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Open Letter to Prime Minister Harper

My open letter to our Prime Minister...

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Capital Context Update: Short and Sweet

Stock and credit markets closed weaker today as Europe came back to the party from their long weekend. Equities underperformed credit (beta-adjusted) and HY underperformed IG as we see the debt-equity relationship starting to wave caution flags and skew compression enabling some downside.

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WHeRe'S OSaMa?

TOTUS Edition...

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Bubble, Bubble, Real Estate Toil and Trouble: Macro Climate for Real Estate Still Sucks, Despite New Bubbles

Real estate A reader wrote me complaining about the nonsensical bubble blowing in multi-family properties before the last bubble was even finished bursting. I feel his pain. Let’s run through a quick pictorial of how I see the macro climate for real estate as of right now…Everybody is getting squeezed, businesses, consumers, homeowners… Everybody!

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Looking at the Results of Google’s “Negative Cost” Business Model Employed Through Android

The mobile computing field is growing by leaps and bounds bringing the more innovative along with it, while potential casualties are already limping across the battle field before the second round of ammunition has been fired.

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RE Update - "Strip and Boil Baby"

We have 13mm tonnes of this stuff?

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A handy aid for keeping track...

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Public Pension Exodus?

The departure of several senior pension fund managers marks the tension at public pension funds over pay, as schemes struggle to retain their best talent...

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The Bubble in the ‘Precious Metals Bubble’

The bubble talk is getting insane, be sure to take advantage of this scepticism!

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No, Bin Laden's Death Does NOT Justify Torture

Nice try, guys ...

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Capital Context Update: Risk Reversal

Stocks and spreads lost ground today following an ebullient pre-open and relatively stable start as early up-in-quality themes played out. Breadth in credit was positive but low beta considerably outperformed high beta and there was notable net selling in the secondary corporate bond market especially in the Financials and Consumer NonCyclical sectors.

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It is amazing is it not, that with all of our amazing advances in technology, we stilll live in the age of "impossible to ever get the truth" otherwise known as, it is the truth "trust us."

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Graham Summers’ Free Weekly Market Forecast (Hit Job Edition)

What’s truly staggering about the weekend losses in Silver is that it had already retracted most of them by Monday AM. Indeed, if you were not up Sunday night looking at the futures, you would have thought Silver was just opening sharply lower (about 5%) completely unaware that the precious metal was down some 16% over the weekend. What does this tell us? That unless we get a MAJOR Crisis in the near-future, the US Dollar will collapse and inflation hedges will explode even higher.

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Why Levered ETFs Don't Need to Be Banned

Over two years since their introduction and somehow the debate is still rages-on, fueled by ignorance of the facts...

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