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Investor Sentiment: Is This the End of the Road for the Rally?

Dumb Money European Central Bank Federal Reserve Insider Trading Investor Sentiment Rydex The bulls have the ball in their court and are on the cusp of turning this recent price move into a multi-month barn burner.

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KuNG Hei: GaME BoY/FaT BoY...FaT CHoi!

Enter the the Dragon: "Destroy the image and you will break the enemy."--Bruce Lee

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Sol Sanders | Follow the money No. 102 America’s love affair with China

China Corruption ETC Gobbledygook Hong Kong M2 Newspaper Real estate Reality But those Shanghai office towers across the river in Pudong were already standing empty a decade ago – not that you would know from any contemporary reporting. Former Prime Minister Rhu Rongji publicly pleaded with provincial bureaucrats to stop fabricating figures because it made it impossible for him to know what was going on.

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Will the Fed Bring Clarity or Confusion?

Congressional Budget Office Copper Federal Reserve headlines Monetary Policy Unemployment White House For the Fed to continue ZIRPing, Twisting and QEing, it has to support the policy with a bleak assessment on the economy. 

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Megaupload Takedown: The Real Meaning

ETC Twitter Twitter Is the whole cloud storage model dead after the Feds took down the 800 pound giant of online storage?  

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Friday Night Economic Indices

Central Banks China Gallup Japan Real estate recovery Beer, wine, mood, and San Francisco real estate –with more predictive power than is allowed by law.

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Dollar Bull Trend Definitely Over and How This Might Impact Equities

Equity Markets Price Action I am going to say that the bull trend in the Dollar is "definitely" over.

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Houston, We Have a Problem

So while we can debate the state of the economy and the importance of valuations, we cannot debate the shrinking and absent volume.

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B+ Dick Fuld I'm not, neither should you...

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Weren’t We Facing A Systemic Collapse a Few Months Ago... What's Changed Since Then?

Bank of England Germany LTRO Meltdown None Reality Folks, just a few months ago, no less than the IMF, Bank of England, and others warned that we were facing a global meltdown and the worst financial crisis in history. Do you really think a few liquidity programs have solved all of this?

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Three of a Kind

B+ BAC Bank of America Bank of America Debt Ceiling Jeff Immelt Medicare Treasury Department The debt ceiling, coporate taxes and health care.

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