AIG Offering To Price At $29/Share

According to Dow Jones and now CNBC's Kate Kelly, the AIG offering is due to price at $29 as underwriters supposedly have succeeded in the last minute scramble to get enough bid interest above the Treasury's breakeven price of $28.70. That's a $0.30 buffer. Surely this will inspire much confidence in the deep order book of institutions which despite having access to limitless zero cost cash, still barely chipped in enough to avoid major 11th hour embarrassment for Tim Geithner. In the meantime here is the math for determining just how taxpayers are winning on this deal: Treasury gets $5.8 billion in cash proceeds (200MMx $29), which is immediately offset by $35 billion in debt issued today, another $35 billion tomorrow, and $29 billion on Thursday. One step forward. Fifteen steps back.