• Bruce Krasting
    12/18/2014 - 21:42
      The one thing that Jordan can't do in this war is appear to be weak.
  • Capitalist Exploits
    12/18/2014 - 19:25
    The oil price drop is a big problem - not just for Russia, or for the other over-levered emerging market currencies that stand to be traumatized by a rising dollar, but ultimately even for the US...

Contributing Editors' Blog Entries

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MoRe TaLeS oF THe BiZaRRe...

TEPCHO! (Pink Neutron Beams)

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UK Schemes Transferring Pension Risk?

A new report from pensions and benefits experts Hymans Robertson has predicted that around £20bn of pensions liabilities could be transfered to banks and insurance companies in the next 18 months, taking the total value of this market to £50bn.

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On the "Wink and Nod"

Spin it until the numbers work....

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The Failure to Stand Up to Evil Leads to Insanity, Poverty and the Loss of All Our Rights

Financial writer Yves Smith wrote on the same topic today, and the policy under discussion is bad for free market economies ... And if we're not going to stand up to THIS, we're less likely stand up to the Dear Leaders' communist manipulations which destroy the value of our investments ...

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Alt-Market.com - The Ultimate Market Hedge?

The goal of Alt-Market is to facilitate barter networking and the exchange of knowledge and ideas for thriving in a faltering monetary environment.

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China’s BYD Promises to Take Over the US Car Market.

Finding the Holy Grail of cheap lithium batteries. BYD’s E6 promises a 200 mile range for $40,000.The globally integrated, low cost business model beats all. Making competitors obsolete before they even enter the market. Building a “stealth” US dealer network. What will happen to my Nissan Leaf? Is there a ten bagger here in the stock? (BYDDF).

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I have been looking for decent drawings of the Mark I Reactors. These are the best laymen oriented drawings I have found, courtesy of Mother Jones Magazine.

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Fed Revolving Door Update: Will Brian Peters Forgo His 2011 AIG Bonus & Shares?

AIG Put in your time at the Fed, then collect fat bonuses from the company you helped bailout. Nice work if you can get it.

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Google’s Letter from the SEC

Bad news for the Goog???

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Android Shrinks Technology Refresh Cycles from Years to Weeks

Remain cognizant that what you are witnessing here is the compression of annual refresh cycles into a MATTER OF WEEKS!!! It was only two weeks ago that Samsung stated it was unhappy with its offering in relation to Apple’s iPad 2 and had to go back to the drawing board. Well, they are to the drawing board and back – 2 weeks later.

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Graham Summers’ Free Weekly Market Forecast (Inflation Explosion Back On Edition)

The Euro just eeked out a new high, invalidating the Head and Shoulders pattern and setting the stage for additional upside gains to 145 or even 150 if things really take off. It’s extraordinary given that the European Union continues to collapse (Portugal is next up on the block).This rally in the Euro has coincided with further weakness in the US Dollar, which has now taken out its 2010 low, leaving the 2009 low and 2008 lows as the final lines of support before we enter uncharted territory.

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IRA takes on PMI – Credit Unions take on the banks

PMI should be dead by now. Why isn't it? IRA with the answer.

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Trade Against The Retail Herd 23rd Mar

Current positioning is remaining firm, we're seeing the expected pullback in EURUSD, but the pair remains in the strong long zone overall. With the release of the Annual Budget in the UK at 8:30 am EST we expect some volatility with GBP crosses, this could have an impact on retail positioning. New Home Sales out of the US at 10:00 EST is a likely catalyst today if we get a major deviation from expectations.

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How to Stop the Public Pension Brain Drain?

Everything you wanted to know on how to stop the US public pension fund 'brain drain' but were afraid to ask...

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Richard Field: Regulators as Source and Perpetuator of Financial Instability

Q: Is it fair to say that financial regulators are both a source and perpetuator of financial instability? Yes. Financial regulators have a unique position. They are the only financial market participant who can see the current asset and liability level data at any financial institution.

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