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    02/28/2015 - 15:53
    American investors might be extremely disappointed with the recent performance of the gold price as the yellow metal is once again trading below $1200/oz. This causes a lot of people to frown, but...

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No, Bin Laden's Death Does NOT Justify Torture

Nice try, guys ...

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Capital Context Update: Risk Reversal

Stocks and spreads lost ground today following an ebullient pre-open and relatively stable start as early up-in-quality themes played out. Breadth in credit was positive but low beta considerably outperformed high beta and there was notable net selling in the secondary corporate bond market especially in the Financials and Consumer NonCyclical sectors.

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It is amazing is it not, that with all of our amazing advances in technology, we stilll live in the age of "impossible to ever get the truth" otherwise known as, it is the truth "trust us."

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Graham Summers’ Free Weekly Market Forecast (Hit Job Edition)

What’s truly staggering about the weekend losses in Silver is that it had already retracted most of them by Monday AM. Indeed, if you were not up Sunday night looking at the futures, you would have thought Silver was just opening sharply lower (about 5%) completely unaware that the precious metal was down some 16% over the weekend. What does this tell us? That unless we get a MAJOR Crisis in the near-future, the US Dollar will collapse and inflation hedges will explode even higher.

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Why Levered ETFs Don't Need to Be Banned

Over two years since their introduction and somehow the debate is still rages-on, fueled by ignorance of the facts...

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Use the Silver Dip to Convert Paper Silver into Physical Silver

Want to send the bankers a message and serve up the biggest nightmare possible to bankers? Use the massive dip that they thought would scare all silver holders out of their position as an opportunity to finally extract yourself from the awful possibility that silver and gold paper derivatives such as the SLV, GLD, and gold and silver futures contracts may crash in value in the future. Convert your PAPER silver into PHYSICAL silver now.

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Bin Laden Is Dead ... But Why Didn't We Kill Him 10 Year Ago?

That's great ... but we could have gotten him 10 years ago ...

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Killed in Pakistan...USA FTW

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Breaking the Code of Silence

If you didn't see 60 Minutes on Sunday, this is a must watch interview, perhaps the best 60 Minutes interview ever...

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A Sunday Vertical Drop of Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium

It looks like the recent margin hikes by CME and MF Global finally took their toll on the Silver market.

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Stock World Weekly: Market Madness

I'm trying to get more bullish, really I am – but to do so I end up reading and my reading leads to stuff...that SHOULD NOT BE IGNORED.

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HaPPY BeLTaNe 2011: TiMe To Get NaKed...

and BuRN PaPeR MoNeY!

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No, a Little Radiation Is NOT Good For You

And neither is a little accounting fraud, a little control fraud, or a little Ponzi scheme...

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Warren Buffett on Gold and some other (Silver) observations…

Warren Buffett This guy hasn't got the slightest idea (or wants it to appear that way), and more Silver Shenanigans from Europe...

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Freedom's 2011 Forecast & Update

“Significant volatility in the 2nd half of 2011, will provide opportunity to put cash to work.”

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