As 88% Of SLV Shares Outstanding Trade Yesterday, The "Silver Put Buyer" Generates A 68,294,229,502,717.3% Annualized Return

Our friends at Lighthouse Investment Management point out something rather amusing: yesterday, yet another day in which the SLV saw far more notional volume than the SPY, the ETF traded 87.5% of its total shares outstanding. In other words, virtually the entire holder base changed hands.

And just as amusing: for those who recall our post from April 11 in which we highlighted that an SLV put buyer bought roughly $1 million in SLV $25 July puts, well we have an update: as of today, the same mysterious buyer has now made about a 500% return on his or her investment (with a peak of 700% yesterday, or about 68,294,229,502,717.3% annualized). So fascinated is the market with this development that even Dow Jones has dedicated a column on it: "Market watchers want the anonymous April silver bear in listed options to take a bow. The unknown investor's mid-April $1M bet that iShares Silver Trust (SLV) would hit $25 or lower before mid-July is worth more than $7M after this week's plunge. Not just the drop in price, but huge jump in price volatility, has goosed has enriched this trader's options position. "The investor didn't get this trade right. He or she got it spectacularly right."

Of course, at the rate silver is moving today, we may see a few more margin hikes out of the CME just for good measure.