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Russia: Capital Controls?

France Germany Greece headlines Italy Japan Ukraine United Kingdom Vladimir Putin Volatility The markets are speculating that Vladimir Putin will have to set up some form of capital control in order to stem the flight of capital from his country. It was already happening before the crisis in Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea. But, now it is set to get worse and an estimated $70 billion is the figure that is being mentioned

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Attention IPO Muppets...

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Risk Expert: GMOs Could Destroy the Planet

Black Swan Corruption ETC Monsanto Reality Risk Management “Black Swan” Author Nassim Nicholas Taleb DEMOLISHES the Claim that GMOs Are Low-Risk

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Wednesday’s Worry – Will Alibaba Destroy The World?

Borrowing Costs China Fail Reality Shadow Banking This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper. ~  T. S. Eliot

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The Word from the Bundesbank

Bond European Central Bank Germany New York Stock Exchange Trichet What is the Bundesbank thinking? 

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Detroit The Maidan City...

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Netflix Is Ready To Buy On Underestimated Market Power

Apple Comcast Google Risk Premium Netflix isn't as expensive as it appears.  Be cautious getting caught up in the latest fear frenzy over net neutrality.

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The Creeping Theft of Freedom

Australia None Twitter Twitter Straight Out of the Third Reich - User's Manual

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How Much Is NSA Spying Costing In Lost Productivity?

SPY How Are The Spooks Messing With Your Computer and Reducing Your Productivity?

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It’s the Result of the Globalized World

Corruption European Union Fail India Italy Napoleon PrISM Ukraine What exactly is happening in this globalized world? What’s happening in the world that one day somebody constructed in which everybody had access to everybody’s private life via social networks and even some had access to it through special programs that they gave fancy names to like Prism and the President’s Surveillance Program?

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Janet Yellen is Taking Away the Punchbowl… For Now

Ben Bernanke Janet Yellen Unemployment Yellen’s decision to continue tapering QE indicates that she is aware of the fact the markets are getting out of control again or are approaching a bubble. This is further confirmed this by her decision to drop the 6.5% unemployment threshold as well as her suggestion that interest rate hikes could come as soon as six months after QE ends this coming December.

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The Sovereignty Series - Swimming with the Sharks - Being a Small Fish in a Big Pond

Cognitive Dissonance Group Think Iraq Reality This contradicts their claim to sovereign power by way of their superior intellect, business prowess, hereditary entitlement, military strength, political power, majority consensus or whatever story they can pull out of their hat.  

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Adios Fannie Pref

30 Year Mortgage 30 Year Mortgage Dick Bove Freddie Preferred Stock Mel Watt SCOTUS This is Washington, where nothing makes sense.

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