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KIM Not reommended with Kim chee...

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Gold To Go Parabolic - Global Bond Market “Cliff” and "Armageddon" Cometh

Bond Federal Reserve Janus Capital John Exter Ludwig von Mises Monetary Policy notional value PIMCO Quantitative Easing Recession Securities and Exchange Commission Volatility In the mid 1970's ,“experts” warned that gold would fall as interest rates rose. The opposite happened and as interest rates rose, gold rose more than 8 times in 3 years and 4 months - from $100/oz in 1976 to $850/oz in January 1980 (see chart). History does not repeat, but it frequently rhymes ...

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Guest Post - The Majesty of Mindfulness

Bitcoin Cognitive Dissonance Corporate America Guest Post Real estate Reality The Mindful one does not seek to change the world; he seeks to change himself.

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Will Europe Be Lead the World Into Another Financial Crisis?

Bond France Germany Italy Recession recovery Italy is back in recession for the third time since 2008. Germany’s economy contracted in the second quarter of 2014 and will likely be in recession before the first quarter of 2015. France has registered zero growth for six months now.  

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Dollar Bulls Ahead

Australian Dollar BOE Bollinger Bands Canadian Dollar Commitment of Traders CRB CRB Index Eurozone Futures market Swiss Franc Yen Yes the US does not practice laissez faire capitalism.  It never did.  It manipulates sets intersest rates.  The fx market is still understandable and the dollar is moving higher.

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The Monetized New Millennium

Capital Markets Creditors Fail Federal Reserve Monetization National Debt None Reserve Currency You show me sustainable growth through monetization and I'll take my bat & ball and go home. Until then, you're blowing hot air up my backside.

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BaRRaCK OBoLa...

Remain Calm...

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The Fed Cannot Wait For Wage Inflation to Raise Rates

10 Year Treasury Central Banks China Federal Reserve Free Money Janet Yellen Market Crash Monetary Policy Recession Repo Market Twitter Twitter Unemployment Volatility Those of you who thought volatility was high this past week just wait until the Fed waits to the “Whites of the eyes of inflation” before raising rates.

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The Shocking Truth: The U.S. Medical System Is Woefully Unprepared for Ebola

Fox News Obama Administration Reuters We Need to Stop PRETENDING We're Prepared ... and Actually GET Prepared

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US Government Says To Remain Calm

Twitter Twitter Just my take on the whole Ebola situation which is unfolding at a rapid speed. As we are all well aware by now, Ebola is rapidly spreading across West Africa, and has made it to shore here in the U.S. Government officials are coming out in droves to tell citizens that the situation is under control and contained. They claim that Ebola does not spread easily like the flu or a cold, and that you can only contract the virus from exposure to bodily fluids.

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I will tell of the the street...

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The Economy is Busted and Stocks Are In a Bubble. End of Story.

ETC Federal Reserve Housing Bubble Reality recovery Unemployment We continue to be told that the US economy is in recovery and stronger than ever. The press trumpets heavily massaged data (GDP growth and the unemployment number) while ignoring data that clearly indicates the US economy is in the toilet (labor participation rate, median income, etc).  

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Perception vs. Reality at the Fed

Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke Bill Dudley Bond Covenants Finance Industry General Motors Goldman Sachs goldman sachs headlines Janet Yellen Mortgage Backed Securities New York Fed Open Market Operations Quantitative Easing Reality Reserve Primary Fund Subprime Mortgages Timothy Geithner Carmen Segarra said, “I come from the world of legal and compliance, we deal with hard evidence. It’s like, we don’t deal with, you know, perceptions.” How ironic. Segarra worked at the Fed.

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Dollar Gold Falls To $1,190/oz After Jobs Number; Euro, Pound Gold Flat - YTD +3.4% IN GBP, +9% In EUR

China India Reuters Speculators continue to sell paper and electronic gold while prudent buyers in China, India and elsewhere  continue to accumulate physical bullion. This dichotomy can only last for so long before the powerful forces of actual physical demand in the small physical gold market lead to higher prices.

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