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Federal Reserve New York City New York Stock Exchange Securities Fraud The Fraudmuda Triangle, previously known as the Bermuda Triangle, was a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of 2Big2Prosecute Wall Street aircraft and surface vessels allegedly disappeared mysteriously. Most, recently it has been quantitatively proven the Fraudmuda Triangle has shifted west over the continental United States of Fraudmerica.

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Trade Against The 90% That Lose Money 15th Nov

Retail traders are notoriously wrong at picking market direction/tops and bottoms. Most retail traders very naturally seem to adopt a counter-trend stance and this offers very accurate signals for individuals looking to trade against this group. This daily report is designed to help traders focus their efforts on higher probability pairs.

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Graham Summers’ Weekly Market Forecast (discounting Bernanke edition)

Ben Bernanke Precious Metals US Dollar Index The Fed initially claimed QE 1 was an emergency measure that would save jobs and the US economy. Amazingly this one time emergency measure (which failed to do anything for the US economy, I might add) has now become a way of life for the Fed. Indeed, QE 1 never really ended as the Fed continued juicing stocks every options expiration week even after QE 1 was supposedly completed. And yet, despite this, the Fed has now announced QE lite and QE 2.

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Market Musings: 11.14.10

Federal Reserve There are two dynamics going on in this market. Call it force versus force. It is the overbought, over bullish and over valued market that should rollover versus the buyer of last resort, the Federal Reserve. And there can only be one winner.

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Investor Sentiment: Bear Signal

Dumb Money Investor Sentiment Rydex If the market hasn't topped out already, it should do so within a couple of percent of the recent highs. Rallies should be sold and stops tightened up. The market is prone to sudden sell offs. There will be better risk adjusted opportunities to buy in the future.

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QE2: Last Rites for the World’s “Reserve Currency”

Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Bond Brazil Capital Markets Central Banks China Federal Reserve fixed Foreclosures Gross Domestic Product India International Monetary Fund Japan Joseph Stiglitz Monetary Policy Output Gap Quantitative Easing Recession recovery Reserve Currency SWIFT Unemployment United Kingdom Volatility Yuan This isn’t about jobs at all. It’s about power. It’s about who is going to dictate policy to the rest of the world. Bernanke wants emerging markets to bear the costs of a financial crisis that originated on Wall Street and was nurtured every step of the way by the easy money policies of the Federal Reserve.

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Milton Friedman Money Supply New Zealand Stagflation Unemployment United Kingdom A just machine to make big decisions--Programmed by fellows with compassion and vision--What a beautiful world this will be...

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Rumors to the Contrary Notwithstanding, You CAN Take It With You! Defiled Land Records & Convoluted Chain of Property Ownership

BAC Bank of America Bank of America Bank of New York Countrywide default Deutsche Bank Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Florida GMAC Lehman Lehman Brothers New Century New York City Non-performing assets recovery Renaissance Taylor Bean Whitaker Wachovia PRESUMPTION OF FALSITY! Every word. Every document... Countrywide, Indymac, Lehman Brothers, First Magnus: DEAD. ALL LONG GONE. Yet. Yet. Yet. Apparently, these predatory financial institutions are immortal and have assets to transfer, via their strawman tax-evading MERS, even in 2010.

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Quantitative Easing Explained

Quantitative Easing Don't know who created this, but it is worth watching ...

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131 = The Number of Years to Replace Oil

China India International Energy Agency OPEC Reality University of California It seems the panic time for both green enthusiasts and peak oil pundits. According to a new research paper, it would take 131 years for replacement of gasoline and diesel, but world's oil could run dry almost a century before that.

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Google Got Flack Over Leaked Diaoyu/Senkaku Sino-Japanese Boat Clash Videos

China Google Japan The video of the infamous collision between Japanese coastguard vessel and a Chinese fishing boat off the disputed Diaoyu or Senkaku Islands in September was recently leaked and surfaced on YouTube.

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MERS ATTACK!!! (Updated With Must Have Fraudclosure Flow Chart)

Meltdown Obama Administration "Get Ready for the Great MERS Whitewash Bill"....Battle Stations!!

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