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What's The Best Way To Profit From Groupon's IPO?

If you use your calculator on this one, you wouldn't have to hear me say I told you so!

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Europe is Jiggerypokered!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday that Europe could be living through its toughest hour since World War Two as new leaders in Italy and Greece rushed to form governments and limit the damage from the euro zone debt crisis. Financial markets on Monday took heart on relief that a key Italian bond auction drew decent demand from investors and hopes that new leaders in Greece and Italy would take decisive action to breathe new life into their sick economies.

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News That Matters

All you need to read.

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Radioactive Iodine Blankets Much of Europe ... Everyone Points Fingers

All is well ... the EFSF will quietly monetize the radiation ...

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Greece's ‘Worst-Worst-Case-Scenario’

Greece Germany makes contingency plans to deal with the fallout from the debt crisis.

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That Hyddeous Strength

The political and social disruption resulting from eurozone nations being processed like sausages will wear on investors’ nerves, in the same way that living near a slaughterhouse and listening to the screams of livestock being rendered, weighs on the mood.

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On Stryker, Taxes, the Super Committee and Growth

A Sunday ramble...

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Technical & Macro Update - November 2011

US data is turning up while European political hurdles are being cleared and Chinese inflation is cooling. But will the resilience of the US consumer be sustained with the current drop in income and savings? Will Europe experience any sustainable solution without the ECB engaging in explicit sovereign bond yield targeting/unsterilized QE? And will China be able to rebalance its economy away from exports and fixed asset investment toward consumption without a sharp drop in its GDP growth rate?

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Sol Sanders | Follow the money No. 92 Obama [tries] to move the drama East

The combination of Mr. Obama’s continued denigration of America’s historic role, the Washington domestic economic policy tangle, the increasingly aggressive Chinese menace, all challenge the Obama Administration’s modeling a new American Pacific presence.

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Et Tu, Standard & Poor's?

The European Union next week unveils its third broadside against credit rating agencies since the financial crisis began, and this time the Big Three face a direct hit where it hurts. Thursday's mistaken downgrade by Standard & Poor's of France's sovereign debt won't help a sector seen by policymakers as an "oligopoly" that fomented and exacerbated market turmoil globally and more recently in the euro zone.

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MaTa BuNGa

The dance of the Bunga is a poem for which each moron has a word...Bunga Hari

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Investor Sentiment: Another Case of Selling Low and Buying High?

Investor Sentiment Is this just another case of investors selling low and buying high?

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How Low Can You Go: Selling Out Taiwan To Settle U.S. Debt With China?

China A ludicrous proposal from a NYT OpEd, seriously, how low can you go?

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Occupy Wall Street: Is It Really The 99%?

It looks like the initial public support and sympathy for Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is starting to wear thin...

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