Additional Perspectives On CNBC Viewership

Our post yesterday highlighting the 50% decline in CNBC YoY vierwership seems to have generated a bit of controversy. In order to preserve objectivity, we take this opportunity to present the overall shift in monthly CNBC viewership over the past two years, where both the spike in CNBC viewers in October 2008 is quite visible, as are the flat trendline in the business channel's demo (A25-54) and the declining trendline in its total viewership (P2+). Whether this trend is something that should prompt Jay Yarow at Business Insider to claim that that CNBC is "crushing it" is somewhat open to interpretation. And for those asking, a two year comparison, ignoring the outlier October 2008 data set, indicates a flat demo and an 8.4% decline in CNBC's total audience. Indeed, in an a "new normal" economy, this could indeed be the new crushing it.


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