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    While a good portion of us here in the states spent last week in a collective food coma, Australian zoologist, Adam Britton, launched a crowdfunding campaign to continue research on one of Paul Hogan...

Contributing Editors' Blog Entries

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Time To Hedge

MACD SPY Volatility Since the summer of 2010, the way gold was viewed and used by the overall market has changed.   For much of the period from Jan 1, 2008 until June 30, 2010 for example, gold (GC) has had an inconsistent relationship, in correlation terms, relative to the S&P 500 (SPY).  There were times during this period when it moved in the opposite direction, but much of this time it moved in the same direction as the market.  This can be seen in the first chart shown.

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G.O.P. PoSTCaRDs FRoM LaS VeGaS...

Las Vegas Vegas means comedy, tragedy, happiness and sadness all at the same time.--Artie Lange

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Europe Rises Up Against ACTA

Bulgaria European Union Google Greece Japan Poland Widespread Protests Are Starting to Turn the Tide Against Anti-Democratic Bill

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Now Even Greek Politicians Are Taking Cover

Budget Deficit default Eurozone George Papandreou Germany Greece Switzerland €65 billion—20% of GDP—have been yanked out of Greek bank accounts, and political positioning for the “afterwards” has begun....

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Freddie Mac Mortgage Predator | Alan Boyce on Inverse Floaters

Agency MBS Bond Borrowing Costs Chinese Wall default EuroDollar Fannie Mae fixed Freddie Mac LIBOR Monetary Policy Risk Management Sovereign Debt Structured Finance Term Sheet Not only is the large bank-GSE cartel preventing millions of Americans from refinancing, but these same cartel players are also thwarting Fed monetary policy and hurting all our economic prospects.

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BaNZai7'S SOPA BoWL WaRM-UP 2012

Football is war--George Carlin

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Deconstructing The "Massive Beat" in Employment Data

BLS Central Banks Foreign Central Banks headlines Housing Market New Normal Real estate Reality recovery Tax Withholding Withholding taxes If last week's tax data is indicative of what's ahead this month, the "good news" won't be sustained.

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The European Default Line

BIS default ETC Eurozone Germany Greece Ireland Portugal Real estate What the heck is going on in Europe, and why are the peripheral countries putting up with it?  

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Janet Tavakoli | Super Bowl Spirit and a "Football" side note on David Einhorn

David Einhorn Greenlight Insider Trading Janet Tavakoli New Century Ohio My favorite football introductory book is an out-of-print book by Joe Namath, FOOTBALL for Young Players and Parents.  You may enjoy my favorite lines as you get in the mood for the Super Bowl

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Rates Low Thru '16?

Balance Sheet Recession Corporate America fixed Recession While “Rates low thru ’14? was the gist of the headline – over 1/3 of the participants see ’15 and beyond as appropriate.  The implications are severe from multiple fronts - a few to think about:

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Remodeling Index Positive For Home Improvement Stocks

The macro environment for home improvement stocks continues to be favorable.   Credit standards have eased somewhat over the past few months and with the Federal Reserves new “operation twist” program, it has driven down interest rates even further.  This has created a much more favorable backdrop for home owners wishing to refinance.   It appears for owners who are refinancing, some of the dollars that are being saved in a such a deal are being reinvested in their homes.  Home improvement retailers in recent quarters have all told the same story, that people are...

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