$20 Billion 10 Year Closes At 3.51%, On 3.35% (Correction: 3.53%) Expected

  • Yields 3.510% vs. Exp. 3.350%, 16 bps miss in final High vs. Exp. - Update: It appears the fine folks at Ran Squawk, where we sourced this data, had a typo (http://www.zerohedge.com/news). It would appear they had a fat finger moment and the actual number was 3.53% Exp. This is, of course, in line with the auction outcome. That said, we appreciate John Jansen's constant presence and ad revenue generation on Zero Hedge.
  • Bid-To-Cover 2.77 vs. Avg. 2.62 (Prev. 3.28)
  • Indirects 55.3% vs. Avg. 28.5% (Prev. 43.9%)
  • Allotted at high 78.40% (BBG)
  • Indirect bidder Bid-To-Cover at 1.4x

PS. For fans of Across the Curve blog, we suggest you voice your grievances with the data feed at Ran Squawk where the data was sourced.