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  • Expert options analysis every AM and PM to start and end your trading day
  • Highly actionable trading levels found nowhere else
  • Real-time options hedging flows on highly-active stocks and major indices

What's included with SpotGamma?

  • Founders Notes

    Twice daily expert analysis on options positioning and proprietary trading levels for the major indices

  • Equity Hub

    See key levels for your favorite stocks and how they're impacted by the options complex or find new trade ideas

  • HIRO

    See real-time big options hedging flows below the surface which will impact a stock or index faster than other traders, so you can manage your positions with an edge

  • Alerts

    Call and put wall alerts reveal when major lines of support and resistance are breached in real time

  • ODTE

    The only place to see the real-time intraday impact of same-day options pressure based on our proprietary models

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SpotGamma is a highly trusted source of options analysis by ZeroHedge among many other reputable news sources.


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