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    04/27/2015 - 14:18
    If the DOJ and CFTC is going to be consistent, then they have to indict the entire financial community from the CME, Exchanges, Brokers, Institutions, Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Management Funds...

Contributing Editors' Blog Entries

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Trump, Apmex, and Goldilocks

Goldilocks   The Donald takes delivery of 3 Kilos.  

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Book Excerpt: A Sideways View of the World

The following chapter 2 is excerpted from The Little Book of Sideways Markets (Wiley, 2010).  Enjoy

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Before the Tape: 9-13-11

The market has become dominated by rumors. The primary rumor is of China supporting Europe. We saw similar rumors in 2008 for Wall Street banks. Those purchases all resulted in massive losses for the funds in question. And yet we are seeing similar rumors inciting large rallies in stocks today, this time the rumors pertaining to China and Japan buying Europe.

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David Kotok | Policy Madness in Muniland

Policy Madness (inconsistency) in Muniland.  Some bullets.

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My Take on the 2012 Presidential Election

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There's No Better Indicator That Someone Is Lying Than When They Do The Opposite Of What They Say: Enter BNP Paribas

"Look at what I say, not at what I do! We have no liquidity problem." Listen, if you have to sell $96 billion of mismarked assets when you DON'T need liquidity, imagine what needs to be done if you have a liquidity problem!

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SocGen comes to town

SocGen The CEO of SocGen is selling. I'm not buying.

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News That Matters

All you need to read.

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The Pulse of Commerce and The Chicken's Dilemma

When it sees that big plop, the Fed will react. By then, the egg will be broken, and the chicken cooked.

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BoomBust BNP Paribas? This Article Is A Hard Hitting Piece That EVERY MSM Outlet Needs To Pick Up On, IMMEDIATELY!

This post, in and of itself, should demonstrate to the entire Sell Side of Wall Street, the MSM/pop media outlets and all who may follow them that BoomBustBlog forensic research and analysis is simply superior to much of what is available and significantly overpaid for in terms of investment advice and opinion.

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Navigating the Global Rumor Mill

Data trumps rumors and QE3 or whatever stimulus we get trumps everything else...

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Solyndra – Moving forward to what?

I talk direct to George Kaiser on radio. He listened, but will he listen?

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How Many 2008 Similarities Can We Find? A Lot

The similarities between 2008 and today are growing even more eerily similar. We’ve seen a mega-bailout similar to Hank Paulson’s “Bazooka,” we’ve also seen short-selling bans and sovereign bailout rumors (China and Middle East for Wall Street in 2008 vs. China for Europe today).

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The Hardest Job in the World

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China Can't Save Anything... Neither Can the Fed

China Let’s be honest here. Neither China, nor the ECB, nor the Federal Reserve can stave off the collapse that’s coming. Indeed, the Fed spent $900 billion and nearly one year to prop the markets up… and we’ve wiped out ALL of those gains in just one month.

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