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How to Trade This Headline Driven Stock Market

This is a tough market to trade in, and I don’t want to get chopped around or do any heavy lifting.

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Tyler Is Good In Uncovering BS, But I Will Not Be Outdone In Busting BS Bank Reporting - I Simply Refuse, Right BNP?

Tyler is pretty sharp. He busted Morgan Stanley more than once. Reminds me of this tall handsome brother busting that big French bank playing hide the Sovereign Sausage...

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Paul Volcker | Financial Reform: Unfinished Business

Paul Volcker "To the extent that a political judgment is made that particular circumstances require government support of the mortgage market, that support should be provided openly by a full-fledged government agency."

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Gold and the Swissie

Swissie The SNB is trashing the CHF again. Gold is the only winner.

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Monday Market Madness - Berlusconi Does Hamlet

Welcome to Post-Information Age Investing!

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Graham Summers’ Weekly Market Forecast (Back Into the Fire Edition)

  Europe has now gone from a relatively small problem (Greece) to a HUGE problem (Italy). Greece is the 11th largest economy in Europe. Worldwide exposure to Greece's debt is roughly $280 billion. In contrast, Italy is the third largest economy in Europe and the third largest bond market in the WORLD. Global exposure to Italy’s debt is north of $800 billion. It’s already taken down one firm (MF Global), others are coming too.    

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When French bankers gorge on roasting PIIGS - OR - Can You Fool Everybody All Of The Time?

BNP hasn't even BEGUN to solve it's problems. How many analysts where you keep your brokerage account warned you of BNP/other French banks' before they started going pop. How many was that again???!!!

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We're on the mend...barring another Greek tragedy

The global economy is showing signs of withstanding a European recession triggered by the debt debacle in Greece.

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News That Matters

All you need to read.

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Retail Trader Positioning 7th November – Intervention what intervention?

  FX traders are gearing up to test Jun Azumi’s resolve to keep intervening in currency markets to weaken the yen from its postwar high. While Japan’s Finance Minister directed the central bank on Oct. 31 to sell what analysts estimate was about 8 trillion yen ($102 billion), sending it down as much as 4.7 percent against the dollar, the move failed to increase volatility. Traders avoid currencies with increasing price swings because they boost the odds of sudden losses.  

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If this looks scary...relax, it's not half as scary as the real thing.

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Hit With Big Withdrawals, Fed Sells Assets, Borrows Cash

We'll have to see what hits the fan this week.

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It's Greek To Me

Our worries came to fruition...

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David Kotok on MF Global, Chutzpah & the New York Fed -- Parts 1 & 2

MF Global New York Fed The great sage Albert Einstein suggested that repeating something and expecting a different outcome is “insanity.”  The NY Fed is repeating its reliance on primary dealers to be transparent and accurate and to do so voluntarily.

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Sol Sanders | Follow the money No. 91 | The ABCs of the Euro crisis

What’s at risk, of course, is the whole concept of post-World War II universal  European representative government after the fall of Communism.

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