$253 Billion In Bills Redeemed MTD, $4 Trillion In Total Redemptions YTD, Treasury Down To $7 Billion in Cash

And the government keeps on chugging along in its merry Keynesian way (and to those who believe that just because the USD is the reserve currency for the time being and have yet to hear about a country called China, we have one thing to say: just keep buying Treasuries). After burning through $91.1 billion in operating cash in the first 14 days of May, the government is down to just $7.2 billion in cash (ex the $200 billion in the untouchable, for now, SFP account). Not only that, but the little problem of ever increasing rolls in Bills just keeps on reminding about itself, although with $253 billion redeemed so far in May, we don't think little quite captures it. But once again, do not be concerned: the deflationists out there will say that this is all good as the government can just print infinite amounts of reserve pieces of paper (all the while deflation still paradoxically rages, with gold, oil and the Dow all rushing to hit 36,000 first). Back to facts: in the 7 months since the beginning of fiscal 2010, the US has redeemed $3.6 trillion bills, $400 billion notes, and $5 billion bonds. This 150% roll in sub 1 year debt when we are just 7 months into the fiscal year is also nothing to write home about, you may occasionally hear. But at least today's DTS still has not logged the $100 billion or so in yet unsettled debt (and the $120 billion in upcoming issues that will be announced tomorrow). When that happens we will solidly push right past $13 trillion in total debt subject to limit. This, is the last thing that you should not be concerned about. Because worry about unsustainability is merely an artifact of a simplistic Austrian school of economics, which as Greenspan and Bernanke have demonstrated so well, is nothing but a total joke to those sophisticated enough to grasp all the nuances of Keynesianism.


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