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Weekly Contrarian COT Index and Retail Positioning Analysis

Commitment of Traders Commodity Futures Trading Commission Market Sentiment Smart Money Yen The Commitment of Traders Report is created by the CFTC – The Commodity Futures Trading Commission and is published weekly every Friday. This body gathers and publishes the open futures positions on all publicly traded US futures contracts as well as the corresponding options. The data consists of 3 main categories.

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War On?

Ben Bernanke Japan QE-2 Volatility Yen Should be another interesting week.

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Indonesia is On Fire

Blackrock Bond China Exchange Traded Fund Gross Domestic Product President Obama Quantitative Easing Is Indonesia the next China? Despite the triple digit return, it could still be early days for the world’s largest Muslim country. Since the rumblings about a global, synchronized QEII began in September, $2 billion a day has been flooding into emerging markets, and Indonesia has been at the top of the list. A rupiah that has been steadily appreciating against the dollar has added a nice double leveraged effect to the upside. (IDX), (EIDO)

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Lets Do the Subprime Warp Again! (Banzai7 Happy Halloween Post 1)

Alt-A CDO Collateralized Debt Obligations Moral Hazard It's astounding, markets are fleeting...Keynesian madness takes its toll...Lets do the Subprime Warp Again...

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New Mortgage Crisis in Iceland: Could U.S. Be Far Behind?

Congressional Budget Office default Google Gross Domestic Product Iceland Ireland Japan Krugman Kyle Bass Mortgage Loans Paul Krugman Purchasing Power Sovereign Debt Value Investing Yen Some scary developments in Iceland including a 41% inflation in the past three years, 63% of mortgage is underwater, and 40% of homeowners are insolvent make me wonder how far behind is the United States?

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Gulf Oil Spill: Mission Accomplished or Ongoing Crisis?

Florida Mexico Mortgage Backed Securities NOAA Poland Mission accomplished ... wait, WHAT???

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Why The FDIC Federal Reserve TBTF Banking System Must Go

Fail Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Reserve Monetary Policy Moral Hazard Let A = America, B = Banking System, and C = the Crony System. Then, given a heavily subsidized and corrupt financial system in the U.S., we can infer that A + B = C. Since we know that C must fail due to its poor design and widespread moral hazard, and that B is too big to fail, where does that leave A?

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I Dare Paul Krugman To Debate Austrian Theory

Krugman Mises Institute Paul Krugman Paul Krugman doesn't know anything about Austrian economic theory but he feels competent to criticize it. He has refused to debate the topic in the past. Now a top notch Austrian theory economist is challenging him to a debate. The lure: $100,000. Will he do it?

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Banzai7 News Bureau Exclusive: Important Ministry of Information Announcement

Creditors Finance Industry Medicare Mortgage Industry Shaun Donovan If you are worried about the potential systemic risks caused by the developing mortgage fraudclosure story, you better view this important announcement immediately.

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Say Goodbye to Your Favorite Teacher

Apple The painful cost cutting, layoffs, and downsizing that has swept the corporate area for the past 30 years is now being jammed down the throat of the public sector. The financial crisis afflicting states and municipalities is going to make the school teacher join the sorry ranks of the service station attendant, the elevator operator, and the telephone operators. A profession that has been rendered useless by technology. High schools are about to move online. Anyone for a student teacher ratio of 250:1? (BBBB).

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New CBO Forecast - Age Warfare

Congressional Budget Office France This is coming our way.

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The Sanders Polynomial or Why “Esto se va a poner de la chingada”

BAC Bank of America Bank of America Countrywide Creditors default Fannie Mae Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Foreclosures Freddie Mac Institutional Risk Analytics Merrill Mexico Real estate Reality Reuters Wachovia Washington Mutual When people ask what to expect in the large bank, GSE and real estate sectors in 2011, we say that the day of reckoning put off by not restructuring Countrywide, Bear, Merrill, Wachovia et al two years ago is now coming due. The operational and financial reality of insolvency can only be put off for so long. Or to refer to the immortal words of Joaquin “el chapo” Guzman, spoken after the mistaken 1993 killing of Cardinal Posadas at the Guadalajara airport: “Esto se va a poner de la chingada”

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Paranormal Trading Activity 2 (opens this weekend, started long ago)

Mary Schapiro "Well, whatever it is that's following me, it doesn't feel... it doesn't feel human. It feels like it's... it feels like an algorithmic robot trading monster. I mean like, it wants to sub penny, quote stuff and spoof all my trades."

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