4closureFraud - Full Video Deposition of Crystal Moore of Nationwide Title Clearing

This deposition was taken on November 4, 2010 in Pinellas County, Florida, by attorney Christopher Forrest of The Forrest Law Firm and has to be one of the most damning yet.

The reason I say "yet" is because Bryan Bly's video deposition is coming up next...

Below is the the video Deposition of Crystal Moore with some background info...

It is going to be a hell of a week!


Crystal Moore Deposition Part 1


Crystal Moore Deposition Part 2


Crystal Moore Deposition Part 3


Crystal Moore Deposition Part 4




Some background...

Bryan Bly, is it a LIE? Robo-Signer for Nationwide Title

Posted by Foreclosure Fraud on June 20, 2010 ·

By Susan Taylor Martin, Times Senior Correspondent In Print: Sunday, June 20, 2010 To thousands of homeowners whose loans have been shuttled from one company to another, the name “Bryan Bly” is very familiar. Over the past few years, Bly has signed countless mortgage assignments as either a notary public or “vice president” of various … Read more

Onanism: Robosigners Satisfying Themselves. Hello? Yooo Hooo! It’s ALSO the Satisfactions of Mortgage!

Brian Bly, Robosigner featured in the news here and here, executes satisfactions of mortgage (along with assignments of mortgage, affidavits, & more) for many national banks and servicers in many states. Strangely, all of these documents are notarized in Florida, where his true employer Nationwide Title Clearing is located.

Hell, if you even check out my posts on President Obama's satisfactions of mortgage forgeries, Nationwide was involved in that as well...

4closureFraud Exclusive – President Obama Falls Victim to Chase Robo-Signer

Well well well… Lookie what we have here folks… Is this why they tried to sneak through H.R. 3808? (just kidding) Just like we have been saying all along, this is so much bigger than  “affidavits.” Here is another piece of the puzzle, without bringing up the REMIC issues… Now that YOU are affected personally … Read more

At least now I understand what the heck they (Nationwide) were freaking out about while searching 4closureFraud.org last week, and I wont even bring up the "letter" they sent us, yet...

LINK - KABOOOOOOOOM – Full Video Deposition of Crystal Moore of Nationwide Title Clearing

And just in case you missed the depo of Citi's Robo-signer....

KABOOM – Full Deposition of Tamara Price Citi Robo-signer Extraordinaire

Well well well… Guess what… She doesn’t know anything, read anything, rely on anything or sign in front of a notary… Who woulda thunk… Be sure to read it in its entirety, it’s a good one… Read more

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