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Mr. Parasite Goes To Washington

In Washington, Mr. Parasite joins his sociopathic family and lives happily ever after. 

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The Financial Crisis Was Entirely Foreseeable


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Want to Know the REAL DEAL in the EU? Talk to a CEO

It’s time we admit the truth, the EU and its banking system are literally on the edge of collapse. Think 2008… for an entire region. And politicians are going to solve this mess with a March 2012 meeting!?!

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Graham Summers’ Weekly Market Forecast (La La Land Edition)

EU leaders just decided to impose stricter budgetary requirements from EU members. Only in La La Land could this be viewed as progress. The EU already had budgetary requirements… which the PIIGS countries all ignored. So how will these NEW budgetary requirements change anything? And who or what is going to enforce them?

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For boys...

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The Fed, MFG and Reg. T

If Reg. T is a "problem" then we have a big problem.

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Germanys Battle with Morality

A short piece that explains the moral dillemma the Germany faces with regards to the Eurozone.  

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Unreported Bedlam In Treasuries Signals Massive Panic

There’s plenty of reason to continue to be concerned, if not scared shitless.

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Euro Zone: Another Crisis, Another Backdoor Taxpayer Bailout?

Somebody, somewhere has to put up the money and take the loss of the Euro Zone, and it does not look like EU would rise up to the occasion. 

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Bob Eisenbeis | Be Careful What You Wish For

The appropriateness of leaking details of material to be discussed at an upcoming FOMC meeting is itself an issue that deserves scrutiny, since the agenda is not available in advance and the substance is covered by confidentiality rules of the FOMC. The only purpose may be to launch trial balloons to see what additional reactions might be garnered to better inform the discussion that will actually take place. Assuming that is the objective, here goes.

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Stock World Weekly - The Anti-Crisis Bazooka & Other Bedtime Stories

Little bit of this and that - the economy, Michael Hudson on the warfare engulfing Europe, a Santa Clause rally (anyway?)

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GLoBaL FiNaNCe 101: WHeRe R U?

You've been rehypothecated...

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The latest gimmick to fund the payroll tax cut - stupidity

D.C. can't figure out how to fund a lousy $115B stimulus. The problem is 20Xs as big.

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Sol Sanders | Follow the money No. 96 -- Solutions in a time of crisis

Moderation in all things”, said a pre-Christian North African Roman dramatist, Terence [Publius Terentius Afer]. But like so many artists, he latched on to a beautiful artifact but got the logic wrong.

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