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    Peering in from the outside or through the looking glass at what’s going down on the other side is always a distortion of reality. We sit here in the west looking at the development, the changes and...

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Pension Managers Face Firing for Badmouthing?

Byron Wien Carlyle First Amendment New York City Private Equity Some people just don't know when to keep their mouth shut...

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HaVe SoMe BoeRSe SH%T

Lloyd Blankfein New York Stock Exchange World Trade Concerning the NY Brat Exchange...

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How Higher Interest Rates Could Trigger Another 2008-Type Event

Alan Greenspan Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke default ETC Housing Market Housing Prices Monetary Policy In 2008, the entire financial system nearly went under due to the Credit Default Swap market which was $50-60 Trillion in size. In contrast, the interest-rate based derivatives market is $196 TRILLION in size: more than THREE times larger than the credit default swap market at its peak.

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The Markets Are On Borrowed Time

Monetary Policy Emerging Markets, which have lead the S&P 500 for years are flashing MAJOR warnings signals. Remember, the Emerging markets bottomed before the S&P 500 (November 2008 vs. March 2009) during the Crash.

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Backward Silver & Forward Weather

Aussie Australia El Nino La Nina NOAA Reality Swaps logic,logic of weather?

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This Week in the "We Are So Screwed!" Department...

Demographics ETC Fail None The "Youth of America" is dumber than rocks, especially in Math & Science...

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In re: KATHLEEN THOMAS | More Mortgage Morass for MERS

Consumer protection Mortgage Loans UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT DISTRICT OF MASSACHUSETTS CENTRAL DIVISION | CitiMortgage may not rely on the recorded assignment of the plaintiff’s mortgage from MERS because it was never the holder of the note, and therefore lacked the right to assign it...

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Daring Us to Buy those Dips Again

Bank of England BOE Capital Expenditures China Empire State Manufacturing fixed Gross Domestic Product International Monetary Fund POMO POMO Purchases United Kingdom A great, great scam because we spend dollars we don't have, devaluing the Dollar, to prop up the EU and that strengthens the Euro - devaluing the Dollar again! It's a double hit on the Dollar in one morning.

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Egypt & Implications for Oil

April Futures Contango Crude NYMEX OPEC Twitter Terrorists would have looked at an unguarded canal as the opportunity of a lifetime, now that Mubarak has left office and the military is in control this is out of the cards.

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Konjob Bernankovich...

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Sachs Says Democrats, GOP Both `Unrealistic' on Budget

Global Economy Jon Stewart national security "I doubt he will be invited back."

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The Greatest Lie That Was Ever Told Pt 1.

ETC France Purchasing Power Reality The general public had stocks foisted on them in the 80s with the introduction of stock-based retirement plans (401ks and IRAs). They became further enamored by this asset class with the creation of online discount brokerages, which seduced the DIY spirit. Stocks have become so popular that there are entire peripheral industries have been built surrounding them: investing books, investing seminars, investing TV shows, etc. And yet no one has ever asked whether investing in stocks is actually a good thing.

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