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Has Google made Wintel and Satellite Cable Terminal Shorts?

Google The mosaic that is Google is coming together, and it appears the company is on the verge of major disruption to a few notable cash cows.  As I scan thru the Technology news over the last few days, it is hard to ignore that Google is everywhere you look.  Between the Chromebook, Android, and Google TV  the outlook for Windows/Intel and satellite cable industry looks cloudy.

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Euro Schizophrenia in Germany

Germany The impossible is happening: resistance to printing money is fading. Has Germany hawked its soul to save the euro?

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Monday Morosity - "Hard Times Ahead" says Rajoy

Impoverishing our fellow Americans has never been more profitable. 

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VISUAL CoMBaT DaiLY (11.21.11) ("BLooMFuKiSTaN...LaND oF THe SPRaYeD")

Every municipality has to make its own decision on how to handle the issue of free speech and appropriate countermeasures...--Barry Debtbama, CEO Amerika Ink-orporated

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Graham Summers’ Weekly Market Forecast (Flashback Thanksgiving 2009? Edition)

This is a holiday week so trading volume will be light. However, recall that it was during Thanksgiving 2009 that the sovereign defaults first started when Dubai asked for an extension on $60 billion in debt it owed. Will we get a European version of the Thanksgiving day collapse this time around with Italy? 

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Expect A Global Recession No Matters What Happens In The Euro Zone

Recession A global recession seems unavoidable now...

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And The Next Stop On The European Bank Flu Express Is

The Eurocalypse has unfolded EXACTLY as I foretold exactly 2 years ago, with nearly each and every quarterly update along the way coming to fruition within a year. With that much accuracy, preceded with the same from RRE, CRE and US banking crash, you'd think someone over in Europe would have called me over to sort things out???

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Sol Sanders | Follow the money No. 93 -- Living with ambiguity

Not only is Washington not able to present a model of its own efficacy in solving debt problems, but quietly, the Fed joined other central banks a few weeks ago to extend short-term dollar loans to European banks virtually cut off from dollar credit -- and not by those Occupy Wall Streeters.

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David Kotok | MF Global& NY Fed – Part 3

MF Global We believe that the issue of primary dealer status – the role of the primary dealers, the significance of foreign firms and their importance in the primary dealer process, versus domestic US firms – needs to be examined. It needs to be aired publically.

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Vix to 40+

SocGen’s news flow index suggests the VIX is headed between 40 and 50.  They arrive at this by counting “the number of newspaper articles highlighting themes related to economic strength... Historically they have proven highly sensitive to financial assets pricing, and often lead trends by a few months.”

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Manipulators or bumblers?

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WHaT KiND oF KaNGaRoo SHiTe DoES $850,000 BuY FRoM a K STReeT LoBBYiST?

See for yourself, I've made it easy for you...

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Either the ECB Prints and Germany Walks… or the EU Sees a Domino Debt Collapse Followed by Systemic Failure

Germany   There are now only two REAL outcomes: 1)   The ECB prints (and Germany walks) resulting in the Euro losing at the minimum 30-40% of its value, or...2)   Massive defaults and debt restructuring accompanied by systemic failure in Europe.  

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On Capital Flight and Forced Repatriation

Capital controls are coming to Europe. What does that mean?

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Watch The Pandemic Bank Flu Spread From Italy To France To Spain: To Big Not To Fail!!!

Fail France Italy Time to start stocking up on those long term, OTM armageddon puts yet?

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