• Tim Knight from...
    10/06/2015 - 17:03
    As we head into another earnings season, the bulls better pray to whatever pagan gods they worship that company after company magically defy the downturn that the economy is quite obviously entering.

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2008 Was a Crisis… It Was Not THE Crisis

Bond The Fed likes to act as though it’s concerned about stocks… but the real story is in bonds. Indeed, when you look at the Fed’s actions from the perspective of the bond market, everything suddenly becomes clear.

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Hedge Funds Get Long Volatility

China Volatility Hedge Funds are apparently dusting off their notes on how to hedge

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China Buys 16 Tons Gold In August – Dumps $94 Billion

China Futures market Ron Paul Wall Street Journal Yuan The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) added another 15.98 tonnes of gold in August – at the same time its foreign exchange reserves fell a whopping $94 billion. 

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Gartman Goes Full Weasel

Bitcoin Crude Crude Oil Slope of Hope But the aforementioned weasel words provide the best of both worlds: if commodities rally, then he can point to "nailing the bottom" with this interview. On the other hand, if commodities continue to sink, as I imagine they generally will, then he's got about five different escape hatches in this verbiage so that he's off the hook.

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Have 10% of Wealth In Gold As “Fire Insurance” - Rickards

China Dow Jones Industrial Average Fox Business Investor Sentiment Jim Rickards NASDAQ Nikkei OPEC Reuters Saudi Arabia Wall Street Journal Rickards said that gold is like “fire insurance on your house” ... “Nobody wants their house to burn down but if it does you are glad you have some insurance”. 

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Supply and Demand Report 6 Sep, 2015

Price Action Technical Analysis This was a fairly quiet week in the market for the metals. The price action was elsewhere (e.g. equities and currencies).

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One Thing Colombia and Canada Have in Common

Canadian Dollar Capital Markets Carry Trade Copper Credit Conditions Drug Money ETC Fail Mexico Real estate Turkey World Bank For anyone who (still) believes that Canada has a diversified economy...

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A Presidential tradition...

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The War on Cash Hates Gold: "Experts" Forget Gold Has Outperformed Stocks For 40+ Years

Central Banks Commercial Paper France Reality Warren Buffett Billionaires like Warren Buffett make fun of Gold, while ignoring the fact it has outperformed stocks ever since it was de-pegged from major currencies in 1967. This is part of a larger War on Cash implemented by the Central Banks.

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Dollar Bulls Reassert Themselves, but...

Australian Dollar Belgium Bond Canadian Dollar China Crude Crude Oil Futures market Hong Kong Japan Monetary Policy Price Action Recession recovery Switzerland Technical Indicators Trade Deficit Volatility Yen Yuan Divegence driver of the dollar was never predicated on a particular time frame for the Fed's lift-off.  Others are easing.  Trajectory is the key.  Here is my sense of the near-term dollar outlook, wiht a look at some other asset markets as well.  

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Do YouR JoB MuPPeTS...

A LIBOR Day Message...

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