesson to be learned - never be a small investor!

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Graham Summers’ Weekly Market Forecast (Nothing’s Changed Edition)

Borrowing Costs Central Banks China Copper France Germany Greece Head and Shoulders Iran Italy Japan Recession Against this highly deflationary backdrop, the one primary prop for the markets is hope of more juice/credit from the world Central Banks. However, even that prop is losing its strength: the gains of the last coordinated Central Bank intervention lasted just a few weeks.

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Job Creators, Internet Architects and Security Experts Hate SOPA

DARPA Dyson France New York Times I'm not talking about Al Gore ... I'm talking about the guys who actually invented the Internet

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The Next Head of the SNB – Thomas J. Jordan

Currency Peg Monetary Policy Swiss Banks Swiss National Bank Switzerland A confirmation on this could come shortly. My thoughts if it should come to pass.

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Master of Horror, Poe, Revisited | The Brazen

goldman sachs Goldman Sachs Thrust upon a middle class bleary, they were plundered, while weak and weary, Over many a tainted and spurious document came a forger’s reward.

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On Trading Central Tendency

Capital Formation Federal Reserve headlines Japan Monetary Policy What can go wrong, almost always goes wrong. Some thoughts on how this will play out. (my effort at levity)

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Investor Sentiment: Are Investors Rushing Towards the Edge of a Cliff?

Dumb Money Investor Sentiment Rydex So while there are more bulls, they are chasing prices higher with one hand already on the eject button.

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