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D.C. & Mortgages

Everything is connected

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This is a must view, particularly for all Americans...

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HoLiDaY OPeN THReaD WoRD CLouD (a brief moment of introspection)

I took all of the 782 comments on the Holiday Open Thread and ran them through a word cloud generator...

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China’s Grinch Raises Rates on Christmas

For the second time in the last few months, China’s Central Bank has raised its rates to fight internal inflation. The new rate goes into effect Sunday. Here is an English version of their announcement.

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Dan Wallrath's Christmas Message

You don't need to be Bill and Melinda Gates to give back to your community...

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Outlook 2011 & the Next Decade: Is The Smart Money Right About China?

China Smart Money China has been ranked as the top growing country among the G20 since 2001 and is expected to retain that title for at least another five years. However, the news coming out of China for the past three months has not been good.

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Christmas (circa 1920s), in pictures...

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Denmark Gives Away $7B USD, or 2% of GDP to Carbon Credit Traders

The Danish tax authority has been robbed blind by a carbon trading scandal that has rocked the market for carbon off sets: while the story saw some press a year ago, significantly higher losses have since been reported and the MSM has ignored the story.

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The Tax-Payers' Tab: a Cool $9 Trillion and Then Some

The data starkly show a comatose Wall Street being resuscitated with whatever financial might the Federal Reserve could pump into its tangled web of funding vehicles. It also points to how the Fed was dispersing sums which dwarfed the U.S. Treasury’s $700 billion TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) bailout program...

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Are you the Ghost of Crashes Yet to Come?” asked E-Benron Scrooge, “I fear you more than any other spirit.”

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Outlook 2011: Crude Oil & Gasoline, Escalator Up and Elevator Down

Crude Crude Oil Just in time for Christmas, On Wednesday, Dec. 22, U.S. gasoline prices hit an average $3 a gallon for the first time in more than two years, according to AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Report. Meanwhile, U.S. stocks and oil also climbed to the highest levels since 2008.

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An Irrevocable Right to Benefits?

From New Jersey to Canada, the pension pot is boiling and many will soon find out that there are no irrevocable rights to benefits...

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Economics Is Simple ... The Fat Cats Just Want You to Think It's Complicated So That You Won't Demand Change

Fat Cats Don't leave it to the experts ... economics and financial stuff is easy to understand!

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A bet.

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Will The Tax Bill Stimulus Create Economic Growth?

No. Tax cuts are good, but right now it's like pushing on a string.

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