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ViSuaL CoMBaT DaiLY (10.6.11) (SoRRY, We'Re OCCuPYiNG)

"I don't think we should be governing ourselves. What we need is a king and every now and then if the king is not doing a good job, we kill him." --George Carlin

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Greece 'Finds' Treasure, Stays Solvent For Another Month

Greece Financial shenanigans by the Greek government don't surprise anyone anymore ... until there's something that surprises everyone.

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Big Mortgage ReFi – MS chimes in

Where is that beef?

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As Anticipated At BoomBustBlog, Android's Cutting Through Apple's Aggressively Sized Margins?

Apple There are only two ways for Apple to proceed (as) successfully in the medium term: 1) cut prices or 2) raise the technological bar. Either way, margins get hit. This is the first time Apple has released a smart product to boos from expectations set by the Android camp!!!

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Market Collapse around the corner? Remember 2008?

The start of the endgame? Soon we will know.

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The Utah Monetary Declaration of Freedom From the Tyranny of Central Bankers

The freedom to choose the form of money we can use in our daily lives is inseparable from the ability to live one’s life as a free man and a free woman. Monetary freedom is inseparable from all other inalienable freedoms we possess in this life. What we have today is monetary enslavement. In 1792, Alexander Hamilton equated essential freedoms with the preservation of the purchasing power of all money and passed into law a Coinage Act that punished anyone that deliberately debased the value of coins with death. In 2011, the citizens of Utah give us The Utah Monetary Declaration. If we...

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News That Matters

All you need to read.

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The Ugly World Of Auto Sales

Auto Sales Down 20% from September 2006. Toyota and Honda got brutally slammed. But don't blame post-earthquake inventory shortages. They have been resolved. It's a shift in the market.

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No, There Is NOT a List of Official Demands from the Protesters

The official list of demands sucks ... oh, wait ... there isn't any official list of demands

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Setting Up the Classic Wash Out: Part I

I am amazed at how these Captain Obvious “analysts” do nothing more than state the obvious, and rather late at that.

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Apple, What's up?

Apple We warned you of the crowded Apple trade last week.

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The TBTFs Have Take Out Almost All Their Post-March 2009 Gains

  These charts tell us in no uncertain terms that the US financial system is once again under extreme stress. They tell us that the market is going down, down, DOWN over the coming months.  We're going to be seeing major banks go under, market crashes, food shortages, government shutdowns, and SYSTEMIC FAILURE.    

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Nobel Prize Winning Economist Supports Protests

Not just a bunch of uninformed hippies ...

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Wall Street Journal I read the news today oh boy...

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