Ag Bloodbath: Wheat, Corn And Soybeans All Limit Down

Even as Crude continues its strength in light of Gaddafi's filibuster that may soon dethrone's Bernie Sanders record-setting speech, other commodities are not sharing oil's enthusiasm. In fact, the Ag board is a bloodbath, after wheat, corn and soybeans have all traded limit down, on what are rapidly becoming pervasive margin liquidations. Perhaps the fact that the market forgot that it can go down and is experiencing its biggest drop since November, is forcing many specs to unwind huge margin positions (remember that margin levels on the NYSE are the highest since Lehman), causing a rout in virtually every risk asset. One thing is certain: even with stocks down for the first time in arguably forever, the vol in FX and commodities continues to be the place to be for those who pursue rapidly repricing asset classes.

Full commodity pricing array below.


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