10 Year Bond Prices At 3.499% As Foreign Demand Drops By 25%

Today the government auctioned off a reopening of the 912828PX2 10 Year, which at $21 billion, priced at 3.499%, and a 3.32 Bid To Cover. The auction was decent, pricing inside of expectations of 3.535%, however it was nothing like last month's blowout 10 Year which saw the highest Indirect take down on record at 71.3%. This time around, foreign institutions supposedly bouth 53% of the full amount (at a 74.5% hit rate), with Primary Dealers responsible for 40.5% (a really low 17.7% hit rate). Direct bidders remerged after their complete disappearance last month, and were responsible for 6.5% of the take down. Since the auction process is now a farce, and really no longer matters as it is merely an intermediary step to fund PDs, who promptly flip bonds back to the Fed, we refuse to dig too deep into what if anything today's action means for bond demand. If Bill Gross is correct, it means that USTs are in for a lot of pain in the future.


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