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    10/30/2014 - 10:10
    The Fed has ended QE. And it won’t be launching a new program anytime soon. So when this rally ends and stocks collapse, the Fed won’t be coming to the rescue.

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World Health Organization Says Cellphones Cause Cancer ... Oh, And They're Killing Off the Bees As Well

If you feel like - oh, man, EVERYTHING turns out to cause cancer - I can relate. But - unlike all the shenanigans which the powers-that-be are pulling - this is something we're doing to ourselves ...

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Graham Summers’ Free Weekly Market Forecast (Greek Bailout Round Two Edition)

The big picture here concerns the US Dollar which had already fallen to test its 50-DMA. If the US Dollar breaks below this line and fails to reclaim it then the US Dollar rally is over. The technical pattern here is a falling wedge pattern. As the below chart shows we hit right up against upper descending trendline. We’re likely to test the lower trendline now which is around 72 or so.

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Update on the Japanese Nuclear Crisis: Not a Pretty Picture

U-G-L-Y ...

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Big Dams = Big Drought? Ask China

China Man bites nature. Nature bites man back.

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All work and no play, makes Juncker a dull EURO boy...

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Manic Tuesday - Greece is the Word!

Greece While Americans are apparently able to pay infinite amounts of money for gas, we still can't find a price they are willing to pay for homes as this morning's Case-Shiller Survey shows home prices in the 20-city index falling ANOTHER 3.6% from March to a brand new 8-year low.

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QE3 Has Already Started

Make no mistake. A new variety of quantitative easing has already begun in a big way, and is generating its desired effect. The same $600 billion that stampeded into risky markets is doing a 180 and then stampeding right back out again. We might even see bonds peak and risk assets bottom on June 30, the day QE2 ends. Clever Ben, clever.

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Dexia Sets $5.1bn Provision For Loss On Selling Same Residential Real Estate Assets Upon Which JP Morgan Has Slashed Provisions 83% to $1.2bn - GS...

Real estate The banks can be trusted... Truly! All of them, but particularly the BIG ones! JP Morgan slashes loss provisions on RE loan assets by more than Dexia actually provisions for said losses in anticipation of sale. This is bullish, of course, so Goldman puts JPM on their "CONVICT"ion buy list in order to create the buying pressure necessary to dump prop inventory. Of course, this is just speculation on my part. After all, they would never do such a thing with Apple, would they?

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Market Data Sheets May 31st

S&P 500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Russell 2000, Nymex Crude Oil, Comex Gold, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY

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Crushing Harvard's Mighty Endowment Fund?

Move over Jack Meyer and David Swensen, there's a new woman on the mighty US endowment block...

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I've Been Mished

I recently discovered that famed financial commentator, Mike “Mish” Shedlock published a piece in which he quoted an article I published and proceeded to tear my views (at least what he claims my views were) to pieces.

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Memorial Day 2011: Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times

A vet's photographic memory of Vietnam..."How do you fucking pussies do it?"

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To QE3 or Not to QE3 and Does it Matter?

Freedom on quantitative easing, deflation, restructuring, gold, etc.

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All Roads Lead to Athens?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper brought a message from Canadian politics to his Greek counterpart Saturday. But is it the right message?

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