$35 Billion 5 Year Auction Prices At 2.041%, Monetization Of Primary Dealer Takedown To Occur On February 9

Today's $35 billion 5 Year auction closed at a 2.97 Bid to Cover, the second highest following the 3.06 in July of 2010. The bond priced 2 bps inside of the When Issued indicating a substantial interest. The high yield dropped marginally from the last auction which came at 2.041% (29.85% allotted at high), with Indirect Bidders taking down a substantial portion of the auction or 45.0% a major jump from the prior 35.6%. Still there was a little change in the hit rate on the Indirect bid which was 76.6% compared to 80% last time. Altogether just another auction: there are many more to go. We are confident primary dealers will monetize roughly 30% of their allocation at the first opportunity, which will be on the February 9 02/15/2015 – 07/31/2016 POMO.