• Bruce Krasting
    12/18/2014 - 21:42
      The one thing that Jordan can't do in this war is appear to be weak.
  • Capitalist Exploits
    12/18/2014 - 19:25
    The oil price drop is a big problem - not just for Russia, or for the other over-levered emerging market currencies that stand to be traumatized by a rising dollar, but ultimately even for the US...

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Using A Bitcoin Wallet To Take Inexpensive Positions On Goldman Sachs 2015 Recommended Global Macro Trades

B+ Bitcoin Equity Markets Eurozone Goldman Sachs goldman sachs Greece Italy Japan Mars Reggie Middleton Sovereign Debt Yen First we discuss whether Goldman Is Giving Real Advice or Muppet Fodder, then we learn how to monetize our position on said Fodder... eh... Advice using just a bitcoin wallet and not Goldman itself.

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We've CoMe A LoNG WaY...

Haven't we?

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Netherlands, Germany Have Euro Disaster Plan - Possible Return to Guilder and Mark

Eurozone Germany Greece Ireland Italy Japan Lehman Lehman Brothers Netherlands Portugal Silvio Berlusconi Switzerland The Dutch and German governments were preparing emergency plans for a return to their national currencies at the height of the euro crisis it has emerged. These plans remain in place.

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NaiL GuN SaM...

Just do it!

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A Pandemonium of Bells Are Ringing For the Markets

Carl Icahn George Soros HFT Jeremy Grantham Smart Money Warren Buffett There is a saying that you don’t ring bells at the top. It’s not really true. Every time the market forms a major peak, at least in the last 15 years, there are usually a preponderance of signs of excessive speculation and leverage.  

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Guest Post - Amps Times Volts Equals Watts

Cognitive Dissonance Guest Post SWIFT Watt will you do when the well runs dry?

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Swiss Yes Vote Possible - First “Gold Rush” Of 21st Century?

BOE Central Banks China Consumer Prices Credit Suisse Fail Germany India Ireland Monetary Policy Precious Metals Purchasing Power Reuters Swiss Franc Swiss National Bank Switzerland Transparency Zurich In the case of a "yes" vote, gold prices are likely to surge. Analysts do not believe a yes vote is possible. However, analysts have got the mood of the people wrong in many referendums both in Switzerland and throughout Europe in recent years.

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Schmuck Schumer...

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Insight on Automation

Reality I read your post Pity the Sub Genius and agreed with a lot of what you wrote. However you missed what I think is the biggest killer of middle class jobs, and that is technological innovation.

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A Tidal Wave of Gold Repatriations Could be Unleashed

China France Germany Netherlands Reality Switzerland A tidal wave of gold repatriations may have begun. As speculated in my last post, I raised a concern that should be shared with all western Central bankers…a widespread flood of countries demanding their gold back to their home soils.

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The American Dream Has Moved to Scandinavia

Finland Italy Norway “Rags to Riches” Much Easier In Scandinavia than America

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