$35 Billion 3 Year Bond Auction Closes At 1.055% High Yield, 3.20 Bid To Cover, Highest PD Takedown Since May 2009

The US government is another $35 billion in the debt sink hole. The cost of this marginal addition to our existing debt load ($10 trillion? $100 trillion? who cares) was just 1.055%, which was gobbled up briskly at a 3.20 Bid To Cover. The bulk of the buying came from Primary Dealers who took down the highest portion of the auction, or 45.1%, since May of 2009, when PDs were responsible for 56.6% of the takedown. Indirect bidders, coming in at 40.6%, was the lowest indirect take down since January, when they were responsible for just 38%. The balance of 14.3% was left to the Direct Bidders. The Bid To Cover at 3.20 came in well above the LTM average of 3.03%.


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