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Will Phosphate Be Canada's Next Potash?

Will phosphate be bigger than Potash? These Montreal hedge fund managers think so and they're betting big on some small Quebec mining companies...

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Even Greenspan Knows We’re Screwed

The take home point with all of this is that the Fed is in fact powerless to address, let alone fix, the Financial Crisis that began in 2007. Indeed, the Fed’s key role in creating it was to let Wall Street dictate the Fed’s moves. And now that the Fed is supposed to solve the Financial Crisis, we’re finding out not only do they have no clue how to do it, but they’re even aware of this fact

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This is how we handle things down in Toon Town.--Judge Doom

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Strategic Thinking Behind Trading the Inevitability of the Inevitable Pan-European Bank Crisis

The EU vs US - Who Crashes First? Reserve currency status is a very strong lever, historically. Equally important, the holder of said status has usually held the most powerful military and technology as well. Meanwhile, the EU has the twin problem of CRE debt rolling over on underwater properties and devalued (by up to 50%) sovereign debt held at 30x leverage as risk free assets at par by the banking system. True, the US has similar CRE issues + housing depression... So much to contrast & compare.

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In Re GeiTHNeR

Lets be brutally frank shall we. From the day he first set foot in the Department of Treasury, this useless piece of garbage called Timothy Geithner has been good for one thing and one thing only: To protect and serve his Wall Street masters.

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Where is that Recovery?

recovery After the last week’s good “window dressing” equities performance, it is time to reconsider some facts on the Economy. Our short term targets in SPX have been reached, since bouncing off the 200 day moving average. We should start hitting some resistance levels shortly (1320). The dull summer months might even provide some kind of consolidation/trading range, where volatilities come off, and present a nice set up for the autumn collapse we think will happen. From

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William Galison Author of Article on the Murder of Sunny Sheu Assaulted and Threatened by Undercover Cop

"I ask my friends and colleagues: what would it take to bring you to the streets? My death? Your friend's death?, Your lover's death? Your child's death? Sunny was a dear friend, but he did not have a big enough sphere of friends to make problems for the cops when they killed him."

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Swiss Franc and the possibility of huge mortgage defaults in Central Europe

Swiss Franc It was really easy getting that mortgage in Hungary, and the best of all, denominated in Swiss Francs, so the interest rate was low. Such a great plan, if it wasn’t for that currency risk.....

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I know many of you are wondering where GW is. Yesterday he remarked that he is on a field trip and unable to check in more frequently. Fortunately, our own intrepid reporter of mayhem, oppression and the apocalypse has been sending postcards which I am happy to share with all of you.

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Predictable Surprises

The way we see it is quite simple. With every investor and every company in the world seeking exposure to China and betting on continued and unabated Chinese growth, what happens if they are wrong? Is it at least worth having some insurance in the portfolio to hedge against the risk of being wrong? If nothing else, we recognize that we are sometimes (often) wrong! GMO’s James Montier recently shared the following thoughts with investors...

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Fire Closes in on Plutonium at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Danger? What danger?

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On Crooks and Crooks?

This is an ugly story.

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Ambush in the Oil Market

A new interventionist, activist approach by governments towards the energy space. If the IEA’s strategy works, and prices stay down 10% over time, this would inject $300 billion into the world economy. Howls of leaked information and insider trading. . Traders may bet against the national interest, but now do so at their peril. This is the first real attempt by the consuming nations to eliminate the oil risk premium, estimated at up to $50 a barrel. Cutting Brent prices by a whacking great $30 a barrel. Is this QE3 in black?

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A Conversation Between a CDS Trader and an Equity Strategist on the Coming European Implosion

CDS ... I would tend to believe that from here, things are more double sided than before, and risk-reward much less interesting than it used to be, because there are now external factors like government intervention which can kick the can, and screw valuations for a long time.

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More Pain Ahead

We passed the Greek Vote. Great news, but is the future all bright now? What about the rest of the World and it's Debt?

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