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In a System Based On Lies Why Would You Believe the Numbers?

We have a debt problem. And according to our elected leaders, the way to address that debt problem is to fight over some $30 billion in spending at the exact same time that unelected leaders (the Fed) are printing three times that amount (at least that we know of) to buy MORE US debt.

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FYI: Obama's document of origin verified and securitized by Banzai7 Operatives...Aloha!

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Once upon a time there was a deficit, a big ass deficit. You know, the kind that you can whack with a car antenna!

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On those Inflation Numbers

I can spin this any way you want. So can Bernanke.

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Pension Ruling to Complicate Insolvency Proceedings?

Will this ruling jeopardize Canada's credit markets?

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The answer is Gold.

Just another account of why the time for sound money is upon us.

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ANother Day aNoTHeR "UNuSuaL EVeNT"...

I don't know about you, every day one of the first items in my routine is to google the words "unusual event."

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Let's Think This Through Together

Discussion prompted by my recent commentary on hyperinflation continues to evolve and may yet enlighten us sufficiently to produce some useful conclusions about the banking system's looming endgame. Hyperinflation, or deflation? At this point, I'll concede that it could be either that brings us to economic ruin. But I will nonetheless argue in a forthcoming essay that the dollar could collapse without triggering a hyperinflation.

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Despite Gold and Silver Reaching Records...

“Gold has gone up too fast too far” “Silver is in a bubble” We are starting to see more and more of these warning statements in the past couple of days. But sentiment and underlying indicators don’t point at major positivism in the segment at all, on the contrary, investors are still wary of this asset class.

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More on Companies Fleeing DB Pensions

Some more thoughts on companies fleeing defined benefit plans...

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Budget? We Don’t Need No Stinking Budget

The market stumbled a bit on Thursday on news of a potential government shutdown (and politicians quibbling over a $40B budget difference is like...

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Ongoing Cover Up of Nuclear Crisis By American and Japanese Governments and Companies

Crisis? What crisis? Nuclear power is TOTALLY safe!

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What Is Happening In The CMBS Market And Why Is It Relevant To Recovery?

recovery The CMBS market gives us an inside look at the credit quality of many CRE loans which are the key to recovery. This article tells you why it's important.

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Got me them Quadruple Bogey blues...

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