The Saudis Learn The Term "Asymmetric Response"

The Saudis just learned that some moments in history show their significance as they unfold. Iran shooting down a U.S. Global Hawk stealth drone and President Trump refusing his war-hawk cabinet in retaliating militarily is one of them.

  • Aug 19, 2019 2:00 AM

Former CIA Spook: "Russian Hoax Coup & Epstein Are Interlocked"

"...these webs interlocked with each other, and these people interlock with each other. Welcome to the global elite... These things are connected, and with Epstein dead, there are a lot of prominent people breathing a sigh of relief - for now."

  • Aug 18, 2019 8:30 PM

Hong Kong's Inevitable Showdown

This reckoning with Beijing’s authority was baked into the cake 22 years ago when the Union Jack came down over Government House...

  • Aug 18, 2019 7:30 PM

12 Reasons Why Negative Rates Will Devastate The World

"The experiments of central banks with negative rates are viewed more as a policy mistake rather than stimulus and create a sense of an abnormal and uncertain environment that damages not only banks but also consumer and business confidence."

  • Aug 18, 2019 2:38 PM