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Corporate Management Quality & Earnings Quality Report

When companies are unproductive and destroying wealth, management teams should not be looking to grow that business. Instead, management needs to improve profitability by either divesting it unprofitable units and/or restructuring the units to make them profitable before they earn the right to expand. The alternative is also true, just as investors do not like to see management grow a unprofitable business, investors do like to see management grow a profitable business (generating positive EMs) to maximize its profitability

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Big Banks Are Stifling Economic Growth & Taxing Consumers

I posted this before Mr. Bernanke's interview on 60 Minutes was aired on CBS. However, it provides a different perspective about the dynamics among inflaion, jobs, and QE to counter views from the ivory tower of Mr. Bernanke's. RBOB went up 45 cents since Aug., is the fear of inflation really overstated?

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The Tax Rate Fallacy

Look at any international comparison of taxes to GDP, and one can always find the United States at the bottom of the table. The average amount of tax paid by the top 400 US tax payers came to under 17%, less than half the maximum Federal rate of 35%. Why Warren Buffet pays a much lower tax rate than his secretary. My plan for balancing the budget.

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I Don't Want Speculation, I Want Clear Investment

Folker Hellmeyer, the chief analyst with the Bremer Landesbank, gives an exclusive interview to on his take on the global currency wars and China's role in the global economy moving forward.

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Trade Against The 90% That Lose Money 6th Dec

Retail traders are notoriously wrong at picking market direction/tops and bottoms. Most retail traders very naturally seem to adopt a counter-trend stance and this offers very accurate signals for individuals looking to trade against this group. This daily report is designed to help traders focus their efforts on higher probability pairs.

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BAC Countrywide “A thief who steals a check payable to bearer becomes the holder of the check… but does not become the owner of it.”

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Graham Summers’ Weekly Market Forecast (Euro hype over? Edition)

Last week’s explosive rally was due to three factors: 1) Stocks came perilously close to breaking down so the PPT stepped in 2) A bullish falling wedge pattern in stocks 3) Euro options expiration/ ECB intervention Regarding #1, stocks came right on the verge of breaking below their 50-DMA. Given the technical nature of the stock market rally (the market hasn’t traded based on fundamentals in months) this would have heralded a major decline.

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LeaKeD WiKi SPeeCH

Incredible leaked draft of Hillary WikiLeaks Speech...

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100% Sure Thing?

Boasting? Lying? Or just blind?

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Got Gold?

The gold market for physical gold is getting warmer every day. I don’t mean gold coins or gold measured in grams. I am talking about Gold measured in oz. per ton. There are more ways to be exposed to gold besides buying the shiny metal in its finished refined state. There is also a way to own physical gold reserves in the ground. I call it Natural Gold. It’s still trapped in the rock. There is no reason the gold you own, has to be refined and shiny.

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Fearing Global Macro Gods?

What major macro themes will impact financial markets and the global economy as we head into 2011 and beyond?

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Twas the night before Squidmas, when all through Goldman Squid house...

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To Orwellian Governments Around the Globe, Censoring = Fortifying the Censored!

Wikileaks probably has tens of thousands of mirrors now, in response to the US government's attempt at censorship. You see, Censorship is to the Internet as Contagion is to a Host Body. The Internet (eg. the host body) moves to remove censorship as contagion. See below:

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Copper: Part I The new currency.

Copper I don’t know if you have noticed what I have, but lately it appears that people are using Copper as a poor mans currency. I started to notice during the crash of 2008, that copper was being sold in a .999 pure bullion. The photo attached is for a single troy oz of “Fine Copper”. The list price for this copper, as is, was 12 dollars. Think about that for a moment.

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