2011 Starts With A Fresh Case Of The Commodity Rash: Silver Breaches $31, WTI At $92

Are silver and crude just happy to see 2011 or is that a tent in their minute charts? Silver briefly traded above $31 earlier, then penetrated the new magic number with aplomb, as investors had a chance to sit down over the weekend and realize that Bernanke, as we wrote over the past few days, has no choice but to start infusing his favorite WSJ with wafts of Large(r) Scale Asset Purchases via Goldman liaison Bill Dudley. Amusingly enough, we hear that Jon Hilsenrath has now developed a bit of cult following. Literally. Several "expert networks" are now rumored to be hot on the heels of the WSJ reporter as a leading indicator to the upcoming QE2 extension. It is expected that his upcoming frequent visit clusters to the FRBNY, of which there have been many in the past two years, will be the best sign of when "the article" is about to go to print. And while we noted that it does appear to be mostly smooth sailing for PM longs, the same is the case for oil. WTI just hit $91.99 before backing off briefly. Look for $92 to be taken out cleanly and clinically as crude presses on to $100 some time in the next two weeks.



Update: $92 comes and goes.


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