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The 10 Most Influential Economists (Still ALIVE)

Black Swan Fail Federal Reserve International Monetary Fund Janet Yellen Joseph Stiglitz President Obama Quantitative Easing The Economist Unemployment White House So if you were sitting then in the turmoil of the economic upheaval and had to get on the phone to the one person that was likely to get you through the mortgage rates hikes and the jobless rates or the spiraling debt and inflationary pressure, then who would you immediately think of?

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JP Morgan Cornering Silver Bullion Market?

Bond Commercial Real Estate ETC Federal Reserve Free Money Futures market Housing Bubble Jamie Dimon JPMorgan Chase Middle East Non Farm Payrolls Precious Metals Real estate Recession recovery Reuters JP Morgan’s massive silver buying brings to mind the Hunt Brothers' attempt to corner the silver market in the late 1970s. The Texas oil-tycoons tried to corner the silver market by accumulating a massive silver futures position.  Ted Butler has estimated that JP Morgan may currently hold far more than their official figure of 55 million ounces.

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MaY DaY 2015...

So Banksta comrades, come rally;  And the last great feast let us face;  The Banksta Internationale unites the Swindling race!

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One Bubble at a Time: 3D-Printing Stocks Implode

Capital Expenditures The Economist Investors are getting crushed.

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Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Ferrari Now a startup shutting down isn't any bigger news than someone finishing a satisfying lunch somewhere, but the "Ferrari" mention intrigued me, so I read further.

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This ethically challenged Keynesian manslut has absolutely no shame.

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Stocks Bubble Right As the Economy Rolls Over… Next Up the Bloodbath

NASDAQ None Reality So… we have stocks bubbling right as they enter a seasonably weak period as the economy is rolling over. None of these things bodes well for the market. We believe stocks are actually putting in a TOP right now, to be followed by a 20%+ correction in the coming weeks.

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Global Deflation & Credit Spreads

Bond Deficit Spending Federal Reserve Global Economy Great Depression Investment Grade Janet Yellen John Maynard Keynes Market Manipulation Maynard Keynes McKinsey Monetary Policy Rating Agency Real estate Real Interest Rates Recession recovery White House The results of the latest FOMC meeting confirm that most of the media and investor communities don't get the joke on Fed policy since the crisis.  No change in '15

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Silver Price and iShares Silver Trust (SLV) Going to $12

David Einhorn Hayman Capital Ira Sohn Kyle Bass Kyle Bass We are silver bulls! Yes, that’s true. But before we make some money we will most probably lose some. $12 silver is a real possibility! Hedge Funds Wrong Again. Same as with Oil

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THe GReeK STooGeS...

Why you, I oughta...

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U.S. and UK GDP Fall Heralds Recession – ZIRP to Continue

Borrowing Costs Dennis Lockhart Global Economy Hong Kong Japan Recession recovery U.S. and U.K. GDP slowed very sharply in first quarter of 2015. Latest data confirms the rapid slowdown despite stock markets booming in the UK, U.S. and globally. This highlights the major disconnect between the real economy and a financial sector intoxified by easy money.

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Think Different About Purchasing Power

CPI Monetary Policy Purchasing Power Shadow Stats The Consumer Price Index measures the falling dollar, but only partially. As interest rates drop, you get less on your capital. Yield Purchasing Power shows the full damage.

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Curfew Buddy App...

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NSA Whistleblower: “We Are No Longer Afraid Of The Police State Happening. It's Here”

U.S. Government Officials Say We've Got Tyranny In America

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