$32 Billion 3 Year Bond Prices At 1.000%, Indirects Decline For Third Month In A Row

Today's $32 billion bond priced at the memorable 1.000%, with auction strength confirmed by no surprises to the WI, and also the highest Bid To Cover since August, and the third highest ever. Naturally, none of this due to actual demand, but merely due to Primary Dealer expectations of a prompt and profitable flip back to Brian Sack: PDs accounted for 51.9%, with Directs taking down a notable 15.3%, leaving Indirects with the lowest allocation of the three past auctions or 32.7%, the the third lowest since January 2009. But nobody cares about the declining foreign interest: after all the ponzi game is all internal. And since this auction is potentially debt limit busting (as it is more than the total capacity under the debt ceiling), we can't wait to see what machinations Tim Geithner's henchmen will concoct to prevent an unconstitutional breach of what is now known as the "debt target." Look for Cusip QM5 to be briskly monetized as soon as the next 3 Year POMO is announced, when the next POMO schedule is revealed tomorrow at 2 pm.


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