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2/25 Bond Market Summary

Bond Fairly quiet day, next week to round out February's issuance, early in the week we have a couple of bill auctions.

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Politicians Slash Budget of Watchdog Agencies ... Guaranteeing that Financial Fraud Won't Be Investigated or Prosecuted

How does D.C. address the infinitesimally small nano-level of change included in FinReg? Defund it, of course ...

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ARe You ReaDY To PLaY ReGiMe CHaNGe CLueDo?

Was it Mugabe in the abattoir?

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Retailers That Beat on Earnings – Are Target Corp. (NYSE:TGT) & Kohl’s Corp. (NYSE:KSS) Attractive Investment Opportunities?

Target Corp. (NYSE:TGT) & Kohl’s Corp. (NYSE:KSS) reported yesterday that revenues and profits rose in the 4th quarter behind strong holiday season sales, helping lift their share prices in yesterday’s trading. Shares of Target rose 3.5% to $52 and shares of Kohl’s rose 3.4% to $53.80.

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Top 12 Countries Most Likely To Go Belly Up

An interesting take at measuring global fiscal risk and why France and Germany are more screwed than Greece and Japan

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Reggie Middleton ON CNBC’s Fast Money Discussing Hopium in Real Estate

Real estate Reggie Middleton A significant extension to my 3 minute Q&A on CNBC's Fast Money show yesterday that, in my opinion, provides irrefutable evidence that commercial real estate is about to enter a cyclical bear market. Then again, what do I know...

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Fuggedaboutit Friday - Dip? I Didn't See No Dip?

Of course, what sucks for the American worker is great for our Multi-National Corporate Masters and we all love a good puppet show, so they bought out the President to say "U.S. companies shouldn't worry about inflation if they're planning on expanding their business."

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FASB’s Karma

Do you believe there is a Yin and Yang? I do.

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Trade Against The Retail Herd 25th Feb

The big news event of the day is the US GDP 10:00 EST expected to come in at 3.3% a deviation of 0.1% or more could lead to some significant changes in trader positioning, we also have UK Revised GDP coming out at 04:30 EST which is also often a big mover. In yesterdays session we saw overall GBP weakness. As a result GBPUSD has slipped from the strong long zone back into the long zone

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Caisse Gains 13.6% in 2010

The Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Canada's largest public pension fund, posted a solid 13.6% return on its investments last year, solidifying its ongoing recovery from a disastrous 2008 loss.

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SS Newbies - 60K a Week!

And the scorpion said to the crocodile.....

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MaPPinG THe ARaB WoRLD (+V.C. Update)

An interactive map from The Economist. Who do you want to do business with?

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General Motors Has Profitable 2010, Hurray! But Wait, There's More...(UPDATED)

General Motors Things are far less rosy as the headlines would have you believe...

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It's Not an Arab Revolution ... It's a GLOBAL Revolution

The Bank for International Settlements called it 2008 ...

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