$13 Billion Year 30 Year Reopening Prices At 4.238%, 4 bps Tail

Today's $13 billion in 30 Year bonds (Cusip QQ4) priced at a disappointing 4.238%, with a nearly 4 basis point tail to the when issued which was trading at 4.19%, which resulted in spooking the bond market briefly and causing some LT curve jitters. The Bid To Cover was 2.63, a bounce from the May 2.43, though below the LTM average of 2.68. The internals were relatively normal: Indirects taking down a below average 38.4%, Directs purchasing 9.3% of the auction, and Dealers left holding the bag, even if only for 2 weeks, with 52.3% of the auction. The Indirect bidder hit rate raised a few red flags coming in at a rather high 77.3%, although besides the surprisingly big tail, the auction once again came in as expected, which is to be expected: after all dealers will flip the bulk of it back to the Fed at the next two 17-30 year POMO.