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    12/21/2014 - 09:37
    The five remaining equity bears on Earth are all saying the same thing: "We'll get 'em in 2015." To which I ask: why? What's going to change?

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Dark Side of The Buffoon...

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China’s Communist Party and it’s future

July 1st marked the 90 years anniversary of the Communist Party of China (CPC). China has undergone huge changes and will be the next super power. If we all end up working for the Chinese or not is to be seen, meanwhile we present some history on the Red Capitalist, that will drive China into the next World Super Power.

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90 Years of Communist China

China The CPC (Communist Party of China) was founded on July 1, 1921 in Shanghai with a large working class support base. Throughout the past 60 years or so, China has never deviate much from socialism. With rapid growth, cracks are starting to surface.

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Save The World?

Hooked up with a buddy of mine who flew into town. Our interesting conversation covered blogging, bankers and regulation, BRICs, oil, interest rates, deflation, the next crisis, Greece and the Greek bailout, ratings agencies, Canada, and lots more. Enjoy!

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The map is not the territory, buy these charts don't lie...

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Dumb, Silly, Sad and Ridiculous

Odds and ends.

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Sol Sanders | Follow the Money No. 73 | Obama energy strategy: one part black magic, two parts propaganda

In his June 29th press conference, the President again singled out rebates to push U.S. fossil fuel production in his demand for tax increases for an economy already threatened by double-dip recession. The proposal compounds regulatory mischief: blocking oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico while Chinese and other foreign companies drill off Cuba almost within sight of Florida beaches, forfeiting 250,000 jobs.

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Here it is, round two of GW's postcards from oblivion...

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Independence Day | What Can Be Done and What Has Been Done RE: State Wide Moratorium on Foreclosures

Foreclosures The Act provides that, during the emergency declared to exist, relief may be had through authorized judicial proceedings with respect to foreclosures of mortgages, and execution sales, of real estate; that sales may be postponed and periods of redemption may be extended.

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Are the credit markets getting unstable?

Just a few dots to connect on a holiday weekend.

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With all the other excitement in the news, I'm wondering if any of you have noticed the ominous news reports about immanent round of Wall Street layoffs.

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Will Phosphate Be Canada's Next Potash?

Will phosphate be bigger than Potash? These Montreal hedge fund managers think so and they're betting big on some small Quebec mining companies...

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Even Greenspan Knows We’re Screwed

The take home point with all of this is that the Fed is in fact powerless to address, let alone fix, the Financial Crisis that began in 2007. Indeed, the Fed’s key role in creating it was to let Wall Street dictate the Fed’s moves. And now that the Fed is supposed to solve the Financial Crisis, we’re finding out not only do they have no clue how to do it, but they’re even aware of this fact

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This is how we handle things down in Toon Town.--Judge Doom

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Strategic Thinking Behind Trading the Inevitability of the Inevitable Pan-European Bank Crisis

The EU vs US - Who Crashes First? Reserve currency status is a very strong lever, historically. Equally important, the holder of said status has usually held the most powerful military and technology as well. Meanwhile, the EU has the twin problem of CRE debt rolling over on underwater properties and devalued (by up to 50%) sovereign debt held at 30x leverage as risk free assets at par by the banking system. True, the US has similar CRE issues + housing depression... So much to contrast & compare.

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