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So… the Fed has engaged in record intervention in the market and economy. Despite this, the US “recovery” has in fact been a total dud: we’re officially back in a recession. And inflation is hitting lift off. This means the US, like China and Europe, is no longer an engine for global growth. Combined these three regions account for 55% of global GDP.

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Broken Mirrors

Liquidity, Fund Flows and Technicals matter now. Fundamentals, Dow Theory and the real economy, not so much. 

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Another fairly uninspiring day.

In absence of hard data, subject to rumours and sentiment, as well as sudden “squeezes” or “sell-offs”, albeit in very tight ranges.

Mood maybe less rainy then yesterday, but, call me a bear, it doesn’t feel very convincing out there.

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As the media distorts the truth and the facts, I fight back with the Anti RDFun (Reality Distortion Field Ultimate Nullifier). Apple is outgunned in the data space, its maps product is simply the first in a long string of mishaps as it tries to transform from hardware to data, like Google.