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Have Hedge Funds Grown Too Large?

The hedge fund industry's strong rebound from the credit crisis has prompted investors to ask whether some funds have grown too large and inflexible to keep delivering bumper returns for which the sector is famous. Are these concerns justified?

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Are You Prepared For Another 2008? Part 2

Thus, to say that the US Dollar and debt system are broken would be the understatement of the century… However, the US Dollar has become a massively lopsided trade with investors betting heavily on its demise. When you consider its position relative to the Euro (another doomed currency), it is clear that the US Dollar could bounce just based on the lopsidedness of this situation.

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Presenting an explanation of the dynamics of the Japanese iron triangle: politicians, ministries and big business, by someone who knew what he was talking about... "In order to maintain the status quo, you have to educate people, and this is where "castration" comes into play. The Japanese bureaucracy wants the people to be as obedient as sheep. Not to complain. Not to challenge the system. Not to resist their superiors. For individuals to enslave themselves to the system. If one is educated to embrace these values, then Japan as a system can maintain harmony... However, in order to imprint...

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"Blood in The Streets" As QE2 Could End in April?

Certain indication from the Fed that QE2 could end early would bring considerable unwinding, disproportionately biased towards commodities, as nobody on Wall Street is currently positioned for that.

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Monday: Might Moody's, Merkel & Meltdowns Matter?

Call us dumb money but we were short oil, short silver and long on the Dollar last week...

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Join the Mad Hedge Fund Trader for Lunch in Paris on April 8.

Mad Hedge Fund Trader Bring your black berets, Breton shirts, and packs of Gitanes and Gauloises. Enough charts, tables, graphs, and statistics will be tossed at you to keep your ears ringing for a week. I’ll be looking for my front teeth, which I lost in a Left Bank riot in 1968.

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A number of Black Swan events have been ignored / killed by the markets (for the time being). Apart from Nikkei, there was no signficant follow through of selling in other markets, and dips have been bought hand over fists. Also, there have been news of significant buying of Japanese equities by western investments. Perhaps, this was among the the main reason for strong buying of Yen on 16 March 2011, rather than pure speculation or repatriation (Yen surge was later fought by G7 intervention). Several trades were triggered based on previous analysis of January newsletter, details can be found...

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Are You Prepared For Another 2008? Pt 1

The Financial World has entered a period that is strikingly similar to that of 2008, at least regarding three key issues. They are: 1) The Oil/ USD correlation (as noted recently on ZeroHedge) 2) Bearish bets against the US Dollar 3) “In the Know” investors getting out of the market

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Can Vitamins or Herbs Help Protect Us from Radiation?

The main banner ad running on Zero Hedge this morning said: "Public Health Alert: Reishi May Help Avoid Radiation Injury". I've done a little research on the topic, so - for those who are interested - here's a little background ...

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Comparing Japan's Radiation Release to "Background Radiation"

Japan How can we compare Japanese radiation levels to "background radiation" ... when radioactive cesium and iodine DON'T EXIST in nature?

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Did Bernanke Permanently Cripple the Butterfly That Is US Housing? The Answer Is More Obvious Than Many Want To Believe

Residential real estate is a downright mess, and its getting worse despite multiple proclamations from Treasury Secretaries past and present that the worst is behind us. We have already qualified, by any metric imaginable, as a real estate depression. Is anyone curious as to how we got here? Well, I have some keen observations...

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Graham Summers’ Free Weekly Market Forecast (the Fed is Terrified Edition)

Remember, the interest-rate based derivatives market in the US is $196 TRILLION. If the Fed lets interest rates get out of hand, then the entire system breaks down even worse than it did in 2008: 2008’s crisis was triggered by the credit defaults swap market which was just $50-60 trillion in size (less than 1/3 of the interest rate based derivatives market).

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Tsunamis to the left of me TEPCO Clowns to the right...

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Trade Against The Retail Herd 28th Mar

AUDUSD is firing on all cylinders in the long zone whilst 65.81% traders are short and actually made it to the strong short zone in Fridays session before pulling back a little into the long zone. Both EURUSD and GBPUSD are now well within the neutral zone. Pending Home Sales coming out of the US at 10:00am EST is the big new event of the day and if we do have a strong deviation from consensus we expect it to have a strong influence on retail positioning.

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The Contrarian View 28th March-1st April

This weeks review of COT and Retail trader positioning analysis.

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