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    04/27/2015 - 14:18
    If the DOJ and CFTC is going to be consistent, then they have to indict the entire financial community from the CME, Exchanges, Brokers, Institutions, Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Management Funds...

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DAX and STOXX Charts

European markets under pressure. DAX underperforming and leading us lower....

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News That Matters

All you need to read.

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  I don't know what kind of last minute half baked job creation nonsense Barry is planning to spout just before kick off time next Thursday night, but I do know one thing that that solar powered moron and his bankster loving AG don't know: America makes the best damn guitars in the whole wide world, bar none.  

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Yakuza: "We Have To Evolve Our Business Model"

"And we have to improve our image," said Masatoshi Kumagai, one of the bosses of the Japanese mafia, in an interview with French reporters. Yakuza are on decline, he said, and if they don't change their business model, they might cease to exist.

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We're At the End Game For Fed Intervention

The Fed has already gone too far with QE. QE 2 spent $600 billion and didn’t accomplish anything (as I and several commentators have recently noted). The Fed’s balance sheet (roughly $3 trillion) is already larger than the economies of the UK and Brazil. Has anyone bothered to ask how exactly the Fed going to unwind this? Everytime the Fed halts QE the markets implode. Do you really think the Fed could withdraw even $1 trillion in liquidity without forcing systemic collapse?

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Roubini Sees 60% Chance of A Double Dip in 2012, China and Brazil Also at Risk

Brazil China Double Dip Even a broken clock could be right at least twice a day....    

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The Hazards of Hospitals

These numbers are horrible.

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Why I’m Bailing on Bank of America

Bank of America Bank of America We have had a nice run here on (BAC), posting a profit of 20% in just one week. The stock market is now at the top end of a one month range, so I am going to cut back some risk. The big gainers are always the first to go on the chopping block. We have had a great 130 point rally off of the August 8 capitulation low. The market is getting artificially ramped up to overbought levels by month end window dressing, as portfolio seek to hide the damage caused by the worst month in the equity market in ten years.

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Social Security Full Fiscal Year Results – Flash Report

The preliminary 2011 numbers for SS show that the red ink is rising. Another example of where "things" are going the wrong way.

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Beef Based Upon Bogus Banking Confidence in Both The US and EU

The IMF says Euro banks are severely undercapitalized, the EU says the IMF is full of it. Reggie says they're both so optimistic that the word disaster can't even be spelled correctly without someone in a marble office breaking out into hives...

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SPX Technical (quick) Update

SPX hitting resistance levels.....while Athens plunges to lows.

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News That Matters

All you need to read.

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WiLLiaMBaNZai7'S QE3 FoR DuMMieS

Put your bongs down for a moment...

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Gold Isn’t Buying the QE 3 Hype

  This is hardly what I’d call a bullish chart. Gold actually looks to have peaked in mid-August and is now correcting. Indeed, if it doesn’t rally hard now, this pattern could see prices down to $1650 in short order.  

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Slave Nation - Nature or Nurture?

What exactly do we have left after several decades of frenzied spending and mindless consumption? I’ll tell you what we have left. We have our rituals and dogma, and soon enough not much more.

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