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I Illustrate The Pitfalls of American Education Using My 5 yr Old Daughter

Real estate recovery Sovereign Debt A failure of the NYC public school system featuring my daughter. For those that don't see the link between herd mentaility education and investing, my 5 year old son predicted the housing crash, Goldman's analysts and Bernanke didn't. 'Nuff said!

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A Tale of Two Banks: Citigroup and Wells Fargo

Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Citigroup default Default Rate Dick Bove Federal Reserve NIM ratings Real estate Wells Fargo I continue to believe that the large difference between the valuation of WFC and C is actually about right and is a function of the high-risk business model at C.  Say what you want about the piles of cash, Dick Bove, C has a gross yield on lending assets that is more than 350bp above the industry average, a function of a subprime internal default target for the average customer.  This is a deliberate business model choice and one that, frankly, makes it hard for me to justify buying C. 

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Investor Sentiment: An Important Juncture

Dumb Money Investor Sentiment Price Action Rydex There is a sense of incredulousness regarding the recent price action.

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Business School Curricula Today Lacks Real Critical Knowledge to Survive the Global Economic Crisis

Capital Markets Central Banks Fractional Reserve Banking Keynesian economics KIM None SmartKnowledgeU Twitter Twitter Business school curricula today completely lacks the necessary knowledge to survive the deepening and widening global monetary & economic crisis. We offer a video and a few thoughts below regarding the type of knowledge that will help you prepare.

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New CBO report – Lower (not increase) the early retirement age!

Congressional Budget Office Unemployment Why aren't the deciders in D.C. thinking about "out of the box" ideas like this?

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Coffee Banned!

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BoomBustBlog Research Evident In Today's News...

Bank Run Bear Stearns Counterparties Fitch France Funding Mismatch Greece Italy Lehman Rating Agency ratings RBS Sovereign Debt Trade Deficit More reasons why quality blogs should be staple fodder for those who are serious about real information and analysis. Now reporters, editors, bankers, analysts, managers, politicos & regulators frequent blogs. Do you wonder why?

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Sol Sanders | Follow the money No. 101 | I’ll see you -- and raise?

Afghanistan B+ Barack Obama Crude default European Union Greece Iran Iraq Japan Recession recovery Saudi Arabia Timothy Geithner Turkey Unemployment Wen Jiabao Pres. Barack Obama has launched new international diplomatic poker with “a trailing hand”. It is impossible to exaggerate the forces at play, economic as well as political, foreign and domestic, and their interplay.

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