That's the total amount of money rumored to be injected by the BOJ in order to keep the Nikkei going for a whopping 4 days. According to PTI the BOJ has offered to add an additional ¥13.8 trillion today, to go with the tens of trillions already noted previously on Zero Hedge. If proven true, this would bring the total taxpayer backstop injected in just 4 days to $700 billion dollars! This whole exercise to keep the bank holiday away is starting to be just a little expensive to Joe Peasant.

From PTI:

The Bank of Japan has offered an additional 13.8 trillion yen (some USD 170 billion) to money markets, bringing to 55.6 trillion yen the total emergency funds made available by it to protect the nation's banking system from the negative impact of Friday's massive earthquake.

Japanese authorities admitted that the unusual step to drop water from twin-rotor CH-47 helicopters to cool overheating pool containing spent fuel rods would not resolve the multifarious problems confronting them. These rods are still radioactive and as dangerous as the rods inside the reactors.

"It's not so simple that everything will be resolved by pouring in water. What we are trying to do is to avert other problems, said Edano.

India's top diplomat in Tokyo said all Indian nationals in Japan are safe and that efforts are underway to facilitate the return of those wishing to leave the quake-ravaged region.

A group of Indians stranded in Sendai, one of the worst- affected in the quake and the devastating tsunami, have been moved to Tokyo, Indian Ambassador Alok Prasad said.

He said the Indian mission has set up a 24-hour helpline and has been giving regular updates on its website.

Reflecting the mounting international concerns, France has asked its nationals in Tokyo to leave the country or move south.