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Next Phase in Merkel’s Desperate and Risky Gamble

China Eurozone France Germany Nicolas Sarkozy Unemployment Gang of Four against François Hollande. The Eurozone is becoming brittle.

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Beverages not recommended near this post... 

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Investor Sentiment: Get a Parachute?

Dumb Money Insider Selling Investor Sentiment Rydex Smart Money I ask myself everyday: if I am buyer today will I be able to get out of this market safely and without a parachute?

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It's My Parity, and I'll Cry If I Want To

Head and Shoulders Reality Slope of Hope I believe the EUR/USD is going to approach parity within the next year. All the nonsense we've seen in Europe over the past couple of years is going to start giving way to reality, and even with Helicopter Ben's efforts to devalue the US dollar, the Euro is going to do a better job pushing its way down.

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I-S-D-A 4-1-9

Beware da 4-1-9...

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Evaporating Japanese Pension Fund Assets

Bloomberg News Hong Kong Japan JPMorgan Chase Nikkei Nomura Real estate Yen Just the kind of scandal that the ballooning retirement-age population needs.

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JS Kim of SmartKnowledgeU Discusses Gold & Silver Price Manipulation on the Keiser Report

Central Banks goldman sachs Goldman Sachs Insider Trading KIM MF Global SmartKnowledgeU Here's the video of my original interview, recorded on Monday, February 27, 2012, about gold and silver price manipulation on the Keiser Report with Max Keiser.

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