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I look at two problems confronting Japan. Despite huge monetary easing and extended QE, deflation not inflation remains the dominant price characteristic. Many who think that QE drives currencies and creates inflation really need to come to grips with Japan. The other problem Japan is encountering is that foreign investors have responded to the policy signals by rotating out of Japanese bonds and into Japanese stocks. However, Japanese investors have not stepped up their export of savings to protect it. Instead over the past four weeks, Japanese investors have sold more foreign assets than any four week period for more than a decade.

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Aided by QE and ZIRP, the-powers-that-be tried to end February with some bullish records designed to pump-up Main Street. Theoretically, if new market record highs were achieved this would then suck more money into financial products, as the WS marketing machine would be energized.


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Sequester Fester, No Cliff

A dispassionate discussion of the impact of the sequester and implications for investors. I look also look at how the dollar has performed since QE3+ was announced and it is not what many might have expected.