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Rare Earths and other things rare.

rare - (of a thing) Not found in large numbers and consequently of interest or value.

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Flash Crash – The Call Redux - A Fictional Look at the May 6, 2010 Market Crash

Market Crash Three days after the Flash Crash of Thursday, May 6, 2010 I posted a fictional story on Zero Hedge describing what might have happened. To commemorate the anniversary I have rewritten, novelized and illustrated that posting and present it below for your reading pleasure.

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Closing Context Update: Protection Bid Across All Assets

Equities underperformed credit once again as macro protection was in demand (in all asset classes) and some rotation from macro-to-micro protection in equities ended a day which was very ugly open-to-close despite what headlines will yell.

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Bin Had

We've been had ...

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THe GReeK ESCaPe 2011

Starts Friday at a theater near you...

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How Much Would a "Made In The U.S.A" iPad2 Cost?

...and more importantly, would you pay more for it?

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Even With Apple’s Successful Launch On Verizon, Google Continues To Increase It’s Lead In The Smarthphone Space

Google Verizon A amazing as Apple's growth was last quarter during the iPhone release on Verizon's network, Google's Android still gained market share and the two main Android handset vendors doubled and tripled Apple's handset growth. It's fair to say that Android is to Google in 2013 as Windows is to Microsoft in the '90s. Network effect, y'all hear?

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What Do You Value Most in Life?

Over lunch and wine with a former boss and still friend of mine, we got talking on all sorts of topics, including corporate governance and what we value most in life...

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Capital Context Update: Systemic Risk Rising and Equity Underperformance

Away from the chaos that was the commodities sector today, recent themes in credit, equity, and vol contexts continued to gnaw away at the bullishness of every talking head. Shifts in CMBX tranches point to growing fears of systemic concerns in MBS markets and the up-in-quality trade (or up in capital structure) is in full force.

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Hanging By A Thread

The economy is hanging by a thread. Loan demand is weak, wages are flat, and markets are on a knife-edge.

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Bin Bernanke

Bin Bernanke ...

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Thoughtful Thursday - What's Our Money Worth?

All those digital Dollars, Yen, Pounds or Yuan you have in your bank accounts are nothing more than arbitrary numerical records of transactions and each individual note is literally not worth the paper it is written on OTHER THAN the faith you have in the issuing government not to "cheat."

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The financial institutions and their co-conspirator loan servicers (Collectively “Banks”) have turned law enforcement into criminals.

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I Hope You Were Not One of Those Buying

Monday's market action saw some of the strongest buying amongst the Rydex market timers in over 10 years. Oops!

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WeiMeRiKaN KaBaReT

"History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes."--Mark Twain

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