5 Year Bond Prices At Record Bid To Cover As Indirect Demand Surges In Bond "Shorted" By Goldman Sachs

Today's $35 billion 5 year bond auction was one of the strongest auctions completed in recent years, with a Bid To Cover of 3.20, the highest in the series, compared to 2.77 before and a 2.79 average in the last twelve auctions. This happened despite the yield dropping from 2.124% to 1.813%, the lowest since December 2010. Total competitive bids tendered surged from $97 billion to $112 billion, primarily due to Indirect bids rising from $18.6 billion to $24.4 billion, resulting in a drop in the hit rate from 74.9% to 67.5%. The Primary dealer hit rate also dropped from 25.7% to 20.7%. Indirect take down at 47.1% was the highest since September 2010. Completing the internals, was the -1.7 tail. As a reminder, on March 18 Goldman advised clients to short the 5 Year. That trade did not work out too well. As for the fact that this auction takes total Marketable Debt even further above the debt ceiling, that's irrelevant: the Treasury can just underfund retirement account holdings by another $35 billion.