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The Relationships Between Wall Street, the Fed, and Politicians Are Crumbling

Bank of America Bank of America Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke ETC Federal Reserve goldman sachs Goldman Sachs Henry Paulson Jamie Dimon Lloyd Blankfein Market Crash Merrill Merrill Lynch Ron Paul Stress Test White House Do not, for one minute, believe that the folks involved in the Crisis will get away with it. The only reason why we haven’t yet seen major players get slammed is because no one wants the system to crumble again. And the only way for the system to remain propped up is for the Powers That Be to appear to have things under control and be on good terms with one another. However, eventually things will come unhinged again. When this happens, the relationships between Wall Street, the Fed, and the White House will crumble to the point that some key figures are sacrificed.

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Goldman Sachs Executive Director Corroborates Reggie Middleton's Stance: Business Model Designed To Walk Over Clients

B+ goldman sachs Goldman Sachs Greece Mars Reggie Middleton Directly from the resigning mouth of the rapist to the raped... I even put some number to it for the analytical crowd..

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GoLDMaN SaCHs 4-1-9

B+ goldman sachs Goldman Sachs Mars Middle East Dear friends at Zero Hedge, consider this your day of total and absolute Goldman vindication...

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Unmasking the Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve It's a rotten, corrupt, secretive organization that has no place in a Republic

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America's Student Loan To Reach $1.4 Trillion by 2020

Bank of New York China Federal Reserve Federal Reserve Bank Federal Reserve Bank of New York fixed National Debt Recession Student Loans Twitter Twitter The added weight on the gross national debt as well as the dis-incentive for people to seek better education would prove to be one of the greatest risk for America as a whole.

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SocGen: Tuesday's FOMC was "as good as it gets" for QE3 hopefuls

China Deutsche Bank Housing Market Japan Monetary Policy Morgan Stanley recovery SocGen Unemployment Yen "Rationalising away the imminent risk of inflation, the Fed leaves the door wide open for a QE3 announcement in April."

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Plot Twist In France While Businesses Are Dying

Eurozone France Germany Google Insurance Companies Recession Election-year drama covers up astounding economic decay.

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Is Red Meat – Or FAKE Meat – Killing Us?

China European Union Mexico New York Times Does Eating Red Meat Kill You ... Or Is The Problem That We're Eating FAKE Meat?

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RuPeRT OzYMaNDiAs...

King of media kings...

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Portuguese Liquidity Trap: When You Add Too Much Liquidity To F.I.R.E. It Burns!

Bond default Free Money Greece Portugal Rating Agencies Reggie Middleton Sovereigns Unemployment Portugal is near guaranteed to default/restructure, so why is everybody so tolerant of so-called "smart people" saying otherwise? OK, let's do this math thingy...

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Coming Apart

ETC Reality I just finished reading the best-selling Coming Apart by Charles Murray. I confess to not having heard of the book until I saw it in the store, but the cover of a champagne glass and a crumbled beer can instantly suggested to me that I was going to enjoy this new examination of the United States and its sociological disintegration of the past half-century.

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