910,000 Mizuho Transactions, Including Salary Payments, Remain Unprocessed

From Kyodo: "Mizuho Bank said Friday the number of unprocessed transactions as a result of its computer system malfunction since Tuesday stands at 910,000. The unprocessed transactions include salary transfers to customers of both Mizuho and other banks, according to the key arm of Mizuho Financial Group Inc. Mizuho is aiming to fix the system malfunction by the end of the three-day weekend on Monday, it said." It seems reasonable to suppose that Japanese financial workers will be happier once they get their money, considering the prevailing mood in the country (incidentally we are confident a UMichigan confidence read in Tokyo would come at an all time high right about now). And don't fotget - sellside analysts were expecting an unpaid salaries number of 910,200, so the beat is decisively bullish.