2010 Financial Services University (FSU) Educational Series – February 4 & 5, 2010

I thought members of the ZH community would be interested in attending this little teach-in/indoctrination session in Washington hosted by the Financial Services Roundtable. -- Chris

You are Invited to Attend the
2010 Financial Services University (FSU)

Educational Series – February 4 & 5, 2010

Thursday, February 4 – B340 Rayburn House Office Bldg

9:00 am ~ Financial Services Overview - A general overview of the top issues within the industry including the following:

Captive Finance and regulations covering Investment Advisors and Broker Dealers.

* 12:00pm ~ Insurance - Understand the basics of property & casualty and the life insurance industries and how they are regulated. (*working lunch session)

2:00pm ~ Retirement Security - An overview of pension and retirement basics, and the challenges our nation faces with respect to individuals’ retirement planning, savings and management.

Friday, February 5 – B339 Rayburn House Office Bldg th

9:00 am ~ Housing Overview - What every consumer should know about
mortgages and the challenges facing the housing market.

* 12:00 pm ~ Banking - An overview of the U.S. banking industry structure & regulation; credit card services, and student lending (*working lunch session)

2:00 pm ~ Derivatives 101 – An overview of Derivatives to include definitions, explanations and discussion.
The 2010 Financial Services University (FSU) educational series is sponsored by Financial Services Roundtable member companies. The mission of FSU is to provide congressional staff with basic information on the role of the financial services industry in the U.S. economy and to review financial services issues affecting congressional offices.

Sessions: Each session will consist of an overview of the topic, will build upon previous sessions to provide a comprehensive look at challenges facing the financial industry, and will close with Q & A. The session will be 2 hours with breaks in between. Note: Light refreshments will be served during each educational session, as well as a working lunch available each day. Who Should Attend? All new staffers and staffers who have recently added financial service issues to their portfolio, as well as, the seasoned staffer and who wants to learn more about the major areas of importance impacting our nation and economy.

RSVP for one or the entire FSU educational series contact Vince Randulov vince@fsround.org or 202.589.2421. Questions may be directed to Brenda Bowen brenda@fsround.org or 202.589.2420.