• ilene
    01/28/2015 - 19:33
    Suppose you could print up counterfeit dollars, euros or yen that were identical to the real things. Fun, you think? Here's how it plays out. 

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Uranium is dead, long live uranium

Uranium My Nuke & BTFD.

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You Can View Official EPA Radiation Readings

You can peer under the hood, which could be very helpful ... assuming the data itself isn't fudged

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Japan "Sick on my journey, only my dreams will wander these desolate moors." (Matsuo Basho's death poem)

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Yentervention – G7 Style! (Ponzi Finance)

This is not "Commie talk" people. If you are not one of the Forbes 400 you are either a victim or a victim-in-waiting because what do you think the 400 will do when the bottom 90% are bled dry?

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More On Realistic Views of Apple and the Undervaluation of Google

Apple Google Judging from the relative volatility and the extremely wide holdings of this find company with a near cult like following, if price action breaks it will break very hard - and this time there may be fundamental justification for it.

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Come Meet the Mad Hedge Fund Trader for Lunch in New York on Thursday, March 31!

Mad Hedge Fund Trader Come for a knockdown, drag out debate about the future of the global financial markets. More meat than a Carnegie deli pastrami. Floor traders please leave the brass knuckles at work. Commodities trades are required to wear shoes. Will the gold traders please leave your “wife beaters” at home.

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Trade Against The Retail Herd 18th Mar

Intervention. For the first time in a decade we're seeing multi-nation intervention to help weaken the Yen, as a beleaguered Japan works to recover from a multi-faceted disaster. Weakening of the Yen eases some of the strain on Japanese exporters, many of whom are being forced to keep factories closed due to power shortages and structural damage after the earthquake.

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The Canada Bubble?

A Canadian bubble, eh?

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On the spin

It's over the top.

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Aaand It Gets WORSE at China MediaExpress Holdings CCME

China Excuse My Continued Lack of Surprise...

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Enjoying Coffee at the Lodge with Jesse

The US is now being run by an oligarchy, with lip service being paid to the electorate in allowing the people to vote for the candidates that the parties and the powers will put forward. There will be no recovery for the middle class until they assert themselves. I know I have stated this often in my tag phrase, “The banks must be restrained…”

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The Multi-Trillion Dollar Question For the Markets Pt 2

During QE 1 (2009-2010) the Fed was pumping, on average, $50 billion or so into the markets per month. Today’s it’s north of $100 billion. And the stock market is nearly 100% higher than it was when QE 1 was announced.So stocks have doubled, but instead of lowering the liquidity infusions, the Fed has DOUBLED them. This alone should tell you that the Fed is losing its grip on the market. The fact it’s taking more and more money pumps just to keep the markets afloat should be a MASSIVE red flag for all investors.

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Market Musings: Time for More QE?

A funny thing happened along the way -- just when investors got comfortable with the idea of a sure thing -- somebody or something pulled the rug out from underneath them.

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Catching Up With Technical Analyst to the Stars, Charles Nenner

Charles Nenner If you have not made your year by now you are dead meat. Many of 2011’s big moves have occurred, and there aren’t going to be many fireworks for the rest of the year. Many asset classes are about to settle down into boring, predictable trading ranges. Unless you want to short the Euro. Stocks, gold, and silver are topping. (FX), (SPX), (GLD), (SLV), (TLT)

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Traditional Green Banksta Cheer...

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