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Yi Gang, Vice Governor of the People's Bank of China (PBOC), recently made the headlines with his comments on Chinese gold reserves. On Wednesday, Mr. Yi stated that China's gold reserves remain static at 1,054 tonnes, and suggested that a sizeable increase in those reserves would be unlikely in the future. "We need to take into account both the stability of the market and gold prices," Mr. Yi stated, adding that as the world's largest gold producer and importer, China produces about 400 tonnes of gold annually, and imports an additional 500 to 600 tonnes of gold every year. "Compared with China's 3.3-trillion-U.S.-dollar foreign exchange reserves, the size of the gold market is too small," Yi said, rejecting speculation that China would further diversify its foreign reserve investments into the precious metal. "If the Chinese government were to buy too much gold, gold prices would surge, a scenario that will hurt Chinese consumers ... We can only invest about 1-2 percent of the foreign exchange reserves into gold because the market is too small," Yi stated.

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The root of the problem is the manufacture of counterfeit credit. Examples of counterfeit credit include Greek government bonds... Depositors are paid the lowest interest rate of all, and in return are promised to be made whole, even if it means every other class in the capital structure is utterly wiped out. In Cyprus, they were not. This reckless and politically-expedient decision has consequences.

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Quadwitching Fun & Games

A little selling Friday aided by some quadwitching shenanigans which is a mechanical
event which should be ignored. The economic data on the week was mixed. The weak
Consumer Sentiment was likely driven down by gas prices which is a common reaction.