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Next Up: Emerging Markets Re-Route

Overnight, we received some very interesting news on what Asian hedge funds are up to...

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Le MaRQuiS de IMF (ViaGRAed)

In Rikers...

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How to Deal With Excessive Risk Concentration?

How important is it for big funds to properly aggregate risk across all investment portfolios? How do you deal with excessive risk concentration in your personal portfolio?

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Drones Becoming Pervasive INSIDE America

→ Washington’s Blog AP noted last year:  

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IMF in transition, European fears rise

What happens to Europe when DSK isn't there to rescue them?

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Capital Context Update: Credit Knows, You Know

HY credit deteriorated for the fifth day in a row (and 10 of last 12) as breadth was weak in equity and credit. Shifts in equity vol and context-based preferences for IG credit over stocks and HY credit suggest concerns are very warranted as macro data seems to confirm what credit has been hinting at for weeks.

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CBO Report – “Get used to the potholes!”

Just another mess on the horizon.

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Congress Proposes Bill to Allow Worldwide War ... Including INSIDE the U.S.

Let's invade Miami! I hear they have beautiful girls ... er ... spicy food ... ummm. TERRORISTS!

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The only thing we have to fear is them...

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Reggie Middleton and Max Keiser Discussing Goldman Sachs, the Super-Powered race to the bottom three, banks as the “new tobacco companies” and...

Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Reggie Middleton Here’s my latest with Max Keiser discussing Goldman Sachs (remember, I was the first and original public Goldman Bear), the race to the bottom for the profligate three (or the Triumvirate of super states looking to crash the other two), the banks as the “new tobacco companies” and the accuracy of my call that banks are choking on Bernanke’s ZIRP flavored medicine… You just don’t hear this stuff in the mainstream, do ‘ya?

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A Day With Harry S. Dent.

Stock markets on crack are about to join Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen in rehab. We are witnessing the end of the third great bubble in debt, the greatest accumulation of IOU’s in history. The Federal Reserve is now manipulating all markets, and the exercise is certain to end in tears. The only way out from this will be to suffer an economic and financial crisis worse than we have seen to date. Dow 3,500, here we come. Looking for oil at $15 a barrel. Gold craters to $250 and silver to $4. A 2% yield on ten year Treasuries anyone?

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Market Data Sheets May 17th

S&P 500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Russell 2000, Nymex Crude Oil, Comex Gold, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY

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Inflation in the UK accelerates… as expected

It's getting hot in here!

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Just Another Manic Monday?

It was another manic Monday with lots to cover, setting the record straight on Bill Gross, China, and the commodity selloff...

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Monday Market Madness

Only The Bernank is fool enough to lend money to US at these rates but, then again, he's only lending us our own money so it's not like he himself is taking on any risk at all.

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