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Hokey Pokey Plan

“you put your short bonds in, you pull your long bonds out, you put your short bonds in and you shake them all about.”

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Protesters Target Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve William Banzai ... for the win.

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"I would rather be the man who bought the Brooklyn Bridge than the man who sold it." --Will Rogers

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College Dropouts And Unemployment, At What Cost?

Unemployment High college dropout rate has been a persistent trend in the U.S. for decades.   One study put the cost to nation at $4.5 billion per year in lost earnings and tax revenues.  Meanwhile, Russia and South Korea now outrank the U.S. in terms of college graduate rate. 

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Unnatural Acts

Where's the good news?

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Sol Sanders | Follow the money No. 86 -- Perfidious Americus

Now in the election silly season, Obama Administration foreign policy proceeds on autopilot.

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Wall Street Protest Starting to Look Like Egypt

Tahrir Square 2.0 ...

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Deflation In Japan And Its Chances In The U.S.

Japan Deflation phobia has broken out again, and Japan's "deflation spiral" is held up as sheer horror. So here is my experience with that horror. Alas, in one category, deflationistas have been right.

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4 Market Signs Signaling a Recession

Recession Inflection points on four key markets that would serve as definitive indicators that the world is in a double-dip recession.

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We're Getting Closer

The boss at the IASD says that the EU banks are fudging the books on Greek debt.

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Don't take my Kodachrome away...

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Wall Street Protest: Time for Conservative Endorsements

Divide and conquer, boys ... divide and conquer!

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Robert Eisenbeis | Do the math

These back-of-the-envelope calculations suggests that the current attempts to deal with the nation’s fiscal problems are at best a sham and assume that the general public will be fooled into believing that the Congress has righted its ways and is attempting to put the nation on a sound financial footing.

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It is Time to Put Up or Shut Up

I see the equity markets at a pivotal juncture.

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I'm Hunting Big Game Today:The Squid On The Spear Tip, Part 1 & Introduction

This is the first in a series of articles to be released this weekend concerning the sell side's, media's, and general investing public's extreme under-appreciation for the risk that is Goldman Sachs, the Squid!

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