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My point with all of this, is that we’ve just witnessed Mario Draghi’s “bazooka” moment. Remember back in 2008, when Hank Paulson claimed that it he made a big enough monetary intervention threat that the markets would somehow correct themselves? Well, we know how that turned out (the markets called his bluff and the Crash happened).

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One day - - maybe in a month, a year, a few years - God knows - - - Apple is going to make the first in a series of stumbles. I cannot conjure what kind of epic screw-up Apple would have to make in order to surrender its firm grasp over Earth, but there is no such thing as a company that thrives and dominates until the end of time.

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Facebook shares took another hellacious dive last week when the lock-up period for insider selling ended on Thursday. Gluttonously coveted by investors in the months leading up to the IPO, the stock has become a pariah after falling 50% from its $38 offering price in May. Was it jinxed from the start, as some have suggested? It is indeed true that technical gremlins on Nasdaq plagued the order book the day Facebook went public. And although some sore losers have sued to get their money back (if not their hands, belatedly, on fire-sale shares) the exchange glitches seemed to us like business as usual. Facebook’s real problem is that it is just another Internet fad that will probably never earn a profit commensurate with the $100 billion valuation it was given by IPO buyers.