In Advance Of Tomorrow's Hearing On HR 1207 "Audit The Fed"

Tomorrow's testimony before the House Financial Services Committee by Federal Reserve General Counsel Scott Alvarez, followed by Thomas Woods, Jr of the Mises Institute will be most interesting because it will discuss the topic that is so near and dear to everyone's heart: HR 1207, or Ron Paul's Audit the Fed" bill, which is the culmination of the Congressman's life efforts to unmask the Federal Reserve. With the congressional vote on HR 1207 approaching soon, and the bill already having an absolute majority, its passage is a mere formality. 

As an appetizer to tomorrow's proceedings we present today's interview of Ron Paul by Dylan Ratigan at MSNBC (Something tells us Ron Paul will not be seen on MSNBC's "Mobile Internet Tsunami" sister network any time soon).

And here is the link for the live webcast starting at 9 am tomorrow. Hopefully some of the questions submitted by Zero Hedge readers and staff will be asked of Mr. Alvarez, who will then proceed to skillfully dodge any and all direct answers.

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