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15 Things You Might Not Know About Starbucks

McDonald's coffee customers are more loyal than Starbucks', and there's a web site founded 10 years ago dedicated to oppose Starbucks ....

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Did you know...

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Two Questions

Do we need bounty hunters? How about 70% tax rates?

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CNBC Video | Let’s Bulldoze The Foreclosed Homes Because the “Fixtures, the WIFI, or Whatever, Even the Color is Not Going to be Stylish By the Time...

Okay, if you have anything in a close vicinity to you that you wouldn’t want broken, move it away before you watch this clip…

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China MediaExpress Holdings Gets Coveted AAA Credit Rating!!!

China Never mind the auditor resignation and other myriad indications of severe accounting fraud...

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It's Not Just Alternative Energy Versus Fossil Fuels or Nuclear - Energy Has to Become DECENTRALIZED

The question of centralization versus decentralization might be even more important than fossil fuels versus nuclear versus alternative energy …

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It’s GAME OVER For the US

If the US were a company, it’d be spending more in salaries than it makes in sales. Aside from being unprofitable, it’s also got a MASSIVE debt load. And it’s current policy of paying out more than it makes only increases this debt load… which begs the question… who’s going to pay the interest payments on the debt? Now, about those payments…More than half of all Americans (59%) receive a Government payout in one form or another. This is not a sliver of the population… it is endemic to the system.

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Inflation Fears Dampen Pension Plan Gains?

Is rising inflation a serious problem in Canada and how will it impact pension funds' returns?

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20 Signs That A Horrific Global Food Crisis Is Coming

As competition for food supplies increases, food prices are going to go up. In fact, at some point they are going to go way up.

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Closing Context Update: Up-in-Quality Continues

Headlines will crow of the strength in equities and credit today. However, the lack of high beta participation in credit, the underperformance of financials, and the clear continuation of the somewhat more risk-averse up-in-quality trade in credit and equity markets remains a concern.

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One Year Anniversary of the Gulf Oil Spill

Has anything really improved?

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Noteworthy and visual news of the day...

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The Great Flattening of Q1 2011

Putting aside the S&P threat to downgrade U.S. debt for the moment, consumer and business confidence is weakening, which would be consistent with other data we are seeing about such diverse things as retail sales and industrial production. This is consistent with our forecast for stagflation.

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