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The race to negative margin in the US wireless carrier industry is on. Very good for the consumer, but when will the carriers realize it's time to monetize those dumb pipes they own with something actually useful. Google Maps, Dropbox, Netflix and Facebook should have all been carriers subsidiaries, but instead they'd rather charge us per character for text messages.

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This week, the prices of the metals moved up on Monday. Then the gold price went sideways for the rest of the week, but the silver price jumped on Friday. We see a higher price of gold along with greater scarcity (i.e. cobasis, the red line), which means the price of gold is being pushed up by buyers of physical metal, not by buyers of futures (which would push up the basis, and reduce scarcity). In silver, the story is a bit less compelling. The scarcity of the metal is holding (not increasing), as the price rises. This implies there is some good demand for physical, and the price action had futures market assistance.