1 Sievert Water Leaking From Fukushima As Full Body Radiation Checks Begin Across Prefecture

The story that the world forgot, and that everyone wishes could just be buried under a 10 foot lead plate, not only refuses to go away but is getting worse by the day. The latest news from Fukushima is that the highly radioactive water has started leaking from Reactor #2, into a trench which is located just 180 feet away from the sea, prompting more fears that the most radioactive water recorded to date would soon seep into the ocean. The Telegraph reports: "The water seeping into a trench outside the Number two reactor at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in northeast Japan had a radiation level of more than 1,000 millisieverts per hour." To be expected, here's captain "all is fine" aka TEPCO, to remind us that this is perfectly normal and 1 sievert water is no cause for concern: "we do not believe it is leaking into the ocean. We are now working out where the cause of the leak is and finding ways to remove the water as soon as possible." Luckily, nobody believes the lies out of Japan anymore: "Speculation surrounding the extent to which the radiation may be leaking into the Pacific Ocean was also mounting after tests last weekend found nearby seawater contaminated 1,850 above legal limits." Too bad they still believe the lies out of the US government. And while this recent development is happening, people in Fukushima have finally started getting full body radiation screens from the prefecture.. a move that is about 3 months overdue.

Daily Yomiuri reports: "Fukushima Prefecture began checking the internal radiation dose levels of selected residents Monday, the first step in its plan to examine the health of all its 2 million residents amid the crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant. About 28,000 residents of Namiemachi, Iitatemura and the Yamakiya district of Kawamatacho were to receive the initial checks." Naturally, this is all to make sure that the motor plant workers will be in pristine shape as Japan ramps up production for its car plants to fill "unprecedented record demand"... if one believes the lies emanating every day from the other side of the Pacific. (ignore record GM channel stuffing facts please).

From the Telegraph:

The discovery of the contaminated trench came one day after officials evacuated the turbine building of the Number 2 reactor when puddles of water inside were found to contain 1,000 millisieverts per hour of radioactivity – 100,000 times the normal level.

A temporary meltdown inside the core of the Number 2 reactor was possibly the cause of the building's contaminated water, according to Yukio Edano, the chief government spokesman.

"The radiation seems to have come from the fuel rods that were partially melted down and came into contact with the water used to cool the reactor," he said.

Two nuclear plant workers suffered burns last week after stepping in toxic water but were released on Monday from a specialist radiation medical unit.

Some more lies:

However, nuclear experts said that any radiation leaking into the ocean would most likely pose little threat as it would swiftly dissipate.

"In terms of radiation leaking into the sea, this would be diluted very quickly and there would be no particular risk to fish for example, " Yoshiaki Oka, a professor at Tokyo's Waseda University, told The Telegraph.

And some actual truth:

Confusion and unease have been growing in Japan surrounding the nuclear situation due to a string of conflicting reports, alleged safety blunders and miscalculated figures.

What confusion/unease? All the busy Japanese population wants is to get back to making car parts so the US can pretend its GDP grew at 4% in Q4.

And some worse news:

All of Namiemachi was designated as part of the no-entry zone within a 20-kilometer radius of the plant, while Iitatemura and the Yamakiya district of Kawamatacho were designated as planned evacuation areas. People in planned evacuation areas were asked to leave by the end of May.

Ten men and women, aged from 31 to 67, visited the National Institute for Radiological Sciences in Chiba on Monday. They were examined with a whole body counter (WBC) to check internal radiation levels throughout their bodies, and received urine checks in the afternoon.

A total of 120 people, chosen randomly from the three municipalities, will receive such examinations. Based on the institute's findings, the prefectural government plans to establish simple methods to check dosages of internal radiation, a Fukushima prefectural official said.

Most of the remaining residents of the three municipalities will be checked through statistical estimations using questionnaires.

They will be asked what they did and where they went, for instance, after March 11, and based on their responses, the prefecture will estimate the amounts of radiation suspected to have accumulated inside their bodies.

Well, it is always better to estimate than to know for sure.

We eagerly await to see GM's June car sales number to see what the level of dealer stuffing at the once bankrupt-always bankrupt car company will be, just so we can easily debunk more BS from the lemming goon squad.

This is what GM's month end dealer inventory looked like recently: