Afterhours Slide Accelerates

In a notable shift from the traditional regime observed over the past year when the afterhours session would regularly see a quiet, persistent melt up, primarily in equities, post close of electronic trading recently has been all but traditional. As can be seen on the chart below, after an attempt to ramp equities into the regular close, ES is now back to the lows of the day, where it is joined by Crude and soon- the EURUSD, which leads us to believe that the front and center story today, which was Europe until the S&P escapade, is once again in focus. The weakness is not isolated to any particular asset class, and while gold saw no sell off following the S&P move earlier, precious metals are not spared now. Curiously, the only class that refuses to budge are LT bonds: the 10 Year has been locked at the 3.37% number since closing and is hardly moving.

On a relative basis, the dollar is currently leading the pack, with the DXY performing best, followed by the Trade Weighted, Asian DXY, and curiously enough, outperforming both silver and gold for once.


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